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(Zi Yao lit. means glorious amethyst – TL)

The woman was wearing purple clothes made of some unknown material, which was sparkling like stars in the sky. In this dark starry s.p.a.ce, she was as gorgeous as the most beautiful purple star of the universe, dazzlingly delightful!

As soon as she appeared, all the warriors, no matter they were under Bi Rou, or the five King G.o.d Realm warriors on her side, revealed their enchanted faces.

Her kind of beauty was so hard to be described with words. Her body and appearance were so perfect that no one could find even a tiny flaw. She looked like a masterpiece of fine art created by G.o.d after spending countless hours. Each feature of hers could make people want to dream about it. No one could resist but immerse pa.s.sionately in her beauty.

She had a pair of purple eyes, which looked like two glorious pieces of amethyst, which were always full of a magical purple light. Her pretty eyes were so charming that it could entice men's souls, making them glue their eyes on her.

Even Shi Yan, a man who had almost seen all kinds of beauties in this world, got struck at first glance. He couldn't shift his look from her, as if he had entered a wonderful dream where she was the most beautiful sight, that kept people from waking up.

In the Grace Mainland, Shi Yan had seen many outstanding women, but none of them could be as flawless as this woman. She was truly a miracle.

"Princess Zi Yao," The five King G.o.d Realm experts, who were attacking Bi Rou, stopped their attack and bowed to greet the woman respectably.

The woman beamed a gentle smile that was naturally beautiful like a newborn star, and nothing could compare to her. This smile could melt even the toughest heart. She nodded, raking her look on the ground. Men under her look all tried to stand upright and chin up, trying to earn her favor. 

Her look scanned through many people, and eventually fell on Shi Yan.

Shi Yan quietly circulated the Ice Cold Flame. Extremely cold energy started to move around his body, which reluctantly helped him resist the natural seduction of that woman. He didn't show his l.u.s.t towards her and kept a calm face. However, his eyes still sparkled with a strange light.

Princess Zi Yao of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation had a gleam of surprise in her beautiful amethyst-like eyes. She was amazed on seeing Shi Yan's calm expression, so she wanted to look at him a little bit more.

Shi Yan didn't know why he was scared on receiving her favor. He blamed himself for being rude under the look of a beauty. Later on, he felt that the other had a mighty enchanting power, that as long as he was a male, he couldn't keep his eyes off her.

"Sis, does Father really want to ground me for ten years?" Du Feng put on a miserable countenance. "Didn't you beg him to save me?" 

"Beg him?" Princess Zi Yao curled her lips interestedly. "I did."

Du Feng was struck, cracking a smile. "I know you love me, sis."

"Oh, yeah," Princess Zi Yao burst out laughing. "I've begged Father to ground you for fifty years. But Father loves you, moron. He didn't agree with me. He failed me though... Sigh!"

Du Feng's countenance froze. His smile became more miserable. However, he didn't dare to mess up with his sister, even though his heart was filled with resentment.

"Leave this ship here, Bi Rou. You guys should leave. The ores and natural resources on this ship are to compensate for the fact that you've confined my brother." Princess Zi Yao didn't care about Shi Yan, turning to Bi Rou's team and then continued, "Do you have any idea?"

Bi Rou's face became cold. Her eyes were filled with rage. "Du Feng hara.s.sed me first. What's wrong if I captured him?"

"B*tch, being the wife of Prince Du Feng is a humiliation to you? You don't know how many women have cried to roll into my arms. I favored you, but you didn't appreciate me!" Du Feng shouted harshly.

Bi Rou's face darkened, as her beautiful eyes sparkled coldly. "If you weren't a prince, I would have killed you already. You want to marry me? In your dreams!" 

Du Feng still wanted to say something, but Princess Zi Yao had waved her hand to stop him. She laughed cheerily at Bi Rou. "It's true. My brother doesn't deserve you. People in the Raging Flame Star Area all know his bad habits. But, you've killed my people. Big mistakes! I'm easy to talk to, so I won't capture you and ask your father to give a ransom for you to reduce the troubles. However, you have to leave this ship. Well, after you get home and cry in front of your father, we will calculate our debts then."

"Miss Bi Rou..." Allard reminded her gently as his eyes sparkled with a strange light.

Apparently, the force they had here wasn't a match of Zi Yao's team. Her five King G.o.d Realm warriors were enough to oppress all of them. At the same time, Princess Zi Yao's realm and bearings were well-known around the Raging Flame Star Area. Allard knew that they were in the disadvantaged situation, so he had to wake Bi Rou up.

The other three King G.o.d Realm warriors on Bi Rou's side also signaled her to be patient.

Bi Rou hesitated for a while and then agreed begrudgingly. She spoke up coldly. "You won this time. However, it won't be easy to solve this grudge!"

"Haha, if you want to play, I'll accompany you." Princess Zi Yao burst out laughing, nodding her head elegantly. "Go home and ask your brother why he got hurt. Little girl, don't appreciate yourself too highly. Although your father's the General Commander of the Underworld League, he's just a commander, not the Hegemon. We, the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, aren't afraid of you guys. Let him come find us."

