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Zi Yao felt as if she had just awakened from the deepest nightmare. She felt fatigued, acting dully as if she was still under the effect of some anesthesia.

In her heavy dizziness, she could feel an icy cold murderous intention moving in her brain, attempting to kill her.

This feeling scared her a lot. She was trying hopelessly to resist it. However, like in an endless nightmare, she eventually became powerless. She felt as if Death was near.

Right when she wanted to give up, a warm Soul Consciousness embraced her. In that robust sea, she suddenly felt safe and cozy. Gradually, she forgot the fear in her heart.

After that flow of warm Soul Consciousness appeared, her nightmare turned into a nice dream. She felt relaxed and comfortable. The worries and fear in her heart were swept away. Her dull G.o.d Soul also received a new flow of power, as she gradually regained her consciousness.

The power that wanted to cut off her vitality was covered by another wicked energy in her body, then dissolved slowly. After that energy disappeared, the flow of wicked but familiar energy also retreated from her body. 

All of a sudden, she had no worries or fear. It was so comfortable, as if she were enjoying a wonderful bath, feeling the vigorous energy rolling in her body. An unknown force was nurturing her little by little. 

Her consciousness was restored, as the soul altar was moving slowly in her Sea of Consciousness. Her exhausted body became lighter and refreshed.

After an unknown period, she remembered all the things that happened before she was put into a coma. She remembered everything...

She opened her eyes. Her dreamy eyes suddenly sparkled as she saw the one in front of her eyes.

Shi Yan's face was pretty close to her. His face was cold and somber, with his eyes closed. He stayed still like a rock, as two opposing auras were diffusing from him.

One aura was cold and deadly silent, while the other was vigorous. These two auras were opposite to each other, but they could co-exist magically in his body, which gave Zi Yao a strange illusion.

In the next moment, she found herself laying in the other's embrace. Shi Yan was holding her with one arm while she lied feebly on his legs.

Zi Yao was flurried. As she was about to wiggle, she felt something astounding.

A flow of marvelous energy was poured into her body through Shi Yan's arm which was holding her. That energy flowed with vigorous vitality, covering her like a sea of life.

Under the effect of that strange energy, her damaged body was filled with power. Her exhausted body gradually restored.

The mysterious energy had turned into so many streams, spreading and refilling every corner in her body. The biggest stream among them was moving and pouring into her Essence Qi ancient tree in her low abdomen.

The shriveled Essence Qi ancient tree became shining with the supplemented amount of energy.

She was sensitive enough to see how great the benefit that mysterious energy was bringing to her. Thus, she stopped, maintaining her position while looking at Shi Yan quietly.

She studied the cold face within her reach.

'This man... isn't bad!'

Zi Yao's pale face glowed, as a magical light sparkled in her beautiful eyes. She pressed her succulent red lips as the quiet lake in her heart was having some ripples.

Shi Yan hadn't realized that Zi Yao had woken up. He seemed to immerse in some dreams. His breath was steady, and his soul was calm with his eyes closed.

However, the Death and Life Intent Domains on his body were like two different sharp swords. One hand of his was pouring the vigorous energy of life into Zi Yao's body while the other hand, which could kill all kinds of creatures, was placed on the freezing cold ground.

The Death Intent Domain and Life Intent Domain were totally opposite. Both of them continually appeared layers upon layers on him.

Shortly, he seemed to become Death, who wanted to kill all creatures, while in the next moment, he gave people a warm feeling like the spring breeze, as if he wanted to give life to all living beings

'He's comprehending the knowledge of his realm.'

Zi Yao observed for a while and then got it. Her pretty eyes became brighter. She couldn't move her eyes from him even just to blink.

'He has the Life Intent Domain as well?'

An impossible thought popped up in her head. Now she knew that it was because of Shi Yan that she could keep her life.

When she woke up, she remembered how tremendous and cruel the flow of energy intruding her body was. In her previous condition, she had no means to resist it. While she was half-conscious, she knew her vitality was damaged severely.

If Shi Yan hadn't helped her, she knew that at this moment, even her soul altar would have been destroyed.

The vague memories of her nightmare became clearer bit by bit. Although her eyes were still as beautiful as stars in the sky, the quiet lake in her heart was rippling. Her countenance was strangely unclear.

She was dazed, looking at the young man who was holding her tight and learning his power Upanishad at the same time. At this moment, she felt a little bit confused...

The mysterious energy pouring into her body weakened until it stopped. It woke her up from her tangible thoughts.

She sensed her body condition as a gleam of begrudging sorrow appeared on her charming face.

