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Shi Yan had gotten rid of his status as a medicinal cauldron, so he didn't need to stay on the lowest deck of the bronze steamship anymore. He moved to the second deck of the ship, which had large rooms with bathrooms and training rooms. The facilities there were much better and exquisite. He also got good food there. 

Du Feng wasn't so friendly to Shi Yan. Every time he saw him, he gave him an ugly face and cold eyes.

Shi Yan didn't care about him. He stayed and practiced relaxingly in his cabin. The wounds he got from the battle with Fergie had been healed long ago. And, quite the contrary, Shi Yan received a bigger benefit from Fergie's Essence Qi when she died. Now, he felt that his realm more solid, and he could even gain a new gleam of understanding of his powers. 

The giant bronze steamship was now controlled by a King G.o.d Realm expert under Princess Zi Yao's command. Not long afterward, it stopped.

"Move!" Princess Zi Yao let out a low shout from the main deck of the ship. The warriors under her command, including Shi Yan, got out of their cabins.

When he got to the main deck, at the first glance, Shi Yan was shaken, revealing that he was dumbstruck.

In front of him was a ma.s.sive amethyst crystal, as big as a giant meteorolite, more than five times bigger than this bronze steamship. This amethyst crystal was shimmering with a charming halo in this dark and gloomy outer s.p.a.ce. He could see some purple buildings and even a small lake there.

This amethyst crystal was like a small island or a moving temporary imperial abode, floating silently in the air. Many warriors in neat uniforms were waiting for them on that ma.s.sive amethyst crystal with respectful manners.

"This amethyst battleship's my moving temporary imperial abode. Lately, I was hurried to get there, so I had to leave it here." Princess Zi Yao smiled charmingly, throwing Shi Yan a glance. She chuckled and asked, "What do you think?"

 "Luxurious and n.o.ble. A thing I could never imagine something like this. I have never heard about it in my continent," Shi Yan answered her honestly, showing her that he was quite astounded.

Princess Zi Yao smiled then nodded. "Of course. You're from a low-level continent. It would be weird if your place had an outer s.p.a.ce moving battleship like this one." She waved her hand, talking to a King G.o.d Realm expert. "You'll be in charge of this Underworld League's bronze ship. The others follow me."

She floated up and flew down from that amethyst war chariot. Amidst the glorious purple light, she descended like a bunch of light towards the amethyst battleship.

Many warriors on the battleship bowed to greet her. They pitched their voices respectfully.

When her purple war chariot was about to land, that amethyst crystal suddenly cracked open, swallowing the entire war chariot, as if it had a special landing location for it.

Du Feng and the other warriors of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation flew up and then landed on the amethyst battleship – Princess Zi Yao's private moving temporary imperial abode – one by one.

Shi Yan hesitated a little bit before turning into a bunch of light, drilling through the energy storm, and landing on that giant amethyst crystal.

A flow of fiercely surging energy rippled from the amethyst battleship. The moving imperial abode suddenly flew up, accelerating fast.

"Bergh, you should arrange a place for him." Princess Zi Yao stretched her body, revealing her curves that enchanted people. She talked to Shi Yan lazily. "If you don't know something, just ask Bergh. He's been following me for quite long. He understands our situation well."

Shi Yan smiled, then slightly bowed to the Dark Spirit Clan's warrior called Bergh, a man who had many braids. "Please teach me more."

"Don't be too polite," Bergh nodded faintly. He was a little arrogant as well.

This expert was at the Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm, and he had followed Princess Zi Yao for many years. He could be considered quite experienced. Although Shi Yan had proven his extraordinary competence, he was only at the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm. In this expert's eyes, Shi Yan wasn't a top-grade warrior.

"Alright, I'm going to take a flower bath and then rest. You should do what you need to do." Princess Zi Yao entered the amethyst battleship and then disappeared. Shi Yan couldn't even sense her aura anymore.

Shi Yan sensed for a while and found that there were almost one thousand people inside and outside this amethyst battleship!

Most of them were at the True G.o.d Realm and Spirit Realm. It looked like they were Princess Zi Yao's cortege and servants. Also, Shi Yan could sense more than ten King G.o.d Realm experts on this battleship. Those people must be holding high positions.

Each King G.o.d Realm warriors had a different place to rest, and they didn't need to share the room with other people.

"If you don't know something, you can ask me. But, I don't have much time to take care of you all the time. You can only disturb me when I'm not cultivating." The King G.o.d Realm expert with so many braids on his head lifted his face, pointing in a direction with a cold visage. "You should get to that entrance. The second room on the left on the second floor is yours. If you have any problems, think and ask me later."

Du Feng had disappeared earlier. As soon as they landed on the battleship, he immediately got in as if he needed to use the place to restore his power.

During the period he was restrained, he had consumed a lot of energy without any supplementation. His confinement also had a barrier that prevented him from gathering energy. If he couldn't refill his energy soon, it would harm his cultivation base.

