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Shi Yan woke up and opened his eyes.

The first thing he saw was the endless dark cloud covering the entire sky above his head. Looking at the further area, he found that he was in an icy cold, desolate land. The soil here was brownish-black, without a single energy fluctuation of living beings in the area. Ahead of him was a tall mountain range with so many corpses buried there.

Those corpses belonged to beasts and different races. They were all so decayed that they could disperse with the slightest wind. 

Shi Yan stood up and observed, finding corpses everywhere. This place looked like a sea of corpses, of which Shi Yan couldn't see the other end. This place gave him a bleak sensation. 

'Where is this place?' As his mind flickered, Shi Yan frowned while rubbing his head as he had a headache. He could only remember that he was besieged in an extraordinarily furious energy area in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field before he got here.

In that area, their amethyst war chariot was destroyed. He could only bring Zi Yao and leave. Then, a force dragged him into a tremendous energy vortex, and he fainted afterward. 

Shi Yan remembered Zi Yao, so he immediately searched for her. 

Shortly, he found Zi Yao lying in the shade of a beast skull, which had a body that was almost one thousand meters long, not too far from him. Her breathing was as feeble as a filament that couldn't be traced easily. His visage changed slightly, flying out quickly. Instantly, Shi Yan found that the gravity in this place was extremely formidable. It was like he was bearing a ma.s.sive mountain on his shoulder. His running speed became sluggish.

Essence Qi was still being converted madly in his acupuncture points, making them annoyingly swollen. Shi Yan understood that the time he had fainted for was short. It shouldn't be more than one hour. Otherwise, his acupuncture points should have finished converting the Essence Qi. 

At a speed dozens of times slower than normal, he walked towards Zi Yao. Putting his hand on her, Shi Yan found that the unknown force was still breaking her body from the inside. Zi Yao had lost all of her resistance.

With an extremely grimaced face, he sat down, pulling Zi Yao into his embrace. His both hands were placed on her chest and abdomen.

Although the Essence Qi in his body was still being converted, he was hurriedly waiting for the first flow of mysterious energy, as if a fire was burning him. 

Time suddenly became lethargic while Shi Yan was getting so agitated and restless that he had to try his best to calm down his soul to prevent himself from falling into bedevilment. 

At this moment, once he lost his consciousness, it would be tough to restore himself shortly. And, he wouldn't be able to help Zi Yao heal her wounds. He temporarily put Zi Yao's wounds aside to quieten down his body, sitting motionlessly like a stone.

A long time afterward, while he felt the pain spreading all over his body, his acupuncture points started to generate energy.

The mysterious energy flooded out from his acupuncture points, circulating in his entire body and then pouring into his Essence Qi ancient tree. The shriveled Essence Qi ancient tree received abundant energy and became translucent little by little as its energy was refilled.

Shi Yan was shaken. He then focused wholeheartedly on his lower abdomen to refine the Essence Qi and pour it into Zi Yao's body. He wanted to destroy the unknown flow of energy in her body.

However, the flow of energy from that jade token seemed to strangely have its own consciousness. As soon as Shi Yan sent his energy into her body, that flow started to run and hide in unpredictable directions. It could dodge his pursuit and still wreck Zi Yao's vitality.


Shi Yan's visage changed dramatically. It was the first time he had encountered such spooky thing. That flow of energy seemed to have intellect. It could dodge him easily. What the f*ck was going on?

He gathered his Essence Qi. His Soul Consciousness moved rapidly inside Zi Yao's body to capture that flow of cunning energy.

However, that energy was swift and agile. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't catch it. It was like Shi Yan and that energy were playing seek-and-hide in Zi Yao's body. That energy had never decreased while his Essence Qi was running out during this pursuit.

His face became grimaced. Seeing Zi Yao's life fading away, he had a powerless feeling.

Pausing temporarily, he felt the surging mysterious energy in his body. Shi Yan pondered for a while and then made a new decision.

'Use the negative energy!'

The negative energy would go with his Death Intent Domain, which might deprive Zi Yao's vitality faster, but still could aim at that flow of energy.

As he was about to take action, he suddenly understood something. His face was astounded.

Death and Life Intent Domain.

Not only did he understand the Death Upanishad, but he also he had some knowledge of the Life mysteries. Perhaps, he could release a life magnetic field that was similar to the Soul Burial Ground?

When this thought appeared, it started to s...o...b..ll, and he couldn't dismiss it from his mind.

Pondering for a while, he decided to give it a try.

When this thought popped up in his head, it turned into an electric current, strongly flooding the deep place in his G.o.d Soul. It seemed to have a magical connection with his Seal of Upanishad. All of a sudden, a vague but marvelous idea arose in his head.

