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After her words, everybody else gazed at Shi Yan.

Not only were Da Lei and Da Meng startled, but Du Feng, Bergh, and the other warriors following Princess Zi Yao also discolored in shock.

Only Princess Zi Yao could maintain her natural composure. She smiled charmingly. "I've planned to a.s.sign that quota to him. Recently, he's done many things for me. And, all that I've done is to contribute to the Empire. So, it can be said that he has contributed his efforts to the Empire too."

Da Lei's face was cold. His blade-like eyes scanned Shi Yan over and over.

Shi Yan felt a vague pain wherever the other's eyes glided over his body. It seemed that his soul also got attacked by needles, causing an annoying pain that he made him want to die to end it.

Shi Yan was frightened. His visage changed while he was acc.u.mulating his energy to prepare himself discreetly.

Da Lei had just looked at him, yet it was too much to bear. If the other wanted to kill him, it would be much effortless like killing an ant.

This feeling irritated him a lot.

Shi Yan understood that what Princess Zi Yao said was just to deceive the others to make a chance for him to get on the stage, facilitating his battle with Da Meng. As for the merit, it was all fiction. Since Da Lei and Da Meng had never seen him before, they would have no means to prove it.

"Is he ent.i.tled to enter the Extreme Purgatory Field when he's only at the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm?" Da Lei snorted with a dark face. "Since when has the Extreme Purgatory become that easy to enter?"

"Although his realm isn't high, his competence is enough," Princess Zi Yao nodded and smiled. "Just several days ago, he killed a Third Sky of True G.o.d Realm expert of the Underworld League. Well, it took him less than a minute."

Da Lei was surprised, though disdain was still visible on his face. "Just a small warrior of the Underworld League, do you think he could be compared to my son? My son can battle against King G.o.d Realm experts. His competence is proven to get into the Extreme Purgatory Field. About this kid... I think he isn't eligible!" 

"Well, whether or not he's eligible, I think we should test it." Princess Zi Yao wasn't enraged, smiling to Da Meng. "You guys can fight with each other. If you win, I will give you this quota. How does it sound?"

"Is he eligible to be my match?" Da Meng sneered. "My opponents all have reputations. Well, do I look like I have a lot of free time to play with an anonymous kid like him?" 

"Shi Yan's my follower, also the one I want to send to the Extreme Purgatory Field. He has done a lot for the Empire. When I say he's eligible, he's eligible!" Princess Zi Yao didn't smile anymore, speaking coldly. "If you don't dare to battle him, I'm sorry, you guys should find another way around for a quota. Perhaps, you can ask for it from another feudal va.s.sal. Then, you don't need to babble with me."

Da Lei paled slightly. 

The Dark Firmament Divine Empire had five Grand Va.s.sals under the King. Da Lei was just one of them, and his position and force weren't the strongest.

The other four Grand Va.s.sals were not weaker than him. Their realms and forces were even better than his!

It was really tough to ask for a quota from them. Since he had known he couldn't do that, he had to aim at Princess Zi Yao's quota.

Shi Yan hadn't said anything, but he was acc.u.mulating his energy secretly. He had maintained the peak state for a fight. He knew that he would be exposed to a b.l.o.o.d.y battle, where he could shine his talent for the first time in the Raging Flame Star Area, at any minute.

"Your Highness, you mean as long as my son can defeat your cortege, you will give us that quota?" Da Lei contemplated for a while and then grinned all of a sudden. He wasn't so hostile as before, giving people a feeling of a tender and mild person.

However, his sharp eyes were gazing at Shi Yan with a gleam of brutal aura in his pupils.

As he had said that, Princess Zi Yao was bewildered. She slammed her brows together, throwing a glance at Shi Yan, while she was actually sighing in her heart. She said persistently, "It's true. If he can defeat Shi Yan, I'll grant him my quota."

"Thank you, Your Highness," Da Lei suddenly laughed, clapping his hands. "It's my bad, I misunderstood you. Turns out you've treated us best, as you wanted to give us a quota for free. How dumb I am! I just realized your hardship. I'm so bad I deserve to be dead."

He laughed out loud, glancing at Da Meng. "Then we shall get to the arena and train with the Princess' warrior. Remember son, you have to reduce your force. Don't you ever hurt the Princess' henchman."

As Da Meng heard his father, he seemed to understand something, bowing to Princess Zi Yao with a big smile on his face. "Your Highness, thank you for your favor. I will carve it in my heart, and I will never forget your favor today."

The other warriors standing behind them also wore a strange smile.

Princess Zi Yao and Du Feng grimaced, and people couldn't see their real thoughts.

Apparently, the other didn't consider Shi Yan an equal match. He disdained Shi Yan, and he just took the battle as a step of the procedure to get a pa.s.s. This game would be ended in seconds.

"Please instruct me more!"

Under such pressured atmosphere, Shi Yan took one step forward. With a calm face and a straight back, he diffused an aura as ma.s.sive as a mountain.

People's mocking laughter ceased gradually. Da Lei, his son, and their men looked at Shi Yan with a natural face, as they weren't really serious while standing before this big fight.

