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*This star is named after Yi Zao – Yi Zao Star. Yi Zao means 'Glorious amethyst,' so I translated it literally – TL.

The Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field…

A tiger shark war chariot roared, flashed, and disappeared into the dark, cold universe. Shi Yan and Princess Zi Yao were standing on the chariot, watching the immense star sea. They seemed to be happy to see the sunlight again. 

After leaving Dirck's place, they didn't meet any danger, crossing the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field at ease.

The tiger shark war chariot stopped. Zi Yao frowned, taking out a delicate blue crystal. She sent her Soul Consciousness into the stone, trying to contact someone.

After a while, a heavy expression appeared on her charming face, her eyes worried.

Shi Yan observed quietly. He suddenly felt cold inwardly, sighing as he knew Du Feng had encountered something unexpected.

"No news from them?" Pondering for a while, Shi Yan asked in a soft tone.

Zi Yao nodded. "Before we diverged, I told Bergh to meet me outside. I have no news from them. Perhaps, they have encountered something unexpected.

"We stayed idle in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field for a long time. If Berge and Prince Du Feng got out and didn't see us here, perhaps... they've gone home already. Your Highness, don't worry much." Shi Yan tried to console her.

Zi Yao's visage became better. "I hope so. If my brother meets anything unexpected, I will never spare them!"

Shi Yan knew she was talking about Prince Du Jie.

Sura was the team leader of his bodyguards. He was in charge of contacting b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo. Ka Tuo's target was Zi Yao, and Sura had joined this operation directly.

Perhaps, they still had another team who was chasing after Du Feng. As Bergh and Du Feng weren't here, something bad might have happened to them.

"Let's go. We should go back first, then we'll return here afterward to search for their whereabouts." Zi Yao contemplated for a while. She understood that waiting here wasn't a good solution, but would give Sura a chance to track them down.

Shi Yan nodded and didn't say anything else as he sat down on the tiger shark war chariot.

There was no way to measure time precisely in outer s.p.a.ce. They could only use a special type of stone to check the time. Shi Yan didn't have such toys, so he didn't know how much time had pa.s.sed. He only knew that they had spent a long time on this tiger shark war chariot.

A long, long time afterward...

On this particular day, they saw a dazzling star appear in their sight. This star was ma.s.sive, with abundant spiritual Qi and countless energy fluctuations of living beings.

Zi Yao's beautiful eyes glinted while her anxious mind quieted down, and a smile appeared on her face once again. "We're almost home."

Shi Yan got up, standing in the war chariot and watching the area further ahead of them. He could see some sparkling stars near that ma.s.sive star. However, due to the far distance, he couldn't sense much or estimate their size and energy.

"That's the Dark Firmament Divine Nation," Zi Yao pointed at an area from a far distance. "The Nation consists of eleven life stars. Ten satellite stars surround one big life star, which is the metropolis star of our Dark Firmament Divine Nation. It's called the Dark Firmament Star. My Father stays there. That star has three suns and three moons, the three Great Solar Stars, and the three Great Moon Stars. They scatter in different areas and light up the Divine Nation. We will never experience true darkness. Even if it's night time, under the light of the three Great Moons, the place's still lighted up gloriously."

Zi Yao's face glinted with vainglory. "That's where my ancestors guard from generations to generations. It's my hometown. The Dark Firmament Star always belongs to the owner of the Divine Nation. The ten life stars surrounding it belong to the Princes, Princesses, and the King's siblings." 

Shi Yan looked at that place and was shaken inwardly. He suddenly felt that the Dark Firmament Divine Nation was truly mighty and prosperous. 

Fluctuations of dense energy were sent to him from the nearest star. It should be at least a life star at level 3 or 4, with abundant earth and heaven energy. It was the best place for warriors to cultivate.

A life star was a place similar to the Grace Mainland. The area created by eleven life stars was the place where the royal family of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation stayed.

Of course, the Dark Firmament Divine Nation's territory included not just these stars.

Other five feudal va.s.sals guarded the further areas. They had more than ten life stars and many mineral stars. Together, they created the powerful status of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation. Each feudal va.s.sal, just like Da Lei, was an expert at the Original G.o.d Realm.

From this point of view, the Dark Firmament Divine Nation had an extremely large territory, and a power that could make people shiver on just hearing their names. It was worthy of being one of three strongest forces of the Raging Flame Star Area. As it could stand shoulder to shoulder with the Underworld League and the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce for ten thousand years, it proved how strong this divine nation was. 

The tiger shark chariot was still moving at fast speed. Gradually, the life star in front of them became larger. Shi Yan could see so many creatures, beasts, mountains, rivers, lakes, and things. The scenery there was beautiful and heartening. Spiritual herbs and gra.s.s were grown in separate areas, where the specialists took care of them.

Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness flickered and his eyes brightened. The soul auras he could sense on that life star were packed like an ant colony.