Flows of mysterious energy in his acupuncture points seemed to be stimulated, becoming more vigorous. Such a powerful life energy made him shudder. He couldn't help but release the energy as per what he had in his vague mind.

Magically, a wonderful feeling appeared in his eyes. One of them was gloomy and tranquil like Death that could destroy everything. There was no mercy, just an unpredictable wickedness. His other eye had a vigorous life energy, with great affection and yearning for lives.

His pair of eyes had two distinctively different energy fluctuations, and totally opposite emotions.

While his eyes had a bizarre change, seals appeared in his palms.

Death Seal and Life Seal!

Two different seals applied on Zi Yao's body at the same time, as a Death Intent Domain and a Life Intent Domain were both generated.

Flows of mysterious energy were scattering from his acupuncture points together with the evil negative energy, which was corresponding with the emotions in his eyes and the opposite energies in his left hand and right hand. The mysterious energy then flooded the Life Seal, giving him the supernatural power of living beings.

On the other hand, the negative energy had contacted his gloomy eye, pouring ma.s.sively into the Death Seal and fusing perfectly with the Death Intent Domain, turning it into a Sacred level evil energy that could kill everything. Then, it entered into Zi Yao's body.

At this moment, Shi Yan seemed to become a G.o.d who held life and death in his hands. He could kill a life instantly, depriving its vitality. Or, he could give the breath of life to a still rock, giving it intellect.

Negative energy and mysterious energy fused in the Life Intent Domain and the Death Intent Domain urged by his Soul, pouring into Zi Yao's body.

The vigorous life energy moved inside Zi Yao's body, stimulating her vitality and making her pale skin blush again. At the same time, the Death Upanishad was fused in the negative energy that was destroying Zi Yao's vitality.

Shi Yan observed the beauty in his embrace for a while, and he felt he had gotten it. 

The Life Intent Domain expanded, covering Zi Yao's soul altar, brain, limbs, and the organs that were wounded. The Death Intent Domain was storming furiously in Zi Yao's chest, finding that cunning flow of energy to destroy it.

That flow of energy with its own consciousness was moving unceasingly. As though it could find the strange situation, it was trying to counterattack.

The coverage of the Death Intent Domain was getting larger. Under the urge of the negative energy, it created a mini Soul Burial Ground, which also covered half of Zi Yao's body.

The Soul Burial Ground was marvelous. It could absorb all life energy and destroy all vitality. Even that flow of wicked energy couldn't resist.

Under the miraculous yet brutal Soul Burial Ground, that flow of energy was weakened little by little.

Shi Yan was cheered up, a strange light sparkling in his eyes. While he was destroying the unknown force in Zi Yao's body, he felt a new perception of the power of Death and Life Upanishad.

He didn't think much, trying to condense his spirit, soul, and Essence Qi. With the bleak energy on one side and the vigorous energy on the other side, he used Zi Yao's body to test his comprehension.

Shortly, the flow of cunning energy in Zi Yao's body was smashed into nothingness.

Then, Shi Yan's thought flickered, retrieving the Death Intent Domain. His negative energy stopped supplementing the energy. The mysterious energy filled his body, turning into his vigorous vitality, flooding his Life Intent Domain while covering Zi Yao's dying body.

Zi Yao was sinking into the sea of life, as her pale body was refilled with new vitality. Her dysfunctional body was recovering fast. 

Her face glowed again, and her stagnant soul altar started to move again.

Shi Yan studied her face. After a while, he could confirm she was alright, and only then did he calm down.

He continued releasing the Life Domain. Closing his eyes, he started to sink into the Life Upanishad, wholeheartedly learning the newest knowledge he had sensed.

In a mysterious, bleak place with so many corpses and no beam of living energy fluctuation, a young man was holding a glamorous figure, who was truly a beautiful disaster, in his embrace. He sat nonchalantly while the Death and Life, the magical, contrastive energy fluctuations, were constantly diffusing from his body.

 He was trying to comprehend the power Upanishad, making an effort for the acme of the martial path.

In the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field, a flow of dark light shot rapidly, carefully dodging each fatal sunbeam. A vague, skinny figure stayed inside that dark light, as a cold and wicked aura came from that light.

While moving forward quickly, the bunch of dark light suddenly shook as if it had received a serious. .h.i.t. It then slowed down.

The silhouette covered by the dark light distorted for a while, seeming to have gotten hurt. He sat inside the dark light, as if he were trying to recover something. Long after that, he started to breathe normally again.

A cold and wicked aura that nothing could compare with diffused from the silhouette inside the dark light. He seemed to be enraged, trying to carry out something.

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