"Go, and behave. Don't act unreasonably like you've always done. They offer you a quota for free. You should be grateful," Da Lei said relaxedly, waving his hand.

Princess Zi Yao's beautiful eyes sparkled strangely. She signaled Du Feng, Bergh, and the others to step back and leave a s.p.a.cious area for Shi Yan and Da Meng, which would facilitate their battle, as they didn't need to worry about hurting the onlookers.

Shi Yan stood firm like a rock. He wasn't enraged by the sneering and mocking noises around. Such calmness made people feel weird. He acted like he was just a man in the crowd who was about to watch a good game, instead of the one who would take part in the battle.

Da Lei also waved his had to make his delegation step back. Da Meng laughed out loud, throwing Shi Yan a glance. "Don't worry. I'll give the Princess face by not killing you. Anyway, I'm not a well-behaved guy. I'll perhaps leave some marks on you. It's normal though. Don't be tense. I won't take your life."

"Talkative," Shi Yan parted his lips and couldn't help but snort.

Da Meng's countenance became icy-cold. "Kid, what did you just say?"

"I say, you're like a p*ssy. You talk too much before the battle. Too talkative. Don't you feel annoyed?" Shi Yan said with a serious face.

Da Meng laughed louder. "You want to enrage me? Funny, eh? Do you think that you can affect the match by provoking me? Are you that naive? Who do you think you are? Although you can provoke me and mess my mind, do you think you could dodge this disaster?"


Shi Yan stooped slightly, then frowned and shouted.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

Three Bone Thorns appeared behind Da Meng, hissing and stabbing fiercely towards his back.

Since those Bone Thorns were added with s.p.a.ce power, they could use Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness to tear the s.p.a.ce and appear out of thin air without any prior signals. By the time Da Meng found them, the three Bone Thorns were just a blink away from him.

Thud Thud Thud!

Three dull thudding sounds echoed. A flower bloomed behind Da Meng beautifully and evilly, creating a flower shield to prevent the three Bone Thorns thrusting. Real flower petals scattered.

The man's body shook three times. His face reddened, as a gleam of anger sparkled in his eyes. Shi Yan had finally provoked him.

"You've overreached yourself." Da Meng thundered indignantly, touching his forehead. A spinning soul altar flew out from his Sea of Consciousness. A ma.s.sive soul got out of his glabella.

It was a Silver-armored Tigon King, that was around ten meters long. This Tigon King was really famous in the Raging Flame Star Area. The Silver-armored Tigon King had silver scales around its body. It looked both like the lion and tiger, with an intimidating power and extremely sharp claws that could tear metals and rock easily. This creature had an inborn prowess, with its two eyes looking like two cubes of vivid blood. It was so frightening and amazing!

This Silver-armored Tigon King was just a soul. It seemed to have taken shelter in Da Meng's soul altar, where Da Meng raised the tigon. As soon as it got out, the Silver-armored Tigon King rolled on the ground. Big rocks then stuck on its ma.s.sive body like pieces of clay.

Shortly, the tigon in its soul form had gained flesh from rocks. Its aura diffused brutally and evilly, as its formidable Blood Qi and energy expanded torrentially.

The ten-meters-tall Silver-armored Tigon King now had silver rocks as its armor. It then faced up the sky and roared ear-splittingly. Then, its sharp blade claws swept over Shi Yan, as if it wanted to rip Shi Yan's body apart and tear his abdomen instantly.

Energy fluctuations on the Silver-armored Tigon King were formidable. This creature didn't act as if it were just a soul. Moreover, it was more ruthless than before it died. Seeing its aura and swift moves, Princess Zi Yao's warriors were startled, their looks changing.

The cold visage on Zi Yao's face disappeared. Worry showed on her exquisite face. Her eyes flared as she was nervous secretly.

If Shi Yan lost this game, not only would she lose a quota, but it would also blow Da Lei's arrogance. This opportunity would give Da Meng a great benefit, which would make it hard to suppress him later.

No matter what, she didn't wish that Shi Yan would lose this game. However, as soon as Da Meng took action, she was astounded by his power. Finally, she could verify the rumors about this young man. Da Meng did have the competence to battle with King G.o.d Realm warriors.

Different from her, as soon as Da Meng struck out, his father, Da Lei, immediately smiled relaxingly. With the service from his maids, he was smiling and eating fruits while talking with a warrior standing next to him.

He wasn't worried at all, as he seemed to know the result of this match beforehand. He believed that his son would win effortlessly.

No one expected good prospects for Shi Yan, including Princess Zi Yao, who had believed in him before. After seeing how strong Da Meng was, she suddenly felt regret. She regretted her decision of taking a risk and letting a strange warrior join this battle. 

The woman worriedly watched Shi Yan as she sighed, thinking about her mistake and what to do to make it up.

However, while she hadn't thought about any good solutions, she saw something in Shi Yan's eyes. A tyrannically malicious aura burst out from Shi Yan, which could even shake her.

"A!" Princess Zi Yao's eyes brightened, and couldn't help but let out a breath. "Ah!"

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