"Haha… This is the Glorious Amethyst Star, the planet belonging to me. It has several thousand people on it, and the same number of beautiful mountains and lakes. You can see attractions everywhere." Zi Yao's mood was good. "This Glorious Amethyst Star's named after me. When I was born, my Father gifted it to me. Under my management, the Glorious Amethyst Star can be considered prosperous. Since it's a level 4 life star, it won't be drained even after dozens of thousands of years."

Pausing for a while, Zi Yao smiled like a blooming flower as her beautiful eyes twinkled. "Each Prince and Princess has their own life stars. My brother also has one. However, his life star is dark and chaotic. His clumsy management has made it messy. Although his star's full of spiritual Qi, its order has never been made. Fights happen all the time. He just babbled when he said that he would give you a life star. He can't give you his life star. Of course, if he can take the throne, it will be another story."

Shi Yan smiled faintly. "I knew it already. You don't need to explain me."

"What do you think about my Glorious Amethyst Star?" Zi Yao asked as the tiger shark war chariot slowly descended, flying towards the central grand palace of the Glorious Amethyst Star.

Purple clouds wound around that group of palaces built from a kind of fulgent purple crystal. Violet nimbus was moving beautifully on those structures.

Inside those palaces, Shi Yan could see many artificial mountains and small bridges over the running streams, with flowers blooming everywhere. Spiritual Qi stormed into his nostrils. At first glance, this place was both luxurious and dreamy like a fairyland, which could calm people's soul, making them forget all their sorrows.

Shi Yan surveyed and watched the magnificent scenery. Many different-raced warriors were busying themselves inside and outside the palaces. They were harvesting herbs, feeding spiritual animals, cultivating, or refining medicines and weapons. Everybody was working orderly. 

It seemed Zi Yao had sent them her message. Many warriors were waiting for her solemnly on a ma.s.sive platform in the central palace. They faced up the sky, waiting in silence.

Around twenty-some King G.o.d Realm warriors, a hundred True G.o.d Realm warriors, and almost one thousand Sky Realm warriors were scattered on that ma.s.sive tall platform. Some of them stooped, while some kneeled down or bowed on the ground, waiting for their master to come home.

Seeing their grand welcoming ceremony, Shi Yan suddenly had a complicated feeling...

Zi Yao was only a Princess of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, but she could control such a holy land like this, with a tremendous force under her command. Thinking about the general force of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, the Underworld League, and the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce, he understood that his vision had been so narrow.

The Raging Flame Star Area was mysterious, and much more immense than what he had imagined. The Grace Mainland was... much smaller than this place. 

"Welcome back, Your Highness!"

"Welcome back, Your Highness!"

"Welcome back, Your Highness!"

Loud sounds echoed from the square under their feet. Shortly, the whole area of thousands of miles around was filled with greetings.

Any person working outside or inside the palaces, no matter what they were doing, harvesting herbs or feeding beasts, refining medicines and forging treasures, all paused their work, bent, and greeted, contributing to that stream and strengthening its power.

The smile on Zi Yao's face faded. She looked solemn, even though she wasn't enraged. The imperious manners of a leader appeared on her enchanting face as she said tenderly, "Get up. No need to be too courteous.

"Thank you, Your Highness!"

Several thousand warriors stood up, their faces solemn. They still stooped their heads, without acting too flurried.

The tiger shark war chariot stopped, landing on the center of the high platform. Although it was around ten meters long, the tiger shark war chariot looked nothing special landing on this vast platform.

Shi Yan observed for a while and found that this square had many battleships and war chariots, most of which were purple. Shi Yan could see some amethyst war chariots, but he couldn't see the amethyst battleship Zi Yao used to use.

He got it immediately. The amethyst battleship he had dragged into the unknown s.p.a.ce was Zi Yao's private property. It must be much more precious, as it also was her moving imperial abode. Although she was n.o.ble and rich, she wasn't able to fabricate more battleships like that. It proved how precious and extraordinary her amethyst battleship was.

 "Your Highness, where's your battleship? And, where's Bergh?"

A Demon Clan's st.u.r.dy man with a short beard and high spirits, having a half-naked upper body, stepped forward and asked her while bending his body. The muscles of his entire body bulged like stones, which stored his bursting energy.

Zi Yao discolored as her eyes glinted with a gleam of fear. "Bergh hasn't come back?"

"Bergh and Antrim, didn't they go with you?" That st.u.r.dy man seemed to be astounded.

Shi Yan sighed inwardly. He shook his head, as he understood that something had happened to Bergh and Du Feng.

Zi Yao's voice trembled. "No message from them? How about my brother? Did you hear anything about Prince Du Feng?"

"Prince Du Feng's subordinates have come here and asked for him several times. They are searching for him too." The st.u.r.dy man changed his visage. "The Prince hasn't come back yet. Since the last time he went out, we haven't heard from him."

Zi Yao's heart sank to the bottom of the abyss. Chill covered her entire body as she stood in a daze.

People didn't dare to even breathe loudly. They all understood that something had happened. They were all grim. The entire Glorious Amethyst Star seemed to be overcast by invisible dark clouds.

Shi Yan frowned, as his line of sight raked through those people. He suddenly recognized that, perhaps, Du Feng and the others would never appear again.

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