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Chapter 71 - Take Advantage of Their Weakness!!
“Shi Jian! You old man!”
Mo Tuo’s eyes were filled with endless hatred. With a raging roar he suddenly stormed towards the arena, and thundered, “You killed my Zhan and destroyed my family’s future hope. I WILL bury you by his side!”
Mo Zhan’s death truly provoked him. Mo Tuo didn’t even care about the rest of the Martial Compet.i.tion. He straightaway rushed towards the Shi family
As Mo Tuo made his move, all the distraught members of the Mo family also stood up. They all rushed into the arena and sprinted towards the Shi family.
“Mo Tuo! My two grandsons are still lying on the ground!” Shi Jian was in violent rage as he also rushed forward. Staring coldly at the approaching Mo Tuo, he sneered, “You were totally calm when you were winning, but lost your temper as soon as you were defeated? Hmph! If you can’t afford to lose, then don’t partic.i.p.ate in the Martial Compet.i.tion at all!”
“Calm down all of you!”
Beiming Shang’s expression was stern as he stood up. Suddenly the temperature around the arena dropped by considerable degree as frigid air started emitting from his body.
Even though the sun was at its height, all the warriors around the arena felt chilly.
“Stand down!” Mo Tuo suddenly turned back his head and shouted to the grieved members of the Mo family.
To this the dedicated warriors and masters of the Mo family were unwilling, but under Mo Tuo’s cold gaze, everybody retreated back to their places.
“Shi Jian, would you dare to fight solo with me!” When the people of the Mo family backed away, Mo Tuo suddenly roared from the middle of the arena.
“Woah! No way?”
“Now this is gonna be quite a show! A battle between two family heads!”
“I didn’t come thousands of miles in vain, this time the arena is truly splendid!”
The crowd was totally excited as they looked at Shi Jian in expectation.
“Why not?” Shi Jian sneered, and also stepped into the center of the arena. He greeted Beiming Shang and said, “Beiming Family Head, Mo Tuo and I will have a fair fight, I’m sure this is not against the rules?”
Frigid air was seeping from Beiming Shang’s body. He groaned and furrowed his brow for a moment, and then slowly sat down, shaking his head, he sighed, “Why bother you two? But if you really wish to fight, I wouldn’t stop you. I only hope that you restrain yourselves and don’t hurt others.”
Shi Yan was totally unfazed by the recent developments and was sitting nonchalantly at the Shi family’s side. Seeing that Shi Jian had also stepped into the arena, his eyes furrowed deeply, knowing that this time it wouldn’t end easily.
However, just when the two were about to fight to the death, the entire Tianyun City seemed to shake for a second. In the far distance, the tall stone tower of the Misty Pavilion, which was dozens of meters high, instantly toppled down.
Even from thousands of meters away, one could see the silhouette of a female above the tower, wearing a black c.r.a.pe and a bamboo hat.
This was clearly a very stunning woman.
She was just like a G.o.ddess, with her hands above her head, as if holding something.
That piece of the sky looked like it was time-warped, with ma.s.ses of strange air flooded the clouds.
From the clouds, some mysterious power in the river of time turned into pillars of light, and all of a sudden stormed down from the heavens, shooting directly into the woman’s upheld hands.
An earth-shakingly strong force suddenly spread out from the woman’s body.
Thousands of meters away, the warriors in the arena could all feel the terrifying force coming from her.
Streaks of exotic beams abruptly shot out from her body. Due to the great density of the beam, it was as if multiple rainbows were wrapping around her.
“Sky Realm master!”
“Who is this woman? So powerful!”
“What is happening? Why is there another Sky Realm master in the city?”
All the people in the arena were totally focused in her direction, completely forgetting Mo Tuo and Shi Jian’s fight.
In the blazing hot sunlight, the woman with the perfect body raised her hands in mid-air.
Suddenly an enormous radiant hand emerged from the sky, and violently smashed down like a mountain.
Under that gigantic hand, a black dot was forming, which was slowly increasing in size...
Gradually, that black dot formed into the silhouette of a person.
The G.o.d-like giant hand, spreading over hundreds of meters, smashed down on the ground with immense force. The silhouette of the person formed from that black dot, suddenly warped and disappeared into streams of dark light.
The enormous hand completely destroyed the three, twenty-meter high Misty Pavilion towers. The rigid Green Iron towers became metal sc.r.a.ps, flying everywhere.
The woman in the black c.r.a.pe and bamboo hat stood in the air above the ruin of the Misty Pavilion for a moment, and then flew towards the arena.
In merely a few seconds, she arrived above the arena, condescendingly looking at the crowd below. With her angel-like voice, she said, “Half of the map is on my hands. Mo Family Head, if you really want it, just come and take in upfront; no need to play tricks in the dark.”
“Our Mo family didn’t do it!” Mo Tuo looked up at her and roared, but there was a flash of surprise in his eyes.
Mo Tuo was only at the Third Sky of the Nirvana Realm, but this woman could walk in mid-air, which was a trait of Sky Realm warriors!”
How could Mo Tuo not be afraid?
Two giant men pushed their way among the crowd, and immediately appeared outside the arena.
In mid-air, the floating G.o.ddess-like woman pointed at Mo Tuo and commanded, “Teach him a little lesson.”
“Yes, Miss!”
The two giant men roared as their muscles suddenly bulged. They were already two meters tall, but instantly grew by some centimeters while exerting power, with dark thick hair suddenly growing on their bodies.
In a flash, the two men turned into what looked like rabid beasts, their eyes filled with a bloodthirsty and murderous look.
The two giant men suddenly dashed out, the strong Green Iron rubble exploding into pieces everywhere they went!
