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In the cold darkness where Shi Yan couldn't see his own fingers, he floated lonely while his nerves were tense. He didn't dare to relax for even a fraction of a second. 

Flows of his Soul Consciousness were like the pure cotton threads releasing from his Sea of Consciousness. They were like invisible beams, scattering around to perceive the situation just like his senses. This place was cold and quiet. He found no energy waves of living beings.

Even though he hadn’t approached the energy storm ahead of him, he was still cautious. Energy surged through his entire body, creating layers of thick energy armor, enveloping him completely.

The energy waves transmitted in front of him were extremely furious. They were like countless exploding, twisted energy halo. Dangers were everywhere, without a specific rule. There was no way to leave this place safely.

The meteorolite he had arrived on first was out of his sight at this moment. Using naked eyes, he couldn’t find any of its traces.

Without gravity, his speed wasn’t held back. It was much faster than when he was in the Grace Mainland. His body moved agilely like the willow catkin. He felt like some powers were supporting him at this moment.

A wisp of eerie green light appeared behind him, and energy fluctuations of living beings became clearer.

It was the creature of the Dark Clan, the one that had absorbed the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame. He finally came.

The other didn’t hurry to approach Shi Yan, as he was bobbing and swaying one thousand meters behind Shi Yan. It seemed the dim halo wanted to wait and see Shi Yan storming into the energy storm first, and then decide what he should do next.

Shi Yan sneered in his head. He didn’t care about the other, releasing a flow of Soul Consciousness to watch for any activities of Yin Spirit, as if it were his eyes. If the other acted strangely, he would attack immediately.

As the situation of this place was unclear, protecting himself from being ambushed was the top priority.

Shi Yan understood this rule well.

Although he didn’t accelerate to the fastest speed, he soon approached an energy storm. Right at this moment, he halted.

As if he had a tacit understanding, Yin Spirit still didn’t catch up with him, maintaining a distance of one thousand meters away from him, as if he had a precise ruler with him.

While Shi Yan was discreetly observing his back, he was condensing his Soul Consciousness. Ten flows of Soul Consciousness twisted with each other to form a big bunch, maintaining the deep connection with his G.o.d Soul. It then slowly entered the energy storm area.


Fierce tremors were transmitted to him through his Soul Consciousness. The beam of Soul Consciousness he had released was pulled and torn, making his G.o.d Soul tremble for a while, as his Sea of Consciousness surged abruptly. 

Shi Yan urged more Soul Consciousness from his Sea of Consciousness, pouring into the biggest beam to save it from being pulled into the energy storm.

His G.o.d Soul felt a pain as if he had many needles p.r.i.c.king him at the same time. His energy became a little bit disordered.

From one thousand meters behind him, the Yin Spirit emitted a deep green halo. He trembled, which showed that he had its soul energy fluctuating.

Shi Yan was sensitive enough to detect that. He shuddered inside, and didn’t think much as he hastened to pull his flow of Soul Consciousness back. He wanted to change the power to deal with the attack from behind.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

Dark green shadows were standing out in the dark. They were the Yin spirits from the bottom of the sea in the Seven-layered Underworld, which were fostered by the Dark Sea and the Dark Qi. They were evil and bloodthirsty, storming towards him with their blade-like sharp fighting will.

Shi Yan turned his body abruptly. A flow of Soul Consciousness he hadn’t retreated yet started to deal with the attack of the Yin spirits.

A faint halo sparkled on the Storage Ring as the Soul Gathering Pearl appeared quietly in the dark. This bead was dark green, which helped it mingle well with the darkness, and it was hard to detect its location.

As those Yin spirits had just been released, they hadn’t reached the fastest speed yet. The Soul Gathering Pearl could catch them, dragging them towards it with some invisible forces. 

The Yin spirits cried and roared. However, their sounds didn’t echo in this s.p.a.ce. An immense blue flame emerged from the dim halo, releasing magical soul fluctuations that flew towards the Yin spirits.

The immense blue flame had the ability to control Yin spirits and wandering ghosts. It was the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame, one of the heaven flames.

His power poured into the Yin spirits, giving them the tremendous energy to get rid of the Soul Gathering Pearl’s entanglement. They could cut off the bind immediately.

The stagnant speed of the Yin spirits suddenly accelerated. They cried and screamed furiously, attacking Shi Yan. Their blade-like sharp will had intruded Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness first.

His seething Sea of Consciousness seemed to be fragmented by this kind of will. For the time being, Shi Yan’s power Upanishads seemed to be broken apart, and it was hard to gather them again.

The energy fluctuation of the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame on the heaven flames’ altar section became clearer. The white jade flame suddenly engulfed the entire Sea of Consciousness, sweeping away the Yin spirit’s will.

