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Princess Zi Yao's index finger p.r.i.c.ked into Shi Yan's chest, and a clear sound of metal banging echoed. Shi Yan shivered slightly, and his face turned red immediately. Light sparkled in his eyes, which looked really terrible.

Shi Yan felt as if a long spear had stabbed him. Fine light spots shot out of his chest, while his shirt had been ragged, revealing a finger-sized hole.

The energy layer he had acc.u.mulated in front of his chest had been broken by a sharp force. Energy hidden in his flesh and blood boiled furiously, flowing towards that area to recover the protection.

Princess Zi Yao's beautiful eyes sparkled. She nodded, but it was hard to recognize. She pushed with more force, stabbing her index finger again.

The extremely sharp energy burst off instantly. Shi Yan felt like so many needles were p.r.i.c.king his stone-like body, making him tremble.

An eye-catching halo bloomed as Princess Zi Yao's fingernail pierced through the shield Shi Yan had created. Her sharp finger dug deep into Shi Yan's flesh, and blood gushed out.

Shi Yan's face was cold and calm. He stooped to see the jade-like index finger of the other while urging his energy discreetly. He had to be always cautious.

Zi Yao didn't push it further. She parted her lips and smiled, slowly retracting her finger. Her beautiful eyes were as bright as a pair of diamonds, her breath like the orchid fragrance. "You didn't fail me, indeed. It's excellent that your body can reach this degree even before you can condense the G.o.d Body."

Shi Yan exhaled in relief, forcing a smile. "My highness, could you be kind enough to tell me what your realm is?"

"A little higher than yours," Zi Yao smiled tenderly. "The Third Sky of King G.o.d Realm. It's not easy to destroy your flesh shield. Don't think you're too weak."

A pleasant fragrance diffused from her body that could get into people's soul and make them show their masculine desires. 

Although Shi Yan had experienced all kinds of women, he couldn't resist it. Shi Yan felt shameful with a red face while he had the featured reaction that a man should have in front of a beautiful woman.

Zi Yao chuckled tenderly. Her beautiful eyes peeked meaningfully at his crotch. She laughed for a bit. "Turns out you're a bad boy." 

Shi Yan was so embarra.s.sed that he could only beam a forced smile.

"Although your realm isn't so high, your competence isn't bad. We are going to pa.s.s by a place where you have to join a battle. Don't fail me. You need to recover to the peak." Zi Yao took several steps backward, her pretty eyes raking through his body. She said smilingly. "Your opponent's the youngest son of a feudal va.s.sal. He's a genius at the Third Sky of True G.o.d Realm. Anyway, he's much stronger than Fergie. I heard that... he can fight with a King G.o.d Realm warrior for a while without falling into the disadvantaged situation. You'll help me destroy his fighting spirit."

"Your Highness, you do favor me," Shi Yan felt funny.

"Of course! I was willing to give up the Metal Wind mineral lode Bi Rou had offered, which means I do favor you, and highly appreciate you. With your innate and ability in learning, you will have a bright future. So, you must grab it tightly while you still have the chance."

While Zi Yao was talking, she stretched her body. Her milky bosom under the thin layer of her purple silk dress bulged generously, as if it wanted to tear her clothes to get some fresh air out there. Such amazing elasticity and fullness had shaken Shi Yan's mind badly. 

"Of course, I will do my best," Shi Yan took a sly look and then held his breath, circulating the cold energy of the Ice Cold Flame to wake up his mind. It would save him from showing his unacceptable behavior.

This woman was truly a pretty disaster, the nemesis of all men. Each move of hers, from frowning to laughing, could grab a man's soul tightly, making him sink deep into her charming features.

Shi Yan thought that every moment he had spent with this woman was the time his dark desire had been driven fiercely. He had to always remind and restrain himself to reluctantly escape from her charming seduction. 

"Okay, we'll do that way. You should recover your power to the peak. When we get there, you should come out yourself. If you can defeat him, I will satisfy one of your wishes." Zi Yao's succulent red lips parted. Her watery black eyes hid something.

A wish? What kind of wish? Looking at her, Shi Yan couldn't control his mind but think badly. His eyes became hot.

"Little brother, you are bad. You said you wanted to be a flower guard of mine. Don't watch and then steal." Zi Yao laughed cheerily. Her eyes stroked along his lower body. She left the laughter that sounded cheerful as the jingle of silver bells before disappearing. Although she wasn't in the room, her voice was still echoing. "Don't think too much. If you can surpa.s.s me one day, I'll allow you to wander your thoughts. It's too early now." Her voice was like she was whining right next to Shi Yan's ears. It was just her voice, but it could still seduce Shi Yan that much.

When her voice faded, Shi Yan looked down to see a little tent at his crotch. He couldn't hide his embarra.s.sment.

"This alluring woman..."

He muttered, then beamed a forced smile and shook his head to wake his mind. He returned to his bed, sitting neatly and closing his eyes again. Shi Yan quieted down his mind and soul to sink in his cultivation.

Princess Zi Yao got back to her master cabin. The amethyst hall in this cabin was carved with exquisite patterns. A pond stayed in the middle of the room, which was full of spiritual Qi and strange fruits. They were all fresh and delicious, making people's mouth water.

Bergh, Prince Du Feng, and the five King G.o.d Realm warriors were sitting neatly around a round table by the pond. They were having fruits and discussing something.

