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The beast moved forward in the dark s.p.a.ce quickly, gliding over ma.s.sive meteorolites and heading towards the edge of the meteorolite sea.

Fergie didn’t say anything, staying silent all the way. Sometimes, she took out the Divine Crystals to restore her energy. She wasn’t worried about Anmou’s team fighting with the others at all.

Shi Yan was worried about Bao Ao and Jie Ji. He didn’t know whether these two could survive this disaster or not. Before he left, he had thought about fighting alongside them. However, Fergie’s words had awakened him, making him give up this thought.

Even Anmou and Fergie couldn't withstand the others. Shi Yan understood that even if he stayed, he couldn’t help much. Perhaps, he would have died instead.

Although he had a good impression of Bao Ao and Jie Ji, it wasn’t enough for him to risk his life. Shi Yan decided to save himself. If they could meet later and if they needed his help, he wouldn’t hesitate to give them a hand.

At this moment, Shi Yan didn’t have that ability; he couldn’t save the other two.

In this cold and dark s.p.a.ce, Shi Yan didn’t know how much time had pa.s.sed. He only knew that they had crossed several hundred meteorolites, advancing through a long distance.

Eventually, the beast crossed the bizarre meteorolite sea, entering an endless starry sky.

This mysterious starry sky was stunning. Countless stars were twinkling charmingly. Flows of Star energy crossed a far distance to gather on Shi Yan’s body, as his Star Martial Spirit was refilled.

This was the marvelous feature of his Star Martial Spirit. Even if he didn’t have any other energy sources to use, as long as there were stars in the sky, he could still use the Star Martial Spirit to supplement the consumed energy.

The beast continued to fly in this vast starry sky. Meteors shot, pa.s.sing by the beast they were riding. Those meteors were illuminating gloriously, much better than the most beautiful firework that enthralled people's souls.

In this endless starry sky, they could often be impacted by the perilous energy storms. Some were much dangerous than the meteorolite sea.

Shi Yan urged his Soul Consciousness to sense. His mind was struck, his face full of fear.

The energy that rippled from those energy storms was earth-destroying. Shi Yan was sure that if he got rolled into such furious storms, his body would be ground and his soul altar would be shattered.

Fortunately, Fergie seemed to be familiar with this starry area. On this journey, they had tried their best to avoid the tremendous energy storms. They had taken the long way around the storms and never dared to intrude. 

Shi Yan followed her and gained benefits from it. He relaxed, as he wasn't torn apart to death by the heaven and earth energy like some rash intruder. 

The beast followed Fergie’s order, changing its direction constantly. After spending a long time in this starry area, it flew directly toward a beautiful five-colored star. After getting through a thick layer of cotton clouds, they landed on that colorful star.

Sitting neatly on the beast, Shi Yan gawked with bright eyes.

Five element power on this star was extremely dense. The energy it carried was too ma.s.sive. It was more than ten times thicker than the spiritual Qi in the Grace Mainland.

This star had so many herbal fields divided into blocks. Those herbs planted there dizzied Shi Yan. He didn’t know them, but he could see that each plant had an obvious energy rippling around it.

In the center of this star, the herbal fields were situated in a piece of land in the middle of a sea. Shi Yan could see many people working in those colorful, thick fields. They were taking care of the plants, fertilizing them with strange substances to supplement the Five Elements power of the soil.

This land had a relatively large conical construction floating in the air, which was a kind of architecture he had never seen before.

The beast headed towards that structure. One hour later, Fergie and her beast stopped in the highest area of that building. It was a triangular stone platform that was around ten mu large, made of green stone with an exquisite, natural stone texture.

After Fergie stopped there, she didn’t explain anything, just faintly talking to Shi Yan. "Follow me."

Shi Yan frowned, releasing his Soul Consciousness to survey the surroundings. He found more than one thousand warriors at various levels staying around. Some of them were at the Disaster Realm or the Sky Realm. However, Shi Yan could spot some intimidating auras, which were even more tremendous than Fergie's energy fluctuations.

"Where are we?" He walked behind Fergie, pretending to ask naturally. "There’re so many herbal fields here. Also, the spiritual Qi’s so abundant. It’s a wonderful place."

"This place is the Herbal Star of our force. It’s the Sixth Herbal Star, specialized in planting spiritual herbs and gra.s.s. Spiritual Qi in this planet’s abundant, which is the best for growing herbs." Fergie explained casually. "The Master of the Sixth Herbal Star is my precursor, a Level two Divine Grade alchemist. This place belongs to her. To our force, this Sixth Herbal Star's very important. King G.o.d Realm warriors stay here year-round to guard and maintain the order in this place." 

