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This cabin wasn't similar to the other rooms, as Shi Yan couldn't push it open, with its door having a barrier. Also, this dark green door was somehow specially customized with a faint halo glowing and moving on it.

The power of the barrier on this door had prevented Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness from sensing the interiors. In other words, Shi Yan had missed this cabin all this while.

Shi Yan immediately confirmed that the one inside this cabin was a special human cauldron. He couldn't press down his curiosity, studying the barrier on the door. Shi Yan sent his Soul Consciousness to observe the structure of the barrier.

Making barrier was a method of using energy to build formations. Different energy intensity levels would create different functions of a barrier. 

Some barriers were best at defending, while other barriers could counterattack fiercely. Shi Yan studied the barrier on the door and found that it was portrayed quite complicatedly. It was formed by five different types of energies distributed equally, but the energy in each section was different, making it form a magical barrier.

Shi Yan couldn't understand this barrier, so he couldn't resolve it. At the same time, he wasn't sure if he could break it with force.

Even if he could do that, he didn't dare to take risks. Because once he did that, the master who made this barrier would know about it via his Soul Consciousness immediately.

If he couldn't get in, he wouldn't spend more time thinking about how to beat this barrier. Shi Yan contemplated in front of this door for a while and then released a beam of his Soul Consciousness with s.p.a.ce power, piercing through the door.

Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness had been added with s.p.a.ce power, so he didn't need to worry about being blocked by the barrier. Shortly, his wisps of Soul Consciousness got to the cabin through the barrier on the door.

However, it was strange that his Soul Consciousness couldn't see the interior of the cabin. He could only feel it was a gray and gloomy area, having the flow of energy of some living being.

That living being found him shortly, as a thought was sent to his Soul Consciousness. "Who are you?"

Shi Yan contemplated for a while and then explained. "I'm one of the human cauldrons in this deck. They imprisoned me to produce the G.o.d Developing Pellets for the owner of this steamship – Bi Rou. I'm from a low-level continent. I have no idea about outer s.p.a.ce. I don't know the owner of this ship either. I have no clue about this world." 

"... medicinal cauldrons..." The other's thought was paused for a long while before talking again. "As you can still walk around, your condition isn't bad at all. Seems you still can survive for a while." 

Shi Yan forced a smile, not knowing how to continue this topic.

"What realm are you at?" The other asked since he saw Shi Yan staying silent.

"Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm," Shi Yan answered honestly.

"Only the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm? Sigh, too low." The other seemed to be disappointed. "At this realm, you have no hope to escape. If they want to kill you, it will be as easy as flipping one's hand. You will have no chance to escape your human medicinal cauldron state."

Shi Yan felt bitter. "How about you? Are you a human cauldron too? Why have hey isolated you with such a barrier?"

Hearing his questions, the other seemed to be enraged. His Soul Consciousness was also disorderly. Suddenly, he got something. "How could your Soul Consciousness... get here?"

"My Soul Consciousness is a bit unique. The Upanishad I've cultivated isn't the same as normal people. The energy of barriers can't stop me." Shi Yan was still cautious as he didn't talk about his s.p.a.ce power. Since he didn't know the other's ident.i.ty, and after the wild scheme Fergie had set him up with, he was cautious towards everybody.

"Although the barrier doesn't stop you, we can only talk," The other calmed down. "You shouldn't stay here. Don't let the others find your operation. They will trouble you."

Shi Yan put up guard on hearing the other's advice. He nodded, returning to his small cabin. Despite the s.p.a.ce between them, he could still contact with the other.

"I want to know the situation of this ship. Which force does it belong to? How strong is this force?"

"You're just a cauldron at the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm. Even if you know about it, what you can do? Do you think you can escape your destiny?"

"We still need to try. Without trying, should we accept our fate?"

"This steamship belongs to the General Commander of the 'Underworld League.' Underworld League in the Raging Flame Star Area's the strongest force of the strongest forces. They have so many hotshots, and experts are everywhere. Bi Tian's one of the three General Commanders. He is at the Original G.o.d Realm. He has many King G.o.d Realm subordinates. Bi Rou's the owner of this steamship, and Bi Tian's daughter." The other seemed to be too bored, so he explained to Shi Yan in detail. "Underworld League in the Raging Flame Star Area has more than one hundred life stars and many mineral stars. It's a mighty force. People that belong to this force have a diamond-like mark on their foreheads. I think you know this already." 

"Yes, I know. But what are the life stars?" 

"You're from a low-level continent indeed," The other disdained him. "The stars that have heaven and earth energy moving around, suitable for living beings to live and cultivate are considered life stars, just like the continent you come from. People can't live on the mineral stars. Well, it isn't suitable for living beings to cultivate and break through. However, the mineral stars have many types of ores and crystals that attract people more than the life stars."

Shi Yan wanted to ask more, but he suddenly retrieved his Soul Consciousness, staying quietly in his small cabin. 