After Zi Yao took her seat, she smiled tenderly. "That kid's innate endowment isn't bad. Although he doesn't have the G.o.d Body, his body's really st.u.r.dy. Moreover, his fighting style's brutal and fierce. He should have the energy to fight once."

"Sis, do you really want him to battle Da Meng?" Apparently, Du Feng didn't agree with her idea. He snorted, "In our Dark Firmament Divine Nation, Da Meng is a famous genius. He has reached the Peak of True G.o.d Realm when he's still young. Fergie can't be compared with him. If we fail, not only we can't trouble Da Lei's spirit, but it will make him even more arrogant. What we could gain wouldn't be enough to make up our losses."

"Da Lei and General Commander Tuo Hai of the Underworld League are really close lately. I think they have some intentions. If we don't correct him, he will feel that we aren't keeping our eye on him. He will become more arrogant." Zi Yao's smile ceased. Although she wasn't angry, she looked solemn. "Da Meng isn't ordinary at the Peak of True G.o.d Realm. He's able to battle with King G.o.d Realm warriors. Even if he can't actually win, he's dangerous enough. If Shi Yan defeats Da Meng, Da Lei will understand that I want him to be contented with his lot, and not engage in dark things behind my back."

"Your Highness, can Shi Yan do that?" The braids on Bergh's head swung as he shook his head. "That kid comes from a low-level continent. Even if he can kill Fergie, it proves nothing. That woman was just a small character in the Underworld League. He isn't as excellent as Da Meng." 

"Of course, I know that," Zi Yao frowned. "I don't expect that he can win. If he makes it a tie, he can fulfill our wish already. Since he is only at the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm, even if he loses, he won't embarra.s.s us."

She wasn't so confident. Da Meng's reputation was well known around the area, and there was also his outstanding father. Since he was just a little kid, he had had all the best power Upanishads to cultivate. At the same time, his body had been refined by so many precious pellets, medicines, and secret treasures, which made his fighting competence earth-shaking.

In her eyes, as long as Shi Yan could surprise or trouble Da Meng, it was enough to satisfy her.

"Your Highness, you've used a Metal Wind mineral lode to exchange for this kid. Don't bury him too early," Bergh tried to advise her. "Da Meng's always ruthless. No one can have a decent ending fighting with him. If you let Shi Yan engage in a battle with him, it's not different from a slap on his face. He won't give you face. If Shi Yan got killed instantly, we would lose our face for sure. It will harm our imperial prowess."

"That kid won't be killed that easily," Princess Zi Yao hesitated for a while and then continued with a faint voice. "Let him prove himself. Let see if he's worth a Metal Wind mineral lode. If he can make it a tie in the battle with Da Meng and wear out the other's fighting spirit, it proves that he's a talent that we should nurture. If he got killed, then it would be his fate. Of course, it's not a piece of cake to gain an excellent achievement. He has to pay for what he wants. It's the rule of Nature."

Seeing her being so persistent, Bergh and Prince Du Feng understood that it was no use to give her advice. They didn't continue to discuss with her, but deep inside their heads, no one thought highly of him. They thought that the battle with Da Meng would be the end of Shi Yan's life.

Seeing Zi Yao not wanting to continue this topic, Bergh and Du Feng stood up and excused themselves with a dark countenance.

Waiting until everybody left, Zi Yao picked up some fulgent grapes and ate one by one, her eyes complicated. After a long while, she mumbled, "I hope you won't fail me. I hope you can make it this time. That's how I can have the reasons to nurture you and make the others believe in you."

Shi Yan didn't know about the talk between Princess Zi Yao and the others. He was still immersed in his cultivation world, using the Solid Pellets and a piece of medium-quality Divine Crystal to enhance his energy and train his body.

At the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm, filling up his Essence Qi ancient tree was a long-term, big construction.

Normal warriors at this realm would need more than ten years using the Divine Crystals to supplement their energy and fill the Essence Qi ancient tree, making each branch of its translucent and abundant. It would be the required stage to prepare the Essence Qi to break through to the Third Sky of True G.o.d Realm.

He was a little bit better, since he had the power from Fergie, which had promoted his progress. However, it wasn't a short period before his Essence Qi ancient tree possessed abundant energy.

Shi Yan had been in his ascetic training, not caring about days or nights. While the Immortal Martial Spirit was recovering his body, it made his tendons, bones, flesh, and blood st.u.r.dier. At the same time, his soul was immersing in understanding the power Upanishads. Shi Yan didn't dare to relax for even a second.

Today, Shi Yan had used up all of the Solid Pellets. After the Immortal Martial Spirit had recovered his blood and flesh, he finally had some time to gather and sort the information he had gained recently.

In the Raging Flame Star Area, he was just an outsider. Without a guide, it was not easy for him to grow and expose his talent alone.

He understood that following Princess Zi Yao was a wise decision. One day, when he could reach the higher realm and surpa.s.s the other, his cortege status would be dismissed.

It was the rule of outer s.p.a.ce. As long as one's realm and power were strong enough, one could earn a place of their own. One didn't need to look at people's countenance to live. One could fly above the restriction of any force.

The amethyst battleship vibrated when a beam of sunlight crept through the amethyst, falling on him, making him comfortable and happy. His Star Martial Spirit proactively took in the flaming energy of the Sun. This harvest was much more than what he had experienced in the Grace Mainland.

Shi Yan was shaken. He knew that a furious battle was awaiting him, which would determine his destiny.

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