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Many Yin spirits and ghosts were const.i.tuting the spiritual snakes which carried the pure heaven flame power of the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame. Those snakes flew swiftly and reached to Shi Yan in just a blink.

In just a short amount of time, the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame’s white jade flame had burned down many Yin spirits and wandering ghosts. However, there were too many of them, so the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame couldn’t burn them all instantly.

The creature of the Dark Clan with its Yin Spirit Ghost Flame was also hurried, flying behind the spiritual snakes and dashing towards Shi Yan.

At this critical moment, Shi Yan was held deep in the energy storm, where a significant consumption of energy was required to protect his body. He was struggling hard, revealing weaknesses here and there.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

The spiritual snakes had crossed the defense of the white jade flames. Shortly, they covered him with many layers.

Flows of Yin Spirit Ghost Flame with the Yin spirits attached to his body. The Immense blue flame tried to control his soul, which would prevent him from using his defending techniques. 


Fierce tremor transmitted from Shi Yan's G.o.d Soul, which swayed on the altar, as if some invisible forces were trying to drag it out of the altar and his body.

The creature of the Dark Clan was strangely happy. It continually sent him its soul fluctuations. "Kid, you’re seeking death yourself. Don’t blame me for making both your soul and body perish."

"Get out!"

Shi Yan tried to press down the powerful vibration of his G.o.d Soul. His thought flickered to connect to the heaven flame's soul sacrificial altar. 

The Ice Cold Flame, the Earth Flame, and the Corpse Vanishing Flame flew out from the altar after they had received his order. The three heaven flames created a fire sea, covering Shi Yan entirely.

An icy cold aura froze the blue flame on his body instantly. Right after that, the Earth Flam and the Corpse Vanishing Flame started to attack the spiritual snakes furiously. These two flames were using their intimidating energy to hit the snakes, making sparks scatter everywhere.

In the beginning, the Corpse Vanishing Flame hadn't wanted to cooperate with Shi Yan. After it had been relocated to the sacrificial altar and received good benefits from him, the flame then became milder and accepted him.

At this moment, just like the Ice Cold Flame and the Earth Flame, it had considered the heaven flame altar in Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness its home, where it could cultivate and thrive.

At this moment, as someone wanted to destroy his root, the flame, of course, wouldn’t tolerate it. It used all of its powers to counter the enemy, without concealing anything.

Among the heaven flames, the Corpse Vanishing Flame was a peculiar one, as it had an enormous Death aura. Anyway, it had the same function as the power of Death and Life that Shi Yan had comprehended.

The lethality of the flame’s aura was formidable for the snakes created by the Yin spirits and wandering ghosts.

Under the Corpse Vanishing Flame’s energy attack, the Yin spirits and ghosts became hazy, as if their minds were occupied by some unknown, evil forces. They all were controlled, and made to halt in the void dully, as if they had been attacked by the Body Fixing Technique. They no longer released the soul energy attacks.

The Earth Flame burned all the frozen souls. Under its scorching temperature, those Yin spirits and ghosts didn’t resist. They were melted while screaming, but no sounds were heard.

All Yin spirits and ghosts were afraid of the burning heat like the Earth Flame’s power, which was their nemesis. Shortly, the Yin spirits force was damaged badly, and their soul energy weakened drastically.

Although all of them were heaven flames, the blue Yin Spirit Ghost Flame was afraid of high temperature. It was struggling under the burning power of the Earth Flame, thus couldn’t increase the power to control those souls.

Shortly, Shi Yan’s pressure was lifted, and his trembling G.o.d Soul was calmed down for a moment.

"You have more than one heaven flames!" The Dark Clan's creature shouted. It was both excited and nervous. "Good! Excellent! I'm gonna strike jackpot this time. After taking in those heaven flames, I can condense a body to swagger even in the foreign land!"

The three-tiered sacrificial altar of the Dark Clan’s suddenly shook. Energy leaves fell from the altar, creating a leaf sea that s.n.a.t.c.hed over Shi Yan. Each leaf had the power seal of the Dark Clan.

Shi Yan could see the lines on the surface of those leaves. The powers that the sage of the Dark Clan had comprehended were urged, making his three-tiered sacrificial altar supernaturally dangerous.

When the leaf sea covered Shi Yan, the power Upanishads in his altar became so chaotic that he couldn’t mobilize the power to even defend. All forces in his body started to disorder.

Inside the energy storm, Shi Yan had to gather his energy in every second to create the defense to keep himself safe from the attack of the energy storm.

At this moment, as the powers of his body were all chaotic, he didn’t have any effective method to resist the invasion of the energy storm. The energy armors around his body scattered.

His body was exposed in the center of the energy storm. The tremendous devouring force surged furiously, entering his body and destroying his blood and flesh.

