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Just like many other secret domains, there were no sun, moon, stars, or spiritual Qi of heaven and earth in this area. Shi Yan only saw the thick cl.u.s.ters of demonic clouds on the horizon. 

The air in the Demon Area was cold and dry. Strong gusts rolled and slaughtered everywhere like small sharp blades. There was nothing like spring or sunlight here.

Unlike the Grace Mainland which didn’t have night and darkness anymore, this place was dark and gloomy, which would affect visitors’ vision, as they couldn’t see anything further than ten meters. 

The ground was ink-black, as if it were dyed with a thick layer of ink, giving people a heavy pressure.

Shi Yan floated in the air, looking afar. He saw many large holes on the ink-black ground. They were like the Nine Serenities Abyss, that they couldn’t see their bottom, or the giant mouth of a demonic beast, hiding many mysterious dangers.

Some holes were larger than one thousand miles in diameter, such that people couldn't see any beam of light or even their own fingers there. The darkness that filled the place was terrifying like a black hole in s.p.a.ce, that could swallow everything, making people startle in fright.

The dark ground had some foliage. However, all of them looked ferocious, with sharp blades on their leaves and branches. Each tree was at least a hundred meters high, rooted deep in the earth like a giant monster.

Under the cold gust, branches with sharp blades slowly rattled, reflecting the dark, cold beams of light.

Many demonic beasts were moving in the immense forest. Usually, demonic beasts were savage. They would never stay idle. They had to compete all the time, fighting and killing the other beasts to survive. 

The world of beasts here had only killing compet.i.tions. Only high-level existences could gain intelligence and mighty powers to trigger the power that always hid in their souls.

The ground here was ink-black, and the forest was perilously immense. Many demolished palaces were seen in the abyss. Sometimes, Shi Yan could see pieces of Demogorgon giant statues under so many layers of dust. If he didn’t observe carefully, he would never see them.

This was the Second Demon Area, a relatively large s.p.a.ce outside the Grace Mainland, which had Demon Qi, and hence was pretty suitable for the Demon Clan to stay in and cultivate.

Early in the Antiquity Time, this land had been exploited, becoming the home of many small tribes of the Demon Clan.

Long, long time ago, this land had many treasures, including some rare stones and metals that couldn't be found in the Grace Mainland. Those were really good for forging powerful secret treasures.

The Demon Clan was once incomparably strong. During the Antiquity time, they had claimed all the rich s.p.a.ces. The First, the Second, the Third, and the Fourth Demon Areas in those times were the place people had to gawk at and envy.

Due to the mighty power of this Clan, they had four areas to nurture their people, making them stronger quickly.

Shi Yan hovered under the ink-black demon clouds, releasing his Soul Consciousness to sense and search for energy fluctuations of living beings.

Not long after his Soul Consciousness had crossed thirty thousand miles, a living being’s energy flow shot back to his Sea of Consciousness, running directly to his G.o.d Soul.

Shi Yan frowned, but he didn't hesitate. He urged his power to gather the mysteries of s.p.a.ce power. s.p.a.ce ripples appeared in front of him, each ripple carrying his Soul Consciousness.

Under his feet, the land seemed to move backward, just like a big curtain being pulled away. All forests and abysses disappeared instantly.

He was crossing s.p.a.ce using the magical power of s.p.a.ce, which accelerated him tremendously.

The land didn't move. What was moving were his body, spirit, mind, and soul.

Dead bodies of the Demon Clan, the Ghost Mark Clan, the Dark Spirit Clan, the Corpse Clan, and the Dark Clan scattered under his feet while he was crossing through s.p.a.ce.

Shi Yan didn’t linger to investigate. At the moment, he knew that a war had happened here, so he would obviously see many corpses scattered everywhere in this Demon Area.

Although the Ghost Mark Clan, the Dark Spirit Clan, the Corpse Clan, and the Dark Clan had joined hands, they would never get the absolute advantage in this land. This was the Demon Clan’s territory, the homeland which they were familiar with the most, having the thick Demon Qi.

In this area, even if they were weaker, it wouldn’t be easy to chew them.

Shi Yan’s Soul Consciousness had locked that soul energy fluctuation. Under the effect of his s.p.a.ce power, Shi Yan’s Soul Consciousness could make a pa.s.sage with the energy resonance. After one hour, he could reach his target. 

That was a ma.s.sive abyss covering the area of thousand miles squared. Dark demon Qi was rolling together with howls and roars of beasts.

Bodies were piled around the abyss. Most of them were Demon Clan’s clansmen and their mounts. The others were the corpses of the Dark Clan and the Ghost Mark Clan. Their blood was dried, becoming a dark-red layer that was sticking on the dark ground.

The b.l.o.o.d.y scent was still very thick, rising from the abyss. The fight down there hadn’t ended yet.

Shi Yan frowned, looking into the dark abyss, where he couldn't see his own fingers. He decided to sneak in. 

He owed Bao Ao and Jie Ji a favor. The ones attacking the Demon Clan today should be the experts of the other four clans. Although Shi Yan had reached the True G.o.d Realm, he wasn’t so sure.

This time, he could get hurt like the other members of the Demon Clan, or he would have to bury his body in this Demon Area.

Yet, he plunged down anyway.

