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The creature of the Dark Clan was struggling hard under Shi Yan’s counterattack. It wanted to dodge, but the other power Upanishads had distracted it. As a result, it couldn’t react timely.

The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, the Ice Cold Flame, the Earth Flame, and the Corpse Vanishing Flame had burned up so many flames of the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame, along with the Yin spirits and the ghosts it had released. This prevented Yin Spirit from using the power of the heaven flame. He could only consume his soul energy to face Shi Yan’s fierce wave of attacks.

"s.p.a.ce Cutting Blades!"

Shi Yan shouted, urging s.p.a.ce power. He touched his forehead, and the power of s.p.a.ce in the altar was shot out, combining with the power of his body.

s.p.a.ce Upanishad seemed to control his Essence Qi, giving it a marvelous resonance with the s.p.a.ce Upanishad. A giant blade appeared above the soul altar of that Dark Clan’s creature.


The s.p.a.ce Cutting Blade slashed down, dividing the altar into two parts. It also halved the soul of the Dark Clan’s creature.

He tried his best to gather his soul and recover the sacrificial altar with all his efforts. But the Soul Gathering Pearl seized the chance and dashed forward, trying to s.n.a.t.c.h its soul.

Unfortunately, it was unknown why the Soul Gathering Pearl couldn’t affect the G.o.d Soul of that creature. It just couldn’t devour the G.o.d Soul.

Shi Yan didn’t know that the Soul Gathering Pearl was the beast crystal of the Soul Devouring Beast, which was just a level 9 beast. At most, it could only swallow the souls of creatures at the same level. In other words, the bead could only take the souls of creatures at True G.o.d Realm.

If it were beyond this level, the Soul Gathering Pearl couldn’t do anything.

That creature’s soul seemed to have reached the King G.o.d Realm. Thus, only the Soul Gathering Pearl of a level 10 Soul Devouring beast could capture it. 

Shi Yan wasn't hurried even though he saw that the bead was ineffective. He increased s.p.a.ce power to create a bigger s.p.a.ce Cutting Blade. Then, he slashed the creature's soul many times to prevent him from gathering his soul again. 

Shortly, a surging, furious wave overflowed from his glabella.

A special mark glowed on his forehead, releasing a strange energy fluctuation.

That fluctuation released waves of a lively mark, which disappeared from his forehead and reappeared on the altar of the Inner World Five Devils and his Immortal Demon Blood.


Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness was shaken rumblingly. At that moment, his consciousness was blurry. His soul sacrificial altar flew out from his Sea of Consciousness, halting in front of him.

He was startled. This terrifying event frightened him as he noticed a mark inside the altar, which was releasing strong vibrations, as if it were trying to create something.

It seemed to be an extremely intimidating power Upanishad.

The mark on his forehead had disappeared and reappeared on the altar, changing it continually. The foundation of this altar, which had been generated from his Soul Consciousness and the energy the Inner World Five Devils had absorbed from the ruins of the seven Demogorgon statues, was being reconstructed magically. 

In just a blink, the connection between Shi Yan and the Five Devils was cut off. The Five Devils seemed to be smashed down and congregated into the mark. This mark was having a terrific transformation. It twisted, creating a black hole that was diffusing a destructive, extremely evil aura.


The Soul Gathering Pearl flew out, falling into that black hole.

Inside the black hole, Shi Yan could see the eccentric energy moving, which terrified him, making him uneasy while watching this transformation.

Vaguely, he found that he had some connection with the black hole, as he could use the G.o.d Soul to control it. However, when he tried to do that, he figured out that he couldn’t.

Shortly, the Soul Gathering Pearl was smashed. The beast crystal of the bizarre Soul Devouring Beast turned into numerous light spots, disappearing into the black hole.

The black hole twisted, releasing an evil and strange, ma.s.sive suction force.

At that moment, all energies in the center of the energy storm were affected. Countless Yin spirits and wandering ghosts were drawn from the dim halo, disappearing into the black hole.

Even the altar that the Dark Clan’s creature had spent so many years to build was affected. No matter how hard it tried, it couldn’t get rid of the suction force, being drawn into the black hole.

After several breaths, the Dark Clan’s creature and the soul sacrificial were sucked up, including numerous Yin spirits and ghosts. Nothing remained.

As the intense blue flame was bound tightly by the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, the Earth Flame, the Ice Cold Flame, it couldn't move, floating in front of Shi Yan. 

The Dark Clan’s creature had tried everything it could use to take Shi Yan’s heaven flames. However, it ended up being dragged into the black hole, which had melted the Inner World Five Devils and the Soul Gathering Pearl. This black hole was created by the power from the mark.

Shi Yan was petrified.

He didn’t know what was happening. He only knew that his enemy had disappeared completely.

Shi Yan was dumbstruck, looking at the black hole there. He vaguely sensed that the black hole also had many ma.s.sive revolving vortexes, just like in his acupuncture points, to refine some energy.

