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Amidst his laughter, flames appeared one by one in the sky, descending slowly.

The four heaven flames staying in his soul altar, the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame, the Ice Cold Flame, and Corpse Vanishing Flame, appeared while flying towards him.

What appeared the last was an orange-red flame, as shy as a maiden. It looked like a bashful flaming bird, and couldn't act naturally. After the four heaven flames showed up in front of Shi Yan, it started to move towards him with great reluctance.

A toxic smile appeared on Shi Yan's face. He gazed at the flame and asked. "What's up? Still shy? Weren't you so loud and savage?"

"Harrumph! I'm the most magical creature in this world. I'm much more aristocratic than you lowly humans. If they didn't subdue me, I would never depend on you!" The Vermilion Bird True Flame talked begrudgingly. "Too bad, I didn't succeed but get tied with you. Too bad!"

This flame's intelligence was higher than the other flames. It had emotions! This surprised Shi Yan.

Anyway, he got surprised for a short while and then smiled. "Aristocratic? The aristocratic cla.s.s flames like you are hiding in my soul altar. They won't leave even if I ask them to leave. If you are truly n.o.ble, you won't get here."

The Vermilion Bird True Flame seemed to be enraged. "I know you are a fair host. That's why I agreed to put my feet in your soul altar. If you insult me, I won't get in there."

"Your character is quite impressive," Shi Yan grinned, not caring about the flame's anger. "Alright, you stay right here. The Sun Original Essence is gone. After I get out, I will spread the news that there's a heaven flame in this area. People will come and play with you then." 

"B*stard!" The Vermilion Bird True Flame thundered.

Waving his hand lazily, Shi Yan spoke impatiently. "Don't talk nonsense. I don't care if you want to stay here. Anyway, my soul altar doesn't just only one heaven flame."

"Stupid! What do you get angry for? Afraid that you will be mistreated?" The Ice Cold Flame said. "We reserved a slot for you because of the inheritance. If you met a guy like the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame, he would swallow you for sure."

"Don't babble and be proactive. When you get into the soul altar, you will know how you'll benefit." The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame was a little discontented. "Battling with you has drained our energy. We have to restore our power as fast as possible. If you aren't satisfied with your lot, harrumph, I'm not afraid of devouring you. Muahaha… You can help me ascend fast!"

Hearing that, the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame also revealed its strong desire.

The lonely Vermilion Bird True Flame was besieged by the four flames. As its energy was consumed tremendously, it became anxious. "Four on one! Don't you feel any shame?"

"Well, it's not bad. Have you seen five on one yet?" The Corpse Vanishing Flame sparkled. "We still have another one. He's in his evolution process. Otherwise, you would be over earlier." 

The Vermilion Bird True Flame suddenly behaved as if it had finally accepted its destiny, keeping silent. After swaying in the air for a while, it flew towards Shi Yan's head.

"Hold on," Shi Yan held up his hand. His flickered his thought, retrieving his soul altar. "I want to make it clear first."

Zi Yao frowned, eyeing the five heaven flames. She could feel the soul fluctuations of Shi Yan and the heaven flames, but she couldn't know what they were walking about. As she was so curious, she released more of her Soul Consciousness. But still, she got nothing.

The communication between Shi Yan and his heaven flames were conducted using their souls. Unless Shi Yan and the heaven flames agreed to open their souls to her, she would never know the contents of their conversation.

"What do you want?" Vermilion Bird True Flame put up it guard, trying to urge a beam of energy. Swaying in front of Shi Yan, it released the burning energy.

"Why are you here?" asked Shi Yan.

"I sensed the Vermilion Bird's aura, so I had crossed a lot of obstacles to get here from my hometown." The Vermilion Bird True Flame hesitated for a long time before answering reluctantly.

"What attracted you here? And, the Vermilion Bird buried here, did it die completely?"

"I came here for the Sacred Body of the Vermilion Bird, which could help me advance further. However, when I arrived here, I found that his Sacred Body had no energy left. I couldn't fuse with him. I hid the Sun Original Essence under the Vermilion Bird's skeleton in the hope that his Sacred Body could gain the energy from the crystal. But, it was of no use."

"You ascended after you got here?"

"One level. The condition here is suitable for me. Also, I could use the Sun Original Essence to increase my power. If I could have the Vermilion Bird's Sacred Body, I could become the Vermilion Bird and replace him. At that time, my living form would be more complete."

"Aren't you him?"

"I used to be., but not anymore. At the moment I gained my consciousness, my way became different from his. I don't want to become a part of his soul. I want to make efforts for myself. I want to live for me, not for him. Moreover, he has died already."

"Died already?"

"To existences like him, it's hard to die completely. He destroyed all the attackers, created the forbidden area in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field, and built a tremendous energy restriction to protect his skeleton from people's discovery."


"Because when his soul scattered, it divided into several flows. No one knows which s.p.a.ce they've gone to. However, any creature who could have the remnants of his soul could understand the power of the Vermilion Bird. One day, if it could reach a certain level, it could be reborn. As long as he could get his skeleton, he would be reborn using a different method." 

