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 "Why aren't you talking?" As Zi Yao's curious mind was stirred up, she laughed and pursued the topic. She didn't want to give up just yet.

"I don't know." After a while, Shi Yan beamed a forced smile and scratched his head. "Don't know why she and I have gradually walked on two different roads. We were trying our best for our distinctive families and relatives. We even had disputes. In the end, I won. Her family was smashed. They had to run and hideaway. She ran to the unknown outer s.p.a.ce. I don't know whether she's alive or not. I don't know if she will hate me when we see each other again."

"You are cruel," Zi Yao was dumbstruck. "If you love her, why did you put her family into such pathetic situation? Weren't you able to give them an exit?"

"I couldn't," Shi Yan replied faintly, but his voice was resolute.

Zi Yao was astounded. She gazed at him for a while and then spoke up again. "You… sigh... I can tell that women aren't the main part of your life. Women who love you won't have a happy future, because you won't give up your dream or goal for a woman. You will never give up what you want for her."

Shi Yan thinned his lips. A gleam of sorrow sparkled in his eyes. "You're right. I won't give up my life goal or things that belong to me for a woman. Perhaps... I haven't met a woman who is enough for me to give up and forget everything else."

"If I like you, will you give up all of your desires and hold my hands forever?"

Zi Yao smiled casually and enchantingly. She spun in front of him, revealing her total glamour.

"I won't."

"Why won't you?"

"Will you like me?" Shi Yan smiled, "You are the Princess of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, the bright Pearl of the Raging Flame Star Area. You have all kinds of favors you want. You are the G.o.ddess in men's hearts and their dreams. I'm just a weak warrior from a low-level continent with no status. Will you consider me?"

"Who can tell exactly?" Zi Yao parted her lips, forming a smile. "If you can continue to break through, or if you are really related to that man, perhaps... my Father will agree."

"Unfortunately, I'm not. I have no relation to that man." Shi Yan smiled miserably.

"If it happens like that and I fall in love with you... So... will you give up your pursuits for me? Will you stop your pursuit of the martial path to make me happy and pleased every day?" Strange light dots sparked from Zi Yao's beautiful eyes. She didn't blink, gazing at him. "Will you?"

Shi Yan suddenly quieted down. After a while, he shook his head. "I won't."

Anger sparked in Zi Yao's eyes. "Such a cold-hearted man!"

Shi Yan just smiled, but he didn't reply. 

"Why? Why won't you do it for me?" Zi Yao still wanted an answer. She patiently continued as embarra.s.sment filled her charming face. "Am I not pretty enough?"

"Quite the opposite!" Shi Yan looked at her seriously. "You are too beautiful, so beautiful that you can't be true. You are like the most exquisite masterpiece of art. Before I met you, I had never thought that I could meet a flawless woman like you in this world."

"Are you complimenting me?" Zi Yao smiled, her eyes as beautiful as the new moon. She seemed not angry anymore. "So, why won't you love me?"

"Ah," Pausing for a while with an odd face, Shi Yan continued, "Your glamour could arouse the deep desire in a man's heart, making him crazy. However, this beauty will give me an absolute desire for possession. I want to occupy you, making you my unique belonging. I will not let anyone touch you. It's like when a man gets a divine weapon he has yearned for a long time. It's his favorite masterpiece of art. Your charming bearing will surpa.s.s all the love you deserve. It will make my desire replace everything. Thus, it's hard to love you, you know." 

"You will never love me? Are you sure?" Zi Yao clenched her teeth as she was resentful. She felt really annoyed.

"Yeah, I will not love you. I'm sure I will never love you," Shi Yan nodded affirmatively.

Zi Yao became more hostile. She gritted her teeth, almost unable to prevent herself from strangling Shi Yan to force him to change his mind. 

In her life, she had met so many men who vowed to love her for the rest of his life, and to never forget her. Until this moment, she had never met anyone like Shi Yan, a man who told her he would never love her.

She suddenly had a feeling of a big loser. She started to doubt her charm, which infuriated her, making her stubbornly want to force Shi Yan to admit his wrong a.s.sumption.

"Why do you need to hold on to it?" Shi Yan beamed a faint smile. "I think, the ones who want to be with you can fill this whole area, and you, you should have someone you love, right? Why do you need to get mad at a low realm, low-status warrior like me? It isn't worth your time." 

"My pursuers are indeed many, much more than you have imagined." Zi Yao snorted, lifting her head arrogantly. "But, I haven't fallen in love yet. I don't know why I haven't found someone who could make me wholeheartedly give up everything for him. I think... I should try... But it's too hard to choose a man. I'm still looking for him."

After she had finished, Shi Yan was dumbstruck, his face odd. "You... do you have any mental problems? For example, you're obsessed with cleanliness. You know, you need treatment. It's a kind of sickness."

