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He didn't dare to break through when he was in the Sixth Herbal Star. It was because Shi Yan didn't know how valuable he was to Nita. 

He was afraid that if he showed them his marvelous innate endowment, the others would be afraid of him, and then they would try to destroy him instead of giving him more time to grow.

This wasn't something he wanted to see.

However, after surveying this place for a while, he knew that his presence brought big benefits to Bi Rou.

There were many King G.o.d Realm warriors on this steamship. Even if he showed his talents by breaking through to the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm, since the others needed him to produce the G.o.d Developing Pellets, they would have to keep him.

With this thought, he didn't need to ponder for more. Shi Yan wanted to advance to the new realm immediately.

It required expanding the Essence Qi ancient tree in order to break through to the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm from the First Sky. Also, he needed to clean and whet his soul sacrificial altar to get a new good grasp of his power Upanishads.

To Shi Yan, it wasn't a big deal.

After so many days taking in the Solid Pellets, Shi Yan's Essence Qi ancient tree had been filled with abundant energy. And, after he had absorbed the soul altar of that Dark Clan's expert using the Devouring Original Essence Upanishad, the mysterious energy in his body was plentiful, which also enhanced his powers a little more.

Then, he had spent a good deal of time exploiting the five-colored Perish Essence for days and nights inside the meteorolites, which had improved his knowledge and usage of the three power Upanishads.

Staying on the lowest deck of the steamship, Shi Yan took a Solid Pellet and tried to disperse its energy in his body. This made his spirit, soul, and Qi reach the peak again. After the Immortal Martial Spirit had healed his broken tendons and vessels, Shi Yan gained his consciousness and focused on expanding his Essence Qi ancient tree one more time.

It wasn't a difficult task, especially to a person who had been through extreme pains like him. The pain he had to endure while enlarging his Essence Qi ancient tree wasn't as intense as he had thought.

Many wisps of Essence Qi were moving disorderly in his stomach. His Blood Qi also scattered and gathered inside the Essence Qi tree, urging it to thrive.

The ancient tree was made of Essence Qi. When pouring energy into it to make it expand, it always brought an extreme pain along with it.

At the same time, pure energy from his stomach flowed into his Sea of Consciousness to wash his soul sacrificial altar.

Shi Yan's G.o.d Soul was calm and sound. He pulled himself together and concentrated on the tier of power Upanishads. Three Soul Seals appeared clearly in his G.o.d Soul in this magical realm. However, as Shi Yan was concentrating wholly to perceive the essence of his powers, he hadn't recognized it yet.

Time flew by quietly.

Gradually, energy fluctuations of power Upanishad appeared visibly from him. Starlight of the outer s.p.a.ce that the naked eye couldn't see crept through the deck, falling on him.

Mysteries of Death and Life flowed in his heart. Inside this deck, energy fluctuation of Death and Life arose, creating a gravitational field that covered all human cauldrons.

Since those human cauldrons had low realms, they didn't have much knowledge of power Upanishads. In the coverage of the Death and Life Intent Domain, their lives were taken away unknowingly. Their vitality evaporated due to some mysterious power.

Shi Yan didn't know that his upgrading process had damaged the other human cauldrons in this deck badly. Still, Shi Yan was sinking in his realm perception state.

Slowly, fine wisps of s.p.a.ce appeared in his cabin. The power of the chaotic s.p.a.ce twirled fast and constantly, slashing down his small cabin.

As his Essence Qi ancient tree was expanding, the change of his body became clearer. Shortly, his G.o.d Soul sublimated. The energy moving around him started to cease, and the gravitational field disappeared.

His breaking through had caused death of half of the human cauldrons in this area. Soon, the experts on the upper decks got this information.

Allard woke Bi Rou up to report this situation.

"What?" Bi Rou looked sleepy-headed. She rubbed her eyes while trying to pull herself together. "You said that he suddenly broke through the next realm?"

Allard was wearing an odd countenance. He nodded. "It's unbelievable! As he's in the human cauldron state, his Blood Qi's constantly taken. However, he hasn't been exhausted, but broke through a new realm. This man is... really inexplicable."

Bi Rou's jade-like face was full of surprise. She contemplated for a while and then said, "People who could break through in the human cauldron state are all dangerous characters. Does he actually come from a low-grade continent?"

"Who knows?" Allard shook his head, "Fergie found him. Perhaps, we should ask to make it clear. If that boy comes from a high-grade continent and Fergie captured him while he was traveling, later on when he escapes or his seniors find him, it would be big trouble."

"Get Fergie here!" Bi Rou said resolutely.

Allard nodded and left quickly. Not long after that, he brought Fergie, who was also surprised.

"I'm sure he comes from a low-level continent, because he didn't even know the three major realms of the G.o.d Realm. Accompanying him were some experts at the True G.o.d Realm. They were at the low realm as well." Fergie also recognized how serious it could be, so she hurried to ensure the others. "I don't dare to deceive Miss Bi Rou. Don't worry; he won't cause trouble."

