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Making the creatures of more than ten life stars live in misery just to recover his wounds, using the Soul Burial Ground Dead Upanishad to absorb the vitality of countless species could be considered an extremely ruthless operation.

Da Meng's group paled, as they were scared by the brutal cruelty of the other. They didn't know what to comment either.

After a while, Da Meng beamed a forced smile. "The forces in the Raging Flame Star Area aren't too naive to be bullied, right? Didn't they do anything to take revenge or to stop that man?"

The smile on Da Meng's father's face was much bitter than his. "How could they not do anything? It's quite the opposite. Right when the first life star was destroyed, the forces from everywhere started to send their best hotshots. However, none of them returned. They had all turned into energy for the other to recover his power."

Da Meng discolored in fright.

"He swept over the area like a cloud of gra.s.shoppers. He had killed so many warriors and destroyed more than ten life stars of the Raging Flame Star Area. In the end, the hermits of many forces had joined hands to kill this man." Da Lei shook his head, his face grimaced. "Too bad, the hermits of our Raging Flame Star Area all ran away when they sensed the terror of the other. None of them dared to attack him."

Da Meng's group didn't say anything, but their eyes showed that their fear had reached the extreme.

"Just like what you think, the realm and competence of that man are much more frightening than that of our hermits." Da Lei hesitated for a while before speaking up again. "As they knew they weren't his rival, they quit, not daring to engage in a battle with him." 

"What happened in the end?" Da Meng contemplated for a while. Seeing his father musing, he asked for the second time.

"How would it develop according to you?" Da Lei forced a smile. "The other continued his robbery. He destroyed another five life stars. After he had recovered his power, he left our Raging Flame Star Area. Ghost knows where he came from. He was inexplicably strong. Before he left, the hermits of the Raging Flame Star Area had come to see him off with the humble manner of juniors. They hoped that he could teach them something. At that time, our old freaks knew that the other had used the Death Upanishad, and his G.o.d Domain was called the Soul Burial Ground. But he didn't reveal more. He didn't leave any useful information. Since the day he left, he hasn't reappeared yet."

Pausing for a while, Da Lei continued. "I thought that it was just a rumor people had fabricated. But today... I'm convinced."

Everybody quieted down, as if they were struck hard by the information. Even after a long while, no one had spoken anything.

"That's it?" Da Meng asked, "Father, do you believe that kid is the apprentice of that man?"

"I don't believe much. But I don't dare to take risks." Da Lei put on a solemn face. "At least, I won't offend him directly. It will help avoid a disaster for our family."

"What should we do?"

"You disclose the information, saying that Princess Zi Yao's transporting a large amount of materials and her whereabouts to the others. Let them try." Da Lei pondered and then ordered, "You are not allowed to say anything about that boy. Your information should only include Princess Zi Yao's situation. And, you should fabricate it complicatedly. Try to pa.s.s through many people, and don't make the others detect that the information came from us."

Da Meng's eyes brightened as he asked, "Father, you want to make those stealthy men take action?"

"Well, I'm not that easy to talk with." Da Lei smiled coldly. "Not offending him directly doesn't mean that I want to press down my anger. Zi Yao has swaggered in our territory. I won't let her be satisfied for a long time."

"Alright! As long as they won't put the debt on us, it's alright." Da Meng burst out laughing as he understood his father's intent.

"You arrange yourself. Remember, Zi Yao isn't easy to deal with. Don't let her discover you guys. At least... don't let her catch your real weaknesses. It would prevent her from aiming at us," Da Lei said seriously.

"Father, don't worry. I know what to do."

"Remember carefully, do not talk about anything related to that kid. Otherwise, it will not be good for any parties."


In the silent and cold outer s.p.a.ce, the amethyst battleship moved slowly. Behind it was the ma.s.sive bronze steamship tagging along.

As soon as Shi Yan boarded, he felt something wrong.

The other warriors, including Bergh and Du Feng, were eyeing him strangely. They discreetly kept a distance from him, as if he had a monster inside that could harm them at any minute. 

Bergh and Du Feng had no gleam of disdain in their eyes anymore. Quite the contrary, they became more respectful and cautious. Shi Yan could see the deep fear in their eyes.

Shi Yan didn't know what had happened. He also felt strange on seeing their att.i.tude towards him. However, he couldn't find a clue.

"You follow me." After steadying her body on the ship, Princess Zi Yao frowned and contemplated for a long time before calling Shi Yan. It was when her amethyst battleship had moved far away from Da Lei's life star. She took a deep breath, raising her ample, milky bosom, and talking tenderly with Shi Yan.

Shi Yan didn't say anything, just following her in silence.

"Sis!" Du Feng suddenly shouted in fright. He wanted to say something, but he didn't finish it. 