Shi Yan knitted his brows tightly in surprise.

"At the level of the Sacred Beast Vermilion Bird, the soul would never be completely destroyed. At the moment it exploded, it would divide into so many flows of remnant souls, wandering in different s.p.a.ces. If a creature captured one of those flows, it could always evolve and get stronger. After that, the sacred bird would gain a new life one more time. If he could get his skeleton, when he was reborn, he would be himself once again. Perhaps, he could recover his full energy. Moreover, he could advance one more step to understand the mysteries of earth and heaven deeper."

The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame sent its thought. It seemed this flame had some knowledge of creatures in the Immemorial Epoch. Shi Yan was dumbstruck. He felt fear as he was shaken by the might of the creatures in the Immemorial Epoch.

"Oh right, the little girl you've met in the Perpetual Night Forest, the one called Zuo Shi, if nothing unexpected happens, she certainly has a soul remnant of the Sacred Beast Black Tortoise. If she can continue to progress and get stronger, she can become the Sacred Beast Black Tortoise one day. Perhaps, she will be stronger than the Black Tortoise himself!" The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame suddenly recalled something. It pondered for a while and then continued.

Shi Yan was shaken, shouting. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"I know it from the talk with the Vermilion Bird True Flame. This method of rebirth is called the Soul Nirvana of the sacred beast," said the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame.

Shi Yan's eyes sparkled with light in astonishment. He got dumbstruck for a while, then finally understood why Old Xuan Ming wanted to take care of Zuo Shi. For Zuo Shi's welfare, he had done his best.

Xuan Ming was the descendant of that bloodline. The Sacred Beast Black Tortoise was his ancestor. As Zuo Shi had a flow of his ancestor's soul remnant, she could be considered his ancestor. As he had put fort everything to help her, did he know the Soul Nirvana technique which he would use Zuo Shi to make the Sacred Beast Black Tortoise be reborn?

Before Sacred Beast Black Tortoise left the Grace Mainland, it was one of the strongest existences. Like the Vermilion Bird, why did he have to experience the Soul Nirvana?

Did they encounter a more intimidating existence?

Shi Yan sighed with inexplicable emotion. Suddenly, he had a respect and fear for the unpredictable mysteries of outer s.p.a.ce.

There were so many experts in outer s.p.a.ce. Although he'd reached the Third Sky of True G.o.d Realm, it wasn't enough to counter anything. As his thought flickered, his eyes sparkled with amazement.

He suddenly walked to the Vermilion Bird's skeleton. He knocked the bones, turning to Zi Yao while smiling. "Do you have any way to bring the Vermilion Bird's skeleton with us?"

"What do you want to do?" Zi Yao was surprised.

"Make weapons!" Shi Yan was excited, gesturing. "This bird should have a profound realm. If we can make weapons using its bones, they will be Divine weapons! I've lost my three Bone Thorns. Perhaps, I can use this skeleton to create a better weapon."

"No!" Vermilion Bird True Flame suddenly screamed, its soul sounding sorrowful. "That's my body! My body! You can't break it! Absolutely, you must not break it!"

"Didn't you say that you and he are totally different?" Shi Yan glared at the flame. "The Vermilion Bird is dead. Leaving the skeleton here is just a waste of good materials. I'd better take it."

"No! If you do that, I will risk my life against you! Even if I have to die completely, I will stop you!" the Vermilion Bird True Flame cried loudly. "Leve the skeleton. One day, he can have a new life and mightier power. Even if I'm not him, I don't want him to vanish completely. Agree with me. If you give up this skeleton, I will follow you honestly. I will never resist!"

Pausing for a while, the Vermilion Bird True Flame desperately begged him. "Please, show mercy. I've been in outer s.p.a.ce for so many years. I know some places with similarly mighty skeletons. I promise you, I will definitely find them for you! I'm sure!"

Rubbing his chin, Shi Yan contemplated for a while. Eventually, he gave up his intentions, then nodded and talked to the flame. "Forget it! As we will stay together for a long time and you've begged me that much, I'll give you face."

The Vermilion Bird True Flame sighed in relief. This time, it wasn't arrogant or stubborn. The flame flew into his Sea of Consciousness without waiting for Shi Yan to urge it.

Shi Yan didn't continue to trouble the flame either. He smiled, then opened his soul altar, letting the five heaven flames enter.

Shi Yan sensed for a while and felt like his soul getting sublimated. A flow of warm and cozy energy flooded his entire body as he smiled happily. "I think we should leave."

Zi Yao nodded, scanning the area with a little yearning in her eyes. "Yeah, it's time to go. Although this place is barren and isolated, I will never forget it." 

"Let's go." Shi Yan shouted, soaring into the sky and heading to the thick, gray clouds.

Zi Yao followed him as she smiled charmingly and swayed her appealing body. Just like a deity returning home, she looked indescribably beautiful.

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