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Fergie's face darkened. Two different energies started to expand from her body, creating two distinctive poles with a magnetic field in between, which was the magical mediatory area where the two energies pulled and pushed each other.

She was extremely indignant. In front of so many people, Shi Yan, a Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm warrior, called her name while saying that he wanted to kill her. It was such a big b.l.o.o.d.y humiliation to her. She needed Shi Yan's blood to wash this shame.

Fergie decided to kill Shi Yan this time. She would never give him more time to grow.

She could see his endless potential. If she let him progress further, he would be a fatal disaster, bringing a great deal of trouble to her.

Bi Rou and Allard always felt that Shi Yan had many mysteries. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to break through while being a human medicinal cauldron.

They didn't know Shi Yan's real competence either. That was why they wanted to use this battle to estimate his power, in order to have a proper counterplan.

Although Prince Du Feng wanted to say something to Shi Yan, hearing his sister's words, he put on a dark and cold face while gazing at him.

Princess Zi Yao of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation was still nonchalant even though she was busy. Her curled lips cracked a smile that made many people crazy. She was leisurely eating some translucent fruits. There was no worry but excitement in her eyes. 

Under people's eyeballing, Shi Yan maintained his calm and natural posture, as if he were taking a walk in his backyard garden. He sauntered nonchalantly towards Fergie.

After he was about a hundred meters away from Fergie, a furious energy wave shot out from his body. Then, different kinds of energies were released quietly, gathering in front of his body and creating a miraculous magnetic field.

Gravitational Field!

Inside that Gravitational Field, different energies were tangling and exploding altogether. They made it seem like the energy storm of outer s.p.a.ce, having a tremendously lethal power.

The eyes of Bi Rou and Princess Zi Yao glistened. Their faces looked as if they were struck. Bi Rou became serious, as she was a little bit surprised.

The Gravitational Field Shi Yan had released was somehow similar to the G.o.d Domain of the King G.o.d Realm warriors, which had the magical magnetic field combined with a flow of energy that could be compared to the energy storm. This is a special marital technique that had fused different types of powers.

Although they were in the Raging Flame Star Area, the fusing martial techniques that could combine different types of power were extremely rare. However, each of those techniques was brutal and tyrannical enough.

A kid from a low-level continent could release such gravitation field to combine different powers into one attack at first try, making Shi Yan look more mysterious in people's eyes. He had caught more of their attention.

"Cut off!"

Fergie's face got colder as her beautiful mouth parted, shouting. Two flows of energy generated from her soft body extended outward from her sides. They rumblingly formed a pair of scissors in the void, attempting to cut Shi Yan's body.

That pair of scissors was made of two different types of energy. The two power Upanishads had blended with each other, which doubled the power of the scissors. Light dots sizzled in the gap between the two blades of the scissors, caused by the energy particles moving extremely fast. 

The pair of scissors rumblingly darted towards him. In just a blink, it reached his chest and was about to halve him.


Shi Yan was still calm. All of a sudden, he shouted, making his Gravitational Field more ruthless. All of the energies inside the field tangled together like the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin, while countless light spots appeared on his body.

Shi Yan stood still in the dazzling nimbus, as starlight dots sparkled in his palms.

Starlight dots emerged like fireflies and converged on his palms. Instantly, they turned into a ma.s.sive star cl.u.s.ter. With the enormous star power, it was like a meteor that Shi Yan had managed to catch. It then shot towards the gap between the two blades of the scissors.

Boom Boom Boom!

Explosions echoed continually from the gap of the scissors while numerous light spots sparked beautifully.

Fergie's soft body trembled. A streak of fright appeared in the bottom of her eyes. All of a sudden, her clothes were covered in layers of light, which seemed to supplement her energy.

As Shi Yan was still nonchalant, he suddenly stepped forward from the Gravitational Field. Just like a thousand-year rock, his body naturally gushed out a brutal energy wave. Inside his acupuncture points, negative energy was generated silently, flowing towards his arms. 

At the same time, torrentially surging energy from his Essence Qi ancient tree splashed abruptly. The energy stored in his ancient tree showered just like a sudden flood, while Shi Yan's energy supply rocketed immediately. 

His two bare hands pushed up to the sky. Strange and magical small seals, like the illusion of mountains, congealed between his eyes, creating the Death and Life Seal and furiously attacking Fergie.

The Dead Intent Domain suddenly gushed out. At this moment, his eyes turned ash-gray. No living aura could be found on him, as a deadly and desolate aura arose from his body, covering the entire area.

People who were watching the battle discolored in fright. Strange light sparked from their eyes as they were gazing at Shi Yan and the seal on his hands.

The Death and Life seal s.n.a.t.c.hed over at Fergie. Her fairy-like clothes moved without the wind, as layers of rippling energy expanded one after another from her clothes, just like waves of water. She was using this kind of energy to neutralize the Death Intent Domain's soul erosive effects.

