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Shi Yan suddenly turned around and shouted to Zi Yao. "You should leave first. I will catch up with you later. I will make all the burning meteorolites explode. It will create a formidable shockwave. Except for me who understands the Sun Upanishad, all people here will be affected. You will not be an exception."

Zi Yao was frightened. "You want to fight face to face with b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo? Impossible! You will never be able to hurt him!"

"I know. He's at the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm. I'm a whole realm behind him. I know I'm not his rival." Shi Yan didn't have the mood to joke. "I will stop him for a while and show him how dangerous I am. Once the shockwave's over, you can return and help me. But, you have to leave now!"

Zi Yao's eyes were complicated. She looked at him deeply in astonishment for seconds. Then, she nodded. "Shi Yan, promise me that you'll be safe. I don't want anything unexpected to happen to you. Really, I want you to be safe."

Shi Yan smiled and said, "Move. I'll be alright. Give me more time. Perhaps... I can bring you a big surprise."

Zi Yao exhaled. "Alright, I will leave. Be careful."

She wasn't an indecisive woman. As she was able to hold a high position of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, the generation with the most outstanding fame that her nimbus could subdue many princes, it was enough to prove her competency and characteristics.

Zi Yao retreated, turning into a flow of seven-colored light. Shortly, she had moved pretty far away.

At this moment, the other s.p.a.ce pirates didn't dare to approach. Only b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo was still storming towards Shi Yan like crazy with his G.o.d Domain. He wanted to kill Shi Yan and then chase after Zi Yao.

Seeing Ka Tuo stride angrily and get closer to him, Shi Yan had so many thoughts moving in his head. He was discreetly nervous, as he didn't know if what the Ring Spirit had told him was true or not. Would he be able to wake Ka Tuo up using the Upanishad inheritance?

Gradually, Ka Tuo was only one thousand meters away from him.

Shi Yan's thought flickered, and countless flaming meteorolites abruptly congregated around him. Shortly, the area around him was filled with flaming meteorolites, blocking Shi Yan and Ka Tuo in the middle. The others couldn't see them right now.

Ka Tuo's G.o.d Domain was special. It didn't seem to be weakened by the tremendous impacts of the burning meteorolites. Moreover, the fragments of meteorolites were dragged into his G.o.d Domain, becoming a beam of scattered energy Ka Tuo could use, which boosted his aura formidably.

"Kid, my G.o.d Domain's the most special one in the Raging Flame Star Area. Do you think you can stop me?" Ka Tuo roared indignantly with a pair of blood-red eyes. His aura was both brutal and savage, that sent shivers down to people's spines. 

"Ka Tuo, the power Upanishad you've been cultivating has diverged from the right path. The inheritance you got isn't complete. Your inheritance is called 'Chaos Upanishad,' do you know that?" Shi Yan calmly looked at him and then smiled. "I asked Zi Yao to leave and kept your people away so that we can talk."

Ka Tuo discolored as if he had seen a ghost, looking at Shi Yan with fright. "What did you just say? Repeat it. What's my Upanishad called? Repeat it!"

"Chaos Upanishad," Shi Yan repeated faintly.

Ka Tuo's eyes sparkled disbelievingly. His savage aura silently reduced as he still maintained a certain distance with Shi Yan. He shivered in thrill. "You... How did you know the name of my Upanishad? Who are you? How are you related to that man?"

Shi Yan was dumbstruck. However, he felt cheered up. "Ka Tuo, the power Upanishad you've been cultivating is related to me. If you are cultivating the Upanishad you received from him, we are going on the same way. Relax, then we'll talk."

Ka Tuo was still shaking. His eyes were filled with extreme surprise and fear. "My Upanishad has never appeared in the Raging Flame Star Area. How did you know about it? I took this Upanishad from the Lonesome Dead Territory outside the Raging Flame Star Area. Have you ever been there? How did you know!"

His mood wasn't calm, as if he had encountered a frightening surprise. His voice became louder.

"Quiet down," Shi Yan frowned and snorted.

Ka Tuo was startled. He had to adjust his breath to calm down. A long time later, a strange light sparkled in his eyes, looking at Shi Yan with a great surprise. "Who are you? Where are you from?"

 "Whenever you urge your Upanishad, your eyes will turn blood-red, right?" An idea popped up in his head. Shi Yan asked the other all of a sudden.

Ka Tuo was shaken and became more frightened. "You also know that?"

Shi Yan curled his lips and urged his Rampage. His eyes immediately changed to the fearful blood-red hue.

Ka Tuo was dumbstruck, and his boiling mood settled down. He looked at Shi Yan deeply and then nodded. "Perhaps, you and I share the same root. However, I'm not that man's disciple. I just got his inheritance. He was dead a long time ago, so my inheritance isn't complete."

When he was still young, he was just a Sky Realm s.p.a.ce pirate. He had followed his boss to run to the Lonesome Dead Territory outside the Raging Flame Star Area, where he had a fortunate encounter.

