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Shi Yan extended his right arm., as starlight gathered rapidly together, along with a flow of flaming solar energy.

It happened in just a blink of an eye. A broad starlight sword that was around three meters long appeared in Shi Yan's hand, which was made of starlight and solar energy. The sword had a burning red core, and edges made of starlight. It sparkled beautifully while releasing intimidating energy fluctuations.

Shi Yan didn't wait until the beasts from Da Meng's soul altar approached him. He faced the sky and roared. Holding the starlight sword, he rocketed to the sky. The broadsword made a gentle curve in the air, then furiously slashed the giant orange-red hawk, the first one approaching him.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

Countless beams of starlight shot out from the broadsword. As the sword slashed the giant hawk, it screeched mournfully, struggling in the air as if it wanted to tear Shi Yan apart.

Starlight twirled around Shi Yan's body. Moving accordingly to the trajectory of the stars, Shi Yan continually changed the directions as he agilely dodged the attack of the giant hawk. The broad starlight sword in his hand constantly hacked down. Starlight energy in the sword flowed like quicksand towards the hawk's body.

The giant hawk screeched painfully. However, no matter how hard it tried, it couldn't catch Shi Yan. This also made the bird suffer.

The malignant wolf was pure gold, with a magical moving halo on its big body, as if it was molded out of water. When the wolf moved, water-like light waves would ripple continually.

The wolf bared its fangs and claws, facing the sky to roar loudly. Pure gold beams of light were weaving a net with thick mesh in the air, in an attempt to cover the whole s.p.a.ce Shi Yan had occupied. It wanted to confine Shi Yan for a slow torture.


Shi Yan's blood red eyes were shining radiantly. With a cold countenance, the broad starlight sword in his hand suddenly sent a fierce wave of energy. A flaming energy current that looked like a burning red stream shot out from the sword, pouring on that giant hawk.

The hawk had a fragment of refined energy outside its body, but it was the soul of the bird which was its foundation.

However, every kind of living being in their soul form had to be afraid of scorching heat. Furthermore, the flaming energy of the sun was the nemesis of such soul living beings.

As so many flows of flaming energy were pouring into the hawk and seeping through its soul, the bird's screaming became more pathetic, which irritated people. When the bird was screeching painfully, the vivid gold wolf also wanted to fly up to support his comrade.

The Silver-armored Tigon King roared and dashed forward one more time, but got trapped in the Gravitational Field again. It was like the tigon had fallen into a dangerous muddy puddle. The more it wiggled, the worse it was dragged into the twisting field of different energies. Obviously, it couldn't escape the coverage of the Gravitational Field shortly. It became more indignant, but it couldn't get out.

The starlight sword continued to shoot out the surging flaming solar energy, which shriveled the giant hawk.

As the giant hawk was shrunk, the energy fragment on its body was burned. It looked yearningly at Da Meng from a distance. It was so frightened that it wanted to get back to the soul altar to recover.

Da Meng grimaced, standing there with cold and dark eyes, as a flame of anger was seething. 

However, he didn't send the thought to the hawk to let it get back. Instead, he gritted his teeth and shouted. "Alright, you have good tricks. Seems like I have to do my best here."

He touched his forehead one more time, sending his thought to his soul altar. Abruptly, distinctive energy fluctuations of beasts shot out of his altar. However, there was no beast coming out this time, and instead, the flesh and blood of his entire body started transforming.

Crack Crack Crack!

Da Meng's body started to be animalized at the speed that naked eye could observe. He generated a tremendous suction force to gather the heaven and earth energy, supplementing his b.e.s.t.i.a.l power.

A b.e.s.t.i.a.l armor appeared on his limbs, forehead, and chest. There were thick layers of silver armor and animal fur growing on his body.

At that moment, Da Meng seemed to transform into a savage beast with a mighty strength. It seemed he had absorbed the energy of the beasts he had abruptly to push his energy to another higher peak, which made people feel scared of him. 

From the beginning, Da Meng had never taken action. He had just used the beasts to attack his opponent. Eventually, he couldn't help it anymore. He howled like a beast, just like a great beast of the Ancient times getting awakened. He stood on all fours, storming forward to attack the other.

Stomp Stomp Stomp!

He used all of his limbs to move on the hard stone ground, which was dug up under his ma.s.sive pressure. At this moment, he looked like a dangerous beast that had the energy to destroy everything.


Da Meng shouted ear-splittingly the second time.

Instantly, the Silver-armored Tigon King, the giant orange-red hawk, and the pure gold wolf had returned to their soul form, turning into three beams and disappearing into his chest.

Da Meng had transformed completely. His neck and back were covered with thick b.e.s.t.i.a.l armor, while his arms and knees had sharp spikes, with a cold metallic light shining. They seemed sharp enough to stab through a mountain. 

As he was completely animalized, there was no human feature to be seen on his body. Just like a wild hybrid of many kinds of monsters, he had absorbed the monster energy to develop a bloodthirsty and savage intention of destroying all creatures in the world in his eyes.

