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The power Upanishad in those Demogorgon statues was the essence of the Demon Clan’s best techniques, just like the martial arts, martial spirit, and other power Upanishad of Human Clan.

However, human warriors usually used books and scriptures to learn the inheritance, while the Demon Clan used those statues to gain the pure energy that they were cultivating.

These seven Demogorgon statues seemed to carry kinds of energy and ancient Seals of Upanishad, or some new powers that they had just created lately in the Second Demon Area. New members of the Demon Clan would come here to take the powers. Experts of the clan would visit this place to record the new power Upanishad they had discovered and developed, that the others could come and take it as their inheritance. 

These seven Demogorgon statues carried the culture, Upanishad, essence, and the inheritance of the Demon Clan. This place was the cradle of the Second Demon Area, the most precious thing they had.

As Bo Ruo, Gu Da Si and the other experts of the Demon Clan had new cognition of their powers after the battle, they came here to use the seven Demogorgon statues to verify and gain the cultivating techniques that were more suitable to them.

The seven Demogorgon statues were inexplicably mysterious. They were the great combination of power Upanishads. They could store the knowledge and the way to use energy.

All members of the Demon Clan were humming, connecting themselves with the statues to find the suitable powers for them to learn and break through.

Shi Yan gawked as he was astounded because of the Demon Clan’s magic. The way they used the statues to impart their inheritance and culture seemed to be more...powerful than using books.

Books would be damaged with time. Most of the time, the reason why some martial techniques were lost was because the owners were killed and they didn’t leave any books to record their power Upanishad. In such a case, a power Upanishad would disappear forever.

The Demon Clan didn’t do the same. They used the carvings on those statues to store the power Upanishads they had gained from the ancient times up to now. Whenever an expert learned a new technique, he would carve it on the statues. Other members could inherit his new technique from the statues or could use it to break through later.

From this point of view, the Demon Clan was a generous clan. They weren’t like the Human Clan who always considered the powers they got a big treasure, which they would never share with the others. 

Shi Yan suddenly got it. It was no longer unknown why the Demon Clan was so strong.

They had recorded the knowledge and wisdom of the experts in the Demon Area on those statues, which would help the next generations save time and effort in learning new techniques.

That’s why people said that Demon Clan had no weak members, and that everybody was a solider. It was related closely to the Demogorgon statues.

Each new member of the Demon Clan could come to this place and receive the inheritance under their senior’s guidance. It would be much easier for them to cultivate their powers later.

It wasn’t like the Human Clan that only outstanding people could become the disciples of famous experts and enter the martial path.

This was also the reason why only a small group among the crowd of tens of thousands of people could become warriors.

Human Clan, because of their selfishness, wouldn’t use this method to preserve the power Upanishads and leave to the next generations, making it an open source for the youths to choose their road of cultivation.

Bo Ruo, Gu Da Si, and the other members of the Demon Clan were still humming, connecting with the seven Demogorgon statues to feel the mysteries of the power, to learn them and use them for their next battles.

Shi Yan stood there motionlessly. He didn’t look harmonious with the rest of the Demon Clan, who were kneeling on the ground.

Anyway, no one cared about him, as they were busy connecting with the Demogorgon statues. They weren’t worried that Shi Yan would disturb them or break the statues.

Shortly, the Inner World Five Devils in his Blood Vein Ring seemed to sense something. They struggled, getting out of the ring.

After the Five Devils had absorbed thirty-six ghostly spirits in the ring, they had grown up vigorously, with mighty, evil soul fluctuations. As soon as the Five Devils got out, they didn’t wait for Shi Yan to say anything, flying directly towards the seven Demogorgon statues, disappearing shortly.

Shi Yan was dumbstruck.

Bo Ruo and the experts of the Demon Clan seemed to not recognize this sudden occurrence. They were still meditating to learn something.

However, Shi Yan was so frightened. His Soul Consciousness flickered, and he found that he still had the connection with the Five Devils. The Five Devils had entered the statues, and they seemed to take in the powers there happily. This finding astounded Shi Yan a lot.

The Five Devils were taking the power Upanishad that the Demon Clan had been imparting for tens of thousands of years in the statues. What kind of f*cking situation is it?

The Five Devils’ absorption speed was rapid. Shortly, they left one statue to go to another.

The connection between Shi Yan and the Five Devils became clearer. He found a large amount of knowledge of new realms, demon techniques, and methods he didn’t know.

When the Five Devils were taking in the power of the statues, it wasn't that they were erasing the powers and knowledge stored in there, as they had just restored the streaks of cognition in their own souls. So, they didn't cause any anomaly to the statues that Bo Ruo and the others could recognize. The number of techniques and power Upanishads wasn’t changed.

Only Shi Yan knew that the Five Devils had changed slowly. Their aura became more eccentric, as if they were gaining... intellect.

