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Chapter 73 - The Change in the Fallen G.o.d Stone
Shi Yan was roaming the G.o.d Stone Square leisurely.
Wherever there was a body, he would appear. His presence would cause the body to completely dry up and become devoid of any Profound Qi in mere seconds.
Because of the devastating battle, many nearby warriors felt the brunt of it.
Those warriors of Elementary and Nascent realms were the most affected, for they couldn’t block the aftershocks from the battle between the Nirvana Realm warriors. Once they became entangled in their battle, there was no hope for them.
In just a few minutes, Shi Yan roamed around the G.o.d Stone Square and harvested all the Profound Qi from seven Elementary Realm and four Nascent Realm warriors.
Only Human Realm warriors were somewhat lucky to escape, as they could withstand the aftershocks generated from the battle, not receiving any life threatening wounds.
Therefore, there wasn’t any corpses of a Human Realm warrior, which was very disappointing to Shi Yan.
Due to the mysterious power that could absorb the Profound Qi from the corpses into his meridians, Shi Yan hoped for more chaos. He was continually encouraging Shi Jain to fight against the Mo family in person so to increase the casualties, enabling him to enter the Human Realm faster.
Han Feng was lingering ten meters away from him like a ghost.
Wherever he went, Han Feng would follow him like a shadow, least he created some trouble.
Ten meters away, Han Feng was staring at Shi Yan with eyes filled with confusion.
During the nasty battle, Shi Yan was acting weirdly. Han Feng couldn’t figure out what Shi Yan was pondering; he didn’t ask as he was just there to protect his young master in case of an accident.
Shuttling through the G.o.d Stone Square, Shi Yan would always stand beside the corpses for a while.
Although he saw the corpses undergoing some strange changes, Han Feng didn’t care about it as he thought those dead warriors must have been poisoned and it was just taking effect now.
He never could have thought that such strange changes were actually caused by Shi Yan.
Not far from Shi Yan, the G.o.d Stone suddenly collapsed and a painful cry was heard.
Hearing the cry, Shi Yan became ecstatic and he rushed over.
Under that collapsed G.o.d Stone, a Nascent Realm warrior was taking his last breaths.
The warrior was unfortunately hit by one of Mo Tuo’s lightning bolts, however he seemed to possess some sort of defensive Martial Skill which had sustained him till now.
Shi Yan looked indifferent when standing beside the collapsed structure. Even from ten meters away, Shi Yan could feel the highly dense Nascent Realm Profound Qi coming from the injured warrior.
In just a few minutes, the warrior was sucked dry and Shi Yan harvested another batch of Profound Qi.
Han Feng was secretly watching Shi Yan in confusion from another corner of that collapsed stone.
It’s so weird. Has anyone been using poison? Why did they all die in such a strange way?” Shi Yan shook his head and looked up at Han Feng, “Uncle Han, there must be someone here in the arena with his own purpose.”
Han Feng nodded with approval, but was still perplexed.
Lightning, as thick as an arm, flew over like a dragon and hit the structure heavily.
“Chee chee chee!”
As the lightning flashed on the collapsed structure, a layer of dim moonlight suddenly came out of that mountain-like stone.
That dim moonlight had created a strange but cool atmosphere, but the moonlight quickly disappeared and everything returned to normal.
Shi Yan and Han Feng, who were standing near that structure, had watched the whole process.
Shi Yan let out a soft sound and walked towards that collapsed structure frowning. He stretched out a hand and pressed on this mysterious stone.
Under the blazing sun, the stone was cool to the touch. It was as if the stone had been acc.u.mulating moonlight over thousand years and was carrying the coolness of the night.
And it was as heavy as an average metal.
Sensing it for a while, Shi Yan couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary about the stone. He released his hand and asked Han Feng, frowning, “Uncle Han, did you see the stone shining for a few seconds just moments ago?”
“Yes.” Han Feng nodded softly and walked up as well. He touched the legendary stone himself and remarked, “No change, maybe it’s because Mo Tuo’s lightning struck it just now.”
“Yeah, it must have something to do with Mo Tuo’s Lighting Martial Spirit.” Shi Yan agreed as he couldn’t figure out anything special. There was still a bit of suspicion left in his mind, however since he couldn’t come up with anything now, he didn’t give it a further thought.
“Mo Family members! Disperse and go home!” Suddenly, from the battle arena, came Mo Tuo’s angry order.
Shi Yan looked in the direction from where the sound came.
Under the relentless attacks, Mo Tuo looked to be in a difficult situation; his back was severely bleeding and he seemed to be heavily wounded.
He didn’t continue to fight after Shi Tie’s severe strike and dashed towards the far away commercial street in a hurry.
Mu Xun, Shi Tie and Shi Jian immediately gave a chase without saying a word.
Those two tower-like men hesitated for a second, but ultimately stood in the center of the arena, not intending to kill anymore.
Those Mo family members also didn’t dare stay in the arena after Mo Tuo’s command, running away in all directions separately.
Shi Yan was calmly standing behind the G.o.d Stone and watching the surroundings. He saw the old man with unkempt hair from Poisonous Dragon Valley jealously protecting Mo Qi with Li Han, running towards a block of houses to the south of the G.o.d Stone Square.
“We can’t let Mo Qi live.” Shi Yan took a deep breath and said to Han Feng, “If the gra.s.s’ root isn’t pulled out, it will grow when spring comes. We have to take out Mo Qi.”

