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This group of people slowly advanced in the energy storm. Different from Shi Yan, who was moving at ease, Bao Ao, Jie Ji, Kante, and Corpse Chief were struggling in the center of the energy storm. They had to use more energy to deal with its tremendous attacks.

Shi Yan was calm, staying behind Bao Ao’s team. He often checked out Kante, Corpse Chief, and Zenith in the Yin Written Charm Scripture.

Under his scrutinizing gaze, Kante and Zenith were a little bit tense.

In the energy storm, they all needed to consume a huge amount of energy to protect their bodies. However, Shi Yan wasn’t affected at all. If they had to battle here, they would receive a significant loss. They were afraid that Shi Yan had born a grudge against them, and could ambush them at any minute. 

They were uneasy the whole way, maintaining a safe distance from Shi Yan. After a while, as they could see that Shi Yan didn’t care about them, they finally could relax their tense nerves.

Inside the energy storm, everybody had to spend a significant amount of energy. Eventually, they had crossed the area, landing on another meteorolite.

This meteorolite was almost identical to the one they had stayed earlier. It was cold and dark. They saw no living energy, and they had to consume their energy to resist this harsh ambiance every second.

After Shi Yan steadied his body, he frowned while sensing. Then he said, "Nothing’s here. We should continue."

Then, he took the lead and jumped into the cold darkness again.

Bao Ao’s team didn’t say anything, following him into the dark.

Kante, Corpse Chief, and Zenith knew this trip wouldn’t turn out into a good one. They would have no way back, so they could only move forward. They needed to see if they could find anything in the next meteorolite.

They followed Shi Yan, consuming their energy to advance further in the dark.

After crossing more than ten meteorolites, even their cultivation base at their high realm couldn’t endure anymore. All of them had spent at least half of their energy.

Bo Ruo and Gu Da Si appeared unable to endure anymore, their faces paling. Although they didn’t say anything, it looked like they couldn’t endure for much longer.

Bao Ao and Jie Ji were grim. Looking at the endless meteorolite sea in front of them, they only felt bitter.

Kante, Corpse Chief, and Zenith didn’t say anything either, while they checked their bodies begrudgingly.

At this moment, despair gradually expanded in their hearts, as they thought that they would never cross this meteorolite sea to find a way out.

"Keep moving. Staying here also consumes our energy. Although we don’t know what’s waiting for us ahead, we have no choice." Shi Yan mused for a while and then sighed, storming forward.

They knew they had no other way around. They could only continue that way. They all jumped into the energy storm, heading towards the biggest meteorolite they saw.

Crossing the energy storm, as soon as Shi Yan landed on the meteorolite, his eyes brightened. He shouted, "I can sense someone had been here before!"

Bao Ao and Jie Ji were behind him. They were struck on hearing his words.

Not long after that, Bo Ruo, Gu Da Si, Kante, Zenith, and Corpse Chief appeared. They were stirred up, looking at the meteorolite with a flame of hope in their hearts.

The meteorolite they were standing on was a little bit bigger than the Immortal Island in the Endless Sea. There were so many burrows digging into the core of the meteorolite. Big rocks were scattered at the entrance of those big burrows. It was obvious that someone had exploited this area.

Everybody got cheered up, releasing their Soul Consciousness towards those caves to see if they could find anything alive.

However, they were disappointed on seeing no energy fluctuation of living things. Although someone was here before, they had left already. As Shi Yan’s team didn’t know their exact location, it was harder to find a better solution.

"I’m going to the cave and check it out," Shi Yan pondered then decided to pioneer. He flew to a cave in front of them.

He entered deeper into the meteorolite, seeing so many complicated turns and channels. At the end of the road, he found many concave spots on the wall of the tunnel. It seemed someone had taken the crystals or something from those concave spots away.

It should be some kind of mineral!

He observed for a while and came up with that conclusion, then returned. He entered another cave and found the same traces of exhausted exploitation.

Shi Yan didn’t linger there. He returned from the caves, standing next to Bao Ao as he said, "This meteorolite should have some strange mineral. It was a mineral mine. However, they had exploited it all. That's why we found no one here." 

As Bao Ao heard his conclusion, he felt better. He smiled and consoled himself. "If we find streaks of living things here, it means we’re going in the right way. If they can visit here and leave safely, we can, too. As long as we can find the traces of people operating in the area, we can confirm that this place isn’t a dead place that has no hope."

Everybody agreed with him. They felt better, as they felt like they could see hope here.

"Move. We need to continue. Perhaps, we will find the mines that aren’t emptied out yet. Perhaps we can find someone there," Shi Yan suggested. 

Kante, Zenith, and Corpse Chief didn’t reject his opinion. They nodded silently, honestly approving of his suggestion for the first time ever.

