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Ka Tuo's s.p.a.ce pirates strode angrily, but the amethyst war chariot had soon disappeared from their sight. b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo stopped and gritted his teeth, his face gloomy and cruel as he stood on the tiger shark war chariot.

Many tiger shark chariots came over. The young human guy said with a bitter face. "Boss, what should we do now?"

"What should we do?" Ka Tuo grinned, madness sparkling clearly in his eyes. "Do you need me to teach you what to do next? Scatter and block them! We're familiar with this area. If we can block them once, we can do it the second time!"

The young man was shaken, nodding his head continually. "I got it!"

"Get the f*ck out there! Move! Now!" b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo cursed, but he didn't move to chase the others. Quite the contrary, he flew back to the place where the battle was the fiercest. 

Those s.p.a.ce pirates didn't dare to discuss more. They continued their operation once they confirmed what to do next.

Soon, Ka Tuo went to the area where the jade token appeared. He pulled himself together, hesitated for a while, then bowed slightly. "Don't worry, I will fulfill what I've agreed with you. Although they can run away now, it doesn't mean they can leave the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field alive! I a.s.sure you that!" 

A soul thought was sent to him from where the sunbeams were interweaving. "Don't fail me."

Ka Tuo bent his body, continually a.s.suring the other.

"Yeah, I know the reputation of the name b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo. I know that you won't skirt what you have agreed upon midway."

That voice was icy cold and evil. "You will receive your payment fully. Go chase them. When you can locate them, tell me before you try to attack them."

"Got it," Ka Tuo replied solemnly.

"It's good that you understand. I don't require many things… I'm waiting for your good news. Now go!"

"Alright," Ka Tuo didn't linger. He turned around and left, disappearing from this area. 

A light flashed in that area where the fatal sunbeams were interweaving. That light flickered once and then disappeared into the void.

Shi Yan sat neatly on the amethyst war chariot. His face was cold, but there was a gleam of hurry in his eyes.

Zi Yao's breathing was becoming weaker. The unknown force in her body had dominated her own energies, and was about to dissolve all of her energies.

When the energy in her body disappeared completely, her G.o.d Body would be damaged totally. At that time, that unknown energy would storm into her Sea of Consciousness and destroy her soul altar, which would result in the death of her both G.o.d Body and G.o.d Soul.

It wasn't the result he wanted to see.

He wanted to help Zi Yao destroy that flow of energy. However, his situation wasn't different from hers.

The Essence Qi of his entire body had been emptied out. And, since his negative energy had the evil effect of destroying vitality, he didn't dare to use it. So, Shi Yan had no solution for her.

As soon as he had taken in the ma.s.sive Essence Qi, it surged madly in the acupuncture points of his entire body, making him hot and agitated. Under this state, he was in danger as well.

They needed to get to a safe area first!

Only when he could covert the Essence Qi and restore his power could he help Zi Yao and heal her wounds. During the conversion process, he would be exhausted, powerless, and pretty uncomfortable.

At this moment, if some warriors came to kill them, Shi Yan wouldn't be able to do anything.

He thought and thought. Different ideas flashed in his head, as he was trying to solve this problem.

If Ka Tuo could block them once, he could always do it again. The first thing to do was to escape Ka Tuo's gang, even if for just a while. He needed time to recover his power.

The first place that popped up in his mind was the center area of the sunbeam field.

Pondering for a while, Shi Yan prepared to move.

Zi Yao had told him how to control the amethyst war chariot. As long as the chariot accepted him, he could drive the chariot with only a flow of Soul Consciousness.

Zi Yao's Soul Consciousness left in the chariot was drained fast. Gradually, the war chariot didn't move under the set direction. Shi Yan understood that Zi Yao was in a critical moment, and couldn't control the chariot any longer.

Hesitating for a while, he pressed a corner of the chariot, releasing his Soul Consciousness.

A flow of pure Soul Consciousness was poured into the chariot. In the next moment, he became the owner of the chariot. From this moment, he could drive it easily.

His Soul Consciousness showed the way, and the chariot flew in the direction he wanted. It was magical and so convenient.

The war chariot immediately changed its direction, heading towards a bunch of sunbeams. Shortly, he appeared in a sea of light.

The dense flaming energy here had magical energy waves that pulsed continually. The scorching, piercing power covered the war chariot entirely, including Zi Yao and Shi Yan.

Inside the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field, Shi Yan had a glimpse of the Sun's mysteries. Immersing in this sea of sunbeams, he had used the Solar Essence in his soul altar to make a resonating movement with the solar energy around him. 

Under that magical energy ripple, he felt warm instead of feeling annoyed, as his Star Martial Spirit quickly absorbed the flaming energy of the sun, which refreshed him a lot.