If the gra.s.s’ root isn’t pulled out, it will grow when spring comes.

Han Feng frowned and repeated that sentence twice, and finally understood. His eyes sparkled as he softly said, “Young Master Yan is indeed capable of great things”

Without saying anything, Shi Yan walked away from the fallen G.o.d Stone and gave chase after Mo Qi.
Shi Yan soon exited the G.o.d Stone Square. Just as he was about to enter the narrow streets between the houses, he found Shi Yang and some Shi family members chase from behind too.

“Big Uncle, I will take care of Mo Qi, you go after the others.” Shi Yan yelled from afar.

Shi Yang was stunned as he saw it was Shi Yan who was giving chase. He reprimanded, “Where have you been till now? Don’t you know it’s chaos in the arena? Your grandpa will peel my skin if you have an accident!”

“It’s fine.” Han Feng appeared from behind Shi Yan and responded softly.

Seeing Han Feng behind Shi Yan, Shi Yang relaxed and smiled, “Well, you go after Mo Qi and I will go after Mo Chao Tian.”

Then he nodded at Han Feng, ran up to another road, and dashed away.

A quarter of an hour later.

On a small street in the south region, Mo Qi was in a murderous mood as he focused on running.

Suddenly a shadow appeared in front of him.

At the corner of the street ahead, Shi Yan leaned against the tone wall with a sneering smile on his face, and said casually, “Mo Qi, are you tired? Yeah, you can have a rest now.”

Mo Qi suddenly stopped with a ferocious face, “Shi Yan! You killed my brother, you must pay for it!”

“Pay for it?” Shi Yan’s mouth widened and shook his head, “Mo Zhan is not too far away, you may catch up to him if you are fast enough. I came to see you away.”
“Young Master Qi!” Li Han showed up from behind Mo Qi, and beside Li Han stood the b.l.o.o.d.y Hand, from Poisonous Dragon Valley of the G.o.d-blessed Empire.

“Kill him!” Mo Qi pointed at Shi Yan and said angrily, “He has to die!”
“Let the younger generation solve their own problem. You’d better not get involved.” Han Feng suddenly popped up his head from a house, looking at b.l.o.o.d.y Hand and Li Han coldly.
“b.l.o.o.d.y Hand from Poisonous Dragon Valley?” Shi Yan gazed at that old man and suddenly remarked, “You refined that Blood Qi Pill? Well, Poisonous Dragon Valley is literally the cradle of degenerate alchemists who only know how to make degenerate pills.”
“Kid, you are seeking death!” b.l.o.o.d.y Hand frowned as his face turned rigid suddenly. He grunted, “I had no qualms about getting involved in your Shi family and Mo family matter. But now that you are so arrogant, how about tasting my Poisonous Dragon Valley skill?”
“Young Master Yan, you take care of Mo Qi, b.l.o.o.d.y Hand and Li Han are mine.” Han Feng announced softly and flew down from the roof as light as a feather and stood between b.l.o.o.d.y Hand and Li Han.
“Hehe, you think we, Poisonous Dragon Valley, are that lame?” b.l.o.o.d.y Hand smiled cunningly and immediately swallowed a strange pill, which was as big as a longan, and as crimson as blood.
After having that pill, b.l.o.o.d.y Hand’s eyes suddenly turned red and his jumbled hair stood at its ends, while dense smell of blood came from his body.

Han Feng’s face changed suddenly, “Young master Yan, go home right now!”
“Li Han, Mo Qi, kill that arrogant kid. I will take care of the old man.” b.l.o.o.d.y Hand broadened his mouth in a smile, and licked his lips with a horrifying expression.
“Uncle Han, be careful.” Shi Yan was on alert as he realized something strange from b.l.o.o.d.y Hand’s change. He took a glance at Han Feng and Mo Qi, and ran towards the Green Moon Lake as fast as possible.
Before Han Feng could take off, b.l.o.o.d.y Hand dashed forward and an intense b.l.o.o.d.y air suddenly enveloped him and prevented him from leaving.
Li Han and Mo Qi looked at each other and chased in Shi Yan’s direction without a word.

Five minutes later.
On another street, Li Han and Mo Qi paused suddenly. Mo Qi said with a ferocious face, “Kid you are not running away? Are you tired of living?”

“I had said I will stop your Mo family from having descendents! I can’t break my promise.” Shi Yan stood at the entrance of the street, looking grim.
Wisps of white smoke were suddenly emitted from his body. The negative energy gushing from him gave off a murderous impression, like he was a b.l.o.o.d.y G.o.d of Slaughter from the Shura Blood Sea.

Since Han Feng was not with him, he could finally use his real ability now.

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