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The heaven and earth energy was the cultivating foundation of the warriors. No matter it was spiritual Qi, demon Qi, dark Qi, or Mysterious Yin Qi, it was just a kind of heaven and earth energy.

To the big clans, heaven and earth energy was essential for their survival and upgrades. They would never quit using it.

After ten thousand years, the continent, which used to be filled with heaven and earth energy, now had just a thin layer left, which was also the reason why it was tough to see any King G.o.d Realm experts.

Under the given circ.u.mstance of the shortage of heaven and earth’s energy, of course, the other clans would never let Bao Ao and Jie Ji use one-third of it to open the First Demon Area. This explained why they wanted to uproot the Demon Clan. 

Using one-third of heaven and earth energy in the Grace Mainland to open a Demon Area surprised Shi Yan.

Bo Ruo explained him the situation and the reason why the other four great clans wanted to join hands and eradicate the Demon Clan.

"Where are Bao Ao and Jie Ji? Where should we meet them?" Shi Yan pondered for a while and then asked.

"In here," Bo Ruo pointed at the ground under her feet. "If Master Bao Ao and Jie Ji can escape, they will definitely get here. We should wait here. I hope they will be safe and sound."

After she said that, many clansmen put on a heavy countenance. Worries sparkled in their eyes.

This time, the Ghost Mark Clan, the Dark Spirit Clan, the Dark Clan, and the Corpse Clan had attacked them. These four clans had many hotshots, not to mention the patriarch of the Ghost Mark Clan. Although they were confident about Bao Ao and Jie Ji’s competence, under the furious attack of such mighty force, they were still worried a lot.

They were especially worried about the threat that came from the reincarnated patriarch of the Ghost Mark Clan and the one who had the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame of the Dark Clan.

Bo Ruo explained, then waved her hand to dismiss her fellows. The other members of the Demon Clan then started to talk and build the relationship with their demonic beasts.

The relationship between the Demon Clan and the demonic beasts was always good. Some demons and their beasts would never separate, as they were the best partners of each other. Sometimes, their relationship was more than siblings. No matter how busy they were, they always spent time to use the soul to contact their beasts. This would increase their compatibility.

Gu Da Si and the group of demons he led also found a corner and started to talk to their mounts using their souls. No one paid attention to Shi Yan.

For the time being, no one noticed Shi Yan, who was sitting neatly in the s.p.a.cious Hall of Demogorgon. He became the idlest person at the moment.

Shi Yan wasn't angry, as he could see the demons' att.i.tude towards him had changed. It was enough as they didn't scream and want to kill him.

In the Hall of Demogorgon, Shi Yan put on an indifferent countenance and took a walk around the place. He observed the patterns and drawings on the pillars and on the walls, as he wanted to see if he could understand the mysteries of those drawings. 

This was a rare experience.

To normal people, although their relationship with the Demon Clan wasn’t bad, they weren’t allowed to enter the Hall of Demogorgon. Since this place was the place where they receive the inheritance, they would never let any outsider trespa.s.s the hall.

As he could visit the Hall of Demogorgon today, it was his great honor. Each corner of the Demogorgon Hall was filled with mysteries. Many young people of the Demon Clan could comprehend something while watching the patterns and drawings in this place.

The Hall of Demogorgon in the Second Demon Area had been established a long time ago. Tens of thousands of years ago, when the Demon Clan exploited this area, the first thing they had done was to build the Hall of Demogorgon.

The Hall of Demogorgon was the foundation of the Demon Clan. Wherever many members of the Demon Clan gathered, there existed the Hall of Demogorgon. If the Hall was demolished, it meant that the Demon Clan in that s.p.a.ce had been eradicated.

As the Hall of Demogorgon had been built dozens of thousands of years ago, the beasts drawings and the demon scriptures were carved by the experts in that era. Sometimes, they would glow with a strange light, carrying some kind of marvelous intent domain. If it were a wise demon, he could gain the great benefit after comprehending it 

Shi Yan just walked back and forth. He took turns after turns to observe many demon scriptures and drawings.

Slowly, he reached a wall with many magical patterns. Those lines sketched a rough image of a giant demon facing the sky and howling. Behind him was a ma.s.sive dark sun, which could swallow all beams of light. 

Shi Yan was startled. He vaguely had a familiar feeling that he had seen this giant demon before.

War Devil! That was the War Devil!

The demon on that drawing looked seventy percent similar to the War Devil. If the War Devil was zoomed several times and its eyes showed the endless darkness, the War Devil would look exactly like the demon in this drawing.

This finding startled him. He felt inexplicably scared and surprised.

War Devil was a dark clone of Lao Luo, one of the Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight. However, Lao Luo was the worst among the Eight. Why did he have his image carved here?