Everybody continued to move forward.

They then crossed other seven meteorolites, of which, three had the traces of exploitation.

Everybody was cheered up, even though their energy was about to drain completely. They continued moving forward.

Later on, they reached a giant meteorolite. As soon as they landed, everybody got happy. 

They immediately sensed the streak of living beings.

They hurried to move to the area where they detected the living aura. Then, they saw many ma.s.sive caves connected to the core of the meteorolite. The living fluctuation they had sensed came out from those caves.

They could detect the others, and the others seemed to find them too. Not long after that, an ear-splitting explosion arose. Beasts that looked like they were made of piles of rock appeared from the caves.

This kind of a beast was around ten meters long, with a lozenge shape and a sharp, pointy head. They also had terrifying knife-like teeth.

They had never seen these kinds of beasts in the Grace Mainland. A dim light flickered in the beasts’ eyes, while they diffusing a ma.s.sive aura and glaring at Shi Yan’s group.

A shout arose from the caves. Not long afterward, seven people emerged from the cave. They were the members of the Dark Spirit Clan, Human Clan, and Ghost Mark Clan. Those people had an outstanding diamond-shaped mark on their forehead. They seemed to belong to the same force.

The leader was a member of the Dark Spirit Clan, whose energy movement was formidable. The energy intensity of his body was much more intimidating than any experts Shi Yan had met.

That man wore a dark gold robe, hiding his hands in the loose sleeves. He was an old man with white hair draped over his shoulder. His cold eyes gazed at Shi Yan’s team right when they got out of the cave.

Under his gaze, everybody was extremely uneasy, as if a giant, ferocious beast of the Antiquity was looking at them. This feeling was so annoying.

"King G.o.d Realm!" Bao Ao muttered, his face changing dramatically.

Shi Yan shuddered. Divine light sparkled in his eyes as he immediately gathered energy, quietly staying alarmed.

"Where are you from?" The Dark Spirit Clan’s leader coldly looked at the other and said in a low tone. However, he was imposing like a G.o.d watching his creatures, nonchalant but harsh.

"We are from the Grace Mainland. We’ve just arrived at the Meteorolite Sea. But now we’re lost," Bao Ao took one step forward and replied to the old man carefully. "Where is this place? I wonder if you could show us the way to survive here?"

"The way to survive?" That man chuckled. He contemplated for a while and then nodded, his eyes musing. "There’s a way to survive. However, you have to be obedient. Otherwise, it’s your dead way. Understand?"

Shi Yan’s team discolored. They discreetly observed the other six people. They were all scared.

The other six included members of the Dark Spirit Clan, Human Clan, and Ghost Mark Clan. They were the warriors at the Peak of True G.o.d Realm, and all of them had a dangerous aura.

Only the leader had the King G.o.d Realm. Anyway, that old man alone could kill all the members of Shi Yan’s team, let alone the other six. In this battle, they had no hope to win.

"Master Anmou, that scripture isn’t bad, haha." A young man of the Ghost Mark Clan chuckled. Magical tattoo appeared on his face as he admired the Yin Written Charm Scripture. He muttered, "Master, you’ve agreed to give me something."

The Dark Spirit Clan's leader was called Anmou. He just grinned, raising his hand and s.n.a.t.c.hing at the void.

A tremendous flow of energy that could make a mountain collapse gushed out furiously from his palm. The Yin Written Charm Scripture was grabbed, falling into Anmou’s hand.

"Get out. Don’t make me do that," Anmou held the Yin Written Charm Scripture, talking faintly as if he had no emotions.

A thin, pale figure emerged from the Yin Written Charm Scripture. He was as feeble as a willow catkin in the wind. The old man shivered, his eyes frightened.

That was Zenith’s body, being exposed for the first time. It seemed he couldn’t adapt to the outer world, as he was moving his limbs oddly.

"King G.o.d Realm, not bad. You’re a hotshot. Unfortunately, your energy has been drained too much, and you haven’t attained the G.o.d Body yet. Not much of a threat." Anmou contemplated for a while as if he were considering whether to kill Zenith or not. Anyway, he didn’t do anything. After Zenith got out of the scripture, he threw it to the young man of the Dark Spirit Clan. "Take it. This toy isn’t good enough, but it’s still good for you."

The young man was cheered up on taking the scripture. He sensed it for a while and then joy filled his eyes. "Ah, it has a low-level inheritance, which I’ve never seen before. Not bad indeed. Haha, I finally got something in this trip."

Zenith turned ashen. His lips convulsed, but he didn’t resist.

He understood that once he resisted, he would be killed directly.

Both the realm and powers of the others were stronger than his. Even if he could restore his power, he would have never had a chance to win, let alone his current status.

He could only accept his fate.

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