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The amethyst battleship stopped at a continent which had three suns in the sky.

Standing on the battleship, Shi Yan lifted his head to watch the three ma.s.sive suns in the sky. As his body was bathed in the thick sunlight, he felt so comfortable while his Star Martial Spirit was taking in the power of the sun. 

The Earth Flame in the center of the heaven flame altar seemed to be happy too. Since the Earth Flame used to fuse with the Sun Essence, it had the solar energy in its nature. 

Staying on a continent with the three dazzling suns like this, Shi Yan felt quite cozy.

The heaven and earth energy on this continent was lavish. Although Shi Yan was standing on the battleship, he could feel his mind refreshed. He understood that it would be quite useful for his cultivation while staying here.

In his sight, Shi Yan could see so many lakes and groups of ma.s.sive palaces. Those palaces were like mountains piercing the clouds. In the center of the lakes and those palaces, flowers bloomed beautifully. Unknown flowers could be seen everywhere, even on the green city walls. This view seemed magnificent to Shi Yan.

After the amethyst battleship stopped, several thousand people gathered to greet them. The leader of that group was a Ghost Mark Clan's expert. He had delicate tattoos on his face, outlined by the shoulder-length hair. This expert had a lean body, but his clothes were kind of relaxing styled. He was wearing a green warrior attire, which couldn't be said to be luxurious or precious. His face was filled with sincere and longing smiles.

Standing behind him were many warriors, including almost one hundred King G.o.d Realm warriors. Their auras shot up to the sky, which frightened people.

"The arrival of your Highness is Da Lei's biggest honor. Welcome, Princess!" The Ghost Mark Clan's leader expert pitched his voice cheerily and openly. He took several hurried steps to greet her from afar.

A young Ghost Mark Clan's member stood behind him. This man had some similar features as his leader. His eyes sparkled, gazing at Princess Zi Yao without blinking. Apparently, he had a deep admiration for her, and he didn't mind showing it.

Princess Zi Yao smiled implicitly. She descended off her amethyst battleship, talking tenderly. "Having Uncle Da Lei guarding this region, my Father could ease his mind. I'm pa.s.sing by just to send Uncle Da Lei my Father's appreciation. Thank you for keeping this area peaceful."

"As the feudal official, it's my duty to erase the worry and solve the troubles. I don't dare to show my achievement," Da Lei laughed. "Please, your Highness, please join our party. I've arranged everything for you."

Shi Yan walked together with Bergh's team, getting off the purple battleship. He eyed Da Lei – the leader, and he couldn't hide his surprise. 

Shi Yan felt no energy fluctuation on Da Lei's body. At first glance, he was just an ordinary person. However, the warriors standing behind him all had the aura of the high mountains or the deep ocean. Their energy fluctuations were all earth-shaking.

Shi Yan shuddered inside, as he immediately recognized that Da Lei was absolutely a supernatural expert. The one who could conceal all of his aura and reveal nothing to the outer world must have a tremendous realm, which he didn't dare to imagine.

"Ah, my Prince, you also came here. Excellent! Today is my lucky day. My Prince and Princess are here. Such an honor has touched me so much." Da Lei looked at Du Feng, who had arrived the last, his face was joyful as he screamed continually.

"Greetings, Uncle Da Lei. I wish you could increase your realm to another level and expand your territory with more experts under your command." Du Feng slightly bent his body, his face natural.

"Thank you, thank you," Da Lei laughed cheerily. "As your golden mouth has wished me the best, I must try my best effort. Haha, perhaps I can borrow your luck. I can feel the sign of breaking through recently. I think your wish has its effect then." Da Lei seemed to be in a good mood as he thundered his happy words.

Standing behind him were the experts under his command. They stood upright, making their auras stronger and more intimidating.

Zi Yao, Du Feng, and the others had a streak of fear in their eyes, their faces panic-stricken.

Shi Yan's face remained as calm as usual. However, he was shaken inside. He was more surprised while looking at Da Lei.

Da Lei had reached a realm Shi Yan didn't dare to estimate. And now he said that he was about to break through again. This man was really frightening! If it happened that way, it was him prevailing over them from the very first encounter.

Shi Yan was good at reading people's words and countenance. He could see how uneasy Zi Yao and Du Feng were, so he understood that what Da Lei said had given them a headache. It was a feeling of finding the way to get off the tiger once one got on its back.

"Then, we have to congratulate Uncle," Princess Zi Yao smiled. Her beautiful eyes moved, falling on the young man standing behind Da Lei. "Brother Da Meng, are you about to break through, too?"

The young man of the Ghost Mark Clan was shaken. He cracked a smile and then nodded. "Your Highness has such bright eyes. I think it will take three years max to enter the King G.o.d Realm. Haha, it's my father who cares about me a lot. He has collected a lot of spiritual pellets and medicines to help me advance."

Zi Yao's eyes sparkled but her heart sank to the bottom. She peeked at Shi Yan meaningfully as she was sighing in her heart.

