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Shi Yan immediately urged negative energy of the acupuncture points in his entire body, creating a pale membrane enveloping his body.

Second Sky of Rampage!

His eyes turned blood red instantly. A brutal, wild, and malicious aura diffused quietly from his body, raising his imposing aura to another high level.

The sharp claws of the Silver-armored Tigon King tore the wind. Its ten-meters long body jumped like a ma.s.sive mountain, pressing down on Shi Yan and giving forth a strong intimidating.

"Seven Stars Change the Moon!"

Shi Yan thundered. The Star Martial Spirit in front of his chest radiated a dazzling light. Numerous stars gathered into seven ma.s.sive star cl.u.s.ters.

The seven star cl.u.s.ters were as bright as blazing diamonds, with torrentially surging energy. They rotated and then moved in the trajectory of the Northern Stars.


The Silver-armored Tigon King roared, storming towards the center of the seven ma.s.sive star cl.u.s.ters. It twisted its body in the air and then pressed down.

A furious energy wave exploded from inside the Seven Cl.u.s.ters. The Seven Northen Stars released formidable energy waves like the strongest dynamite, as starlight shot out at max speed. 

Silver scales on the Silver-armored Tigon King's body shook. The starlight that had just fallen got through the scales to intrude the tigon's body and then its soul.


The Silver-armored Tigon King's giant body disappeared into so many beams of starlight, which looked extremely strange.

When the Silver-armored Tigon King reappeared, it fell around one thousand meters behind Shi Yan. It then heavily impacted the ground, digging up a large and deep hole. Pieces of rock scattered everywhere, with thick smoke and dust rising up.

Shi Yan didn't look behind his back. His eyes were like a sharp sword shooting towards Da Meng. A thought flashed through his head.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

The three Bone Thorns, which had already disappeared, suddenly stormed over from a blind corner. Their aura became sharper and stronger, thrusting towards Da Meng.

This time, they didn't aim at his back but his front. Two of them aimed at his eyes while the last one was flying towards his glabella, with a strange aura that could pierce through anything.

The onlookers were breathing gingerly with astounded faces. Their eyes gazed at Shi Yan, but they were all tense.

Da Lei stopped talking to the warrior next to him. He was still holding a bunch of crystal grapes, but he seemed to forget eating them. His black eyes were gloomy, as he was extremely dissatisfied.

Standing behind him were almost one hundred King G.o.d Realm warriors. They all were frowning and putting up guard. Their happy and relaxed manners had been replaced with serious looks.

Prince Du Feng and Bergh's group dropped their jaws, as if they were watching an unbelievable scene. They were astounded, looking at Shi Yan with awe. At this moment, they had put aside the distressed and begrudging feeling they had had before the battle.

Princess Zi Yao's eyes were still as bright as diamonds. A gleam of happiness appeared on her smooth cheeks. Her perfect body became calm as she stretched out laughing. She threw a glance at Da Lei. Seeing Da Lei discolor, she suddenly felt much better.

Shi Yan's performance was a little bit over her estimation. She had thought that this battle would have nothing surprising anymore. Under Da Meng's furious attack, Shi Yan would be hurt soon. Or, he could even be killed shortly.

She didn't know what to do and began to consider how to save the situation. It was unexpected that at the moment she was worried the most, Shi Yan suddenly showed his supernatural abilities, dissolving a fatal attack of the Silver-armored Tigon King. She was cheered up again, as the flame of hope was ignited in her heart.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

The tearing wind sound made by the Bone Thorns was like a ghost screaming and asking for people's lives.

Beyond their expectations, when the Bone Thorns flew in the sky, they didn't move in a straight way. Strangely, they moved like snakes, slithering and changing their directions constantly, which made it hard to trace their whereabouts.

Wherever the three Bone Thorns glided over, they left three bright white streaks in the air, just like the tail of meteors. They even twisted with each other, which looked extremely strange and devilish.

Da Meng knew that the aura of those three Bone Thorns had locked his eyes and glabella. However, seeing their constantly changing direction and their increasing aura, he couldn't make up his mind, as the Bone Thorns could come from any direction instead of the starting one.

Although the first attack from the three Bone Thorns was sharp and fierce, it was a straight attack with obvious targets. Thus, even if he had reacted a little bit slower, he could still create a shield behind his back to stop them.

However, at this moment, he couldn't be sure about anything. He couldn't guess the direction of attack, so he had to create a thick defensive layer covering his entire body, leaving no tiny leak. He was afraid that the Bone Thorns could aim at his flaws.

Shi Yan stood still, but a blood-red halo was expanding from his eyes. He looked like a demon from the abyss of h.e.l.l watching its prey. His look made people anxious.

Flows of his Soul Consciousness quietly reached the three Bone Thorns. Since he had mastered using s.p.a.ce power, his Bone Thorns could swiftly glide through s.p.a.ce and avoid the other's Soul Consciousness coverage in a short period. That was how they became so evilly cunning that people couldn't catch them.

Not long after Shi Yan had arrived in this Raging Flame Star Area, he knew warriors in this place didn't use many clear or fixed martial techniques, as they had only used the power Upanishad, the fundamental knowledge of heaven and earth's power.