The power Upanishad he had learned was marvelous. The Star and Sun energy would fuse into one kind of energy in his body. As long as he could understand all the mysteries of the sun and stars, he could freely use these two powers, storing them in his body and then turning them into his formidable attacks. 

In a short while, he felt much better. His Star Martial Spirit became calm, slowly taking in the flaming energy of the sun.

However, Zi Yao wasn't so comfortable.

Many bubbles appeared on her appealing, perfect body. Her body had activated the seven-colored G.o.d Light automatically to resist the scorching energy from the sun.

Thus, the unknown force wreaking havoc in her body became more furious.

The corpses he had dragged into the chariot were melted into puddles of blood.

Even the amethyst war chariot was melted bit by bit. It seemed like it couldn't withstand the Sun Essence at the place where the sunbeams were gathering for a long time.

After being astounded for a while, he decided to leave. He urged the amethyst for the second time. From this place, he had used his Soul Consciousness to find the perilous areas.

As he couldn't stay for a long time in the area of the sunbeams, it was a headache for him. This meant that he had no moment of safety to restore his energy. Also, it meant that the s.p.a.ce pirates would come for them at any minute.

He had to move nonstop, finding a new area, an area that was safe for him and Zi Yao, where they didn't need to worry about the s.p.a.ce pirates.

His Soul Consciousness was patrolling in the area which had the most sunbeams gathering. He was interested in the dangerous areas. The more dangerous it was, the relatively safer it would be for them for the time being. So, Shi Yan was driving the amethyst chariot while seeking the particularly perilous areas.

The information of a mysteriously wicked energy field was sent to his Sea of Consciousness. Energy waves rippled and surged vehemently in that area, creating many energy storms. They ushered chaos everywhere, as if they could devour everything that was alive.

It was the place every warrior who came to this Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field wanted to dodge proactively. No one would dare to intrude.

But he was different. In such dangerous circ.u.mstances, Shi Yan wanted to go to the place people were afraid of the most!

Shortly, Shi Yan made up his mind. He drove the war chariot, discreetly heading towards the scorching center.

The war chariot slowed down in that area, as it had to move carefully to avoid the energy fluctuations that could even destroy his G.o.d Soul. Shi Yan didn't dare to relax his nerves, controlling the amethyst war chariot while inching forward.

Crack Crack!

A clear cracking echoed from his chariot. The chariot was more than ten meters long. Once it came into contact with those furious energy storms, it was cracked, as if it were hacked by sharp weapons.

Shi Yan was frightened, and became more cautious.

He had heard from Zi Yao that the amethyst used to build this war chariot was an especially rigid material that even a King G.o.d Realm warrior couldn't break with only his muscle strength.

When the energy storm in this area touched the amethyst chariot, the chariot cracked to a significant extent. It was enough to prove how intense those energy waves were.

He was struggling hard to move forward in this hazardous area. From time to time, Shi Yan threw a few corpses of the s.p.a.ce pirates to the most dangerous area that his Soul Consciousness could sense to check the power there.

As soon as those bodies fell into that area, they turned into a puddle of blood and then dispersed completely.

Shi Yan wore a bitter smile while feeling a serious headache. Looking at Zi Yao, who couldn't endure any longer, and the extreme danger in front of his eyes, he had a feeling that they were at a dead end.

Crack Crack Crack!

When he still had a worried frown, an energy storm which was still all this while, suddenly moved and collided with the amethyst chariot. Loud shattering noises resounded, as countless pieces of amethyst shot out from the war chariot.

Shortly, the amethyst war chariot, which was inching like a turtle, was destroyed just like that.

A turbulent energy tornado was still moving towards Shi Yan and Zi Yao.

Shi Yan discolored in fright. He hadn't had the time to think, pulling Zi Yao into his embrace. The flaming energy he had just absorbed expanded like giant fire sphere, covering him as they were flying into the unpredictable outer s.p.a.ce.

Although he had the soft body of a beautiful woman next to his chest, he had no gleam of joy on his face. Quite the contrary, he felt his heart get heavy.

The war chariot called the Purple Lightning had been destroyed completely. In the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field, their journey would be even more strenuous now. If they met Ka Tuo's gang the second time, they wouldn't be able to escape using the quick speed like they just did. They would become the others' prey for sure.

While his mind was like a mess, a surging energy came from the safe area they were taking shelter in temporarily.

Shi Yan was frightened, as he didn't know what was going on. He could feel an invisible force cover them and drag them towards the center of a ma.s.sive vortex.

He wanted to struggle, but he then helplessly found that his power was nothing under the Heavenly Might. Holding Zi Yao, Shi Yan sank, falling into the core of the vortex while feeling dizzy without realizing why.

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