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City center.

Human Clan, Winged Clan, Dark Devil Clan, and even the Monster Clan were all busy. Under the arrangement of Yang Zhuo’s team, people who were allowed to get into the city had submitted the materials to supplement the barriers, formations, and restrictions. 

Rare and precious materials submitted were arranged and distributed properly into the formations.

At this moment, the city center became hustling and bustling. The cheers and compliments of women resounded continually. People who were allowed to enter the city felt lucky, as they were still alive after a big catastrophe. They followed Yang Zhuo’s orders obediently.

Yang Tian Emperor and Cao Qiu Dao had returned. The Yang family’s traitors were all killed.

Yang Tian Emperor didn’t hate them for leaving the family, but he hated them because they had betrayed the Yangs. They had enticed the others to make them leave, promising them something good from the Pure Land and Martial Spirit Palace.

The ringleaders of this plan were Feng Xiao of Devil Valley and Xue Mu of Pure Land. They had used power and position to make Shen Lin and Dong Ji follow them. These two didn't care about the friendship they had with the Yangs, and decided to attack them.

In Yang Tian Emperor’s eyes, these people were worth ten thousand death sentences. So, they were all dead now.

Yu Rou and Yi Tian Mo were in the True G.o.d Realm after using the Creator’s Divine Pond. When they came back with high spirits, they felt contented on seeing everybody safe and sound.

In this chaotic time, following an imposing and wise leader was their luck. And luckily, Shi Yan was such a leader.

Bing Qing Tong, Leng Dan Qing, Han Cui, and Shuang Yu Zhu stayed in the city center, gazing at Shi Yan as if they were afraid that he would do something l.u.s.tful. They all had upset eyes.

Currently, there were hundreds of beauties in this city. Those women acted like they had taken aphrodisiac. When they saw Shi Yan, they threw him flirty glances, revealing their most prominent features, as if they hated that they couldn’t lay him on his back and jump on him.

In this area, only depending on the strong could help them live longer. Those women understood this principle well.

In their thoughts, if they could have a night with Shi Yan, their lives would be secured, and they wouldn’t need to worry about the pagans anymore.

They had used all of their tricks. As long as they saw Shi Yan, they would become enthusiastic, making the other men glare with jealousy.

Shi Yan didn’t have much free time. He observed for a while and then sat down on the round platform in the center of the city. He started to concentrate his mind.

The Essence Qi of Lin Meng and Nie Ruo was too much. The energy of the two True G.o.d Realm experts rolled torrentially into his acupuncture points, making them swollen and painful. While the Essence Qi was refined, he had to bear painful torture with a grimace. 

Fortunately, he had found the solution.

Bing Qing Tong, Han Cui, Leng Dan Qing, and Shuang Yu Zhu were all here. When he couldn’t resist the violent surging negative force, just with a wink, the four beautiful snow ice flowers would help him vent out his l.u.s.tful desire.

That was why he didn’t worry that the negative energy would turn around and attack him. At the same time, the four snow flowers would receive significant benefits from him.

As they had just entered the True G.o.d Realm, they hadn’t acc.u.mulated enough energy. It would take them at least ten years more to gather enough Essence Qi to reach the threshold of the next realm.

Shi Yan had helped them take a big step forward.

The overflowing ma.s.sive, mysterious energy had been distributed to the four snow flowers and Long Zhu. The abundant remaining energy had improved his entire body to an unimaginable level.

Even his Star Martial Spirit had gained a great benefit from the mysterious energy.

The Essence Qi ancient tree in his abdomen had all of its branches turned as translucent as jade, filled with condensed Essence Qi.

He just needed another time of recognition to enter the True G.o.d Realm.

He had made up his mind. After things were done here, he would enter the Creator’s Divine Pond right away to leap into the True G.o.d Realm.

Under people’s efforts, formations, barriers, and restrictions everywhere in the city restored their functions. Even the collapsed outer city now had many ugly dunes of soil jutted here and there after receiving the energy.

When Shi Yan descended from the round platform, he found that it was good to have many people working together. Everything worked out well. He didn’t see anything that made him worried.

At that moment, Yun Hao and Yu Wan Jiang came close to him with grim countenances. They told him that the Ice and Fire Secret Domain had fallen.

This news didn’t surprise him much. Since he knew the pagans had controlled the entrance, he could predict the situation. Shi Yan was still calm, just arching his brows, "How many of your people are staying in there?"

"Several thousand," Yun Hao smiled miserably. "Low realm warriors or the families of the elders... They aren’t capable of defending themselves." 

Yu Wan Jiang also wore a grim face, as his heart was filled with worries.

"We have no solution," Shi Yan kept silent for a while and then sighed. "Press down your grief. Perhaps... they were all killed. I can’t help you. If you had stayed in the city center right at the beginning, it wouldn’t have been that terrible."

Yun Hao and Yu Wan Jiang were dispirited. They knew their a.s.sumptions were wrong, as they had put the trust in Lin Meng’s team, which resulted in several thousands of their disciples burying themselves altogether.

Shi Yan tried to comfort them for a while. Next, he released his Soul Consciousness to control the Utmost Eight Purgatories City and reorder the chaotic forces to wait for the next attack.