“Who are you? This is the Merchant Union’s arena; we will not allow you to cause trouble here!” Beiming Shang suddenly roared into the heavens, frigid air seeping from him.
Howling, Beiming Shang also flew into the air.
b.a.l.l.s of strange blue flames flew from his body. Those flames shortly condensed into blue fire clouds. These icy clouds, along with the power to freeze the heaven and earth, shot towards the woman.
“Beiming Shang, is it?” The woman’s voice was still sweet as she said indifferently, “The Misty Pavilion’s business has nothing to do with you! Your Beiming family can act like an overlord in the Merchant Union, but in the Endless Sea, you would not even be a third-rate family! You better know your place!”
“Arrogant!” Beiming Shang raised himself into mid-air and stood across from the woman, his face as cold as glacier. He sneered, “I would like to see exactly how capable you are, since you dare to bl.u.s.ter with your wild arrogance!”
The cloud-like [Polar Ice Flames] surged towards the woman like tides.
The woman snorted as she suddenly rose up, and disappeared into the ma.s.s of clouds. After a long moment her voice rang out, “Come and fight up here, don’t harm the innocent.”
“Alright!” Beiming Shang shouted, his body also shooting high above the sky, and disappeared in the clouds.
Thundering roars came from the heavens, as if it was the end of the world.
Everyone in the arena knew that Beiming Shang had started fighting with the mysterious woman, but sadly, no one could see this fight.
“Boom boom boom!”
The two towering men had, by then, surrounded Mo Tuo, and ruthlessly started beating him.
These two big men were like iron giants, their bodies extremely st.u.r.dy. They weren’t afraid of the arms thick strands of lightning, and kept bombarding Mo Tuo in the midst of the lightning strikes.
Strikes of lightning flew in the sky like an electrical dragon. The lightning came from Mo Tuo, fifteen strands in total, and they formed a closely-knit electrical web, charging at the towering giant men.
“Mo Tuo! Give up the treasure map, or else don’t blame me for attacking the Mo family members!”
Mu Xun’s voice came from a corner of the arena. He had brought a group of masters from the Medicine Valley, and walked towards Mo Tuo step by step, his expression grim.
“Mu Xun! The treasure map isn’t with the Mo family! Release Chaoge now, or else you’re not going to walk out of Tianyun City alive!” Mo Tuo was furious, even under the joined forces of the two giant men, he could still give out threats.
“Alright then! You forced me to do this!” Mu Xun’s voice was cold, and he said to the Medicine Valley masters beside him, “Kill everyone in the Mo family!”
Then Mu Xun also sprinted out, his body like a beam of light, he joined the forces of the two giant men and bombarded Mo Tuo.
“Pop pop pop! Boom boom boom!”
The electrical dragon moved around in the sky. The two towering giant men were like monstrous beasts. One of them grabbed two millstone sized Green Iron pieces, and whenever he got near Mo Tuo he would throw the thousand-jin piece of Green Iron at Mo Tuo.
TL Note: A Jin 斤 is a little more than a pound.
In a short moment, the whole arena was filled with lightning and flying stones. Fire spread everywhere and silver lights scurried around.
In the crowd, those that were struck by the electric dragon turned into a crisp, while those that were struck by the stones turned into a pulp.
The fight among these masters had turned everything into chaos!
Many of the warriors cursed, shrieked and roared as they all tried to get out of the way.
Those with low capability simply escaped the G.o.d Stone Square in a panic, afraid to stay and watch the show.
The masters from Medicine Valley took advantage of the situation and stormed towards the Mo family, attacking its descendents and warriors.
However, the Mo family’s descendents and warriors were undaunted. They weren’t afraid of the Medicine Valley’s attacks, and firmly suppressed those that came at them.
Now Shi Jian actually seemed like an outsider.
In the arena he watched the Mo family suffer in surprise, but inside, he was as delighted as ever.
“Grandpa, do it now!” Shi Jian stepped forward, and said firmly.
“Do it now?” Shi Jian froze, then furrowed his brows: “You mean?”
“Mo Zhan is dead. Mo Tuo will surely seek vengeance! Rather than letting the Mo family recover and strike us, why not take advantage of their weakness! You can cooperate with Mu Xun and those two to kill Mo Tuo while we will hunt down the second and third generations of the Mo family. It’s best if we completely cripple the entire Mo family today, so they would never have a chance of revenge.” Shi Yan said cruelly.
“Big brother! Shi Yan is right! Mo Zhan is already dead and Mo Chaoge is probably not going to live either! At this point, we should just screw it all and do it! Screw the Martial Compet.i.tion, take out the Mo family first!” Shi Tie came up and growled.
Shi Tian Luo and Shi Tian Yun were both heavily injured, still laying on the ground. He had already suppressed his anger, but now that the perfect chance was here, Shi Tie couldn’t hold himself back anymore.
Han Feng was also here, and he nodded at Shi Jian.
“Beiming Shang is kept busy right now, so the Beiming family has no one in charge. Without his permission, no one in the Beiming family would help the Mo family. This is a golden opportunity! If we miss this chance we’ll never get it again!” Shi Yan gave in another word of encouragement and said, “Grandpa, you guys kill Mo Tuo, and I will take care of Mo Qi and Mo Yanyu, who severely wounded brother Tian Luo and brother Tian Yun. We can entirely destroy the Mo family bloodline!”
“Kid, you sure are ruthless enough!” Shi Tie smacked Shi Yan, and before Shi Jian agreed he rushed out and shouted, “Mo Tuo, you old dog, today you will die for sure!”
Once Shi Tie exited, Shi Jian stopped hesitating and said to Han Feng, “Idiot, protect Shi Yan!” Then he also stormed out and roared, “Mo Tuo! It’s time to settle it between us!”

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