Shi Yan knew that the energy the black hole was refining came from the creature of the Dark Clan.

The black hole hovered in front of him and then disappeared, reappearing in his Sea of Consciousness, staying where the soul sacrificial altar used to be.

A magical power Upanishad was slowly generated from that black hole. Shi Yan used his G.o.d Soul to sense, then changed his visage.

That power Upanishad was called ‘Devouring Original Essence.’ It could devour all kinds of energies. It was also the evilest, cruelest Seal of Upanishad, whose nature was to destroy, demolish, and break any balance.

This power Upanishad was the nature of the black hole, the core of the black hole which was generated by the combination of the Inner World Five Devils, the Soul Gathering Pearl, and the mark on his forehead. It was linked to Shi Yan’s soul directly.

Shi Yan was struck hard. He tried to calm down to perceive the essence of that power Upanishad. He sent his soul to the black hole, watching countless revolving vortexes as he was witnessing the derivative of the most eccentric, evilest power in the universe.

Shi Yan’s mind and G.o.d Soul were clear as he was taking in the knowledge and comprehensions of this new power. He wanted to get a good grasp of its essence, and how energy was mobilized while using this power.

Losing its master, the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame calmed down, and didn’t have any reaction.

The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, the Ice Cold Flame, the Earth Flame, and the Corpse Vanishing Flame became the most talented and persuasive speakers, as they were releasing their soul fluctuation to communicate with the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame.

The immense blue flame didn’t send out any energy fluctuation, as if it were listening to the other flames.

After a while, the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame seemed to be convinced. It turned into the original form, getting into Shi Yan’s head through his eyes, together with the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, the Ice Cold Flame, the Earth Flame and the Corpse Vanishing Flame. 

The Yin Spirit Ghost Flame then stayed together with the other four heaven flames on the heaven flame altar. It shone calmly, slowly fusing with the heaven flame altar. It then rooted, considering the heaven flame its new base to thrive.

The Yin Spirit Ghost Flame really liked its new situation.

When it was forced to fuse with that creature of the Dark Clan, its liberty was s.n.a.t.c.hed. The flame had to stay in the other’s soul under the other’s control.

This wasn’t fair at all. The flame’s will, power, and soul were taken, so it had no means to resist or rebel.

Whenever that creature of the Dark Clan fought with the others, he always used the flame’s power first. The flame was enslaved, letting its master take in all it had.

Of course, the flame didn’t like it. It used to plan for an escape. However, once it was fused, the flame’s soul and consciousness were confined. After several attempts, it got hurt badly and hadn’t restored fully yet.

The offer it had at this moment was totally different. Staying in Shi Yan’s soul sacrificial altar meant it was equal to Shi Yan. Also, it could take Shi Yan’s blood, soul energy, and Soul Consciousness to nurture itself. And, it could thrive to evolve later on.

Only when Shi Yan was in danger would he use the flame’s power. Anyway, Shi Yan wouldn’t use all of its power to resist the enemies. It would only happen in some particular cases. Only when Shi Yan needed it the most would he use the flame’s power.

This was a win-win solution, which benefited both sides. It wasn’t like the previous time when it was in a pa.s.sive situation, constantly consuming energy alone.

Of course, the current situation was what the flame wanted. 

Thus, under the enticement of the other four heaven flames, the unowned Yin Spirit Ghost Flame had proactively fused with Shi Yan’s heaven flame altar, which would be its new home. The flame felt contented and secure.

Shi Yan was surprised that the four heaven flames had tried to draw more support for him. He didn’t need to persuade the new flame, and everything went smoothly. The Yin Spirit Ghost Flame had become a new power in his heaven flame altar.

Shi Yan was delighted with this result, thinking that it was worth his good treats for the four heaven flames. It was easier if the four heaven flames helped him to convince their kind. 

The heaven flames calmed down, but their altar had expanded. Energy moving inside it was obviously more vigorous, which benefited him a lot. His G.o.d Soul seemed to sublimate, becoming denser and cleaner, with a new power.

However, the black hole was still refining energy next to the heaven flame altar. Countless vortexes were still revolving crazily with the mysteries of the Devouring Original Essence. This made him both scared and happy.

Gradually, a magical wave of energy started to diffuse from the center of the vortexes in the black hole. Those waves had accelerated the devouring speed of the black hole, then overflowed to Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness, the altar of heaven flames, and the altar of Seals of Upanishad.

His Sea of Consciousness expanded continually. Flows of Soul Consciousness under that energy’s urge had generated more pure flows, which increased the area of the Sea of Consciousness. Shi Yan now had more Soul Consciousness to use.

The five heaven flames were dancing with the support of that energy, as if they were boosted. Each of them looked delighted and excited.

The altar of the Seal of Upanishad created when Shi Yan had broken through the True G.o.d Realm also gained benefits. The three powers were purified, making Shi Yan understand them to a whole new level.

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