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Shi Yan listened attentively to Fergie’s explanation of the new realms. He frowned and thought, as excitement appeared obviously on his face.

The G.o.d Realms had three minor realms and three major realms. As he was at the True G.o.d Realm, in the Grace Mainland, he was already the best of the best experts. Listening to Fergie’s explanation, he got to know about a whole new world, a world that was way beyond his imagination. Shi Yan felt as if he was a frog sitting under his coconut sh.e.l.l.

"The foreign land’s much complicated than what you’ve thought. Experts here are like trees in a thick forest. Surviving in a high-level continent is much more strenuous than living in your low-level continent." Fergie seemed to turn her boasting channel on, but she wasn’t hurried, looking at him with a cold face. "If you want to survive in the foreign land, you always have to think about advancing. You can’t be relaxed."

Fergie paused for a while and then asked him. "How old are you?"

Shi Yan was bewildered for a while and then answered her honestly. "I think I’m around thirty years old."

Even himself couldn’t certify his age. He had been running back and forth through the Grace Mainland, and he hadn’t stopped for a long time in any land. He had been fighting continuously, trying his best to have a better realm. He did forget how fast time pa.s.sed.

Fergie’s eyes became strange. She scrutinized him, as her eyes shot out a flow of dim light. "Around thirty? Are you sure?"

Shi Yan nodded.

Fergie was startled. After a while, she furrowed her brows and then said, "Good innate endowment." She then contemplated for a while.

Shi Yan waited in silence unhurriedly.

Fergie didn’t continue. She seemed to muse on something. After a long time, energy waves rippled from her, and it seemed to get stronger from time to time. The big Divine Crystal in her hand wasn’t shiny anymore, as the energy inside had been absorbed completely.

Shi Yan stood up, but she didn’t dust her clothes. "Get back to work."

Shi Yan hurried to get up, gathering his energy and waiting attentively.

That beast continued to dig the meteorolite, scattering the five-colored Perish Essence pieces. Fergie took most of them, and Shi Yan just needed to collect the ones she missed. It was much easier than when he worked with Decca. 

It was another unfathomable period of ore exploitation.

During this process, he had used the low-quality Divine Crystals to restore his energy. Shi Yan could feel his Essence Qi ancient tree getting more vibrant, while his realm became steadier, and he could use his powers more fluently day by day.

Today, while Fergie was using her strange power to collect the five-colored Perish Essence, a diamond-shaped mark on her forehead glowed all of a sudden.

Fergie’s countenance changed a little bit, and her moving fingers trembled. Dozens of five-colored Perish Essence pieces shot out, but she missed them.

Shi Yan always paid attention, and he didn’t dare to relax just a second. He immediately urged his energy and covered all the five-colored crystals, putting them into his Storage Ring.

Fergie stopped, pointing at the beast.

The beast stopped digging, standing still in the piles of rocks.

Fergie looked grim. She squinted in front of Shi Yan as if she was talking with someone using the mark on her head. Gradually, her face became more grimaced. A gleam of anxiety and worry appeared in her eyes.

Shi Yan didn’t talk. He stopped his work, watching the woman as he knew something unexpected had happened.

"Another force has come to this meteorolite. They are much stronger than us." Fergie stayed quiet for a while and then opened her eyes wider. The mark on her forehead didn’t glow anymore, indicating that her conversation had ended. "Anmou went to negotiate with him. If he fails, perhaps... we will have a fight,"

Shi Yan was surprised. He felt anxious immediately. "Stronger than you guys?"

Fergie beamed a forced smile. "Two King G.o.d Realm warriors and six Peak of True G.o.d Realm warriors. Seems like they’re prepared to devour us. I hope he could negotiate with them. Otherwise, we will be in big trouble."

Shi Yan quieted down, discreetly putting up his guard, as he was calculating the worst situation. "Should we... get up there? If we stay underground, once they block us, we... can’t run away."

As those people were standing on the meteorolite, once the war started, it would happen above their heads. According to Fergie, they would be subdued for sure. If they stayed inside the meteorolite, they would have no way to run.

That was why Shi Yan felt so anxious.

Fergie shook her head. "We can’t get up there now. If negotiation doesn’t work, we shouldn’t show up. If we get up there, the danger will be bigger. We’d better run from here."

She ordered the beast directly.

That beast grunted, then started to dig towards another direction hurriedly. Just like a pangolin, it dug another cave deeper into the rock wall.