Along his way, demon Qi burst out torrentially. Cold gusts slaughtered through the demon Qi, bringing the thick, pungent scent of blood. Gradually, Shi Yan could see the vague light down there. It seemed some special intent domains were expanding, creating the strange magnetic fields.

Boom Boom!

Waves of ear-splitting explosion reverberated from underground. Big chunks of dark stones scattered, being flung everywhere, bringing with them tremendous energy.


A hundred-meters-long beast was thrown away, rocketing into the air and almost hitting Shi Yan.

That beast had a sharp horn on the head, and dark green scales covered its entire body. However, it had so many bleeding wounds that Shi Yan could even see the bones under its flesh. Its life was sliding away. Apparently, he couldn’t help it.

Shi Yan frowned. This beast was a level 7 one, equal to a human warrior in the Sky Realm. It seemed to be struck to death with only one strike. The attacker should be a Spirit Realm expert.


Shi Yan roared like a flying dragon. His cry reverberated everywhere. He dashed quickly, crossing a hundred miles in just a blink and falling into the pitch-black abyss.

This immense abyss had many transparent crystals inlaid on the walls. They weren't black, but were radiating like five-colored precious gems, illuminating the bottom of the abyss.

Around one thousand warriors of the Demon Clan were roaring and crying on their beasts. Members of the Dark Clan and Ghost Mark Clan were chasing after them, getting them involved in battles. Lights shot out from everywhere, together with lightning strikes. Dark treasures and Demon treasures impacted, sparking dazzlingly.

Three Yama Kings and the two experts of the Ghost Mark Clan were surrounding two clansmen of the Demon Clan. They were struggling, but their faces were still savage. Their mounts were dying. The two demons cried furiously, as if they wanted to risk their lives altogether.

They were Bo Ruo and Gu Da Si. Shi Yan knew them. They were the members of the Ancient Bao family, Bao Ao’s subordinates.

Bo Ruo and Gu Da Si were furious. Under the attacks of the three Yama Kings and the two hotshots of the Ghost Mark Clan, they were still bravely resisting. One of the Ghost Mark Clan’s man had the aura and the soul fluctuation of Ca.s.sidy!

Bo Ruo and Gu Si Da had fallen into the disadvantaged situation. They had so many wounds on their body, and their armors had countless tiny cracks.

"Star falls!"

Shi Yan showed himself. He floated and shouted, not caring if the others would notice him.

Starlight blazed gloriously, condensing into diamonds in between his hands. They were revolving, falling from his hands like the Milky Way descending from the sky.

Flows of eternal Star Intent Domain diffused from each star, as they were arraying into a strange star formation. They moved as fast as meteors, making beautiful curves in the air before descending.

The stars. .h.i.t members of the Dark Clan and Ghost Mark Clan, burning them with star flames. Starlight twirled around their bodies as they were dying.


Shi Yan shouted, pointing towards the place where the three Yama Kings were standing. A s.p.a.ce crack appeared, shooting billion of s.p.a.ce light beams.

The three Yama Kings acted as if they had met ghosts. They were frightened, moving instantly with grimaced faces.

A terrifying suction force was released from that s.p.a.ce crack. If they weren’t quick enough, once they got pulled into that s.p.a.ce, they would have to die for sure.

The s.p.a.ce crack was perilous. Furthermore, they couldn't locate it, as it could tear s.p.a.ce and appear anywhere. It was the deadliest place to be in. Once a creature got into that s.p.a.ce, without spiritual Qi or energy, its consciousness would shatter, which was more terrible than death.

"You brat again!" A member of the Ghost Mark Clan smiled sickly. He had a young appearance, but his aura was senile, which was pretty similar to Ca.s.sidy.

"It’s you!" Bo Ruo and Gu Da Si of the Demon Clan also screamed, wearing an astounded complexion.

Bo Ruo still wore male costumes. She was extraordinarily handsome. However, due to the battle, her bun was loosened. Her black hair cascaded like a soft black stream, lingering on her round rear end. She had a small horn on her head, which was the holder of her bun. It was revealed now.

It was the distinctive feature of the Horned Dragon Clan.

Gu Da Si belonged to the Black Scale Clan. His black scales on his body had grown directly from his skin. He was holding the two-bladed axe, which had blood on it. This weapon had an earth-shaking murderous aura, as it had drunk a lot of blood apparently.

"You are... Ca.s.sidy? You have a body again?" Shi Yan slightly changed his visage, as he was a.s.sessing the young man of the Ghost Mark Clan. He sensed, then shouted in fear. 

When they were in the Perpetual Night forest, he had destroyed Ca.s.sidy’s body, making his G.o.d Soul run away. After just one year, Ca.s.sidy had returned with a stronger aura!

"True. Haha... It’s me." Ca.s.sidy beamed a gloomy smile. "You ambushed me when my power hadn’t restored yet. It’s my fortune that our patriarch has supernatural powers. He has helped me build a new body and restore my power. If my patriarch didn’t want to attack the Demon Clan first, we would have killed you in the forest already! I will skin you alive! Haha... It’s good that you have brought yourself here… too good!"

The Ghost Mark Clan still had a patriarch? An existence which was even more dangerous than Comoros?

Shi Yan discolored in fright.

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