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At the bottom of the crystal clear lake...

Shi Yan sat neatly on the spiritual platform in the middle of the mysterious ancient formation with a calm face. His profound Soul Consciousness matched perfectly with the aura of this divine pond.

Unknowingly, he fell into a deep dream where he felt his soul had departed his body. His consciousness bobbed without a target, such that he couldn't gather it into an effective and precise thought.

Lines of thick energy reached to the center of the divine pond everywhere.

Gradually, the Life Original Fluid and the Soul Washing Divine Water in the spiritual platform were stirred up, and the translucent soul energy diffused. Different-colored magical energies that couldn’t blend with each other gathered and twirled around his body beautifully.

When these significant energies fluctuated and entered his body through his pores, they gradually flowed towards his brains, acc.u.mulating bit by bit in his Sea of Consciousness.

His host soul was sitting neatly in the center of the Sea of Consciousness like his real body was doing in reality. He was calmly waiting to connect the energies with his flows of Soul Consciousness.

The five-colored Qi started to diffuse in his Sea of Consciousness, blending with his flows of Soul Consciousness, making them float towards his host soul.

Shi Yan’s Sea of Consciousness started to drain as all beams of his Soul Consciousness were twined around the host soul, turning it into an illuminated object with magical soul fluctuations.

The scattered energy of heaven and earth that was rolling above the platform was attracted, pouring into his host soul like waves of the surging tide. It made his host soul tremble. He couldn’t even gather his thoughts. 

The host soul kept the Upanishads of his martial spirits, which he had comprehended over the recent years. It also contained the Death and Life Seal intent domain, the miraculous star energy, and s.p.a.ce power.

The three different powers were washed in his host soul. After each time of washing, they were refined and cleaned, giving Shi Yan a new level of cognition of the three energies’ mysteries.

A flame sparkled in his host soul. This flame was bright silver, appearing like a flickering flame at his glabella, bouncing continually.

It was the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame.

Under the washing of countless types of mysterious and indescribable energies of the Antiquity Time, this heaven flame was dancing, slowly emerging from his glabella.

In the life field of the host soul, the three Upanishads of the Death and Life Seal, Star, and s.p.a.ce, had become three fingernail-sized dots. They were shimmering, carrying the subtle magical intent domains, which could be deemed as miracles in the universe.

When a warrior was breaking to the True G.o.d Realm, while he was using his host soul to condense the G.o.d Soul, all energy Upanishads he had comprehended would leap up to another level.

During the process of condensing the G.o.d Soul, while the energies of heaven and earth were washing the host soul, the warrior could further understand the energies he had, making it the foundation of his True G.o.d Realm.

After many years of walking on the martial path, Shi Yan had practiced many things. However, only the three kinds of energies, including the Death and Life Seal, the Star, and s.p.a.ce energies could generate the Seal of Upanishad in his host soul.

This spoke of the fact that Shi Yan had totally controlled these three energies, which he could use to dedicate himself to progress. 

Regarding the other techniques and powers, Shi Yan didn’t have a good grasp of their Essence, so he couldn't create the Upanishad Seal in his host soul. 

The Upanishad Seal could be deemed the most precious a.s.set of a warrior. Once it could fuse with the G.o.d Soul, it could bloom gloriously in the future, giving the warrior access to a wider universe.

As long as the G.o.d Soul wasn’t destroyed, the power that created the Seal of Upanishad would never vanish.

If a warrior wanted to reincarnate, the power that created his trace of Upanishad would be imparted to his next incarnation.

At the same time, the Seal of Upanishad was also a basic foundation to generate the martial spirit. A strong warrior could use his bloodline to bestow his Seal of Upanishad.

Taking Shi Yan as an example, if he could successfully condense the G.o.d Soul this time, when he reached a higher realm in the future and grasped the secret of inheritance, he could impart the Upanishad of Star, Death and Life, and s.p.a.ce, to his grandchildren, increasing the success rate of these three powers’ inheritance.

It was rumored that the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist had the crystal clear G.o.d Soul of some warrior who had died a long time ago with the Seal of Upanishad, the most precious attainment of that warrior in his whole life.

Only the powers that could create the Seal of Upanishad could fuse with the G.o.d Soul, and it would never vanish when the body was destroyed. And, only the Seal of Upanishad could be preserved when memories faded and disappeared. Unless the Life Seal were eradicated, the Seal of Upanishad would exist together with the Life Seal eternally.

The generation of the Upanishad Seal was mysterious. No one could understand its true principle. It was hard to sense this process under normal circ.u.mstances. Only when the warrior was breaking through a major realm, it could flash shortly.

Today, Shi Yan had three Seals of Upanishad in his head, including the Death and Life, Star, and s.p.a.ce. These three seals had emerged in his host soul’s brain unknowingly.

Usually, a normal warrior had to understand a Seal of Upanishad to the acme to step into the True G.o.d Realm and condense the G.o.d Soul.

But Shi Yan’s case was different...

Using the Creator’s Divine Pond, he had got through a shortcut. If one of the three Seals of Upanishad he had could be understood to the peak, he could use the Creator’s Divine Pond and break through to the True G.o.d Realm based on that Upanishad.