"You are the one who has mental problems!" Zi Yao was enraged, rolling her eyes at him angrily. "Such an a*shole. I don't know why I feel so irritated looking at you now. Tell me, why do I want to punch you so much? Well, this thought is becoming stronger over time!" She spoke through her gritted teeth eventually. 

Shi Yan was surprised. He smiled gingerly and rubbed his nose. He kept his mouth shut, not daring to talk more.

No kidding! This woman was at the Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm. If she wanted to teach him a lesson, he would have no power to resist. If he got beaten, he couldn't complain, and could only blame himself for being unlucky. At the same time, Shi Yan didn't want to make this woman mad at this moment.

"I do want to punch you, really." Zi Yao's pretty eyes flared as she was about to attack him. She rubbed her jade-like hands energetically, her face bright with enthusiasm. 

Shi Yan was musing when he said suddenly, "I want to cultivate more. I don't have time to play with you." Then, he sat down again, closed his eyes, and acc.u.mulated his energy.

Zi Yao gazed at him, her beautiful eyes sparkling with a strange light. After a while, she held her flat tummy, cracking up with laughter charmingly. Her laughter was so cheerful; her body was shaking as if she were greatly amused. All of her sorrows seemed to be washed away. She felt refreshed and comfortable right now.


Zi Yao muttered as she was quite delighted. Her eyes that were as bright as diamonds were sparkling cunningly. No one knows what plan she had just made.

Under a ma.s.sive burning meteorolite in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field, around ten tiger shark war chariots were floating.

The bald headed Ka Tuo was bold and ferocious as he continually thundered in anger. "F*ck it! Why can't we blockade them? Impossible! That woman can't be familiar with the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field's outline, as she has just come here. How can she be able to dodge us from time to time?"

The s.p.a.ce pirates in his gang kept their mouths shut. No one dared to answer.

Even the young human man, who liked to interrupt him, had to stoop miserably. He didn't dare to provoke his boss at this moment. When b.l.o.o.d.y Slaughterer Ka Tuo was infuriated, he would be extremely wild. He could even slash the one standing in front of him to vent his rage.

Everybody knew this bad behavior of his, so no one dared to provoke him when he was angry. If he killed them, it would be their super bad luck.

After Ka Tuo had thundered alone for a while, seeing no response from his henchmen, he stopped eventually, calming himself down. Then, he spoke up, "I think we have a problem. That woman can't be much familiar with the situation here. Otherwise, she would have escaped already. As she can always run one step ahead of us, she must have something else to depend on. The biggest possibility is... she can detect us before our operation. She can use Soul Consciousness to locate us and our direction."

"My wise boss," Seeing him restore his manners, the young human man flattered. "If we can avoid their Soul Consciousness detection, we can catch up with her. They won't be able to run beforehand."

Ka Tuo grinned then nodded. "Yeah, we will do that way! Muahahaha… As we earn a living in outer s.p.a.ce, what we know best is to conceal our living energy fluctuation. Well, let that woman widen her knowledge of our tricks then."

"Boss, what do you plan to do?" the young man asked.

"There are some areas in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field where sunbeams interlace, and Soul Consciousness can't survey those areas. Although those areas are extremely hazardous, our tiger shark war chariots can still stand for a short time." Ka Tuo's eyes rolled. "To get that woman, we have to damage our tiger sharks a little bit. From now on bros, you have to pay more attention. Every time we move, we will hide in those areas. If we don't see her, we will move to another place."

 "Yes, Sir!" The young man answered, then took out a Sound Stone to deliver Ka Tuo's order.

"Something's wrong!"

Shi Yan woke up from his cultivation, his face solemn.

"What?" Zi Yao furrowed her dark brows. She couldn't help but feel tired. "Recently, we haven't needed to dodge them much. I can sense something wrong too. Maybe, they gave us up?"

"It's not that they gave us up. They have changed their tactics certainly."

Shi Yan stood up, looking at countless flaming meteorolites in front of him. "I don't know why I can't sense their life magnetic field anymore. I can't locate them."

"Are you sure they aren't too far from us?" Zi Yao was somber.

"It's impossible that we can cut them off. Those pirates seem to have disappeared into thin air. If we had lengthened the distance with them, it should have been gradual, not abruptly like right now." Shi Yan shook his head, "I think that the others are trying to dodge my Soul Consciousness sensing."

Panic crossed Zi Yao's eyes as she seemed to remember something. "I heard that at the areas where sunbeams are interlacing. There are many places they can use to hide away from the Soul Consciousness sensing. Some warriors who have been pursued would come to the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field and hide there. They would rather consume their energy to resist the lethal sunbeams than being detected."

"It's obvious that Ka Tuo's gang has done the same." Shi Yan suddenly felt a headache. "It's tough now. Seems like our nice days have to end here."

Zi Yao discolored.

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