She was hesitant now, whether it was a good idea or not.

Da Meng had been so intimidating already. At the Third Sky of True G.o.d Realm, he could battle with a King G.o.d Realm warrior under Da Lei's force. Although the other hadn't tried his best, it was enough to prove that Da Meng was prominent.

If he could reach the threshold to break through again, he must have made some attainment recently. This was what was dangerous about Da Meng. He was about to reach a new realm.

Zi Yao didn't favor Shi Yan especially, and on hearing Da Meng, she became even more worried. Now, she was afraid that Shi Yan would be defeated right when he joined the battle. At that time, Da Lei and his son wouldn't be scared, but it would help increase their pride and arrogance even more. 

She suddenly got a headache.

"My son didn't just boast. I've checked him carefully. He's at the threshold, indeed." Da Lei laughed contentedly, glancing at Zi Yao and Du Feng. A mysterious pride appeared in his eyes.

Zi Yao's mood became heavy.

Du Feng and Bergh also signaled her to give up the idea of letting Shi Yan combat with him. It would save their faces and the imperial prowess.

Zi Yao frowned, but she didn't reveal her thoughts, just glancing at Shi Yan, as if she were asking for his opinion.

Shi Yan's bearings were neither scared nor surprised. He looked at her straight in the eyes and nodded slightly.

Zi Yao was amazed. She looked at him for a while. Her hesitant thought seemed to get clearer.

It was unknown why, but on seeing Shi Yan's natural posture, she felt that she still had hope betting on this battle.

Shi Yan had something that could ease her mind, giving her an unclear trust.

Shi Yan had soon known who was going to be his opponent. The aura and energy surging from Da Meng's body was tremendous and intimidating, which was much more exaggerated than Bao Ao and Jie Ji. It was true that he was about to break through.

If Shi Yan hadn't broken through to the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm, going through the period of arduous practice and his tough self-training, he wouldn't dare to agree with her.

However, he understood that this battle would determine his future. He didn't want to retreat, and he did want to see how much those days of ascetic training had helped him increase his power.

"Your Highness, can we join the party now?" Da Lei was laughing inwardly, but his face was respectful. He bowed and asked.

Princess Zi Yao nodded and smiled. "Thank you, Uncle."

Zi Yao's group sauntered toward the palaces in front of them amidst the warm welcome of father and son Da Lei. They, then saw the high and luxurious structures like small mounts, accompanied with so many beautiful lakes like pieces of emerald decorating the area.

Thick heaven and earth energy was guided into the place. The walls around the place had so many restraints and barriers, which emitted a furious energy. If someone carelessly touched them, the counterattack shot back would be tremendous.

Shi Yan frowned, quietly following Princess Zi Yao. He discreetly a.s.sessed the surroundings and becoming more astounded.

Compared to the defensive walls of this place, the Utmost Eight Purgatories City he had built in the Perpetual Night Forest was just a toy, be it in terms of the scale or defending ability.

He believed that even a King G.o.d Realm warrior, who wanted to vandalize this place, would be killed by the formation and barriers set up here. The guards of this place didn't need to move even a finger.

Da Meng put on a sincere smiling face, following Princess Zi Yao. He generously and amicably introduced the defensive power of this area. Shi Yan could see a gleam of arrogance in his eyes.

This young man didn't conceal his admiration towards Princess Zi Yao. Anybody could see that.

While he was introducing the place, he didn't forget to chat with Du Feng. He was so thoughtful that he didn't let Du Feng feel neglected.

However, except for Zi Yao and Du Feng, he didn't care about anyone else. He didn't even give them a glance. Da Meng disdainfully skipped them all.

In this star area, he was the master. He could swagger without caring about anything, as each life star in this area belonged to his territory. Since he was a little kid, he had been grown up under his father's favor and affections. With outstanding innate endowment, he could break through to the new realm fast. That was why his father loved him even more than before.

He had the competence to be arrogant.

Shi Yan watched everything in silence. He didn't say anything, but he was astounded in his heart. 

Da Lei was one of the feudal va.s.sals of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation. However, he had around ten life stars, and some big mineral stars. He had his own territory and people. He could be considered the lord of a large region.

His palaces were grand and large like the mountains jutted up to the sky, with countless restraints and formations. Under his commands were many hotshots, as dense as clouds in the sky. Shi Yan could detect almost one hundred King G.o.d Realm warriors, even one of whom was enough to destroy the entire Grace Mainland.

Da Lei's force was too powerful in Shi Yan's eyes.

Thinking about the Dark Firmament Divine Nation and the other forces that could stand shoulder by shoulder with it, Shi Yan felt so small in this vast universe.

He had just made his first step to the Raging Flaming Star Area. Compared to the other experts, he was just like a tiny, vulnerable ant.

He knew he had to try his best nonstop. He shouldn't relax. If he wanted to survive and gain things, he must become stronger by any means.

Quietly clenching his fists, Shi Yan's eyes became more resolute, as his goal was clear.

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