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In the center of the meteorolite sea, Princess Zi Yao had begged Dirck to leave his place and help her compete for the throne for Du Feng, her blood brother, to ensure that he would become the future King of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation.

Dirck remembered how things happened in the past, scolding Du Tian Ji for being heartless. However, he didn't want to help Zi Yao support Du Feng to get the throne.

Shi Yan stayed aside, not having said anything from the beginning to the end. He listened to their conversation and gained some information about King Du Tian Ji of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation. He understood that this man was the tyrant overlord of an area in the Raging Flame Star Area. For the great undertaking, he could give up everything. For a stronger realm, he could sacrifice anything.

Perhaps, in Du Tian Ji's mind, the one who could inherit his throne should be a b.l.o.o.d.y iron overlord like him.

As his children were competing harshly, it might be that he was watching them. He wanted to see his children killing each other. The strong would live, and the weak would die, then he would pick the winner to be his heir.

The one who could show his talents in the royal compet.i.tion would get into his eyes. He would make that one the Crown Prince and let him be in charge of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation. Later on, that Crown Prince would make the nation he had developed stronger, and dominate the Raging Flame Star Area forever without worrying about the other forces.

Only the winner of a brutal fight could prove his power and mindset. For his great undertaking, he could kill his brothers that year. And today, he had made his children kill each other. They were the kind of crazily stubborn characters.

There was an obvious dispute between him and Dirck. When they were young, they were friends, and even good friends. Because of Zi Yao's mother, they diverged. Eventually, their brotherhood cracked and was cut off.

He wanted to make Dirck serve him, but he knew for sure the other would never agree. That was why he had sent Princess Zi Yao to him, the princess who looked identically to her mother. Standing in front of her, it was hard for Dirck to be heartless. The affection he had for her mother in the past would make him leave his place then.

However, it seemed he had a wrong a.s.sumption.

It was not that Dirck didn't want to help them. However, his premise was that the throne of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation should be in Zi Yao's hands, and not her brother Du Feng.

No matter how hard Zi Yao tried to convince him, Dirck wasn't moved. He gritted his teeth and didn't agree with her anything.

Zi Yao had no ways to persuade him. After staying here for several days, she bid Dirck farewell.

Before they left, Dirck pondered for a while and then slipped a ring off his finger, putting it on Zi Yao's palm carefully. "This ring stores a lot of medicinal pellets I've refined. Many of them are good for you. I'm glad that you've come to see me. Although I can't promise you anything, I won't neglect you. Take it… No matter to build your force or to break into a new realm, you will need them."

Zi Yao didn't reject. Her slender jade-like fingers squeezed the ring, her eyes begrudging. "Uncle, I know you want the best for me. Don't worry, I will take care of myself well. In the future, if I fail this battle for the throne, I will get back here to meet you."

"My place is always open for you. As long as you can come here, nothing will matter." Dirck smiled fondly. "Your dad's a selfish scoundrel. He's done things only for himself. He will never appreciate or take into account the others' feeling. He won't take care of his family either. When someone dies for him, he will regret for a while, then continue to dip his head into what he calls a 'great endeavor'."

Pausing for a while, Dirck looked at Shi Yan for the first time. He frowned, talking with some hidden meanings. "You shouldn't be as blind as your mother. Don't find a man like your father. If you do that and I find it, don't blame me. Whoever dares mistreat you, I will kill him!"

His eyes suddenly became terrifyingly sharp and cold like a sword tip.

Under his gaze, Shi Yan felt like he got so many swords placed at his neck. A chill was sent down his spine, as if he would be crushed in the next minute.


Shuddering inwardly, Shi Yan confirmed immediately that this Dirck wasn't only a profound alchemist, but also a formidable warrior... Perhaps, he was stronger than Da Lei!

Under Dirck's threatening eyes, Shi Yan frowned. His eyes weren't fluttered, but like a rigid block of ice as a cold aura moved around his body.

Calm and fearless!

Dirck gazed at him without even blinking. After a while, he shifted his sharp eyes, talking calmly. "Kid, I don't know who you are, but if you could come here, it's fate. This pellet is for you. Use it as you please."

This pellet was verdant, with a fragrance that cheered people up. It sparkled with immense light as it flew towards Shi Yan.

Enormous energy fluctuations rippled from that pellet, which clearly seemed amazing and with tremendous medicinal effects. Shi Yan could even hear water murmuring inside the pellet. Shi Yan gathered his spirit and surveyed the pellet. He saw a small leak, which looked like a miniature a stream. It flowed naturally, circulating just like veins in a warrior's body.

Zi Yao's beautiful eyes lit up as her succulent red lips parted. "Shi Yan, say thank you."

Shi Yan looked at the pellet and sensed its efficacy. His eyes shrank but he didn't take the pellet. "I appreciate your favor, precursor. But, I can't take this pellet."