After one hour of quietness, two gray cotton ma.s.ses of clouds drifted towards them from the horizon, appearing outside the city center.

After a while, Corpse Chief, Corpse Mount, and Corpse Sea, the Dark Clan, and Kante also showed themselves, standing together with Bao Ao and Jie Ji.

All human beings in the city center felt tense instantly, their faces changing drastically. Everybody knew their responsibility as they started preparing discreetly.

"Haha, we meet again. You, you aren’t ordinary at all. You could defeat the seven ancient factions, causing them a great loss." Bao Ao rose his voice and laughed. "Little buddy, won’t you come out to see your friends?"

Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea standing next to Corpse Chief also felt nervous, gazing at the city center.

"Don’t go there!" Yang Tian Emperor shouted.

Di Shan, Li Zheng Rong, and Bing Qing Tong started to ask him not to leave the city center.

He was the soul of the city center. If the city lost its soul, it couldn’t generate its most powerful attacks or defense.

They were afraid that the pagans were just trying to entice Shi Yan. The moment he got out of the city, they would kill him immediately. After that, they would demolish the city and extinguish the light of Human Clan.

Shi Yan frowned then nodded. "I understand."

Then, he turned into a beam of dim light, gliding above the wall, reaching the place where the disorderly energy of the Utmost Eight Purgatories City was hovering. He showed himself, smiling to Bao Ao’s group. "h.e.l.lo... I wonder what you want to advise me for you to have traveled this far? I’m sorry, but the city’s a mess right now. Forgive me for not inviting you to visit the city. If you want to find me for a drink, can we have it outside?"

"Haha, good kid. I like you." Jie Ji patted his thigh, his eyes bright. Right when he finished, he disappeared into thin air. 

A moment later, Jie Ji appeared in the center of the Utmost Eight Purgatories City, as if he didn’t care he was in the middle of danger. Jugs of garnet wine floated one by one in front of him. When he tore the seal, the enchanting smell of wine permeated the place, making people drunk.

"Come here... Come here. We should drink first. We won’t talk any business." Jie Ji extending his arm, and three jugs of wine flew towards Shi Yan.

Shi Yan’s cold face cracked a smile. "Alright."

He took one step forward, as if he didn’t know that dangers and the other alien tribes were waiting for the perfect chance to kill him.

He walked until he was three meters away from Jie Ji. Ten jugs of wine floated in the air between them. Each jug was as big as a jar of rice, emitting the intoxicating fragrance of good wine. 

Shi Yan didn’t wait for Jie Ji to talk more. He grabbed a jug and drank it. In front of everybody, he faced up the sky to drink the liquor. His Adam’s apple moved as he gulped audibly. At this moment, he looked like a boorish fella, who didn’t know he was in danger. 

Jie Ji was startled. He didn’t think that this human kid could have such guts. He watched the young man with great interest. 

Gulp! Gulp!

Shi Yan didn’t say anything and just slugged like a cow drinking water. After around ten seconds, he had finished a whole jug of wine. Shi Yan bottomed up his bottle and talked to Jie Ji, who was standing opposite to him. "I didn't spill a drop. I didn't disappoint your good wine and goodwill, right?"

Jie Ji beamed a smile, which then broadened into a wild laughter. "Good! Enough heroic spirit! Haha, you kid, you're too bad. I like it!"

Pausing for a while, Jie Ji stopped laughing, looking at him with a serious face. "You are human, and I’m a demon. Shouldn’t you be afraid that I would poison your wine to kill you?"

Shi Yan cleaned the trickle of wine on the corner of his mouth and then laughed loudly. "Oh yeah, I should. However, I’ve heard that the Demon Clan is always upright. You will never use shortcuts or wicked plans to deal with the enemies. That’s why I dared to drink the wine. Argh, if Comoros gave me this bottle, I would never touch even a drop."

Jie Ji patted his thigh, his smile broader. He felt quite good when Shi Yan was servile to him. "Good! Straightforward enough! I like you."

Then, Jie Ji took a bottle and gulped right in front of Shi Yan. He had no wave of energy surging around him, as if he hadn’t put up any guard.

"Kill him! Kill him quickly!"

Many people in the city let out low shouts with great hope in their eyes.

They all saw that Jie Ji had no aura or waves of surging energy on his body, as if he weren’t taking any precautions. If Shi Yan attacked him now, at least, he could cause him to struggle or get hurt a little bit.

"Shut up!" Yang Tian Emperor harrumphed, glaring at those people.

Most of them were the ones that had agreed to enter the city, the members of the seven ancient factions and some small forces. They weren't too loyal, and their discrimination towards the alien tribes was deep. 

Yang Tian Emperor rolled his eyes while the other kept their mouths shut. They bowed down, and didn’t dare to say anything.

"Drink, drink."

Bao Ao laughed for a while and then came to them. He casually grabbed Jie Ji’s good wine and then slugged. Just like Jie Ji, he was relaxed, as if he were visiting his friend’s house. The other couldn’t sense the feeling of daggers being drawn in this scene at all.

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