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Shi Yan stopped taking in the Solid Pellets, waiting silently with a solemn countenance. He could feel some strong warriors coming towards his place. As he didn't know what would happen to him, he had no choice but to prepare himself to counter his enemies.

Shortly, Nita, Hui Shuang, and Fergie brought Allard and Bi Rou to his place. They descended by the pond, gazing at him with bizarre looks on their faces.

Shi Yan suddenly felt like he was an animal in a zoo that the others were watching. He couldn't hold a snort in his mind. 

While the others were studying him, Shi Yan also scrutinized the newcomers, especially Allard and Bi Rou. 

Allard was also a Divine Grade alchemist, whose rank was one level higher than that hag. He had an arrogance that originated from his bones and marrows. Shi Yan's look then fell on the young maiden called Bi Rou, his face solemn.

Bi Rou was walking in the front of the others.

Even the hag – the owner of this place – had to walk behind her. And, the higher-ranked alchemist had to show respect when he looked at the young girl. From this minor detail, Shi Yan recognized that the young maiden should hold a high position.

That young girl was charming and exquisite, at the King G.o.d Realm. She stood in front of him with a n.o.ble aura of the royals. Her star-like eyes scanned him, making him irritated.

Bi Rou studied him for a while and then gently said, "Grandpa Allard, please check if he's suitable."

The old man bared his teeth, squeezing a disgusting smile from his face. He stepped forward, grabbing Shi Yan's arm without asking for his consent.

This old man's arm was like a heavy steel hook. While he was squeezing Shi Yan's arm, flows of energy expanded like gossamer, surveying here and there inside Shi Yan's body. The old man also sent his Soul Consciousness to the snake on Shi Yan's arm to sense the amount of Blood Qi the snake was taking in.

After sensing for a while, Allard had his eyes brightened. He turned around, talking to Nita. "How long has he been here? I meant... How long has he been your medicinal cauldron?"

"Half a year," Granny put on a bizarre look. She hesitated for a while and then explained. "He has used six bottles of Rank 7 Solid Pellet."

A gleam of astonishment sparkled in Allard's pupils. He pondered, the nodded and laughed, talking to Bi Rou. "Excellent!"

Bi Rou's eyes sparkled, revealing a contented smile. "Then, it's good." She paused, then shifted her look to Nita. "Give this man to me. I'll hand him back to you when I'm done with him. I have to go home now. By the time I get home, it's enough time to produce G.o.d Developing Pellets adequately."

"You want to take him away?" Nita was a little bit unpleasant, her face distorted. "Miss Bi Rou, it was not easy for me to have such an excellent medicinal cauldron. I still need him to produce G.o.d Congealing Pellets. If I can't submit the G.o.d Congealing Pellets on time, my superiors will punish me."

"It's not a big deal," Allard cracked a smile. "I will give you fifty G.o.d Congealing Pellets to take this cauldron. I won't let you fall in trouble."

Bi Rou frowned, showing that she wasn't so pleased. "Granny, you don't want to help me?"

Nita wore a bitter visage, shaking her head. "Forget it. You guys can take him. Anyway, after you are done with him, you have to return him to me. He's such a good cauldron, a treasure to alchemists like us. I still want to use this kid to refine other kinds of pellets."

"Of course," Bi Rou smiled, talking neither slowly nor fast. "Then we've settled this. He will leave with us. Yeah, after I have gotten enough G.o.d Developing Pellets, I will send him back to you."

Nita agreed. She grabbed something in the air, and the five-colored small snake flew out of Shi Yan's arm, disappearing into her sleeve under a strange suction force.

After Granny retrieved the small snake, she talked to Allard. "This kid has a tremendous adaptive ability. He can endure the efficacy of the five-colored Solid Pellets. His Blood Qi's abundant... You don't need to worry about him."

Allard laughed contentedly. "Then it's good. So good! I've sensed a little bit. This cauldron's really good. Seems Miss Bi Rou's G.o.d Developing Pellets would be produced faster."

Shi Yan's face darkened. He was so enraged he wanted to curse out loud.

"Miss Bi Rou, I also want to return to the continent. Can I take a ride, too?" Fergie slightly bowed, her face longing.

"You can. And, it's because of you that I could find such an excellent medicinal cauldron." Bi Rou agreed happily. Then, she turned to Allard, "We should leave."

"Kid, we shall go," Allard bared his buck teeth again.

"Hui Shuang, take that kid to the ship," ordered Nita.

Hui Shuang took action on her words immediately.

Shi Yan felt so bitter inside, regretting that he wasn't strong enough. Or else, he would have slaughtered all those young and old people.

He understood that his time hadn't come yet. Those people were so strong. Even if he risked his life, his consequences wouldn't turn so nice. Shi Yan could only be patient for now.

Hui Shuang didn't need to force him, as Shi Yan cooperated well. He followed behind Bi Rou and the alchemist called Allard to the bronze steamship. Under Hui Shuang's dark look, Shi Yan proactively got on board after Allard.

