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Chapter 74 - Taken Care Of!
Standing at the end of the alley, Shi Yan’s body was emitting an extremely malignant pressure; but his heart however, was pure and his eyes serene.
Three millstone sized [Gravitational Fields] appeared behind him and by his sides. They were invisible and traceless as no one else except for him could detect them.
Negative energy poured out from his meridians and filled his whole body. Shi Yan’s once st.u.r.dy body clearly became a lot thinner.
This was the first time that Shi Yan completely displayed [Rampage].
The biggest change he felt was that his spiritual sense could now perceive the slightest details and his mind was absolute calm.
Li Han slightly furrowed his brows. Looking at Shi Yan in front of him he always felt a little recognition, but when he thought deeply, he couldn’t remember where he recognised him from.
On Mo Qi’s two arms, strands of lightning as thick as fingers were formed, and his facial expressions became more and more ferocious.
“Uncle Li!” Mo Qi roared.
Li Han’s expression froze, his body suddenly popped loudly. The sounds of his joints were like waves. .h.i.tting upon the sh.o.r.e, gushing with momentum.
“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”
A swirl of wave-like white lights swiftly flowed out from Li Han’s body.
Li Han’s hands constantly pulled at the void s.p.a.ce, and those white lights were like actual tides, stirring waves in thin air, and it abruptly rolled towards Shi Yan.
“[Sea Cloud Roll]!”
Li Han stood firmly and yelled with a serious face.
In front of him, the waves folded in layers. Between him and Shi Yan there was suddenly a choppy river flow, the crushing waters in the river was controlled by his will, as if he wanted to drown Shi Yan right in front of him.
Mo Qi growled and the strands of lightning wrapped around his arms became tongue-flicking snakes. They slithered above the waves and charged towards Shi Yan while releasing electric flashes.
Shi Yan’s heart was still as clear as a mirror. He remained unmoved from the oncoming attacks.
Just when the waves formed from Profound Qi were five meters away from him, Shi Yan suddenly took three steps back, his body submerged into the previously formed [Gravitational Fields].
Controlled by his will, the two [Gravitational Fields] on his left and right suddenly drifted a few meters forward and suddenly merged together!
“Thump thump! Bzz bzz bzz!”
The [Sea Cloud Rolls] released by Li Han and the electric snakes from Mo Qi directly clashed into the middle of the big [Gravitational Field] that was formed by the two smaller ones. Weird sounds came from inside that [Gravitational Field].
Those [Sea Cloud Rolls], formed by Profound Qi under a special martial skill, all of a sudden strangely turned into thin mists. It was as if the Profound Qi was dissolved in the [Gravitational Field] and became natural energies, dissipating into the earth.
The electrical snakes shot into the [Gravitational Field], as if influenced by the strange whirlpool. These snakes actually became intertwined and continuously whirled in that area. They just weren’t able to escape the restraints of the [Gravitational Field].
In Li Han and Mo Qi’s eyes, it looked as if their attacks were stopped in mid-air. With their attacks unable to move forward, this appeared very strange to them.
The two froze. Confused by the sudden development, they were both caught off guard.
Shi Yan’s murderous attempts were always clear. When noticing that the [Gravitational Field] was enough to stop the attacks of the two opponents, his mind was struck with an amazing idea.
He moved the [Gravitational Field] that stopped the attacks and slowly pushed it forward!
Now the swirling electric snakes were quickly charging towards Li Han and Mo Qi.
Li Han’s expression changed, he finally realized it was Shi Yan who was secretly manipulating their attacks. He quickly stopped his Martial Skill and pulled out a sharp silver-white sword from his waist.
Once the sharp sword was in his hands, it looked as if it was tinted with a layer of color. The sword suddenly turned a strange light purple color, with purple marks appearing on the blade.
Li Han flicked his wrist and all of a sudden, the sword shone with a bright purple light. A three meter long fierce purple aura suddenly shot from the tip of the sword.
With a straight face, Li Han shouted, and raised his sword to strike down.
“Bzz bzz!”
The sword aura and the blade directly slashed onto the [Gravitational Field].
But the [Gravitational Field] remained unaffected. The lightning that came from Mo Qi was still suspended from above, and all at once, dropped onto Li Han.
Li Han shouted in pain, and hurriedly tried to retreat.
Shi Yan suddenly moved!
Like a thrusted spear, Shi Yan’s body stabbed straight towards Mo Qi.
Mo Qi’s expression changed, and he hurriedly backed away in fear.
“Mo Qi!” Shi Yan roared while coming towards Mo Qi.
Mo Qi instinctively looked towards Shi Yan.
Endless bloodl.u.s.t was shown inside Shi Yan’s eyes; it looked as if countless evil spirits were about to fly out of his pupils. Those evil spirits were drenched in blood; you could even clearly see their fragmented hearts in the chests as they rushed to pounce at Mo Qi.
