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Chapter 75 - A Kiss
Shi Yan’s bright eyes were focused on the mysterious and graceful woman, who was walking on the lake towards the bank, step by step.
Suddenly she coughed out blood and her body shivered, as a trace of hopelessness pa.s.sed through her eyes.
As Shi Yan watched, the woman’s face grew pale and her eyes dimmed. Just as she was about to reach the bank, that mysterious woman suddenly trembled and fainted.
Shi Yan quickly realized that she must have been severely injured by Beiming Shang.
After realizing this, Shi Yan immediately rushed towards the lake and caught the mysterious woman before she could drown.
The touch of that exquisite body intoxicated Shi Yan so much so that he was barely able to bring the woman up onto the bank.
Shi Yan felt for breath under her nose and found her to be breathing steadily; there was a strange energy growing in her and nourishing her body bit by bit.
As the bloodthirsty desire welled up in his mind, Shi Yan’s quickly realized he was in a precarious situation as the negative energy was on the verge of exploding.
He had absorbed too much negative energy and as it was at the crucial period of purification, his meridians were emitting greater amounts of negative energy.
Holding this mysterious woman in his arms, Shi Yan’s expression shifted continuously.
After a long while, Shi Yan finally came up with an idea.
He tore a piece of cloth from his coat and covered the woman’s gorgeous face, then directly ran to a brothel with the woman in his arms.
The mysterious woman was a Sky Realm warrior and she had been injured by Beiming Shang. Therefore, she would be considered to be an enemy of Beiming Family!
In the Merchant Union, the Beiming Family was still the most influential power, as no other family could compete with them for now.
This woman was so mysterious and her cultivation realm was high; Beiming Shang would be very unsettled as long as this woman was alive.
Shi Yan was determined to let her live on!
Tonight, Tianyun City would not be tranquil. Beiming Shang would certainly send out his experts to search for this woman, and Shi Yan would have to protect her until she woke up.
As the negative energy in him grew stronger and stronger, and as he had such a beautiful woman in his arms, he was barely able to control his desires.
However, he knew that he couldn’t do anything to the woman, or the Shi family would be annihilated after she woke up!
A quarter of an hour later.
Carrying that mysterious woman with her face covered, Shi Yan directly walked into the Misty Rain House, in the south of the Tianyun City, and yelled, “Madam, get me two pretty girls! Quickly!”
“Hua! Hua! Hua!”
Shining purple crystal coins rolled out of Shi Yan’s pocket onto the counter of the first floor of the Misty Rain House.
A 30 some years old s.e.xy woman with heavy makeup and a professional smile on her face popped her head out from upstairs.
After a quick glimpse at the purple crystal coins, she burst into loud laughter, and replied happily, “Master, please come up the third floor, I will arrange the girls for you right away!”
Shi Yan nodded and followed the woman up to the third floor with the unknown woman in his arms.
“Yan Yun, Rou, hurry up! Come to Room No.3 and give this master your best!” The brothel Madam laughed seductively and showed Shi Yan into a room, as she shouted to the girls.
“Madam, we will be there right away!”
From the room at the upstairs corner came a sweet response.
Before long, two pretty teenage girls with seductive eyes entered Shi Yan’s room.
“Master, you brought another girl with you? Huh? You think the girls in my Misty Rain House can’t satisfy you?” The Madam stood in the room and examined the mysterious woman with her sophisticated eyes and couldn’t help but giggle, “You are very interesting! I’ve never seen anyone bring a girl by himself.”
“Hmm, I’m rather powerful at ‘that’ and have special tastes. It would be more fun to have one that I brought!” Shi Yan glanced at the Madam and said indifferently.
The Madam kept smiling and looked at the mysterious woman again, smiling knowingly to herself.
Naturally, she guessed that the woman must have been grabbed by Shi Yan and he was going to take her virginity in the Misty Rain House. In case that woman couldn’t endure it the first time, he got two girls to satisfy him.
The Madam had seen such occasions many times, so she could handle it easily. She nodded and said, “Yan Yun, Rou, take care of this master. And try your best to satisfy him!”
“Don’t worry Madam. We’ve been in this industry for so long, we know how to make our clients happy.” That girl called Yan Yun looked at Shi Yan with a big smile and softly licked her lips, “Master, I will make you comfortable.”