Bing Qing Tong, Han Cui, Di Shan, and Yi Tian Mo had used one kind of Upanishad Seal to successfully enter the True G.o.d Realm.

However, Shi Yan’s three Seals of Upanishad were miraculously balanced. His understanding of the three powers had advanced perfectly together. None of them were too profound or too weak compared to the others.

So, when he was stepping in the True G.o.d Realm, condensing his G.o.d Soul, such an experience had been gained.

There was no focus.

Even the divine pond didn’t know which power it should focus on to improve one of Shi Yan’s Upanishad Seals. And, at this moment, Shi Yan was bewildered that he couldn’t use his Soul Consciousness to guide the pond.

This situation was marvelously strange. It took place quietly. The others could only see the pond steadily urge and pour energy, Soul Washing Divine Water, Life Original Fluid, and crystal clear soul energy to the spiritual platform continually.

At the same time, the top-grade Essence Crystals scattering outside the divine pond were inundating it with energy, as if they would never stop until they could create something miraculous. 

The three powers of Death and Life, Star, and s.p.a.ce were washed and improved altogether. He didn't know why and how it was happening, so he just tried to transform the three Seal of Upanishad at the same time.

This had slowed down his breaking through process, much slower than Yi Tian Mo’s team.

To improve the three Seals of Upanishad at the same time required a huge amount of energy and the power of the entire divine pond, much more than the amount spent for the previous users.

Gradually, three different kinds of energies emitted from the spiritual platform. The Death and Life Intent Domain, Star Mysteries, and the ever-changing s.p.a.ce appeared altogether above the platform.

Shi Yan was condensing his G.o.d Soul.

However, Yang Tian Emperor felt worried beside the divine pond. He had been walking back and forth restlessly, his face gloomy.

Yang Tian Emperor had seen Li Zheng Rong's group entering the True G.o.d Realm. The energy waves that the divine pond had generated at that time weren't the same as in Shi Yan’s case now, not more than one-tenth.

Time flew by quietly. Unknowingly, it had been three months. In a normal case, this period was enough for three people to generate their G.o.d Souls and enter the True G.o.d realm.

To Shi Yan, it seemed he had just begun...

Yang Tian Emperor became more agitated. Day after day, his anxiety grew bigger.

It seemed that the top-grade Essence Crystals scattered outside the pond weren’t enough. Many top-grade Essence Crystals, which used to be as beautiful as diamonds, had turned ash-gray after their energy had been used up completely.

Seeing the Essence Crystals being consumed ma.s.sively, Yang Tian Emperor’s concern grew bigger. However, he didn’t know how to help Shi Yan in these circ.u.mstances.

Until Ye Chang Feng came…

After three months, many people in the city finally recognized the unusual situation. They asked him to go and check.

Seeing Ye Chang Feng, Yang Tian Emperor asked him to bring all of the Essence Crystals from the outer city and the city center here. Afterward, when he transported almost ten thousand pieces of Essence Crystal to the pond, Yang Tian Emperor and Ye Chang Feng then got busy replacing the used ones.

With the new energy supply, the Creator’s Divine Pond became normal.

However, good things never lasted long. After two more months, the three energies of Upanishad in the spiritual platform became clearer. At the same time, cracks appeared in many corners of the divine pond. Some curves of the formation seemed to be about to explode at any minute.

The Creator’s Divine Pond had been built by experts with supernatural powers and many rare materials. When those materials shattered, it meant the energy that the platform had to bear were so much that it cracked the pond.

Yang Tian Emperor became edgier, but he had no solution. Even Shi Yan couldn’t understand the mysteries of his Creator’s Divine Pond. How could he help with this situation?

He had no way to protect or repair the pond. He could only observe and try protecting Shi Yan carefully.

The only thing that a.s.sured his mind was that the spiritual platform was still working. There was no sign of operation failure yet.

Time flew by hurriedly.

After three more months, besides the spiritual platform floating in the middle of the Creator’s Divine Pond, the other materials that formed the exquisite formations and barriers had become the accessories for the place, with no energy fluctuating from them.

It seemed that all the energy had been drawn to create Shi Yan’s G.o.d Soul, helping him enter the True G.o.d Realm.

At this moment, Yang Tian Emperor could see that the Creator’s Divine Pond had been completely damaged. In this era, no one could fix it. The chance for him to break through the next realm was cut off accidentally.

Yang Tian Emperor didn’t worry about himself but Shi Yan. Anyway, he felt lucky that the platform was still working.

The three energies moved above the platform like three invisible giant dragons fighting with each other. Yang Tian Emperor had to stay further away, as he couldn’t bear the energy impact from these three powers. 

Time flew fast. After another two months, the spiritual platform started to have many hairline cracks, as if it could shatter at any minute.

When Yang Tian Emperor felt like his heart was hung on a thread, biting his tongue anxiously, the platform suddenly quieted down. Shi Yan, who was still sitting on the platform, gradually woke up. 

Yang Tian Emperor was struck. Joy sparkled in his eyes as he smiled dumbly.

Yang Tian Emperor understood that the process was quite dangerous and difficult. But in the end, Shi Yan succeeded.

His G.o.d Soul had been created.

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