Shi Yan’s eyes brightened. He was moved.

Fergie’s force should be tremendously strong as they possessed some herbal stars in the foreign land. A herbal star was a planet which was many times bigger than the Grace Mainland, with more spiritual Qi. Also, they had Divine Grade alchemists.

This was unimaginable in the Grace Mainland.

Pausing for a while, Shi Yan felt something strange. Fergie’s att.i.tude was too friendly, which made him feel strange. Shi Yan thought that this woman had some scheme against him.

"Why did you bring me here?" Shi Yan contemplated and then asked.

"You’ll know later," Fergie put on an indifferent face. She didn’t explain further, and just kept walking.

A warrior with the same diamond-shaped mark on the head appeared on their way as if he had received Fergie’s message beforehand. His energy fluctuations weren’t weaker than Anmou, a King G.o.d Realm warrior.

That man had flaming red hair, and was wearing armor with flame drawings. He gave people a feeling of a brutal character. He threw a glance at Fergie and then nodded. "I heard that you left alone, right? If Anmou comes back alive and reports your runaway stuff, it will be big trouble, you know?"

It seemed Fergie and this man were on one side.

"Then trouble it is. At least I could survive. You know Anmou’s characteristics. If he isn’t near death, he won’t give up. I don’t want to be buried with him." Fergie harrumphed and then said with a serious countenance. "Is Granny refining medicines?"

"No. She’s worried about you too. She was just now saying that you were a little bit late this time." That man knitted his brows, taking a quick look at Shi Yan. "Because of him?"

Fergie nodded. "It’s good that she isn’t refining medicines. I brought this kid to help her little baby."

That man laughed evilly, eyeing Shi Yan as he grinned, "If so, Granny will be happy. Your little trouble won’t be a trouble anymore."

Fergie also smiled.

Shi Yan’s visage changed dramatically as he immediately got that Fergie had set him up for something, and it was definitely not a good thing.

"Kid, follow me. It’s your good fortune that you can get to the Sixth Herbal Star. It’s not bad, haha." That man cracked a smile which nauseated people. "Granny’s little baby has killed seven True G.o.d Realm slaves. If this kid has exuberant Blood Qi, perhaps he could endure longer. Haha."

Fergie walked first; she didn’t even take a glance over her shoulder.

Shi Yan darkened his face while his icy cold eyes were scanning her ample rear end. He didn’t say anything, just following the woman.

Soon, he saw Fergie talking in a low tone to an old woman, who had a snake-headed cane. That hag had a wrinkled face outlining a pair of eyes like a venomous snake. Brutal gleam sparkled from her eyes as she was studying Shi Yan, as if she were looking at a sacrificial sheep.

Under her look, Shi Yan felt irritated, his face getting more grimaced.

"This kid is only at the First Sky of True G.o.d Realm. Does he really have abundant Blood Qi like you've said?" That grandma's voice was hoa.r.s.e and low. She spoke skeptically. "Well, if it isn't, you are going to have big trouble."

"Granny, give it a shot," Fergie kneeled down and smiled. "How could I dare to deceive you?"

The old woman nodded, raising her voice. "Bring that kid to me."

The King G.o.d Realm that had accompanied them laughed and then disappeared shortly.

Not long after that, he returned, bringing a middle-aged man, who was stinky and bony. His eyes were dim and desperate, which made him look no different from a crying ghost.

That middle-aged man couldn't stand firm. As soon as he saw the old woman and Fergie, he became hostile, pitching his voice and screaming. "Fergie! Even if I turn into a ghost, I won’t forgive you! You b*tch! You will never have a decent death!" 

Fergie didn’t change her visage or even arch her brows.

The old woman appeared as if she hated that man a lot. She talked mournfully, "You don't have a chance to become a ghost."

The King G.o.d Realm expert standing next to him grinned fiendishly. His five fingers were like five sharp knives that thrust into that man's head. Instantly, he squeezed the soul altar of the poor man. That man's G.o.d Soul was ripped off under a ruthless, twisting force, and his soul scattered.

A small amount of remaining Essence Qi on his body turned into an invisible current, pouring into Shi Yan’s body.

"My baby, I’ll give you another place." The hag squinted, putting on a mild countenance, waving at the body of that middle-aged man. A beam of light shot out from there, winding around her wrinkled arm.

It was a small snake that was around half a meter long. Five-colored halo expanded from it beautifully. The little snake then flickered its tongue happily in the air, as if it was trying to get the favor from that hag.

Shi Yan paled.

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