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In the Demogorgon Hall, Shi Yan was tense, watching the change of his Sea of Consciousness. A new section of the altar was formed gradually.

The black flame was still engulfing him, making a large amount of demon Qi run disorderly in his body. Most of it started to get into his Sea of Consciousness, while the remaining part ran through his vessels to reach his internal organs and limbs.

The Five Devils in the pentagonal formation were bobbing in his Sea of Consciousness, gathering the tremendous energy to finish the final step.

The screams of the Demon Clan’s members thundered and reverberated in the Hall of Demogorgon. Many clansmen were enraged as they all wanted to kill Shi Yan.

Bo Ruo and Gu Da Si couldn’t control the current situation.

Howl Howl Howl!

Strong black flames like pieces of leaf engulfed Shi Yan. At this moment, a wave of pure demon energy diffused from him, lingering inside the Hall.

Many members of the Demon Clan saw Shi Yan’s body taking in the black flames from the pond, giving him a demon, eccentric aura.

The black ribbon covering his head fell, as an ancient mark glowed.

A flow of torrential, immense soul energy surged from the mark, just like the heavenly might. Many members of the Demon Clan felt their souls tremble continually, such that they couldn’t even stand still. They became grimaced.

Bo Ruo and Gu Da Si were stunned. They gawked at the mark on his head, and couldn’t hide the fear on their faces.

The energy from the mark was clear. It was obviously the magical inheritance of the Demon Clan. As it was still sealed, the soul energy acc.u.mulated in that seal was earth-shaking.

The mark on Shi Yan’s forehead just flashed, then restored its normal state.

However, the clansmen here had all felt a deep tremor in their souls. It was like an Ancient Demogorgon was imposingly taking a walk around the Hall, making them feel small and incapable of resisting.

The thought of killing Shi Yan in Bo Ruo and Gu Da Si's mind suddenly weakened. They stood there dumbstruck as they recalled the mark they had just seen.

Famous ancient families of the Demon Clan all had the mighty marks, which stored the history, culture, and inheritance of the family. It was the special power Upanishad, but it wasn’t like the Demogorgon statues. This kind of mark was carved on the body of the Demon Clan’s clansmen. Just like the martial spirit of human warriors, it had tremendous powers and would never disappear.

As Bo Ruo and Gu Da Si belonged to the Ancient Bao family, they had some knowledge of ancient marks. However, they had watched for a while but still couldn’t figure out which family the mark on Shi Yan’s head belonged to.

However, they could verify one thing: Shi Yan wasn’t human.

Only people with the Demon Clan’s bloodline could receive the mark, which was also the crest of the family. Persons who carried the mark couldn’t be human.

Their hatred towards Shi Yan faded after they had recognized Shi Yan was from the same clan.

Clansmen who were the most hostile also calmed down, looking at him with surprise.

At this moment, they finally recognized that Shi Yan was still absorbing the demon power of the black flame, and he seemed to be doing something.

"Demon Soul Sacrificial Altar!" Bo Ruo observed for a while and then shouted with astonishment.

Gu Da Si was frightened. She gazed at Shi Yan and asked Bo Ruo. "Are you sure?"

The Demon Clan was like the other races. When they reached the True G.o.d Realm, they could condense the sacrificial altar in their Sea of Consciousness. The Demon Clan's sacrificial altar had three tiers. The bottom was the Sea of Consciousness, the top was the Demon Soul, and the middle tier was the techniques and powers they had learned. This was the main cultivating path of many races.

What Shi Yan was doing was to condense the Demon Soul Sacrificial Altar in the second tier of his altar.

Bo Ruo was at the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm. After watching for a while, she could confirm this information, which astounded her greatly.

Usually, when a warrior broke through the True G.o.d Realm, he could create the soul sacrificial altar in his head. But it wouldn’t change shortly.

It was obvious that Shi Yan had reached the True G.o.d Realm, and he had the soul sacrificial altar in his head. However, at this moment, it wasn’t normal that he was condensing a tier once again.

Bo Ruo and Gu Da Si couldn’t understand why he could change the structure of the soul altar for the second time.

They couldn’t enter Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness. Otherwise, if they saw the heaven flame altar on Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness beside the Seals of Upanishad, they would be startled as if they had seen ghosts.

When human warriors used one kind of power Upanishad to break through, this power would become the foundation of his altar’s second tier when he reached the True G.o.d Realm.

Shi Yan’s second tier had three Seals of Upanishad, including the Star, the Death and Life, and s.p.a.ce, which was unusual. The heaven flame altar was an unreasonable area. This was so different from the cultivating path of normal people.

