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Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field…

Floating in the center of a group of ma.s.sive meteorolites were around one hundred tiger shark war chariots, trying to dodge the sunbeams there.

Energy storms were moving and slaughtering everywhere. Strong, distorted energy wandered about, threatening the s.p.a.ce pirates on the war chariots. They didn't dare to intrude, as they just stayed and waited cautiously near the edge.

Standing on the leading war chariot was b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo, glaring at the s.p.a.ce in front of them with bloodshot eyes. Suddenly, he pointed. "Tie Lei, you guys go there and check it out.

The s.p.a.ce pirate who was called out changed his face, shivering, and crying hoa.r.s.ely. "Boss, it's the Solar Star Forbidden Area!"

"Stop your f*cking rubbish talk!" Ka Tuo activated his G.o.d Domain. A seething energy wave flooded everywhere shortly. People in his G.o.d Domain's coverage were all shivering. "Will ya get you're a*s there?" He glared at that s.p.a.ce pirate.

Under his infuriated roar, the warrior named Tie Lei changed his visage dramatically. He constantly nodded with a wry smile. The man didn't say anything else, dashing towards the place.

Ka Tuo snorted, his brutal eyes sweeping through his henchmen. He suddenly got angry, but he didn't know why.

Crack Crack!

Cracking and explosion arose from the Solar Star Forbidden Area. The tiger shark war chariot Tie Lei riding was broken into pieces. Tie Lei screamed painfully as he was sitting in the chariot. His body was cut off into countless cubes, as if so many blades were slashing him.

The onlookers all felt a shiver sent down their spines. Deep anxiety arose in their hearts. They bowed their heads, no one daring to look at Ka Tuo.

Tie Lei's death wasn't beyond their estimation. However, they were petrified because it happened too fast!

This event had proven the terrifying features of the Solar Star Forbidden Area. Indeed, it could slaughter anything. Any life would be shattered on entering this place.

Ka Tuo's eyes raked through his men again and again. No one dared to look at him. They all stooped their heads, pretending they had seen nothing.

Wearing a dark face, Ka Tuo didn't continue to push more pressure. He understood that if he continued to urge them, he would make their hearts cold.

Then, this force, which he had been struggling hard to gather, would collapse.

It wasn't something he wanted to see.

Ka Tuo waved his hand impatiently and gave a dry instruction. "Scatter and watch this area. Do not relax."

Those s.p.a.ce pirates felt like they just got amnesty, answering their boss as they scattered quickly.

In just a blink, there was no tiger shark war chariot next to him.

A flow of living energy was sent to him from a place where the sunbeams were interlacing. However, this energy fluctuation was so cold it could chill people. 

"Haven't found anything yet?" A cold, gentle, and reserved voice arose. "Ka Tuo, you've ensured me that they won't leave the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field alive. I hope you can fulfill your promise! Otherwise, I think you know what your consequences will be!"

Ka Tuo slightly stooped his head, as a gleam of fear sparkled in his bloodshot eyes. "Don't worry! I will achieve what I've promised you. The Solar Star Forbidden Area has buried so many creatures. Any war chariot that enters that area will be ground into powder. I think they aren't an exception. Perhaps they are all dead now."

 "Even if they are dead, I want to see their bodies."

"I got it. I will watch this place until I can be sure that they are all dead."

"Alright, I don't have much time to linger here. You should open your eyes wider. If you get anything, tell me immediately."

"Got it."

That living energy fluctuation faded out in the area where the sunbeams were interweaving. Eventually, it disappeared.

b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo lifted his head, looking at that place savagely while spitting. "d.a.m.n it! What kind of toy is that! If I weren't greedy for your stuff, your daddy here would flee away. F*ck it! It's too bad this time. I haven't gotten anything but humiliation this time! F*CK!"

Then, he left this place, approaching the edge of the Solar Star Forbidden Area. He contemplated, then released his Soul Consciousness further little by little.

After an unknown period, once he felt his Soul Consciousness was weakened, he vaguely felt a scorching aura.

Ka Tuo was shaken. He continued to gather his Soul Consciousness and push it further persistently despite his exhausted spirit and consumed Soul Consciousness.


A tremendous vibration shot out from a deep place inside, as powerful as the explosion of the Solar Star.

Ka Tuo's flow of Soul Consciousness was cut off instantly, his face pale.

However, he wasn't dispirited. It was quite weird that he seemed to be moved. A fiendish grin hung on the corner of his mouth. "Still in there, indeed! I'll play big with you this time. I don't believe you won't get out!"

The entire place inside was filled with fire.

The ma.s.sive chunk of Sun Original Essence was spinning in the air. The flaming power acc.u.mulated inside that crystal was divided into four parts, pouring into Shi Yan, the Earth Flame, the Vermilion Bird True Flame, and Zi Yao respectively, turning into their blazing energies.

The flaming halo moving on that Sun Original Essence was getting dimmer gradually. The burning fluid on the crystal had also lost its energy slowly, turning into ordinary drops of water, falling from the sky.

Shi Yan and Zi Yao were sitting neatly on the ground, calmly taking in the hot power.

After an unknown period of time, Zi Yao woke up first and instinctively looked at the sky.

