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Among the known ten heaven flames on the Grace Mainland, he had the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, the Ice Cold Flame, the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame, the Corpse Vanishing Flame, and the Earth Flame. The Purgatory True Flame was in Ye Chang Feng's body. If he could return to the Grace Mainland, perhaps he could exchange that heaven flame with a good price. It seemed not really difficult to take that heaven flame.

The World Extinguishing Thunder Flame was smashed and banished into another s.p.a.ce. When his s.p.a.ce power could be improved further one day, he could make that s.p.a.ce appear again to gather the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame and conquer it.

So, among the ten heaven flames, only the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame, Immemorial Demonic Flame, and the Vermilion Bird True Flame remained unknown.

Today, the Vermilion Bird True Flame was right under his feet.

All of a sudden, Shi Yan felt that the time he could gather all the heaven flames of the Grace Mainland was near.

While frowning, he was stunned thinking about one thing.

If what Zi Yao said were true, that each of heaven flame would need a flow of Original Energy, should the Earth Flame have one when it had ascended too?

Original Energy was the root of an ancient continent. Without the Original Energy, a continent would lose its heaven and earth energy faster.

No wonder why the energy of the Grace Mainland had nearly come to the end of its cycle. Turned out it was related to the Earth Flame, more or less.

"Why did you ask about the Heaven Flames?" As Zi Yao was watching him, she recognized he sometimes furrowed his brows and then shifted to a more relaxed posture

"Because, the one who's been talking to me is a heaven flame," Shi Yan smiled.

Zi Yao's beautiful eyes rippled with a strange light. She was astounded, looking at him stunned. After a while, she beamed a forced smile. "Your luck is too good, you know? You got a heaven flame!"

A heaven flame?

Shi Yan felt funny, shaking his head. However, he didn't explain.

"Something's underground. Watch out!" All of a sudden, the Ice Cold Flame sent Shi Yan a message. "That energy's too hot. I don't like it at all."

In the next moment, Shi Yan felt it as well. His sword-like eyes gazed at the skull of the Vermilion Bird.

The feeble flow of energy became clearer. Soon, an orange-red flame appeared. The flame enlarged gradually, and in just a blink, it became an exquisite Vermilion Bird, floating above the skull of the giant bird.

A scorching, flaming energy bloomed from that Vermilion Bird. It was like a change of heaven and earth energy. Waves of flame rippled unceasingly, covering Shi Yan and Zi Yao.

"He wants to start a fight!" The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame was totally enraged. "Although he's at level 5, we aren't alone. Such an arrogant b*stard!"

"This fight's between the heaven flames, just like the battle with the World Extinguishing Thunder Flame. You can't partic.i.p.ate in it easily." The Ice Cold Flame told him.

In the next moment, strange flames flew out one by one from Shi Yan's Soul Altar.

Four great heaven flames, including the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame, the Ice Cold Flame, and the Corpse Vanishing Flame got out and stormed towards the Vermilion Bird created by the Vermilion Bird True Flame.

Zi Yao gawked, muttering as if she were sleep-talking. "One, two, three, four! Four! My G.o.d!"

Shi Yan frowned, touching his forehead. He found that the Earth Flame was still dormant. Seemed like it was still in the process of ascension. The Earth Flame wouldn't join this battle.

Shortly, the silver Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, the blue Yin Spirit Ghost Flame, the green Corpse Vanishing Flame, and the jade white Ice Cold Flame flashed and then disappeared, swarming towards the Vermilion Bird True Flame.

Four energies of different attributes were activated, stirring up this whole world and shaking it turbulently.

The Corpse Vanishing Flame came the last, floating silently. In just a flash, a magical magnetic field expanded from its green flame.

Suddenly, countless spooky, green colored phosph.o.r.escent lights slowly flew up from the barren land. They looked like snowflakes moving upward to the sky, gathering into the flame.

A faint corpse Qi was found in those spooky green lights. It seemed the flame had dragged the last beam of energy in those experts and beasts' skeletons.

So many spooky green flames gathered and congregated in the Corpse Vanishing Flame. At the same time, the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame seemed to have sensed something, as a wave of energy rippled from it. Then, a gossamer-like energy that naked eyes couldn't see diffused from the dark cotton clouds in the sky, moving towards the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame. 

At this moment, Shi Yan could clearly feel how joyful the Corpse Vanishing Flame and the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame were. This area could supply them a powerful energy.

The Corpse Vanishing Flame could gain energy from the corpses. Although Shi Yan didn't see any beam of energy in the countless corpses and skeletons here, it didn't mean that there was nothing usable. The strange and evil Corpse Vanishing Flame was able to take the Corpse Qi from corpses to grow its power.

And, the thick cotton clouds in the sky seemed to contain the remnants of the spooky souls, which the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame could take in.

It looked like these flames had been prepared. As soon as they flew out, they acted immediately, taking the power that benefited them to increase their auras.

Countless green phosph.o.r.escent flames and a large amount of energy from soul remnants made the Corpse Vanishing Flame and the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame overjoyed, especially the latter. He was a level 4 heaven flame. After receiving this kind of energy, the energy fluctuation it released had frightened even Shi Yan.