Although her life was saved, her energy had been consumed greatly. The amount of mysterious energy Shi Yan had given her was like a pinch of salt in the sea. She still needed a lot to recover.

As she was at the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm, she needed the amount of energy as much as the water in a vast sea to restore her power. Depending only on the refined energy from Shi Yan's acupuncture points, who was just at the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm, wasn't enough to help her recover.

While she was upset, she just recalled something, her face frightened.

Shi Yan's power Upanishad could heal her wounds? That vigorous vitality seemed to carry the mysteries of Life, which could heal her damaged vitality, helping it shine healthily. Such power Upanishad could appear on the man who has the Death Upanishad?

This discovery astounded her!


When she looked at Shi Yan, she felt that this man was like a riddle. No one knew how many secrets he was keeping.

Time flew hurriedly.

After an unknown period of time, Shi Yan woke up from his realm comprehension. When he opened his eyes, he was startled. An enchanting face was not more than half a meter from him. The sweet fragrance of hers permeated his nostrils and mouth, entering his body.

It should be a wonderful thing. However, as he had just woken up from his realm comprehension, so he couldn't react timely. Quite the contrary, he was a little bit bewildered.

He felt awkward as he hurried to loosen his arm around Zi Yao. He smiled shyly and stood up.

Zi Yao's face was still normal, still the flower-like smiling visage. She was half lying and half sitting on the ground, revealing her charming curves. A strange light flared in her beautiful eyes. "I feel great after a good nap. But, I haven't slept enough. Still feeling a little tired."

Shi Yan was dull, smiling. "It's alright. You can continue to sleep. We aren't hurried."

He knew Zi Yao understood what had happened. Since the other didn't mention anything, he didn't want to explain further.

"While I was sleeping, why did you take me here? Where the heck is this place?" Zi Yao rubbed her jade-like neck. She shook her head as if she were pulling herself together. Her beautiful eyes gazed here and there at the surroundings.

Shi Yan's face was stiff. "Ghost knows. Our war chariot was destroyed in a furious energy storm. I brought you and tried to escape, but we were dragged into a ma.s.sive vortex, sinking into its core. When I woke up, we were here already. I've surveyed this area. There are no living beings here. I found only rotten corpses here, which belonged to beasts and other races." He pointed at the area above their heads.

Zi Yao lifted her head, looking at the hundred-meters-long beast skeleton. She wasn't so surprised, as if she had seen it before. She laughed cheerily. "Why did you bring me to this strange place? You've planned some dark things, right? Why did you hug me? You... Did you do anything to me?"

Shi Yan was surprised. He was bewildered for a while and then said calmly. "I've never done anything to you. But hey, before we got here, you bullied me when we were in the war chariot."

He pointed a finger at the place Zi Yao kissed him, talking seriously. "No woman has ever disgraced me like this. How will you compensate me?"

Zi Yao couldn't hold her laughter anymore. She laughed until her body shook, her eyes watery. The pressure and the harsh situation they were bearing were suddenly swept away a little bit.

She squinted while laughing, licking her seducing red lips. Her naturally charming voice arose. "I'm sorry. My bad! I shouldn't have disgraced you. Tell me, what do you want for compensation? I'm a little bit slow. You have to teach me..."

Shi Yan felt hot, as if a volcano was activated inside him.

"Just make it up," He was shaken, approaching Zi Yao all of a sudden. He licked his lips, trying to place a smack on her cheek.

Zi Yao laughed cheerily. When his lips were about to touch her cheek, she rose a finger, placing on his wide mouth, then continued laughing. She didn't say anything, her eyes bearing something deep.

Facing her for a few seconds, Shi Yan was embarra.s.sed. He admitted his defeat first, giving a wry smile and then stepping backward. He faked a cough and then stood up with a solemn face, looking at the further distance. "We should know where we are first. We should check this area to know the situation." 

Zi Yao beamed a smile. She looked at him for a while and then stooped, whining. "Thick-skinned."

Shi Yan was emotionless, talking naturally. "The gravity here's formidable. As your wounds haven't recovered fully, I'll help you. Yeah, I won't calculate our debt this time."

Then, Shi Yan didn't wait for Zi Yao to object to his idea, hastening towards her like lightning. He held her hand while looking forward, urging his power to pull her with him while running at a fast pace.

At the moment he held her hand, Zi Yao's eyes had a clear gleam of fear. However, she calmed down quickly and didn't struggle, just letting Shi Yan hold it. She didn't urge her power as she let Shi Yan take the lead and leap up.

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