This was the power Upanishad Da Meng's had comprehended, which was to fuse with beast souls to improve his abilities. With the power of beasts in his body, he could have the competence to challenge higher-realm warriors.

"Being able to make Young Master Da Meng bring out his real power, this man is excellent enough to be arrogant. Anyway, it's nothing more than that." A King G.o.d Warrior standing next to Da Lie frowned and then said, "After being animalized completely, Young Master Da Meng will become more bloodthirsty. I just hope that kid would be lucky enough to survive this savage battle."

Da Lie became absolutely calm. He didn't say anything while his eyes gazed at his son. Pride could be seen in his eyes.

He knew how lethal Da Meng was after he was animalized better than anyone else. Even if that were a King G.o.d Realm warrior, if his G.o.d Body hadn't reached a high level yet, he couldn't resist Da Meng's animalized body.

Besides, after Da Meng got animalized, he could use all the energy of the beast souls he had absorbed, which could skyrocket his energy to an intimidating level.

He believed that even if Shi Yan were at the Peak of True G.o.d Realm, his result would only be an instant death while fighting with Da Meng.

Du Feng and Bergh were desperate now. They shook their heads with forced smiles, as they had nothing to believe in at the moment.

The power Da Meng was showing could give a headache to Du Feng, a warrior at the First Sky of King G.o.d Realm. He felt like he didn't know how or where to attack the other, let alone Shi Yan.

Princess Zi Yao wasn't relaxed anymore; her bright smile had disappeared a long time ago. She knitted her brows tightly, sighing.

Shi Yan's performance didn't fail her. She believed that if it were another Peak of True G.o.d Realm warrior, Shi Yan could gain triumph and give her face.

Too bad, Da Meng, a new nova that could fight against the King G.o.d Realm warrior, was his opponent this time!

Zi Yao suddenly realized that she didn't underestimate Shi Yan but Da Meng! That was why she thought that at this moment, this battle had nothing else surprising left in it to continue watching.

"Third Sky of Rampage!"

Seeing Da Meng storming towards him with a deadly savage aura, and the holes he made along his way, Shi Yan changed his face for the first time, screaming wildly.

Shortly, pallid tentacles jutted out of the acupuncture points of his entire body. This was the feature of the acme acc.u.mulation of Shi Yan's negative energy. Each tentacle was filled with thoughts of despair, resentment, bloodl.u.s.t, and a mysteriously evil energy. They all were the representatives of evils.

In the Third Sky of Rampage, his body suddenly shriveled grossly. His flesh and blood seemed to be squeezed off his body. However, the energy in his body had become purer than ever.

In people's eyes, his bony body was full of essence energy. At the same time, his eyes became nonchalant, having no gleam of human emotions.

At this moment, Shi Yan didn't look like a human anymore. Even his breathing had lost the vitality of a living creature. It seemed that his aura had been transformed into a pure part of a combined evil force. This gave people an annoying feeling.

"What kind of a power Upanishad is that? Why is it so strangely evil?" The warrior standing next to Da Lie was startled, his face astounded.

Da Lie was also frowning, looking at Shi Yan with great astonishment.

A feeble beam of light sparkled in Princess Zi Yao's gloomy eyes. She was a little bit shaken.

A Death Intent Domain slowly expanded from Shi Yan. Under the effect of that Death Intent Domain, flowers in the garden pretty far from there suddenly withered. Their vitality flowed ma.s.sively like a flood draining away.

Insects underground also cried continually as their lives were taken away. Everything became scarily quiet.

Small, flickering light dots also appeared on Princess Zi Yao, Du Feng, Bergh, and the other warriors standing near Shi Yan like fireflies. They then converged slowly towards Shi Yan.

Anybody under the coverage of the Death Intent Domain, as long as they were living creatures, felt irritated while their souls became exhausted unknowingly.

Princess Zi Yao became dumbstruck, looking at the light dots flying out of her body. She frowned, feeling her soul agitated.

"Taking Life Origin! Soul Burial Ground Deadly Upanishad!" In the deadly silence, Da Lie suddenly recalled something, screaming hoa.r.s.ely. His face grimaced.

Princess Zi Yao felt like she got a bucket of cold water pouring on her head. She reacted, her beautiful eyes becoming odd while looking at Shi Yan in fright.

The onlookers acted as if they had seen ghosts. Their countenance became terrified. Looking at Shi Yan without an energy fluctuation of living beings, they felt like they were watching a man who reaped lives. They shuddered in their hearts.

However, at this moment, pale tentacles extending from the acupuncture points of Shi Yan's entire body suddenly moved, rolling the flows of light dots from the others and driving them towards Shi Yan.

Those light dots came from the flowers pretty far from Shi Yan, the underground insects, Zi Yao, Du Feng, Bergh, and the other warriors. Those were the Life Origin, the power of vigorous living beings.

Shi Yan felt refreshed and comfortable, as he was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy incomparably. He could feel his body taking in a large amount of energy. He moved his body and b.u.mped into Da Meng directly, using his bursting energy in its purest form to collide with the other. Light spots sparked everywhere.

Da Lie's face was ash gray, while Princess Zi Yao felt insecure.

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