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The medicinal efficacy of the Rank 7 Sacred Grade Solid Pellet was as furious as an erupting volcano in Shi Yan’s body. Countless streams of the medicinal power were wrecking havoc inside Shi Yan.

During this process, the torrentially powerful medicinal efficacy was running disorderly in Shi Yan’s entire body, quickly refilling the consumed energy.

Sweat soaked him like summer rain, while vessels bulged under his skin. He roared from time to time, as he was using a large amount of Essence Qi to neutralize the pain, keeping his mind sound.

The power of the pellet was like wild horses escaping their leads, making his vessels and tendons enlarge, as if they were about to break at any second.

Shi Yan clenched his teeth, groaning and roaring to resist the pain.

After an unknown period, the power of the pellet started to cease. At this moment, half of his vessels and acupuncture points had been broken. Such a pain, that was beyond the range humans could endure, could put someone in a coma after a few seconds.

However, Shi Yan was abnormal indeed. Before he had arrived in the Grace Mainland, he had always sought for the utmost simulation and challenge. His patience to pain had surpa.s.sed normal people.

After he had started his martial cultivation, this ability of his had been doubled the second time. At the same time, Shi Yan’s Immortal Martial Spirit had given him a solid support, which also made him more persistent.

Shi Yan didn’t go unconscious. He still kept his calm and sound mind, scattering the medicinal efficacy into the flesh and blood of his whole body, giving his Essence Qi a big benefit.

After a while, the Rank 7 Sacred Grade Solid Pellet’s medicinal efficacy was absorbed totally.

His smashed tendons and vessels started to be healed quickly under the powerful self-restoring ability of the Immortal Martial Spirit.

After an hour, all of his broken tendons and vessels had been connected. His spirit, soul, and Qi were all full. At the same time, his Blood Qi became more abundant.

Taking a deep breath, Shi Yan sat neatly with a dark face.

He understood that if he were just a normal warrior, under the excessively brutal power of the Solid Pellet, even if he could survive, it would be like getting skinned alive. Half of his vessels and tendons would be broken, which was something ordinary warrior couldn’t endure.

He suddenly knew why the man that Hui Shuang had taken to them before couldn’t even stand firmly.

The other’s realm was higher than Shi Yan. He should be at the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm. However, even though he was a strong warrior, under the mighty power of the Solid Pellet, his acupuncture points, vessels, tendons, and bones had cracked. Without the Immortal Martial Spirit, his wounds would get worse gradually.

That man had certainly been using the Solid Pellet. He had no choice. Without the Solid Pellet to restore his energy, he would die earlier.

Although the Solid Pellet could supplement his Blood Qi and energy, his body couldn’t endure such powerful medicinal efficacy. His vessels, tendons, and bones would be broken. This was a prolonged death. However, it was slower than the death of being drained by the snake.

There were two options, and both of them were fatal ones.

Without the Solid Pellet, the snake would exhaust him to death. Using the Solid Pellet without the powerful recovery power, it was a slow death when the vessels, tendons, and bones were all broken.

Shi Yan suddenly felt lucky that he had the Immortal Martial Spirit. Under deadly circ.u.mstances where he must die, he could find the way to survive.

The power of a Solid Pellet could refill his Blood Qi and make it abundant. At the same time, the Blood Qi absorbed by the snake wasn’t as much as the amount the pellet had given him. Thus, the energy he took in was much more than the amount he had lost.

He became the beneficial party now.

A normal warrior at the True G.o.d Realm without the Immortal Martial Spirit could use a Solid Pellet after every three days. Moreover, they hardly restored their body's functions.

It was like the power of the Solid Pellet was enough for the little snake to absorb for three days. After three days, the warrior had to supplement more using the pellet. Or else, the snake would take the energy from his own body.

Shi Yan knew that it took him only half a day to absorb an entire Solid Pellet. At the same time, he could recover his tendons, vessels, and bones.

Shi Yan grinned. He pondered for a while, then took out another Solid Pellet, and swallowed it.

Another inhuman pain flooded him once again. This Solid Pellet had a formidable medicinal efficacy, which was wildly destroying Shi Yan’s body. However, it also brought him a mighty Blood Qi.

This excessive amount of Blood Qi dispersed in his tendons, vessels, bones, and inner organs. It was quenching his blood and flesh, making his body unbreakable.

In this chamber, Shi Yan was constantly using the Solid Pellets, pressing down his pain to supplement the lost amount of his Blood Qi and whet his body.

The Blood Qi taken by the snake from him was far behind the amount he had been supplemented. Later on, he forgot the existence of the small snake in his arm, as he could feel that the power of the snake wasn't too mighty to hurt his foundation.

Today, while Shi Yan was converting the power of the Solid Pellet, he knitted his brows.

A bottle of Solid Pellet had sixteen pieces. As Shi Yan was continually using the pellets, he had only two left.

If he didn’t have more Solid Pellets to use, as time went by, the snake would draw all the Blood Qi he had taken in. 

Frowning, Shi Yan was squeezing his brain for a solution.

He got it.