Right when Bo Ruo and Gu Da Si were still dumbstruck, Shi Yan inhaled a breath of dark demon Qi. He opened his eyes and then grinned. "It feels good."

A new section of the altar was formed with his blood, Essence Qi, demon Qi, mind, and spirit, to blend with the inheritance of the Demon Clan that the Five Devils had just absorbed.

The Five Devils sat neatly on the five corners of the altar. They were motionless, connecting with his soul. 

Countless currents were moving in the center of the altar, generating a chaotic movement. It was the development of the demon techniques and mysteries that could connect with Shi Yan.

When his thought flickering, his G.o.d Soul ran into the altar. He then found many strange and rare demon cultivating and martial techniques. There were more than one thousand techniques with different ways of using energy. However, they were just the basic ones. At the same time, he could find some complete and powerful cultivating techniques.

That altar seemed to become a store that recorded the techniques that had been stored over tens of thousands of years in the seven Demogorgon statues of the Second Demon Area. They were so complicated that he felt his head was enlarging.

This place was like a giant bookstore. Those techniques and power Upanishad were similar to the books of techniques that guided people on their cultivation path. Most of the techniques were categorized, specialized for different races.

A method wasn't suitable for everybody, especially the Demon Clan, which had many branches with different, unique physiques. That’s why those methods were cla.s.sified.

Shi Yan felt that he had entered the vast ocean of knowledge, where the techniques and method were the seawater, that he could read and cultivate.

But, he soon found that that knowledge wasn't useful for him.

All techniques and power Upanishad specified which branch of the Demon Clan could cultivate them. The Black Scale Tribe and the Horned Dragon Tribe had different cultivating techniques. They were even contrasting to each other.

The first thing he needed to know before starting cultivating a demon technique was to figure out which branch of the Demon Clan he belonged to.

Without this information, although he had so many cultivating techniques and methods, and some of them were so mighty, he couldn’t practice any of them.

That sea of knowledge was the foundation of the altar. Without them, his altar could never be formed.

Shi Yan was still musing, and he didn’t notice Bo Ruo and Gu Da Si’s changes. Only when Bo Ruo made a dry cough did he then wake up.

"The seven Demogorgon statues are the roots of our Second Demon Area. They keep the vast sea of knowledge. As you can build the altar, it means you’ve got the inheritance from the statues, right?" Bo Ruo observed him and then asked.

Shi Yan nodded. "It’s true. Although it wasn’t the method you mentioned, I did have the inheritance from the statues. However... it seems I can’t cultivate it."

"The inheritance of the statues in the Second Demon Area isn’t the top-grade one. It doesn’t have the Seal of Upanishads of the King G.o.d Realm." Bo Ruo gazed at him. "Anyway, the First Demon Area’s different. Our Masters said that the Demogorgon statues in the First Demon Area store the mysteries of power that the King G.o.d Realm experts could study further. It’s also why the two masters have to go there. Only receiving the inheritance from the statues in the First Demon Area can help them break through and advance."

Shi Yan was sensitive enough to see the change of Bo Ruo. This woman was talking nonstop. Her impatience seemed to have vanished.

"Why did you tell me that?" Shi Yan was bewildered, frowning.

"I think... I understand the two master’s concern. Perhaps you are the key to open the First Demon Area," said Bo Ruo. 

Gu Da Si’s eyes brightened as he was excited.

The other members of the Demon Clan were also stirred up, their faces surprised.

The First Demon Area was the ancestral land of the Demon Clan. Demon Qi there was as thick as water. It also had the top-grade Demogorgon statues, with more precious knowledge of the Demon Clan stored through generations. Once they got there, they could thrive.

In their hearts, the First Demon Area was the holy land, which they always yearned for a glimpse of.

As they knew that Shi Yan would be the key to open the First Demon Area, people who wanted to kill him weren’t hostile anymore.

"Why do the other clans not want you to open it?" asked Shi Yan.

"It requires an enormous amount of heaven and earth energy to open the First Demon Area. The moment the First Demon Area opens, it will draw the energy of heaven and earth in the Grace Mainland proactively." Bo Ruo hesitated for a while and then said, "It would be alright if it were in the Antiquity. At that time, heaven and earth energy was thick like the cl.u.s.ter of clouds that would never disperse. So, the required energy to open the Demon Area wasn’t a big deal in that era."

Pausing for a while, Bo Ruo said, "But it's different now. After tens of thousands of years, heaven and earth energy in this continent is thin and scattered. If we open the First Demon Area, it will take one-third of the energy. The other clans would never let this happen." 

Shi Yan was surprised. 

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