Shortly, the Five Devils had turned into five gray shadows, flying to his Sea of Consciousness instead of the Blood Vein Ring, before Bo Ruo’s group could recognize them

His Sea of Consciousness was changed again. After the Five Devils had entered, they proactively found a place, gathering in a circle and releasing flows of magical techniques of the Demon Clan.

The Five Devils were now based a little bit farther from the tier of the heaven flame and the Seals of Upanishads. They seemed to condense a part of the mysterious tier.

Shi Yan was more startled.

Currently, he had a three-tiered altar in his head with the Sea of Consciousness as the bottom, the heaven flames and power Upanishads as the second tier, and his G.o.d Soul topping them all.

At this moment, the Five Devils had expanded a section in the second tier, building a sacrificial altar similar to the heaven flames and power Upanishads. Shi Yan didn’t know what would be stirred up due to this change.

He didn’t know how to stop them. He could only gawk at the Five Devils, after they had absorbed the mysteries of demon techniques, rolling in his Sea of Consciousness.

Right after that, flows of black flame on the pond nearby started to roll over Shi Yan, as if they were pulled by some mysterious power.

Those black flames weren’t a real fire. They were the Demon Qi that was condensed to carry the ma.s.sive demon energy.

Flows of flames covered him as if he were burned by a black fire.

Only he knew that the Five Devils had dragged the demon energy in this black fire to configure a new altar.

Muscles and blood in his body surged altogether. Drops of Immortal Blood that he had treasured were pulled out, gathering in his Sea of Consciousness. The mix of his Immortal Blood, blood Qi, demon Qi, and the strange aura of the demon techniques had become the foundation of the new altar.

Shi Yan felt hurt seeing the Five Devils using his Immortal Blood. However, he had no way to stop them.

In his mind, Shi Yan wanted to see what the Five Devils wanted to do. He vaguely felt that the Five Devils wouldn’t harm him, and instead would give him big benefits.

Gradually, a shining blood section appeared. It was like a viscous blood sea, with a miraculous winding air floating above the sea. Demon Qi then poured into the blood sea, turning it into a black and red sea.

The Five Devils arrayed in a pentagonal formation. They stood imposingly like the five Demogorgon statues at the five corners, using his Immortal Blood, Essence Qi, demon Qi, and the other techniques to condense a section similar to the altar of the heaven flames and the Seals of Upanishad.

A new section of the sacrificial altar…

"What are you doing!"

Bo Ruo suddenly screamed in fright. She awakened first, and she saw the black flame in the pond covering Shi Yan entirely.

Suddenly, Gu Da Si and the other members of the Demon Clan stood up. Their faces were ferocious, as if they all wanted to kill Shi Yan.

This place was the holy land of the Demon Clan. The Hall of Demogorgon was the holy place, where all demons could take the mysterious powers of the clan. If Bao Ao and Jie Ji hadn’t advised them, even if they had to die, they would have never brought Shi Yan here.

He had come here obediently, and now he had caused something strange, that made the thick demon Qi cover his body. Bo Ruo’s group couldn’t stand it. They hated that they couldn’t slash Shi Yan ten thousand times to kill him.

n.o.body had witnessed the Five Devils taking the mysterious inheritance in the statues, so they didn’t know that Shi Yan wasn’t willing to do that. They a.s.sumed that Shi Yan wanted to mess this place up.

Shi Yan couldn’t answer her, as the Five Devils were torturing him in his head, consuming his Soul Consciousness and Essence Qi. At this moment, he couldn’t get distracted. He had to observe the Sea of Consciousness, as he was afraid that something bad would happen. He didn't notice what was happening around him. 

"This human has triggered the demon flame! He must have done something wrong! Kill him!"

"Kill him!"

"Kill him!"

"Kill him!"

In just a blink, all members of the Demon Clan in the Hall of Demogorgon thundered. The Hall of Demogorgon was the holy place no one could trespa.s.s. The respect they had for this place was much more than what they had for Bao Ao and Jie Ji.

Trespa.s.sing the Hall of Demogorgon meant someone wanted to uproot the Demon Clan in the Second Demon Area. That person would never be forgiven.

Bo Ruo and Gu Da Si changed their face amidst the furious screams. At this moment, they got a headache as they didn't know how to calm down the situation. 

Before Bao Ao left them, he had asked them seriously to bring Shi Yan to the Demogorgon Hall if they found him. And, they had to protect Shi Yan, keeping him safe and sound.

However, Shi Yan seemed to trigger everyone’s anger in this Hall of Demogorgon. Those clansmen were enraged, thinking that he had violated the Hall. They must use his blood to wash this place.

"What should we do now?" Gu Da Si frowned, asking Bo Ruo in a low tone, his face begrudging. "Master has advised us to keep him safe. But our Demon Clan has rules. Anyone who trespa.s.ses the Hall of Demogorgon would be executed. There’s no exception even to our clansmen, let alone a human... being?"

Bo Ruo also had a headache. "We can’t contact our Master now. It’s a headache. Arrrggghhh, so annoying!"

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