Not long afterward, Allard appeared on the staircase. He bared his teeth, then grinned and waved his hand towards Shi Yan. The hundred-legged centipede flew out of Shi Yan's arm immediately.

Allard surveyed his centipede for a while, then his eyes brightened up happily. He laughed contentedly while nodding his head. "Not bad, not bad! Your progress is quite fast."

Afterward, he took out some G.o.d Developing Pellets from the centipede. Next, in front of Shi Yan, he fed the hundred-legged centipede many medicinal ingredients, before letting it return to Shi Yan's arm.

Leaving him three new Solid Pellet bottles, Allard squinted at him. "Kid, behave and produce medicines for me. After it's all done, perhaps I won't return you to Nita. I will set you free directly."

Allard left with great satisfaction.

Shi Yan's face was as calm and cold as water, his eyes sharp and chilled. After the man left, he snorted.

After Allard had left, he continued to use Solid Pellet to increase his Blood Qi and refill the consumed Essence Qi of his ancient tree. He was quite relaxed though.

After each time he consumed the medicinal power of the Solid Pellets, while the Immortal Martial Spirit was healing his body, he would talk to the man in the other cabin. Through him, Shi Yan got more information of the Raging Flame Star Area.

According to him, the Raging Flame Star Area consisted of several hundred life stars and many mineral stars. Different races and living beings were dwelling together there. The Underworld League was an extremely mighty force. It was considered the best of the best forces in the Raging Flame Star Area.

The Underworld League had strict rules on ranking. Besides the Hegemon, it had three other General Commanders guarding the other places, and around ten League Guard Elders. Rumors said that they were all experts with profound realms and extraordinary cultivation base.

There was no racial discrimination in the Raging Flame Star Area and the Underworld League. Different races could live together. And, as long as they were strong enough, they could earn positions and power.

Just like the three General Commanders and the League Guard Elders, each of them had their own life stars. Some even had several life stars and mineral stars. They could govern the stars and take all the harvest.

Shi Yan focused on the life stars. He understood that each life star was like the Grace Mainland, which was full of heaven and earth energy, pretty suitable for warriors to live and cultivate.

Life stars were cla.s.sified according to their energy cycle. Just like the ranking of blacksmiths and alchemists, life stars were ranked in the scale of seven. Level 7 was the highest level, and level 1 was the lowest level. They even had someone specialized in measuring the energy of a life star to cla.s.sify it.

Life stars that had come to an end of its energy cycle like the Grace Mainland, according to the ranking of the Raging Flame Star Area, were considered the lowest level, as they were about to drain up and be abandoned.

Shi Yan became curious to know more about the Raging Flame Star Area, listening to the other's explanation. He had a beam of hope growing in his heart.

He had a dream that he could escape one day and have his own life star. At that time, he could bring his family and friends from the Perpetual Night Forest in the Grace Mainland there for a better life.

The Raging Flame Star Area had some special vehicles that could travel across the meteorolite sea without being affected by the brutal energy storms of outer s.p.a.ce. If ordinary warriors could stay in those vehicles, they could also escape the storm.

This bronze steamship was that sort of a vehicle. Since it had been portrayed with so many mysterious and complicated formations, it could resist the furious energy storm.

If he could have a life star and a vehicle like this one, he could pick up his family and friends in the Perpetual Night Forest. 

With this thought, Shi Yan had found an exit for people in the Grace Mainland through his trip to the foreign land. However, the premise was that he had to escape the Raging Flame Star Area.

On some day later on, when he had just finished refilling his Blood Qi using the Solid Pellet, and while he was about to contact the other, he felt a small tremor come from under his feet. After that, the ship stopped moving.

Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness went through the barrier to the cabin of the other. The other sent his thought to Shi Yan first. "Help me with this."

Shi Yan was surprised. He pondered for a while and then probed, "What?"

"We're supposed to arrive at the Drifting Gold Sand Area. That's why the ship stops. Later on, when you have a chance, help me collect some drifting gold sand. It's useful to me."

"Drifting Gold Sand?" Shi Yan frowned, using his Soul Consciousness to ask the other. "I don't get it. What kind of sand is it? What's it good for?"

"It's the fine gold sand. We have so much out there. This fine sand has a strong erosive ability. Perhaps, it could melt the barrier confining me. You should be careful. Don't let the others realize your plan. If I can get out of here, you'll receive good things for sure."

"I can try, but I'm not sure," He paused and then continued, "Is it dangerous to collect the drifting gold sand?"

"Can you expose yourself in outer s.p.a.ce?"


"So, it's not dangerous. Remember, don't let anybody know about it. Otherwise, both of us will be in big trouble."


After they had finished, Shi Yan walked out of his cabin, putting on a faint visage and then climbing the staircase to reach the main deck. Although he looked natural, he was discreetly cautious.

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