Martial techniques were the ways of using energy and power Upanishads accurately. If they had a deep understanding of the Upanishads and a profound realm, they could vary their use of powers, and could create their unique martial techniques without considering the minor details.

Warriors in the Raging Flame Star Area had used the power Upanishad as the foundation to create the martial techniques through their understanding of the principles of their own powers and the particular situations. They wouldn't have a fixed style during fighting.

For example, the Dipper G.o.d Arrow of the Radiant G.o.d Cult was a way of using the star power of the Star Martial Spirit. However, as Shi Yan had a deep understanding of the Star Upanishad and the movement of the Big Dipper, he could use the simplest rules of Nature and the situation of his battle to adjust the Big Dipper G.o.d Arrow as he liked. With small amendments, he could create a new martial technique, and also a new type of energy attack.

In the high-level continents, the power Upanishads were the foundation. As long as a warrior understood a rule of natural power, when he used this energy, he could base it on different given circ.u.mstances to create a better martial technique to attack his opponent. He could create a new martial technique at any time as he pleased.

Martial techniques were just the means to show the rules of Nature as they rebuilt and changed some kind of natural energy.

As they knew the foundation, the martial techniques would frequently change from time to time to show its best features.

The more they understood the power Upanishad and principles of heaven and earth, the more perfectly and flexibly they could utilize their energies during a fight. At the same time, the martial techniques they created during the battles would become more powerful and tremendous to promote the essence of power Upanishads.

As the three Bone Thorns had the essence of the mysterious s.p.a.ce, it naturally advanced into the magical martial technique. It took curves in the air, making indefinite turns while gathering more and more s.p.a.ce power to become devilishly sharper. 

When the Bone Thorns almost stabbed Da Meng, they disappeared into thin air one more time as if they had fallen into a s.p.a.ce crack, leaving no aura.

Da Meng discolored. He was totally alert, as he knew the attack would arrive abruptly.


The three Bone Thorns suddenly flashed. They were moving in a triangular formation and hadn't changed their targets yet, still aiming at his eyes and glabella.

At the moment they appeared visibly, they were just ten centimeters away from Da Meng, as if they could directly p.r.i.c.k his sockets.


Da Meng shouted ear-splittingly. A mark arose from deep inside his eyes. People could see his soul altar tremble a little bit.

A beast soul rolled, appeared, and enlarged from his left eye shortly. That beast looked like a giant hedgehog. Spikes on its body glistened radiantly.

Boom Boom Boom!

The three Bone Thorns stabbed on that beast, making it groan mournfully and bizarrely. The ma.s.sive body of the beast shriveled rapidly. When the aura of the three Bone Thorns ceased completely, the beast got back into Da Meng's eyes, staying quietly in his soul altar.

Da Meng sneered. Countless symbols and charms sparkled in his hands. He grabbed the three Bone Thorns halting in front of him with one hand. So many symbols and charms flowed like a furious current of water, swarming into the three Bone Thorns.

The Bone Thorns made of the bones of a level 10 beast were softened under the power of those magical symbols.

Crack Crack!

Da Meng squeezed his hand, and the three Bone Thorns were broken into ten pieces. He then used both hands to knead the bones. Shortly, bone dust scattered as he had ground them up fully.

While smirking, he touched his forehead. His eyes were icy cold as he was giving orders using his Soul Consciousness.

Two more beasts were coming out of his eyes. They were a giant hawk with blooming orange light and a one-eyed wolf. These two beasts were also in their soul form. As soon as they got out of his eyes, they started to take in the ma.s.sive amount of heaven and earth energy. Shortly, their bodies gained the energy of the oppressive outer s.p.a.ce, becoming full of flesh and blood Qi. They both looked imposing.

At the same time, the Silver-armored Tigon King, which had been struck hard by Shi Yan's Star power, stood up while glaring at him maliciously. It then faced up the sky, roaring terribly and gathering the heaven and earth energy. Just like a gray sand tornado, it furiously attacked Shi Yan's back.

"Don't kill him," Da Lei suddenly beamed a faint smile. He evilly peeked at Princess Zi Yao, asking his son. "Wounding is alright. He's just a barbarian warrior. Our Princess won't blame us for hurting him. Spare his life. This kid's good though. He's strong enough to force you using three soul beasts."

Du Feng, Bergh, and the others became grim, their faces gloomy.

"Kid, without those strange Bone Thorns, let see what tricks you have," Da Meng smirked. Even though his face was a little bit pale, his eyes were still as sharp as blades.

Shi Yan frowned, but he didn't hasten to answer or to look at his back. Instead, he looked at Princess Zi Yao standing aside. "I want to use all of my force to counter, so I'm not sure if I'll be careful enough not to hurt the opponent."

Rumble rumble!

The gray tornado of the Silver-armored Tigon King fell into Shi Yan's Gravitational Field, and then was ground by different energies in there. The tigon could create no threat to him now.

Princess Zi Yao's heart, which was tensed tight, calmed down on hearing him. She looked at him in the eyes and then beamed a bright smile. "It's hard to avoid getting hurt during a battle. I think brother Da Meng has been prepared. You can use your full force. No need to be afraid so much."

"That will do!"

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