He took in two pellets at the same time. He tried to press down the double pain to scatter the medicinal efficacy of the pellets.

Right at the time the pellets were about to dissolve, Shi Yan roared madly like an enraged dragon. His voice extended, reaching one thousand miles away. "Help! Anybody, help!"

The medicinal power of the two pellets was wrecking havoc in his body. Strange noises arose from his vessels, tendons, and bones. Not long afterward, vessels and tendons of his entire body were broken. However, his bones weren't fractured, and he just had some cracks in the bones of his thighs and arms.

This was the result of using the Solid Pellet to train his body throughout this period.

After using more than ten Solid Pellets, the strength and tenaciousness of his body had been upgraded the second time.

Granny and Hui Shuang came as they heard his voice. They appeared by the pond with dark countenances. At first glance, they saw Shi Yan struggling, balling his body in pain on the ground.

These two exchanged looks, slamming their brows together.

At this moment, the power of the two Solid Pellets in Shi Yan’s body had almost dissolved completely. And, his tendons and vessels were almost shattered. Blood covered his whole body. Under the red blood, green vessels bulged under his skin, which gave him a fearful look.

"Brat, what the f*ck you are yelling for?" Hui Shuang harrumphed, walking towards him. "You disturbed Granny while she was refining medicines. Do you want to die early?" 

Shi Yan’s face distorted. His eyes swept through Hui Shuang, falling on the hag. He spoke up with pain. "I’ve used up the Solid Pellets. If you want the snake to continue its ascension, please give me another bottle

The old woman's pupils shrank all of a sudden as if she were witnessing something absolutely abnormal. Her figure flashed, and she reached Shi Yan immediately. She extended her hand, touching Shi Yan’s arm. Granny released a beam of her energy to survey the changes inside Shi Yan’s body.

She immediately found that his tendons and vessels were all fractured, which was the sign of the Solid Pellet’s effect. As the alchemist who had refined this pellet, she surely knew the power of the Rank 7 Sacred Grade Solid Pellet. She understood that an ordinary True G.o.d Realm warrior couldn’t resist the mighty power of her pellet.

However, Shi Yan had consumed the whole bottle of Solid Pellet in such a short period, and he hadn’t died yet. This surprised her a lot.

She closed her eyes, sending her Soul Consciousness into the small snake as if she were checking something.

Her eyes brightened as though she saw something so joyful. She couldn’t hold her cheery laughter, then nodded and took out three bottles of Solid Pellet. The old woman gently threw them to Shi Yan. She smiled until her eyes squinted. "Take these three new bottles of Solid Pellets. They are all level Rank 7 Sacred Grade Solid Pellets. Take your time and use them all. Haha, not bad, kid. You have potential. I like it." 

Hui Shuang gawked, looking at Granny disbelievingly. He muttered, "Granny, can he endure it? A warrior at the Third Sky of True G.o.d Realm could only resist the power of the three Solid Pellet bottles. Then, he would burst to death. Can he survive?"

Granny screwed up her eyes. She looked thrilled, waving her hands, but she didn't explain further. "He can. Move. We shouldn't disturb him."

Then, she took Hui Shuang and left.

The old woman and Hui Shuang left Shi Yan’s place to go to a luxuriant green structure. She suddenly became serious, talking to the other. "There’re five G.o.d Congealing Pellets. That kid has such abundant Blood Qi!" 

"What?" Hui Shuang was surprised, his face unbelieving. "It’s just been a short period. How could it produce five G.o.d Congealing Pellets?!?"

"I also found it unbelievable." The old woman smiled until she squinted. "This says that our kid has luxuriant Blood Qi in his body. Yeah, Fergie has brought me a good kid this time. Not bad at all! It could produce five pellets in not more than seven days. This progress is much faster than we’ve expected. This kid’s a treasure. I have to protect him well to prevent him from dying early."

Hui Shuang was also happy. "Five G.o.d Congealing Pellets in seven days! With this speed, we’ll be rich soon. Our superiors will be happy too. Granny, you got a treasure this time. Congratulations!"

The old woman nodded with a cheerful face. "I hope this kid could endure longer. Then, we can fulfill the given task. Haha... I was worried that we couldn’t catch up with the progress. I didn’t expect that Little Fergie could find me such a treasure. Not bad. I’ll deal with her problem immediately."

Granny and Hui Shuang were happy, and so was Shi Yan. Looking at the three bottles of Rank 7 Sacred Grade Solid Pellets, his face brightened.

Since Hui Shuang and Granny had left early, they didn’t know that Shi Yan had a new change right after they were gone.

Shi Yan’s shattered tendons and vessels were healed and connected once again. The medicinal power from the pellets was absorbed completely. A dark gold halo was moving miraculously on his body.

Squeezing three new bottles of Solid Pellet in his palms, Shi Yan cracked a smile, muttering to himself. "Perhaps, I can break through to the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm shortly. It seems I have to thank Fergie for giving me a fortune in miseries." 

Although he was showing his grat.i.tude, his eyes were as cold as sharp blades, full of murderous intentions. 

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