Mo Qi was suddenly stunned, he blanked out in this crucial moment, right where he stood.
The five fingers on Shi Yan’s left hand were like a sharp blade, stabbing right into Mo Qi’s chest, and pierced his heart in one strike. Shi Yan’s five fingers came straight out of Mo Qi’s back.
Mo Qi shook under the piercing pain, his eyes instantly turned back and his consciousness returned.
“Mo Zhan is still waiting on the death road for you, take care.” Shi Yan looked at him emotionlessly, and abruptly drew out the hand from his chest.
Blood gushed out from Mo Qi’s chest like a river bursting at its banks. Shi Yan quickly dodged the blood flow.
Mo Qi’s life force was extinguished, and he fell on his back with blood still endlessly rushing out his chest.
“Young Master Qi!”
Li Han, who was numbed by the lightning, screamed out loud, his face full of terror. It was as if he couldn’t believe how Shi Yan got rid of Mo Qi so fast.
“Don’t yell, he’ll be waiting ahead for you too.” Shi Yan turned around, he suddenly raised that blood-covered left hand, and waved it at Li Han. “This is the blood from Mo Qi’s heart, do you want to know how it tastes like?”
Li Han’s face suddenly changed, and he shouted, “Shi Yan, you’re seeking your own demise! You’re only at the Nascent Realm, you have no chance against me!”
“Are you trying to add courage to yourself, with your capability that’s higher than my Nascent Realm? It’s no use, today I will use you to break into the threshold of the Human Realm!”
Using his mind, Shi Yan’s silently shifted the [Gravitational Field] to beside Li Han and suddenly enveloped him within it.
In mere seconds, Li Han felt like he was in the deepest whirlpools in the ocean, his body uncontrollably swaying along with the whirlpool.
Even his Profound Qi was no longer in his control.
“Back when we were in the Stone Woods, I already wanted to kill you, but you released the blue smoke bomb before I could.” Shi Yan walked towards him step by step, his body wrapped in white, fabric-like mist. He took a quick step and flew out into the [Gravitational Field].
Once he entered the whirlpool, the white mist that was present in the whirlpool quickly entered Li Han’s body under the rapid rotations.
“You! Ding Yan! You are Ding Yan!!” Li Han’s expression changed, he suddenly screamed.
“It was the Mo family that took action first, you can’t blame me for being harsh.” Shi Yan hopped into the center of the whirlpool, standing closely in front of Li Han, his blade-like fingers grabbing Li Han’s throat.
The crisp sound of bones breaking came from Li Han’s neck, as he died unwillingly.
The [Gravitational Field] quickly disappeared!
The negative energy filled with the fear, desperation, and loathing from Li Han and Mo Qi all flowed into the meridians in Shi Yan’s body.
In a minute, both Li Han and Mo Qi became two dry corpses, their Profound Qi gone without a trace.
Shi Yan took a deep breath. He let his mind calm down, and closed his eyes to listen to his surroundings, there was not a single sound.
One hand carrying Li Han and another with Mo Qi, Shi Yan ran swiftly along the alley. He sprinted through the alley like a ghost.
Ten minutes later.
Shi Yan arrived at the Moon Lake, in an area where no one went to. He threw the corpses of Li Han and Mo Qi into the lake, watching the two corpses sinking to the bottom.
The look on Li Han and Mo Qi’s dead bodies was too obvious. To prevent anyone from noticing his secret, he had to properly take care of their corpses.
At this sensitive time, he couldn't reveal his ident.i.ty.
The Beiming family was still trying to find him.
To look out for the Beiming family, he had to continue hiding his true ident.i.ty. He could only take care of business more conveniently while in the dark.
As Shi Yan was standing there in a daze, a breathtakingly gorgeous face suddenly appeared in the middle of the Moon Lake.
This was a startling beauty, her temperament was elegant, n.o.ble, and extraordinary, like a G.o.ddess of the Moon Lake that came down from the heavens.
This woman was wearing a black c.r.a.pe, the c.r.a.p now clung tightly to her perfect figure, revealing her most tempting curves. Now that stunning body rose slowly to the surface of the lake, like a beautiful bright moon.
Her body surfaced from Moon Lake. Once that figure completely rose from the waters, she stepped on the lake water, her beautiful brows slightly furrowed, she walked towards the sh.o.r.e with elegant grace.
Shi Yan stared with wide eyes, this was the first time he was truly intoxicated by a woman’s beauty.
This woman, whether it be her body, temperament, or beauty, was completely on another level compared to Mu Yu Die.
“The mysterious woman!”
Just when the woman was about to walk up onto the sh.o.r.e, Shi Yan’s heart shook, and he suddenly realized who this woman was.
The unknown Sky Realm master who appeared above the arena.

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