As soon as he could steady his body on the ship, he shuddered, and his face changed.

King G.o.d Realm experts on this giant bronze steamship were too many, much more than those on the Sixth Herbal Star. Besides Allard and Bi Rou, there were three other King G.o.d Realm experts, guarding the center and the two sides of the steamship. The unique aura of the King G.o.d Realm warriors irritated Shi Yan a lot.

"Grandpa Allard, arrange for him, will you?" The young maiden advised, then stretched her body lazily. Her charming mouth parted. "I'm tired. I'm going to take a rest. Wake me up when we reach the Drifting Gold Sand area."

She directly walked into the cabin. Her beautiful, straight legs took several steps and then she disappeared completely. Shortly, her aura was wholly hidden, as if she had entered a secluding place to cultivate.

"You're Fergie, right?" Allard threw a glance at the woman standing behind him, his face indifferent. "You get to the lower cabin down there. We have many vacant rooms. Don't be too polite. Find yourself a nice place to rest."

He arranged for Fergie, then shifted his look to Shi Yan, smiling nauseatingly. "You must have experience, so I won't explain much. Yeah, just do what you need to do for us, just like what you've done for Nita. If you're lucky enough, you can set yourself free later. You don't need to be a medicinal cauldron forever."

Then, he shouted, "Stinky worm, get you're a*s here!"

A discontented grunt arose from the cabin. In the next moment, a black light flashed, and a hundred-legged centipede with a gold back appeared. This centipede had a golden filament on its back, with a hundred jade-like fulgent legs. Its body was almost transparent, that people could see the mysterious formation carved inside the insect's trunk.

Allard pointed at Shi Yan, then scolded and laughed. "Move. I got a new host for you. He's a top-quality one. If you delay Miss Bi Rou's business, I'll use your body to cook soup."

The hundred-legged centipede hissed discontentedly, turning into a black light and entering Shi Yan's left arm. It stayed where the five-colored snake used to stay, and continued to use his Blood Qi to refine pellets.

This centipede could absorb Blood Qi much faster than the small snake. As soon as it took shelter inside Shi Yan's arm, the latter felt a head-splitting pain. Shi Yan couldn't help but take a deep breath, his face grimaced.

Allard observed Shi Yan's change from his eyes. Seeing him taking a deep breath and then quiet down shortly without any intestine-ripping-off scream, Allard nodded quietly. "Not bad, kid. You have the potential to be a good cauldron. Here, take five bottles of Solid Pellets to refill your energy. Yeah, whenever you're done with the pellets, just find me to take more. I'm sure I won't let you suffer from pellet shortage."

He paused for a while and then waved his hand. "You should get down there too, the bottom deck. Human cauldrons stay there. Without my permission, you are not allowed to wander."

Shi Yan was actually sending his greetings to eighteen generations of that old man's family in his head. However, he proactively descended each deck of this big steamship. After five decks, he didn't find the staircase anymore, so he stopped there.

This area had many small cabins. It seemed like all of them were occupied. Shi Yan could smell the pungent, stinky odor rising from many cabins. People staying inside those cabins seemed to not have gone out for a long time or taken a shower. That was why they had such an unpleasant smell. 

Shi Yan pinched his nose, trying to find a relatively clean cabin to stay. It had only one bed inside and nothing else.

Trying to press down the desire to vent out his anger, Shi Yan stayed idle in this cabin, trying to ignore the gross smell of this area. The first thing he wanted to do was to release his Soul Consciousness to survey this ship.

At the fifth deck of the steamship, Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness couldn't sense the operations of the upper decks. From the fourth deck upward, it seemed to have some kinds of barriers to prevent the energy of Soul Consciousness to probe around for sensing the activities and energy fluctuations of living things in those decks.

There were more than one hundred small cabins in this fifth deck, including eighty-two smaller rooms with living beings inside.

Those energy fluctuations of those living beings changed from time to time. Sometimes it was strong, and at other times, it was quite weak. It should be because of the change in Blood Qi. This spoke up the fact that this deck imprisoned all medicinal cauldrons, and the change in Blood Qi happened due to using pellets. While he was sensing the area, he often heard the painful whines and groans. 

It was obvious that those cauldrons had the medicinal animals taking shelter. The pellets they were refining weren't high-quality, since the realms of those warrior-cauldrons weren't high. A rare number of them were at the True G.o.d Realm, while the majority of them were at the Spirit Realm and Sky Realm.

After a while, Shi Yan found that someone's energy fluctuation had disappeared. It meant that person had just died.

In the next moment, someone appeared on the staircase, coming to the room where that dead man dwelled. He threw the body out of the deck to prevent the pungent smell from polluting the air of the upper decks.

Shi Yan observed for a while. Then, he retrieved his Soul Consciousness as he decided not to wait furthermore. He must break through to the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm as soon as possible.

Shi Yan didn't dare to waste more time.

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