"The rock will be really tough if that section has Perish Essence crystals. Otherwise, it’s soft enough to dig it fast," Fergie frowned while explaining. "Anmou’s a simple-minded person. His temper isn’t good either. If he fails to negotiate, and we have to fight, he will risk his life for sure. Anmou is at the King G.o.d Realm. Even if we get defeated, he can protect himself and run away. And we will be... So, we should stay here and watch."

Shi Yan was surprised.

It seemed Fergie wanted to disband. She didn’t want to fight, and she wanted to run away to save her life before the fight happened.

Under Shi Yan’s look, Fergie still acted naturally. "I don’t want to die. If you don’t want to live, you can go there." She paused for a while and then continued. "When the battle happens, you guys, the low strangers, will die first. Those who go with you will be killed shortly if they show themselves. If you get there, you will be killed like them. Anmou won’t care about your life of death."

Shi Yan discolored. He ceased his thoughts and quieted down.

He wanted to get there and watch. However, Fergie’s words had made him think about it again. The other team had two King G.o.d Realm warriors. So, it was no use if Shi Yan got there. He would be killed shortly.


Explosions reverberated rumblingly. Shortly, a tremendous tremor transmitted from above their heads. That tremor carried a furious energy shockwave and mysterious power, intruding into the ground.

Shi Yan felt his hair rise, and he shivered under that strange energy effect. His flesh seemed to be bursting too. Amidst the rumbling noises, the mark on Fergie’s forehead glowed again. It seemed Anmou was talking to her.

Fergie stopped the conversation. She shouted with a grim face. "We should move now!"

Then, she didn’t care if Shi Yan had any other idea. She ran into the pa.s.sage the beast had dug as fast as if she were flying.

Shi Yan was astounded for three seconds, then immediately followed Fergie by jumping into the pa.s.sage. While running after her, he set up many barriers and restrictions in an attempt to hinder the opponents.

Fergie’s eyes were mocking. "It’s no use. At your realm, your barriers can’t stand even one of their strikes."

Shi Yan didn’t answer. He was still trying to set up more barriers. Crystals he brought from the Grace Mainland flew out and were inlaid in the wall, creating faint energy defending barriers.

"The battle has begun. Anmou can hold the others for a while. If we leave here, we won’t get ambushed." Fergie didn’t care about him, just talking. "Of course, Anmou will hate me. He will report me for sure when he gets back. Anyway, it’s okay. Being reported is better than being dead."

The beast in front of them was like a fast pangolin digging the rock.

Shi Yan followed close behind Fergie amidst the shower of rock chips. They didn’t care about the battle above their heads, just advancing deeper into the ground.

After a while, the beast roared and pushed further. It then jumped into the immense darkness.

Shi Yan and Fergie followed the beast, falling into the icy-cold darkness.

Fergie jumped on the beast and knitted her brows, turning and looking at him. Shi Yan got her look, so he immediately flew over and landed on the beast, sitting behind her.

Fergie patted the beast. It then sped up like a black thunderbolt, dashing towards a meteorolite in front of them. Shortly, they fell into an energy storm.

Fergie’s body glowed gloriously in the furious gust of the energy storm. This halo came from her garments, creating a thick layer that covered her entirely. This protection kept her safe from the impact of the energy storms.

As Shi Yan was exposed, his ma.s.sive Blood Qi in was triggered, which activated his Petrification Martial Spirit. His body became rigid in just a blink. Each muscle of his became strangely firm with a mysterious energy that could neutralize the energy of the storm. 

Fergie could sense something. She turned her head, looking at him. Her eyes got brightened.

As they were in the middle of an energy storm, she had to use her magical clothes to resist. But Shi Yan, who was baring his body, could withstand the storm easily. His intimidatingly tenacious body was much stronger than most of the True G.o.d Realm warrior she had met.

She was astounded, looking at Shi Yan. At this moment, he had gained a higher value in her eyes.

In her eyes, this kid, who came from a low-level continent had something strange. As he was too young to reach the True G.o.d Realm, his innate endowment was excellent. And, his tenacious body showed that he had been trained arduously for a significantly long time. 

Everybody knew that physical training was more strenuous than increasing the realm and power. Each warrior who had a significantly strong body all had a tough will, as they were the most persistent and terrifying persons.

Fergie’s eyes brightened. She considered for a while and then nodded discreetly as she had a good calculation.

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