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Chapter 72 - Each With Their Own Schemes
The whole arena was in a mess!
Mo Tuo was besieged by many masters. Those that Mu Xun brought from Medicine Valley also hounded people from the Mo family.
In the Shi family’s area, once Shi Jian and Shi Yan took action, the masters of the Shi family also sprinted up and attacked the Mo family members.
In a short moment, the arena broke out into a war.
None of the warriors who came to watch the Martial Compet.i.tion expected the event to go down this way.
When the big fight erupted, many furious powers vented out their enmity and ruthlessly attacked their enemies, embroiling many innocents. Because of this, in just few minutes, a number of warriors were sent to their death.
The bystanders could no longer sit still.
Seeing the two families slaughtering each other, very few people decided to stay and continue watching. They all hurriedly retreated from the G.o.d Stone Square, afraid that they might become a target in the slaughterhouse.
The retreat of the bystanders was very swift. Now the only people present in the G.o.d Stone Square were those from the five big families.
The Beijing family was merely the observers. In the absence of Beiming Shang, the Beiming family decided to only be a spectator, not aiding either of the families.

Beiming Ce stood in silence in the Beiming family’s tower. He was closely watching the besieged Mo Tuo, and occasionally gazed at the Mo family members who were attacked by the Shi family.
“Young master, what should we do? Keep watching?”
Beiming Ce’s eyes flashed coldly as he spoke, “Mmmhmm, we don’t need to entangle ourselves in this dog fight. Let them chase among themselves; whatever the outcome, it wouldn’t affect us in the least. We will directly curb the one who loses in the end and take away their inheritance. With our influence in the Merchant Union, we will be the prime benefactors.”
“You are wise, Young Master. But, should we stay?”
“There’s no need.” Beiming Ce suddenly smiled, “Let’s go back, staying and doing nothing wouldn’t be that great after all. We’re not joining the fight anyway, so let’s go back and arrange things a little. Let’s go.”
Upon hearing that, all the masters from the Beiming family nodded in unison. Led by Beiming Ce, they all retreated from the G.o.d Stone Square.
Now, in the arena, only four families remained: Zuo, Ling, Mo and Shi. The Shi and Mo families were fighting, while the Zuo and Ling families were merely the spectators.
Unknowingly, Shi Yang arrived at where the Zuo family was. He bowed to Zuo Xu and said, “Uncle Zuo, I hope you could please keep an eye on the Ling family during this fight.”
Zuo Xu casually replied while sipping his tea, “Don’t worry, the Zuo and Ling families always had feud between us. If the Ling family dares to make a move, we won’t be sit still either. Rest a.s.sured and do whatever your Shi family wants. The Ling family won’t be problem for you.”
“Thank you, Uncle Zuo.”
“It’s nothing, whether it be business or personal affairs, the Zuo family and the Shi family have always been allies; of course we would take some pressure for you.” Zuo Xu nonchalantly said. He gazed at where the Shi family was a.s.sembled, and asked in confusion, “Where’s Shi Yan, that little brat? Why haven’t I seen him?”
Shi Yang was surprised and also looked around, realizing that there truly was no sign of Shi Yan. He shook his head and gave a wry smile, “That kid was just there, now who knows where he’s gone.”
“Watch that kid! The brat is very good, he’s gonna be the future hope of your Shi family, you can’t afford to lose him.” Zuo Xu said.
“Haha, Uncle Han Feng is keeping an eye on him, no need to worry, Uncle Zuo.”
“Hmm, alright then.” Zuo Xu smiled, and while glancing at Zuo Shi next to him, his smile looked a little strange, “Xiao Shi is also quite fond of your Shi Yan.”
Shi Yang’s expression bloomed, and he nodded: “I’ll be going then, Uncle Zuo.”
When Shi Yang was gone, Zuo Shi’s face flashed in confusion, and she said, “Grandpa, when was I fond of that guy? What are you bulls.h.i.tting about? Sending that Dragon Turtle Armor was your idea too, it wasn’t just me who wanted to help him, sheesh.”
“Haha, whatever, same thing.” Zuo Xu seemed like he was in a good mood, and he told the Zuo family members, “We will stay here for now and watch the Ling family for the Shi’s. If the Ling family dares to get involved, we don’t need to act kindly to them either. Hehe, after today, the situation in the Merchant Union is really going to turn upside down. We can’t let the Ling family take any benefits.”
At the Ling family’s side, the head of the family, Ling Jue, frowned silently.
The masters of the Ling family were all standing behind Ling Jue. Seeing that he hadn’t spoken yet, these people were all on guard, as if silently waiting for his decision.
At the Mo family’s place, all their members were surrounded by the people from Medicine Valley and the Shi family. Their situation was turning from bad to worse.