Shi Yan's Petrification Martial Spirit had been activated for a long time. At that moment, his flesh and blood turned golden. Bones of his entire body echoed cracking sounds while energy seethed furiously in every muscle fiber of his.

Under the skin-tearing power of the energy storm, Shi Yan felt pain as if countless worms were nibbling his body. Pain engulfed both his body and mind.

However, even if he didn’t have the energy protection, the bursting energy in his body could be considered supernatural. So, even though he felt an intense pain, his body stayed unharmed, maintaining a stone-rigid fleshy defense.

People always tended to underestimate his soul and robust body!

This body had experienced thousands of times of quenching with the Petrification Martial Spirit and the Immortal Martial Spirit. After taking in the Golden Marrow, he was much more durable than the other warriors in the same realm. He was much beyond people’s imagination.

Although he didn’t have the energy armors anymore, he was still safe. And, his body seemed to be enduring another time of forging and polishing in the terrifying cutting power of the energy storm, as numerous light spots sparked from him.

It was like his body was under the process of being forged by so many hammers, which made it stronger and more vigorous.

Shi Yan had a large amount of energy stored in his bones, internal organs, and tendons. After this struggling battle, many containers were broken, making energy overflow into his blood and flesh. His body became almost unbreakable.

Gradually, Shi Yan’s body seemed to adapt to the energy storm, as he didn’t need to increase the energy to protect his body. He suspended in the storm while many beams of broken light were moving around him. He now looked like an illuminating object emitting a dazzling light.

"G.o.d Body! How could it be?" The creature of the Dark Clan had its soul tremble, as if someone had punched it. He felt a little bit distressed.

To warriors who reached the King G.o.d Realm, at the moment they broke through, they would take in a formidable amount of heaven and earth energy to refine their bodies one more time. After that process, they would have a G.o.d Body that could move freely in the outer s.p.a.ce, and be immune to most of the chaotic powers of the place.

The reason why Zenith of the Ghost Mark Clan and this creature of the Dark Clan didn’t dare to escape the Grace Mainland was that they hadn’t obtained the G.o.d Body, so they had to be afraid of the energy in outer s.p.a.ce.

Only condensing the body successfully would help them escape the Grace Mainland safely. Yin Spirit wanted to take the heaven flame to use its power to quench his body. After that, he could enter the galaxy easily.

Seeing Shi Yan expose his body without any energy to protect it, yet not being afraid of the energy storm, the Dark Clan’s creature gawked, screaming instinctively.

Normally, even the True G.o.d Realm warriors would have their bodies worn out in the energy storm of outer s.p.a.ce, being scattered in this foreign land.

He thought that if he could smash the protection around Shi Yan’s body, Shi Yan would be crushed shortly. At that moment, his G.o.d Soul and sacrificial altar would be exposed, which would make it easy to kill him.

He clearly had a wrong a.s.sumption about Shi Yan’s tenacious body.

In the energy storm, Shi Yan adapted quickly. Without using any bit of his energy, his body sparked in the area, as he was safe and sound in the energy storm.

As he didn't need to pay attention to protecting his body, Shi Yan was freed all of a sudden. He grinned, sending his soul fluctuation. "Thank you. Without you, I would never know my body had been that tenacious. I’m free now, so we can play well buddy."

Shi Yan touched his chest. Starlight bloomed like a shower of meteorites from the sky. It condensed into many beams, darting towards the three-tiered altar of the Dark Clan’s creature.

At the same time, Shi Yan released the Death Intent Domain, condensing the Death and Life Seal and the intent domain that could destroy all creatures, covering the three-tiered altar.

The creature on the altar felt annoyed, as if he had swallowed many flies. He got the feeling of spending too much for gaining nothing.

Under Shi Yan’s wave of attacks, he had to use the power Upanishads that he hadn’t comprehended thoroughly yet. He used the soul energy to condense many Dark G.o.d Spears, Underworld Hand Seals, the surging Dark Sea, etc.

His soul energy was drained quickly, making his three-tiered altar shrink.

This was the sign of significant loss of his soul energy.

Different from Shi Yan, this creature didn't have a body, so it didn't have any energy from the body to use. While countering its opponent, it had to use the soul energy which had been acc.u.mulated over so many years.

He initially wanted to use the flame to refine his body, but he couldn’t use it today. Also, it revealed his biggest weakness – not having a body!

"Come here! Come here! Come here please!"

Shi Yan let out a crazy laughter as he was urging all powers in his body. He hovered firmly in the energy storm, releasing the power of Stars, Death and Life to neutralize the energy that the other had condensed using his soul. 

"Well, you want my heaven flames, right? I’m here, waiting for you!" Shi Yan’s soul energy became stronger. "You want my heaven flames? I also want yours! Well, I want to see who will absorb whom!"

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