According to Bo Ruo, this Hall of Demogorgon had been built by the experts of the Demon Clan dozens of thousands of years ago. So, Lao Luo’s image had been here from that time. In other words, how old was the era when Lao Luo lived?

Members of the Demon Clan who could have their images carved on the wall of the Hall were all earth-shaking experts. Their images represented the glory and power they had. This meant Lao Luo should have been very intimidating.

Shi Yan didn’t change his face, studying the drawings of Lao Luo for a while. Suddenly, he coughed.

Bo Ruo was staying in with a young girl of the Demon Clan not far from him. Hearing his cough, she frowned. A streak of impatience flashed on her face.

If she didn't have the features of the Horned Dragon Tribe on her head, she wouldn’t be different from a beautiful, wheat-skinned human girl. With a pair of phoenix eyes and a picturesque appearance, she was an outstanding beauty

The woman came, glaring at Shi Yan and then at the drawing of Lao Luo. "What’s up?"

"Who is the demon in this drawing?" Shi Yan pretended to know nothing. "Why is there a black sun behind him? He looks strange. I'm curious if he were a strong expert of the Demon Clan in the Antiquity?"

"I don’t know who he is, but I know he must be one of the strongest hotshots of the Demon Clan in the Antiquity. That’s how he got his picture here." Bo Ruo furrowed her eyebrows and then continued. "Only the members that made a great contribution to the clan with their mighty power could get the approval from the Hall of Demogorgon and become a drawing of the Hall."

"How about the seven statues of Demogorgon?" Shi Yan was astounded. He couldn't help but look over his shoulder

"The Demogorgon statues are the foundation of the Demon Clan’s inheritance. Each statue is one of the Demogorgon in Antiquity time," said Bo Ruo.

"What’s the difference between the drawings on the wall and the statues? Could the one who get the picture here become a Demogorgon?" asked Shi Yan.

"You have so many questions," Bo Ruo was a little bit impatient. She contemplated for a while but still explained to him. "Clansmen who have surpa.s.sed the King G.o.d Realm could become the Demogorgon. After dozens of thousands of years, our entire Demon Clan has had only seven Demogorgons. They are the seven statues that you’ve seen here."

Surpa.s.sed the King G.o.d Realm!

Shi Yan discolored. He looked at the seven Demogorgon statues, as a feeling of respect rose in his heart.

This was the first time he had heard about someone who had surpa.s.sed the King G.o.d Realm. Today, he had known that the King G.o.d Realm wasn’t the ultimate of the martial path. Beyond the King G.o.d Realm, it was another world.

"So where are the seven Demogorgons?" asked Shi Yan.

"They might have left." Bo Ruo wasn’t so certain. "Perhaps they are dead. We need to get into the First Demon Area to know the answer."


"The seven Demogorgon statues just contain the power Upanishad. They can’t interact." Bo Ruo hesitated for a while and then continued. "According to master Bo Ruo and Jie Ji, the seven Demogorgon statues in the First Demon Area can interact with the others. As long as they aren't dead, the seven Demogorgons could still send the power Upanishad and their comprehensions of the martial path they have had in the universe to the statues, which will benefit our future generations."

Shi Yan was astounded.

They still could receive the power Upanishad from the seven Demogorgons in the foreign lands. If it were true, once Bao Ao and Jie Ji entered the First Demon Area and received the inheritance from the statues, their realm and power should skyrocket, right?

"You are also a member of the Demon Clan. If you can receive the inheritance from this area, of course, you can receive the inheritance in the First Demon Area. If we can open the First Demon Area and find the top-grade seven Demogorgon statues, you will gain bigger benefits." Bo Ruo looked at Shi Yan nonchalantly.

"Why did they leave?" Shi Yan contemplated for a while and then asked.

"Heaven and earth energy in this continent isn't enough for them to level up anymore," Bo Ruo sighed, "The energy of this continent is really scarce at this moment. It's been ten thousand years, and we haven't seen any King G.o.d Realm warriors yet. It's because of the change of the energy. I heard our masters say that each continent has its own cycle of energy. At first, its energy is full. After creatures start to appear and absorb the energy, gradually, after dozens of thousands of years, the energy of the continent will be drained up. At some point in time, it will be over."

Shi Yan was surprised.

"This continent seems to be reaching the end of its energy cycle. Perhaps, the energy of this place would empty out after another one thousand years." Bo Ruo shook her head begrudgingly. "We don’t have much time left. If we can’t enter the True G.o.d Realm sooner, we will have no way to escape. Later on, we will be dead because of running out of energy."

Shi Yan felt like a hammer had just pounded on his heart. Shi Yan was now totally awakened, having a new cognition of heaven and earth. And, he also had a deeper understanding of this continent.

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