The Sun Original Essence wasn't so blazing anymore. It turned to look more like an ordinary meteorolite that could be seen anywhere in outer s.p.a.ce. Seemed like its energy had been drawn out completely.

The Earth Flame had enlarged to a big flame floating in front of Shi Yan. The energy of the Volcano Crystal Nucleus was rippling from him, covering him with so many layers of flaming solar energy.

He was still digesting energy!

Some weak auras came from the sky, one of them belonging to the Vermilion Bird True Flame. Due to the similar aura she had, Zi Yao could feel it now. She faced the sky, astounded for a while, then turned to Shi Yan.

Shi Yan was still motionless like a log of wood. No energy waves rippled from him. Even his aura was concealed.

However, as Zi Yao was using her Soul Consciousness to explore his soul, she could feel his soul altar moving unceasingly in a deep place in his soul.

She understood that Shi Yan was still trying to understand the solar mysteries. This magical encounter wasn't something he could simply wish for to encounter. Zi Yao was sure he would advance one step further after this event.

A triangular jade arose from her ring. She frowned while glaring at it, then muttered. "It has been half a year. Time flies so fast. I didn't recognize it has been a long time."

After that, she quieted down, taking out a Divine Crystal. Then, she closed her eyes and started to absorb the pure energy from it, together with some medicinal pellets she had. This would refill the energy she had consumed in the previous battle.

It was followed by another period of perpetual quietness.

On this day, flames sparked insanely in the sky above her head. The sky was the location of a tremendous event. Heaven flames appeared one by one, entangling and fighting against each other.

Zi Yao was surprised. She pulled herself together, frowning while looking at the sky.

Shortly, her eyes brightened. She hastened to walk to Shi Yan.

The Earth Flame had disappeared, staying silently inside Shi Yan's head. A soul energy was felt rippling from Shi Yan at this moment.

It seemed there were some filaments of soul energy that flew out of his head to support the heaven flames. Still, Shi Yan hadn't had any changes. He knitted his brows while a scorching flow of energy gushed out of his chest, which astounded Zi Yao.

"The battle's about to end," Shi Yan suddenly muttered after a long period of silence. He opened his eyes, smiling brightly at her. "You look good."

Zi Yao's beautiful eyes brightened. She smiled dazzlingly. "Not as good as you though. My wounds are all healed, but my power hasn't been filled fully. And you, you've entered the Third Sky of True G.o.d Realm. You're not far from the King G.o.d Realm, I see."

Shi Yan slowly got up, looking at the sky. "Honestly, I've got a big harvest this time. Also, this experience has helped me understand the mysteries of the stars better. Turns out that the Star Upanishad includes the entire sky. The Solar Star and the Moon Star are two kinds of Star Upanishads. The flaming energy also brought me huge benefits. The understanding I've got from the Sun will be useful for the rest of my life."

"How about the feeling of breaking through?" Zi Yao smiled. She stood up, walking her slender body for one round and revealing heart appealing posture.

With a calm and relaxed countenance, and no heated gaze on his face, Shi Yan smiled. "You are so appealing, such a beautiful disaster of this world." His face was calm and relaxed. "I know so many men of the Raging Flame Star Area would love to have you in their dreams. Being with you for days and nights like this is truly my honor. I don't know how many people would risk their lives just for a moment like this."

Zi Yao's eyes lit up, her smile unchanged. "Cut it off. Too many people have praised me, so I'm immune to it. Yeah, don't change the topic. How does it feel?"

He opened his arms, causing cl.u.s.ters of flaming energy to appear. A flow of fiercely hot aura diffused from his body. Shi Yan faced the sky while laughing crazily. "Of course, not bad at all! Each time I break through a new realm, it's the time my soul altar and body are both quenched. Breaking through a new realm means rocketing my power. I think I've earned a lot this time."

"I'm sure," Zi Yao's beautiful eyes gazed at his body. "This time, you've earned more energy than normal people! Due to the excessive energy you've taken from the Sun Original Essence, you've understood how the Sun moves. This will be a big help for you in the future. I'm sure that with your condition, once you start to condense your G.o.d Body, it will be unimaginably smooth. Your G.o.d Body will be much stronger than any warrior I've known."

"Haha," Shi Yan just smiled but neither affirmed nor denied anything. He continued to look at the sky. "Almost done. My buddies will come back successfully. Oh, right, how long have we been bewildered here?" 

"From the time I got fainted, it's been one and a half year. Too fast, right?"

"One and a half year? Ah, too long! Anyway, it's okay. We didn't waste this period."

"I found that even though I was a little bit unlucky going with you, I've got my share of miraculous encounters." Zi Yao smiled sincerely. "Although you are a disaster, you're also a lucky star. It depends on the point of view. Shi Yan, you must be famous in your continent, right? Otherwise, you can't have so many heaven flames like that. Tell me, how many sweethearts you've had?" 

Shi Yan was astounded, looking at her with a weird face. Then, he held ten fingers in front of her face. "Too many, so I don't remember clearly. So? Do you want to be my beloved one too? Oh yeah, if you are persistent, and taking the fact that we've been through dangers together into account, I can accept you begrudgingly." 

Zi Yao was stunned. She angrily glared at him, gritting her teeth. "A*shole!"

"Ha ha ha!" Shi Yan laughed crazily, his laughter shooting up to the sky. 

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