So powerful!

Zi Yao suddenly groaned, even though she had no wounds. She supported her forehead in tiredness, gazing at him with a bizarre countenance. "You... How many tricks do you have? Why do I feel that you always have many mysteries that people will never fully discover?"

Rubbing his nose, Shi Yan shrugged. "What do you mean?"

"Didn't you say that you have only one heaven flame? Why are there four over there?" Zi Yao clenched her teeth, thinking that she was fooled the second time. Her young soul was enraged.

Shi Yan was surprised. "When did I say I have only one kind of heaven flame? Didn't you think like that yourself?"

"Then, why didn't you explain?" Zi Yao screamed indignantly, her charming face angry.

"I forgot," Shi Yan smiled. "I think I don't need to explain these things. It's not worth the time. You've seen them, right?"

"I've told you everything. But you are hiding things from me. You're too ungrateful!" Zi Yao was enraged, speaking through her gritted white teeth. "Remember it! Women are always narrow-minded. I will make you see what you will receive for bullying women!"

"Bullied you?" Shi Yan forced a smile. He felt that he sometimes couldn't reason when talking to her. He shook his head and didn't try to explain further, shifting his focus to the furious fight of the heaven flames.

It was similar to the previous time. The heaven flames had created a separate world that would hinder the outsiders, keeping them from getting involved in their fight.

He looked at the sky. So many layers of flames covered the entire sky, just like a ma.s.sive cl.u.s.ter of light. Seeing this kind of scorching heat and fierce atmosphere, Shi Yan didn't know how or when to support them.

Shortly, the light disappeared, leaving some auras that even the Soul Consciousness couldn't catch. Without the connection with heaven flames, Shi Yan couldn't feel those auras.

Shi Yan didn't want to hover in the sky anymore. Getting rid of the formidable gravity wasn't an easy task, after all.

He landed, standing near the thousand-meters-long skeleton of the Vermilion Bird. He faced the sky, gathering his Soul Consciousness. "I know you guys can borrow my soul energy. This is the only thing I can help you with. If you need it, remember to tell me."

"No need! He and I have taken the Corpse Qi in this area. We've gained big this time. It won't be too harsh dealing with him." The Yin Spirit Ghost Flame sent him a message. Among the heaven flames, this was the only level 4 flame.

In this area, he seemed to be more relaxed. While fighting with the Vermilion Bird True Flame, he still had time to talk to Shi Yan.

Hearing him, Shi Yan felt at ease. He smiled and then relaxed, walking around the Vermilion Bird's skeleton, admiring the ancient creature from the Grace Mainland.

The Sacred Beast Vermilion Bird was born in the Immemorial Epoch in the Grace Mainland. It had left the Grace Mainland a long time ago. A mighty sacred beast like it had fallen in the outer s.p.a.ce, under the siege of so many experts. Ultimately, it had paid a big price of having its G.o.d Soul dispersed to kill all of the enemies.

The outer s.p.a.ce was too dangerous, indeed.

The Vermilion Bird's skeleton was ten thousand meters tall. Its bones were ash gray and rotten. It seemed to have no energy remaining in it.

However, when Shi Yan knocked a leg bone, he heard the echoing sound of metal. This astounded him for a while, his face solemn.

He gathered energy, urging his power to make a strike.


That skeleton resounded a loud echo, but his attack left nothing on the bone.

His face changed, looking at Zi Yao who had just landed. "This thing has been dead for countless years. Look, its bones are all decayed. Why haven't they turned into dust? Aren't they too rigid?"

He still remembered when he stepped on the skeleton of a beast on the way there, it would disperse like a ma.s.s of bone dust. It was unimaginably weak.

Even though it appeared to be decayed, this Vermilion Bird's skeleton was still so rigid. Shi Yan was amazed.

"This beast isn't some kind of creature our Raging Flame Star Area could nurture. Its might has been carved in the minds of many people of the Raging Flame Star Area. According to the legends, we had to mobilize almost all of the peak experts of the Raging Flame Star Area at that time to kill him. That beast was able to kill all of them! I don't know how he could do that." Zi Yao seemed to respect the beast. "It's fortunate that your continent is going to see the end of its energy cycle. Otherwise, I can't imagine how frightening it would be. Creatures from that continent are too powerful. They are all beyond my knowledge." 

"Crack Crack Crack!"

Suddenly, fierce cracking sounds echoed under the skeleton of the Sacred Beast Vermilion Bird.

Shi Yan was scared, oddly looking at the finger he had just touched. "Oh sh*t, did I just activate any restriction?"

Zi Yao was dumbstruck, looking at the ground under her feet.

The ground was torn apart, revealing a large hole. A ma.s.sive crystal that was as big as a football court emerged slowly. Countless beams of sunlight were radiating from that crystal, as the flaming energy of the sun was surging vehemently. A burning liquid was moving on the surface of the crystal.

"Sun Original Essence!"

Zi Yao couldn't help but cry hoa.r.s.ely.

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