Hearing Bergh's advice, Shi Yan smiled and nodded, but didn't ask anything. Following the man's words, he got into the battleship through a pa.s.sage and went to the second room down there.

The walls here were made of amethyst, sparkling beautifully with the purple light. They consecutively diffused thick and pure energies that warriors of different cla.s.ses could take in and convert to use. Although it wasn't as pure as the Divine Crystals, it was still quite useful to the warriors.

His cabin was almost two hundred meters squared in area, with different-sized rooms. Those rooms contained precious and exquisite furniture and facilities. Besides the rare fruits and cakes, he found a hot spring and a big bath in a room.

This place was much luxurious than the bronze steamship. Staying in the middle of the opulent furniture, he felt like he was living in a dreamy purple crystal palace.

Shi Yan was satisfied. He took several rounds to check the rooms and kept complimenting Princess Zi Yao, who was really good at enjoying life, as she had such a luxurious and beautiful moving palace.

With this amethyst battleship, moving in outer s.p.a.ce wasn't difficult at all. It was more like enjoying a vacation, where he could ask for everything he wanted.

From this point, Shi Yan knew that Princess Zi Yao's position in the Dark Firmament Divine Nation wasn't ordinary. Also, that country was a filthy rich country, worth being one of the most powerful forces of the Raging Flame Star Area.

Shi Yan stayed in the amethyst battleship, enjoying the fine cuisine and the Solid Pellets every day to enhance his body and power. He didn't ask Bergh anything initially.

Shi Yan could see that Bergh didn't have a good impression of him, and he didn't want to care about Shi Yan. So, Shi Yan shouldn't go to him to lose his face.

Today, while he was cultivating with his eyes closed, he found Princess Zi Yao coming to his cabin quietly. This woman was wearing purple silk pajamas. She strolled with a lazy smile hung on her mouth. Her beautiful eyes looked like the vast, purple sea, where people wanted to sail and never get back. 

Shi Yan woke up, opened his eyes, and beamed a bright smile. He stood up, then slightly bent his body. "Greeting, your highness."

"Here, take these ten G.o.d Congealing Pellets and ten medium-quality Divine Crystals. You are only at the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm. They should be enough for you until you break through to the King G.o.d Realm." Princess Zi Yao beamed a smile. "G.o.d Congealing Pellets are to be used when you break through the King G.o.d Realm. It can provide an enormous energy, which helps you condense the G.o.d Body faster. As you have followed me, of course, I will treat you well."

Then ten G.o.d Congealing Pellets and ten pieces of medium-quality Divine Crystal flew towards him.

Shi Yan extended his arm to receive them. Touching a medium-quality Divine Crystal, he was astounded, thanking her sincerely. He could feel the ma.s.sive energy contained inside that medium-quality Divine Crystal. Only a piece of this kind of Divine Crystal was enough to refill all of his exhausted Essence Qi!

Also, he finally knew the effects of the G.o.d Congealing Pellets which Nita had used his Blood Qi to refine.

Turned out it was such a big help to refine the G.o.d Body. He could imagine how b.l.o.o.d.y the war to compete for a piece of G.o.d Congealing Pellet would be if it fell on the Grace Mainland.

At this moment, he knew that the peak experts of the Raging Flame Star Area had more support and better natural resources than the Grace Mainland. And, this G.o.d Congealing Pellet was just a low-level supplement. Yet, alchemists of the Grace Mainland could never produce it.

"I could see that you have a st.u.r.dy body while fighting with the little girl from the Underworld League. I want to check your body to know your level." Princess Zi Yao smiled beautifully. Then, she extended her left arm, which was such a great piece of art. The fingernail on her index finger sparkled, slowly p.r.i.c.king towards Shi Yan.

The distance between her and Shi Yan seemed to be shortened immediately. An orchid fragrance permeated Shi Yan's mouth and nostrils, making him dreamy. l.u.s.t could be seen in his eyes at this moment.

This woman was such a gorgeous disaster of the world. She was incomparably charming. She was much more perfect and s.e.xier than any women Shi Yan had met. She could be considered the best of the best.

Her jade-like index finger had a moving halo, but her fingernail was really long, like a small, sharp knife. When it approached Shi Yan's chest, the aura it diffused was so sharp that nothing could resist its power.

Shi Yan suddenly became tense, his face solemn. He silently activated the Petrification Martial Spirit and acc.u.mulated the powers in his body. They congealed in front of his chest, creating a dedicatedly fine textured protective flesh layer that naked eyes couldn't see.

"Don't be so nervous. You are one of my people, so I won't hurt you. I just want to check the intensity of your body to see how much pressure you can bear." Princess Zi Yao giggled. Her breath smelled as good as the orchid fragrance. Her heavenly voice was as effective as the best tranquilizer, which relaxed Shi Yan's tense nerves.

However, the aura from her index finger was getting sharper while she was talking. It was like an ice saber or the cold stream shooting towards him.

Shi Yan's eyes relaxed, but his whole mind was staying alert. He knew this was the first time the other had tested him. He must be careful.

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