“You disappear!” Shi Yan couldn’t suppress his desires anymore. After a deep breath, he yelled to the Madam.
“Great! Master, enjoy yourself! Call me whenever you need more girls.” The Madam seductively turned around and walked back to the door with a face full of smiles, and considerately closed the door.
Shi Yan then put the woman onto the soft carpet.
Putting one of his hands on the woman’s back, Shi Yan found that the strange power in her had already flowed over her whole body, speeding up the circulation of her Profound Qi.
Furrowing his brows, Shi Yan quickly figured out that this woman must have taken some rare pills, which were taking effect even while she was unconscious. The pills were recovering her injuries quickly and making her Profound Qi operate automatically, in order to wake her up as soon as possible.
“You two, come with me.”
So many streams of negative energy were gushing out from his meridians and he couldn’t stand it anymore. Quickly, he wrapped the two girls in his arms and pushed them onto the bed, which was covered with a red quilt.
After an unknowingly long time.
Slowly, Shi Yan woke up to find his eyes extremely clear, as he could now precisely feel the wisps of mysterious energy coming out from his meridians.
Part of the mysterious energy had seeped in his blood, flesh, bones and veins, and the remainder had congregated in his dantain.
This mysterious energy had made his Profound Qi become extremely dense and fresh.
Under the control of his will, his Profound Qi was boiling in his body like a spring tide.
Holding his breath, Shi Yan went into meditation, clearing his mind of any thoughts and letting his Profound Qi flow freely in his body.
After a long time, Shi Yan’s body shook, and he immediately woke up.
His senses were different all of a sudden.
Closing his eyes, Shi Yan could clearly sense the essence of the air between heaven and earth. The essence was everywhere in the air, though he couldn’t sense it before.
But at this moment, he could clearly perceive its invisible movements!
His Profound Qi had become extremely accurate as well, as it would fly out swiftly from the middle finger of his left hand at his will.
With a thought, his Profound Qi skipped continuously. It came to life and turned into a blade of gra.s.s, a magic snake, and then a flying worm.
Feeling the essence in the air, and refining everything in the world.
This was Human Realm!
Shi Yan’s mouth formed a joyful smile. In delight, he slowly stepped off the bed.
He took a look back at the bed and realized it had become a mess. Two naked, white bodies were spread upon it, with a satisfied smile on their faces. They were deep asleep.
These two women were not warriors and seemed to be unable to bear his mysterious energy. As he e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed, that mysterious energy didn’t come out, for it had already been absorbed by Shi Yan.
With a little surprise, Shi Yan turned his head back and without hesitation walked over to the mysterious woman slowly.
Bright moonlight was coming through the window. It was late at night.
Shi Yan stretched out his hand and examined the woman’s back, only to find that she was recovering at an unbelievable speed!
At this speed, she would wake up at dawn.
Tonight Beiming Shang must be searching for her everywhere, however he would have never believed that she would be in a brothel.
After tonight, this unknown woman could recover up to 80 percent, and then she could go to anywhere in Tianyun City.
How is Han Feng?
Shi Yan suddenly remembered Han Feng. If he escaped from b.l.o.o.d.y Hand, he would be looking for Shi Yan everywhere. Once he couldn’t find Shi Yan, he would a.s.sume that he was killed by Li Han and Mo Qi.
After all, Han Feng didn’t know Shi Yan’s real ability, while Li Han was a Human Realm warrior!
Shi Jian regarded Shi Yan as the treasure of the Shi family, therefore, once he knew that Shi Yan was dead, he would do everything he could to get revenge.
After a thought, Shi Yan decided to leave quickly and return home.
As his hand stroked the woman’s back, it finally came to the cloth that covered her pretty face.
Lifting a corner of the cloth, Shi Yan revealed her cherry-like lips. He smiled unexpectedly, went up, and pressed his lips on hers.
An intoxicating fragrance was coming out from that woman’s mouth...
In just a short moment of inhaling it, Shi Yan felt rather refreshed and found a comfort he had never experienced before. He couldn’t suppress his desire again.
Moving his mouth away unwillingly, Shi Yan raised his head and gazed at her with emotional eyes, and mumbled, “Well, I saved your life, this kiss is my reward.”
After that, Shi Yan opened the half-closed window and swiftly jumped out.
His figure moved in the dark night for a moment, faded into the dim moonlight, and finally disappeared.

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