Shi Yan was struck. As the soul bind was lifted up, he got the control of his Sea of Consciousness again.

Too bad, it was too late!

Flows of Yin spirits dashed toward Shi Yan like big columns at fast speed, furiously banging into his chest. This heavy attack had blown him backward.

Shi Yan discolored as he suddenly realized that he was wrong.

That dim halo didn’t want to bombard him, but to push him into the energy storm behind.

It was obvious that the dim halo could sense the dangers inside that area. He also knew that Shi Yan had some support as he dared to volunteer. He didn’t want to fight with Shi Yan out there, but actually use the perilous conditions inside the energy storm to wear out Shi Yan.

Although Shi Yan knew his intention, he couldn’t control his body during the fight, flinging backward and falling directly into one of the energy storms.

Countless strange and distorted energies that he couldn’t see enveloped him like a meat grinder. Under such fierce energies, layers of energy armors on Shi Yan’s body sparked, as if someone was using many knives to slash him.

Pain engulfed him, while he could only defend with his best under such furious attacks.

His strong flow of Soul Consciousness that hadn’t retreated yet from this energy storm returned to Shi Yan’s body under the control of his G.o.d Soul, disappearing into his Sea of Consciousness.

He didn’t dare to urge his Soul Consciousness one more time, so he had to mobilize the other powers in his body to protect his body and keep his mind safe and sound, to not make any mistakes.

If his divine abilities were confined, his body’s movement would be struggling. At that moment, even lifting his arms or legs would consume a lot more energy than usual.

It was lucky that he had the tremendous powers in his body. Swaying in the powerful energy storm, he adjusted his body, giving up the idea of moving forward. He checked his powers and found that the amount of energy consumed was still acceptable.

He couldn’t see the dim halo or sense its exact location. He didn’t know whether the other wanted to attack him or not.

Shi Yan didn’t hasten. He pulled himself together and then sensed things inside the energy storm. Eventually, he found that even though the chaotic, twisted energy in this area was harsh, it wasn’t as hazardous as he had thought.

He still could stand it.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

The fire sparked in front of him, while a dim halo appeared in the energy storm.

The twisted, disordered energy here seemed to not affect him. Countless Yin spirits and ghosts const.i.tuting his dim halo didn’t get agitated, as if they weren’t affected a bit.

"Muahaha... I’m immune! Kid, getting into this storm, let’s see what countermeasures you have," The dim halo sent its soul fluctuation. This guy seemed to be very confident. "Well, I’m not affected, but you are enduring the attacks from the energy storm every second. In this place, you will be drained. Be obedient and hand out the heaven flames for me to eat, and I’ll let you go. How does it sound?"

"Alright," Shi Yan grinned in his mind, sending his soul fluctuation.

The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame appeared from the altar in his Sea of Consciousness. The white jade flame was like the Death which was summoning souls, releasing an energy that could burn all kinds of souls.

Dozens of Yin spirits were moving towards Shi Yan quietly. However, when they saw the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, they desperately wanted to avoid it, as if they had seen a ferocious ghost.

A fire circle expanded from the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame at the speed that was faster than the retreat speed of the Yin spirits. 

When the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame touched them, the Yin spirits ‘cracked,’ turning into light spots of pure energy, scattering in the energy storm and disappearing shortly.

"It’s the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame!" The dim halo was excited, and its soul fluctuation shot out everywhere. "It’s the best for me!"

The immense blue flame gradually emerged from the dim halo. A faint soul stayed in the center of the flame, which had a beam of the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame’s feeble soul on its forehead. This was the mark representing that he had absorbed the heaven flame.

The flame that stormed out from the dim halo was urged by the faint soul inside the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame. It was a member of the Dark Clan, who could fuse completely with heaven flame to promote the flame power to the acme. Compared to the co-existing situation of Shi Yan and his heaven flames, this guy was more dangerous!

The G.o.d Soul of that Dark Clan’s member also had three tiers, including the Sea of Consciousness, the particular Dark River of the Dark Clan, and the G.o.d Soul topping them all.

This Dark Clan’s member was apparently a high-realm warrior. As he had the soul sacrificial altar, he had reached the True G.o.d Realm, or even higher.

The G.o.d Soul sat neatly above the sacrificial altar, releasing a strong surging soul energy. Blue flames meandered like spiritual snakes, covering many Yin spirits and wandering ghosts.

The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame transmitted a soul-destructive soul energy, while the white-jade flames enveloped Shi Yan. However, there were so many Yin Spirits and ghosts on the blue flames that the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame couldn’t burn them all shortly.

Shi Yan was in danger!

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