Zi Yao was surprised.

Dirck slightly knitted his eyebrows as his sharp eyes gazed at Shi Yan. He pondered for a few seconds, then the corners of his mouth twitched into a faint smile. "Kid, do you know what pellet it is? What are its effects?"

Shi Yan shook his head, "I don't know."

"The Hundred Circulation Soul Pill, a level 4 Divine Grade pellet. It could nurture your G.o.d Soul and supplement your Blood Qi. It's still a big treasure to a Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm warrior." Dirck arched his brow. "And you, when you take this pellet, breaking through the King G.o.d Realm is just a piece of cake. Condensing the G.o.d Body's as easy as flipping a hand. As long as your realm could catch up with your energy and your Upanishad, you will soon enter the King G.o.d Realm. This pellet will make countless warriors kill each other to gain it."

Pausing for a while, Dirck snorted and then squinted his eyes. "One more time, do you want it or not?"

"No, thanks," Shi Yan shook his head, resolutely rejecting the offer. He didn't hesitate, and his eyes didn't shift. He continued faintly, "Without this Hundred Circulation Soul Pill, I'll still break through easily to the King G.o.d Realm. I think condensing the G.o.d Body shouldn't be dependent on external forces. It's the best way for it to happen naturally. Using pellets mean one doesn't believe in oneself. Along my cultivating path, I haven't depended on pellets to break through realms."

"You arrogant kid!" Dirck sneered. "You got a shortcut but you're stubborn. I can tell your achievement in the future will be limited."

He turned to Zi Yao. "This cortege of yours is like a rock. Arrogant and firm enough... His realm's high but his pride isn't low. Harrumph!"

Zi Yao smiled, her beautiful eyes glaring at Shi Yan as she said tenderly. "This man's always arrogant. Anyway, I think a man who dares to give up a pellet offered to him and wants to use his own power to break through shouldn't be a moron. He just has the absolute confidence. Of course, my follower is the latter kind."

"Alright, not flexible at all, doesn't know how to seize a chance. I think he won't have a great achievement." Dirck waved his hand, taking back his pellet. He seemed not happy at all. "Alright, don't pretend in front of me. Don't you want to show off in front of Zi Yao? I've seen many people like you. Du Tian Ji acted the same that year. d.a.m.n it, my sister liked this manner of his! So disgusting!"

It seemed he didn't have a good impression of Shi Yan. After talking with a serious face, he urged impatiently. "Go. The sort of man like you, if you don't taste bitter things, you won't know how high the sky is."

To attract beauties, making oneself the odd one out was the trick many men used. In Dirck's eyes, Shi Yan was this sort of a man, which he absolutely hated. That was why he didn't want to talk to him more.

Shi Yan shrugged indifferently and didn't explain anything.

Princess Zi Yao bid farewell to Dirck for a while. Eventually, she went with Shi Yan back on the old route to the Solar Star Exploding Field. Later on, she stooped and chuckled. "Are you like what my Uncle said? You wanted to show that you are different?"

"What do you think?" Shi Yan didn't change his visage, although the corners of his mouth twitched a little bit.

"I hope you aren't. To be honest, throughout many years, many people have tried to act in front of me. Your deeds and theirs are pretty similar." Zi Yao laughed cheerily. "If you're like them, I will be happy. At least, I can a.s.sure that my charm has never been reduced."

"Sorry to have failed you," Shi Yan slight bowed to her, talking gently. "I just don't want to own that man a favor, so he can't control me in the future. Perhaps, he's self-righteous, as he thinks that no one is your match in this life. Anyone approaching you will have a purpose, to capture your glamour, for example. Haha… Interesting!"

"A*shole!" Zi Yao gritted her teeth. "Can't I really make you enchanted? Why could the others be and you couldn't? Oh yeah, I'll borrow your words. Do you have... health issues?"

She acted as if she suddenly understood a mystery, nodding and then saying affirmatively. "Sure it is. I understand. Ah ah! I forgive you. I'm sorry for misunderstanding you. I'm so sorry."

Shi Yan's face darkened.

Zi Yao looked at him seriously for a while and then burst out laughing, holding her flat belly. She laughed until her body was shaking, pointing her finger at Shi Yan. "Hahaha... Interesting! You… Turns out there's something that makes you ridiculous. Haha... Look at you now!"

Shi Yan paused for a while and then accelerated all of a sudden. Just like a shooting light, he glided, pa.s.sing her while storming forward furiously.

The silver bell jingles like laughter arose behind him.

Zi Yao's face was bright and shining, as if she were overjoyed. She waved her hands cheerily like she had done a great thing. She looked like a blooming flower that tickled people's hearts.

Floating behind him, her laughter didn't cease, while her soft body shook tenderly. Her beautiful eyes gazed at Shi Yan's buff back. She mused on him for a while before urging her power to follow him quickly.

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