Hearing her explanation, Bi Rou could ease her mind. She pondered for a while and then talked to Allard, "You should keep an eye on him. Although he comes from a low-level continent, we can't underestimate him. You have to settle this matter. We will never let him leave alive. Or else, when he gets stronger, he will be a headache for us." 

Allard nodded heavily, "I understood."

"Alright, I'm going to rest more. Call me when we get to the Drifting Gold Sand area. And, focus on him!" Bi Rou advised the old man then left.

Since his Essence Qi ancient tree had expanded, his power Upanishads were all cleaned, and his G.o.d Soul had sublimated, Shi Yan advanced sufficiently, reaching the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm.

At this moment, Shi Yan felt exhausted. He found his Essence Qi ancient tree was drained again, but it also had grown a new large section, which required a tremendous amount of energy to fill it up.

As he wanted to use the Solid Pellet, he felt something, frowning while looking ahead of him.

A tender figured descended, looking at him with complicated eyes. It was Fergie.

She steadied her body in Shi Yan's cabin, frowning while gazing at him. After a while, she said, "Don't blame me. I was reluctant in doing that. I left Anmou on my own. If he reports me, my superiors won't spare me. Only handing you to Granny would give me a way out. Granny would help me beg for mercy, so that I can continue to live."

Shi Yan kept his dark and sinister visage, but didn't say a word.

"Your innate endowment isn't bad, with an enormous Blood Qi. You won't die after being the human medicinal cauldron," Fergie continued. "Surviving in outer s.p.a.ce isn't easy at all. Just consider that I've given you a big hand. You know, warriors from low-grade continents would have a pathetic ending when they come here eventually. You're good here. Many people were killed right when they saw outer s.p.a.ce." 

She understood that Shi Yan had a lot of mysterious yet marvelous stuff on his body. As she couldn't calm her nerves, she came here to check.

 "Are you done?" Shi Yan waited until she finished her monologue and then asked with mocking eyes.

Fergie nodded.

"Then get the f*ck off!"

Fergie's face changed in fright. She became colder, gazing at him maliciously. "You don't know how to consider the situation. I think you can't leave this place alive."

Shi Yan laughed faintly with his dark face, but he didn't reply.

Fergie got embarra.s.sed. She nodded and didn't talk more, leaving the place to her cabin in the upper deck to rest.

Shi Yan's eyes were cold and gloomy, gazing at her figure until she disappeared.

Afterward, Shi Yan pursed his lips, beaming a fiendish grin as he took out the Solid Pellet and swallowed it. It would help him refill the exhausted Essence Qi ancient tree and restore his power, bringing him back to his peak.

He couldn't see the sun, moon, or stars from this place, so Shi Yan didn't know how much time had pa.s.sed. However, from time to time, he found that one of the human cauldrons died. Their bodies would be thrown directly to outer s.p.a.ce, being torn apart by the furious energy storm there.

Shi Yan didn't know the destination of this giant bronze steamship. He wanted to know, but he couldn't ask anyone. 

Around him were so many human medicinal cauldrons, but they were all struggling to survive under the torture of the medicinal animals. Even though Shi Yan had asked them many times, they had no extra strength to answer even a single question.

Today, Shi Yan had absorbed the medicinal efficacy of three pellets. After he had taken them in all, he felt quite full. He walked out of his small cabin, strolling back and forth in this lowest deck. Sometimes, he pushed open the door of a cabin to check.

Each cabin held a warrior of different races. Shi Yan found members of the Dark Spirit Clan, the Ghost Mark Clan, Human Clan, and even the Dark Clan. Most of them didn't have a high realm.

They were all bony, and looked more like the skeleton of a crying ghost covered by a skin coat. Those people didn't look like living beings anymore.

This was caused by losing too much blood and flesh.

Those people were dying slowly in their cabin. The medicinal animals would suck all of their Blood Qi, or the pellets would destroy their body's functions.

When they saw Shi Yan, there was no light of life in their eyes anymore. Despair and death covered them. They didn't answer Shi Yan's questions or want to utter a word. As they knew they would never escape this place, their hearts had died even before their bodies.

After entering more than ten rooms, the same scene repeated in front of Shi Yan's eyes. He felt his heart sink to the bottom. His face became more grimaced.

The force that Fergie belonged to didn't have any humanity worth mentioning. To produce pellets, they could use living beings to be their cauldrons, using their blood and flesh to feed the medicinal animals. All were to make some pellets.

The reality was always cruel. The strong could do anything they wanted, and no one could stop them. If one wanted to detach from their restraint, one had to be stronger than them. Only when one could scare the other, one could live better than them.

Shi Yan sauntered inside the deck, entering each cabin and asking people staying inside. If the other didn't answer, he would leave to another cabin.

Soon, Shi Yan reached the last cabin. Suddenly, he let out a surprised scream, as if he had found something strange. 

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