Suddenly, Mo Chao Tian broke through and quickly rushed to Ling Jue’s side; kneeling down on one knee he spoke in panic, “Uncle Ling, please let the Ling family step in! My father is besieged by many masters, he might not last long. We are also being chased by people from Medicine Valley and the Shi family, it’s getting harder and harder to hold up. Uncle Ling, for old time’s sake, please help our family, the entire Mo family will always remember your favor.”
Ling Jue furrowed his brows and lightly sighed. He said in frustration, “Chao Tian, it’s not that I don’t want to help, but the Zuo family hasn’t made a move yet. Once our family gives aid, the Zuo family will immediately spring up. The reason why I haven’t done anything yet is because I’m watching the Zuo family for you guys.”
“But if this continues, the Mo family might not be able to withstand it any longer!” Mo Chao Tian said in fear.
“If the Ling family cuts in now, it would force the Zuo family to get involved too; it would be useless.” Ling Jue shook his head. He hesitated for a moment and then shouted: “Shao Feng! Bring some people and bring Yanyu back here. Yanyu is your future wife, she can’t die!”
“Yes!” Ling Shao Feng called out and fiercely sprinted out, accompanied by some of the warriors from the Ling family.
“Chao Tian, Yanyu is your daughter, and the daughter-in-law of the Ling family. I will protect her for you. As for the rest, sigh, I really can’t help. I can only promise you that I will make sure the Zuo family won’t step in to go against the Mo family, this is all I can do.” Ling Jue said in frustration.
Mo Chao Tian was in a daze. He deeply gazed at Ling Jue, and after quite a while finally turned away in grief, silently returning to the Mo family’s battle.
“Big brother…” Ling Jie Qing whispered hesitantly. He said, “If we don’t help, the Mo family will definitely lose heavily this time. Mo Tuo might develop a hatred for us.”
Ling Jue’s expression was calm as he sat there and lightly took a sip of tea. He lowered his head and said, “Younger brother, at this time, we cannot be reckless. Zuo Xu won’t easily let us join the fight. Besides, the Misty Pavilion has a Sky Realm master. She is going against the Mo family, if our family steps in, we won’t get anything good out of this. Also, this is an opportunity, Mo Zhan is dead, and Mo Qi is in danger. Yanyu will be the hope of the third generation of the Mo family. If Yanyu becomes our family’s daughter-in-law, our Ling family can openly take the Mo family’s properties when they get in a dangerous situation. And if one day Yanyu becomes the head of the Mo family, with her status as the daughter in law of the Ling family, hehe…”
“Good scheming, big brother.” Ling Jie was stunned for a while, then he finally nodded, “I was thoughtless, big brother. You are one that strongly considers the future.”
“Yes, we only need to protect Yanyu, the rest we don’t need to care about.” Ling Jue raised his head, and squinted towards the fight in mid air, saying, “When Yanyu gets here, we can go back. This time the odds are against Mo Tuo.” He sighed, “Who would’ve known that the Misty Pavilion hid a Sky Realm master, Brother Mo, it’s not that I don’t care about our friendship, just that you’re truly in back luck.”
“Grandpa Ling! I beg you to save my grandpa!” Mo Yanyu was brought back. Once she arrived at the Ling family’s side, she immediately knelt down, tears marks streaked down the sides of her cheeks, “If you don’t help now, my grandpa might not be able to last long! Grandpa Ling, please! As long as you give in your aid, I will marry Shao Feng right now!”
“Yanyu, it’s not that I don’t want to help, I just really can’t.” Ling Jue shook his head. He stood up and said, “In the future you will understand the painstaking decisions I am making now. Everything I am doing is for you and Shao Feng! Brother, take away Yanyu, we are going home.”
“Yes.” Ling Jie suddenly appeared behind Mo Yanyu. He hit her once, and the breathlessly crying Mo Yanyu suddenly went limp and fainted.
“Head of the Zuo family, I think that this Martial Compet.i.tion can go on no more. Hmm, we are going back in advance, how about the Zuo family?” Ling Jue looked at the far away Zuo Xu and shouted loudly.
Zuo Xu was surprised, then secretly cursed out at the old fox. He also smilingly stood up and said: “We were also going to go, why, should we go together?”
“Sure thing, I was just going to chat a little bit with master Zuo, then we shall go together?“ Ling Jue nodded and replied with a smile.
In the arena, the Ling and Zuo families had been sitting still as mountains. However, at this crucial moment, as if they did not see the chaos inside the arena, the two heads of the families walked side by side, and with their subordinates behind them, headed straight out of the G.o.d Stone Square.
Those remaining in the G.o.d Stone Square were only the onlookers who thought that they were strong enough to bear the aftershocks of the battle, the Mo family, the Shi family and the people from the Medicine Valley.

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