The wind-tearing sound, which was unpleasant and mournful to the ears, echoed in people's eardrum. Their G.o.d Souls were shaken as they started to find the source of that noise.

Three pale bunches of light appeared from the s.p.a.ce cracks. Shortly, they appeared behind Fergie's back and stabbed her furiously.

These three Bone Thorns were made of bones of a level 10 beast, so they were as sharp as the sharpest spear. Also, they were added with s.p.a.ce power and Shi Yan's magical Soul Consciousness. They flashed and then disappeared.

Crack Crack Crack!

Three cracking sounds echoed from Fergie's back. Her tender body shook three times. She paled, while the energy protection of her clothes had reduced by dozens of layers.

People then had their eyes turned brighter. They shivered in thrill while looking at the three Bone Thorns that had just appeared from nowhere. Fear crossed their eyes.

The Bone Thorns left almost no shadow or figure as they crossed the s.p.a.ce. This sort of an instant attack was really fatal, because even the Soul Consciousness couldn't catch the thorns' movement. Their whereabouts and trajectories were unknown and ever-changing. Such a technique was too dangerous and frightening.

Fergie was lucky that her clothes had the powerful defensive ability. Or else, with that attack, she would have been pierced through and died on the spot.

"Two-pole Magnetic Storm!"

Apparently, Fergie got enraged. She screamed, throwing her arms into the air and then pulling. The fierce energy was enhanced by the energy that shot out of her ample bosom, creating areas of chaotic magnetic storms, which could shatter any kind of energy or attack.

At the same time, Fergie flipped her hand, grabbing something. A sharp halo flashed and then disappeared. An energy attack like pointy needles swarmed over the three Bone Thorns.

Buzzing sounds emitted from the Bone Thorns as they made a curve in the air. After getting hit, the Bone Thorns deviated. However, they were still flying behind her back while Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness attached to the Bone Thorns was washed away.

Shi Yan didn't change his visage. The corner of his mouth was icy cold. At this moment, he didn't retreat, but strengthened his attacks. He stormed over Fergie right away.

His Petrification Martial Spirit had been activated for a long time, as a result of which, his entire body had turned golden. Marvelous energy shot out of each muscle of his while his blood boiled and his bones echoed the cracking sounds continually. It seemed Shi Yan wanted to urge all of the energy in his body.

Shi Yan's body was immune to the harsh energy storm due to so many days and nights under the intensive training that ordinary people would never be able to endure. During this period, he had used the Solid Pellets to refill his energy, and the Immortal Martial Spirit to quench his body dozens of times, which could be considered a formidably terrifying process.


Shi Yan impacted the Two-pole Magnetic Storm created by Fergie. Light dots that naked eye could see bloomed like a furious water current, pouring all over his body.

Shortly, the body that had been through so many challenges got cracked. Countless fine cuts appeared on his skin and started to bleed.

Extreme pain flooded his body, storming into his Sea of Consciousness. This kind of sharp pain continually tore his body, as if it wanted to rip his bones and flesh off.

Strange breaking noise came from his bones. However, he was still struggling, acc.u.mulating the negative power while lunging forward. He dashed out of the Two-pole Magnetic Storm.

Fergie looked as pale as a sheet of paper. Fright reflected clearly in her pupils as she was trying to escape.

People who were watching the battle were dumbstruck, as they couldn't believe in their own eyes. It seemed they had witnessed something against the common rules. Fear flashed across their faces.

They had seen the lethal power of the Two-pole Magnetic Storm. Under such a tremendous energy attack, no need to mention Shi Yan, even a King G.o.d Realm expert couldn't endure it if he hadn't completed quenched his body.

They asked themselves and found that if they had to jump into the Two-pole Magnetic Storm, they could hardly escape.

Shi Yan had got out of the magnetic storm almost immediately and reappeared three meters in front of Fergie.

Just like a long sharp spear, Shi Yan's face was calm, but his eyes were cold while he b.u.mped into Fergie. At the moment Fergie was frightened, Shi Yan condensed the Death and Life Seal once again, rumblingly striking towards her generous bosom.

Layers of water waves on her magical clothes disappeared to the last layer shortly.

The energy stored in those layers had been drained completely under the attack of the three Bone Thorns and the Death and Life Seal. It couldn't hold its defense to the last moment.


Shi Yan's right arm pierced through Fergie's clothes and then her chest like a sharp spear. People could see his five fingers jutting out of her tender back.


His hand stirred one round, smashing all internal organs inside her body. Blood splashed everywhere, staining his body.

The color in Fergie's eyes faded away, replaced by despair. Her breath of life diminished.

Shi Yan got a lot of blood all over his face and body. He frowned and retracted his right arm, retreating by one meter. Under the people's frightened looks, he tore a piece of Fergie's clothes and wiped the bloodstains off his face.

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