"Shut up!" Zi Yao glared at him, her eyes sharp. "I know what I'm doing. Don't cause more troubles!"

Du Feng retracted his head, not daring to talk more.

Bergh and the other warriors frowned, their eyes complicated, as they were a.s.sessing Shi Yan discreetly. They were afraid of him.

Shi Yan walked with Zi Yao to a s.p.a.cious main cabin. Zi Yao sat down neatly on a round platform. Her dark brows furrowed, as she no longer wore the bright smile. She seemed to have many thoughts in her head.

Shi Yan waited in silence.

After a long time, Princess Zi Yao lifted her head, looking at him calmly. "Who imparted you the Death Upanishad?"

"No one. When I was in the low-grade continent, I found a book, and I've been practicing using that book. After a while, I discovered the Upanishad." Shi Yan wasn't stupid to tell her everything. He found a good reason to pa.s.s the topic.

Zi Yao looked at him. Her star-bright eyes didn't even blink, as if she wanted to see every thought in his head.

Shi Yan was natural. There was no gleam of chaos in his eyes. He was relaxed and cold, not showing even a streak of anxiety of lying.

"No one has taught you that?" Zi Yao pondered for a while and then continued. "Don't worry. You are going on the same way with me. No matter what, I won't hurt you."

"It's true. No one has taught me," Shi Yan confirmed. He mused for a while and then beamed a faint smile. "Powers Upanishad are interlinked. Each power Upanishad, when cultivated to the profound level, could connect with the others. It's the foundation. When you advance a power Upanishad from the foundation, you don't need a teacher to reach the same realm. At that time, you will understand how to perfectly use a power on your own."

Shi Yan didn't just make it up.

When warriors cultivated a kind of power Upanishad to a deep level, it could be interlinked.

Taking the water power Upanishad for example, when a warrior hadn't grasped the Essence of the power at the beginning, he would have to use many different martial techniques.

Only when he could understand it thoroughly to create the power Upanishad soul altar and the Seal of Upanishad in his G.o.d Soul could he finally understand the principles of water power. And, when he created the G.o.d Domain, it could be linked all together.

It was the same with other powers. When the warrior could cultivate them to the acme, the G.o.d Domains generated from the powers wouldn't be much different.

When a warrior understood the power Upanishad, he would get a good grasp of the fundamental principles. The principles would never change. However, each person would have their own ways of using the power.

"Anyway, there are so many powers Upanishad in our Raging Flame Star Area. We have Five Elements, Light, Darkness, and so on. They are greatly varied. For example, Da Meng knows the Beast Merging power Upanishad. No one else can use it." Zi Yao's pretty eyes sparkled a beam of strange light. "There was a man like you, who controlled the Death Upanishad. He had come for a short period in the Raging Flame Star Area. His G.o.d Domain was called Soul Burial Ground..."

Zi Yao seemed to try to guide Shi Yan's memory. While talking, her voice was calm and relaxing, as her bright eyes were studying Shi Yan from the beginning.

However, Shi Yan had shown her nothing anomalous. He seemed to be surprised. "Someone has the same power? So, why did you tell me that no one in the Raging Flame Star Area knows how to control it?"

"He's not from the Raging Flame Star Area," Zi Yao beamed a forced smile as she found nothing strange from Shi Yan's countenance. "He was so dangerous. He created a catastrophe in the Raging Flame Star Area, destroying more than ten big life stars."

Shi Yan was scared.

Zi Yao pondered for a while and then explained to Shi Yan what Da Lei had told his son. Shi Yan couldn't hide his fear, and was unable to react even after a long while.

"So, now you know why Da Lei changed his att.i.tude?" Zi Yao waited until Shi Yan could digest the information, then asked him with furrowed brows.

Shi Yan nodded with a heavy visage. "I think... I got it. However, I have nothing related to that man. He's too strong. I can't reach him. Your Highness, is it true that the ident.i.ty you've fabricated for me could threaten Da Lei?"

"He will be threatened. As long as he can't verify the relationship between you and that man, he will still have something to be afraid of. He won't dare to set us up explicitly." Zi Yao suddenly smiled like a blooming flower. "Not only him, anybody who knows about that man won't dare to mess with you. Although your existence is perilous, it can be a strong dose at critical moments."

Shi Yan was surprised. His thoughts flickered, and he got it.

"From now on, you are the apprentice of that man. Remember it. If anyone asks you, just answer you are here to train yourself, and you don't need to tell them the information related to your teacher." Princess Zi Yao pondered for a while and then said excitedly. "As you can use the Death Intent Domain, people will be afraid of you! As long as they can't prove that you've lied, many people would consider you a peculiar existence. They won't dare to deal with you. And you… you will be an Ace in my hand. At critical moments, your effect could be unimaginable!"

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