A strange force had guided him to a mysterious and bizarre area. He found a decayed skeleton there. This skeleton was so old that its soul altar had just a beam of faint light, with a thought of a broken Upanishad.

He then merged that broken thought of Upanishad into his soul and put forth everything to study. It took him a lot of time to understand the mysteries of the Upanishad. However, this Upanishad had never appeared in the Raging Flame Star Area before.

Although this Upanishad was incomplete, he took this chance and made it his main power to cultivate to the True G.o.d Realm. Also, he had created the Seal of Upanishad to continue advancing his realm.

It'd been so many years. He had used this incomplete Upanishad to shine in the Raging Flame Star Area and replace his Boss, becoming the new leader of the s.p.a.ce pirates.

Although it was a broken Upanishad, he had treasured it a lot. Through many years of learning and comprehending, he had found that this Upanishad was so profound that it was almost one of the most dangerous powers Upanishad in the universe. It was even more advanced and exquisite than the powers Upanishad of the other leaders in the Raging Flame Star Area.

This was Ka Tuo's biggest secret, which he had never revealed to anyone. This power Upanishad had made him a leader from a low pirate, giving him his today's attainments.

However, as his realm had become more profound, the incomplete features of the power Upanishad became clearer. Gradually, it had affected his mentality and soul. Everything was getting chaotic.

He became worried. Up till recently, he had been looking for a solution. However, since it was a power Upanishad that had never existed in the Raging Flame Star Area, no matter how hard he had searched, he couldn't find the way out.

As he had entered the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm, the incomplete power Upanishad would trouble him a lot when he entered the Original G.o.d Realm. His soul altar could be shattered while he was breaking through his new realm!

As he knew it would be dangerous, he didn't dare to break through or dig deeper about his Upanishad.

"You power Upanishad isn't complete. Also, you've diverged. If you can't have a complete Upanishad, you will never be able to break through the Original G.o.d Realm. You shouldn't go against the Nature's Order, which will destroy your soul." Shi Yan looked at him, suddenly beamed a smile. "However, if you can have a complete Upanishad after you enter the new realm, you will be one of the small number of strongest warriors of the Raging Flame Star Area. If you and the others have the same realm, you can trounce them easily. You don't know how lucky you are. Encountering me is the luckiest event in your whole life."

Shi Yan talked as if he were a hoax medium, guiding the other step by step. He threatened and then showed the big benefits to entice the other.

Looking at Ka Tuo's visage, Shi Yan believed that he wouldn't pose any threat to him anymore, since he had something Ka Tuo couldn't resist.

"Who was he? Who are you?" Ka Tuo's breath became short and heavy. He panted, trying to calm down.

Since he had cultivated this broken Upanishad for so many years, he knew the formidable features of this Upanishad more than anyone else. He believed that the complete version of this Upanishad would be the most fearful thing in the Raging Flame Star Area. He craved for it! This heated thought filled his brain, burning his rationality.

"He's my precursor. I'm the apprentice of one line. The Upanishad you've been cultivating, I have the complete one," Shi Yan said smilingly.

Ka Tuo suddenly grinned fiendishly. "Then, it's good. If I kill you, I'll get the complete Upanishad. When I use it and break through to the Original G.o.d Realm, I will fear no one in this Raging Flame Star Area. Hahaha!"

"You think it's that simple?" Shi Yan soon knew how this sort of people worked. "If you could kill me to get what you want, would I stay here and babble with you?"

Pausing for a while, Shi Yan continued deliberately. "Sorry, mate. Even if you kill me, you can't have the complete inheritance. Because... it stays in my Sea of Consciousness. If I die, it will vanish. Only my energy could preserve it."

Ka Tuo mused. He also knew it wouldn't be simple. He said that just to see Shi Yan's reaction. If Shi Yan showed he was scared, he could do that. If Shi Yan didn't react, it meant the other wasn't afraid of him or losing his life.

He observed for a while and made a new a.s.sumption immediately. Ka Tuo took a deep breath to steady his mind. "Kid, what do you want?"

"Please call me senior. My status is higher than yours," Shi Yan naturally fabricated.

Ka Tuo's face reddened, looking enraged. However, to get the complete inheritance, he had to press it down. With a husky voice, he called, "Senior."

"Alright. Since you've cultivated his Upanishad, we are from the same school. Killing and fighting have violated our rules." Shi Yan grinned. "Alright, I don't want to do anything to you. We're from the same house. You called me senior, which has proven our root. It's normal if I give you a gift for our first encounter."

Then, his thought flickered, using negative energy to cover the magical Upanishad, sending it towards Ka Tuo. "It will help you get back on the right track and prevent you from falling into bedevilment. However, before you break through the Original G.o.d Realm, you have to find me. Or else, you will meet a lot of troubles."

Ka Tuo was shivering in thrill as his eyes brightened. His gaze was even hotter when he saw Princess Zi Yao. Looking at the inherited Upanishad, he hated that he couldn't swallow it right away.

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