After she said that, Bi Rou and Allard discolored, their faces darkening immediately.

Bi Rou's big brother got home with severe wounds, from which he had to use a lot of Bi Tian's pellets and medicines to recover. That's why Bi Rou had to find another way, meeting Nita to ask for Shi Yan to produce the G.o.d Developing Pellet. This kind of pellet would ensure her breakthrough, making it flawless.

When her big brother came home, he kept his mouth shut, talking nothing about his wounds. He didn't reveal who had hurt him. Until now, Bi Rou didn't know who did that to him.

Today, as she heard Princess Zi Yao say that, Bi Rou changed her face instantly. Finally, she knew who had attacked her brother. She got tense as she was scared.

As the other had dared to hurt her brother, apparently, she wasn't afraid of Bi Tian. If Bi Rou wanted to linger here, she would earn nothing good.

She suddenly recalled the words people had used to a.s.sess Princess Zi Yao: beautiful like a fairy, evil as a scorpion!

A cold feeling arose from the bottom of Bi Rou's heart. She stared at Zi Yao for a while and then nodded with an anxious visage. She turned to Allard standing next to her, "We'll go. Leave the ship here." She paused for a while, as if she suddenly recalled something, pointing at Shi Yan. "He'll come with us. I don't need the other medicinal cauldrons."

During this period, Shi Yan alone had produced twenty G.o.d Developing Pellets. As Bi Rou could see the marvelous potential of his body, she remembered Shi Yan at this critical moment.

"I won't go. See you later." Shi Yan was always quiet standing in a corner of the ship, and n.o.body had noticed him. He cracked a smile. "Don't worry. I will remember you guys. When I have the chance, I will pay back your favor today."

Du Feng was stooping his head in distress. Hearing his voice, he was struck, laughing contentedly. "Hey, buddy. You spoke finally."

People's eyes instantly fell on Shi Yan.

At this moment, they then understood who Du Feng's partner in crime was.

"It's you?!" Allard clenched his jaw, his face grimaced. "It's you! Kid, you don't want to live, right? I should have killed you earlier!"

Bi Rou's face became as cold as ice. Her sharp eyes scanned through Shi Yan like a cold saber as she was gritting her teeth.

Fergie was standing not far from them. She changed her countenance immediately, as she could finally recognize how touch and dangerous Shi Yan was. A beam of fear crossed her beautiful eyes as she was discreetly worried.

She understood how dangerous and patient Shi Yan was more than anybody else. If Shi Yan could escape this time, his realm would advance tremendously in the future.

A man who could still break through the next realm while being a human medicinal cauldron was truly the most dangerous one. Furthermore, Fergie knew that Shi Yan was pretty young, and his potential seemed to be endless.

She suddenly felt regret. She regretted that she shouldn't ambush Shi Yan. Today, as he had a new opportunity, he would never spare her life once he got stronger.

"Ah, not bad. Not bad. I was wondering why you could be so calm." 

Princess Zi Yao also beamed a smile. She was curious why Shi Yan wasn't enchanted under her look. Hearing Du Feng, she now knew that Shi Yan was the one who had broken Du Feng's adversity. Thus, she became more curious, scanning her purple eyes on him with great interest.

Under her scrutinizing look, Shi Yan was indifferent, pointing at Fergie while his eyes were on Du Feng. "I want to kill her, and I don't want anybody to interfere. Can you help me with this?"

Du Feng was surprised. He stood in a daze, unable to react.

Fergie's face changed dramatically. Fear and angst flashed in her eyes. An ice-cold feeling arose from the bottom of her heart.

She thought it would end here, and Shi Yan would come to find her for revenge after he reached the higher realm. However, Shi Yan's revenge came too fast. He wanted to kill her before she had time to even leave.

In her panic, Fergie felt even more resentful. She was at the Third Sky of True G.o.d Realm cultivation base, and had always stayed in the Raging Flame Star Area to cultivate. Whether it was her knowledge or power, it was all extraordinary.

A kid from a low-grade continent, who had just broken through the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm, wanted to kill her! It was such a humiliation to her! She was so embarra.s.sed she got indignant.

"Good. I like to watch people fighting and killing." Du Feng hadn't said anything and yet his sister, Princess Zi Yao, smiled broadly first. Her smile was as beautiful and cheerful as a hundred spirits singing and dancing. She said excitedly, "Kill her. I'm sure no one can disturb you. Haha, Little brother, you have the guts. You only have the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm, but you dare to provoke the higher realm warriors. Good! I like you that way. Go, I'll support you." She swung her jade-like, flawless arm, smiling charmingly.

Shi Yan's eyes flashed with a gleam of affection, but he was awakened up immediately by the power of the Ice Cold Flame. Then, he stooped and walked towards Fergie while smiling.

Fergie was angry. She calmed down her surging emotion and countered. She had been acc.u.mulating power to show Shi Yan, the one who didn't know how high the sky was in this place, what the so-called mighty warriors of high-level continents were.

Since she wasn't a member of Bi Rou's force and just a pa.s.senger taking a ride with them, Bi Rou's team was just standing and watching with unconcerned visages. Actually, they also wanted to see how unusual this strange human medicinal cauldron was.

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