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The Dark Clan and the Demon Clan left. Corpse Chief of the Corpse Clan and Kante of the Dark Spirit Clan didn’t linger either. They got out of the place quietly, leaving Comoros of the Ghost Mark Clan and his fellows there.

Waiting until all the other tribes had left, Comoros’s tense face relaxed.

He released his Soul Consciousness, sensing around for a while. He found that all of the other four tribes had left the Ice and Fire Secret Domain. A green light shot out from his eyes, as strange, gloomy cries emitted from his sleeves.

The Yin Written Charm Scripture, the halidom of the Ghost Mark Clan, flew out. Under his control, it flew towards the entrance of the secret domain.

Comoros sat down cross-legged, pouring his flows of pure Soul Consciousness into it. Shortly, the scripture diffused many beams of thick Mysterious Yin Qi, that seemed to never disperse.

The Yin Written Charm Scripture flew into the entrance of the secret domain, slowly moving forward in the matrix of the colorful lights. If one observed, they could see many blocks of meat floating deep inside that unpredictable entrance. In a deeper place, soul fragments bobbed here and there. It seemed that they didn't scatter according to natural principles.

Comoros was struck with joy, his eyes bright as stars. He started manipulating the Yin Written Charm Scripture even more carefully.

The Yin Written Charm Scripture was like a giant mouth that would never feel tired. In that matrix of light, it was devouring the soul fragments, entering deeper into the place.

The further it went, the more powerful the soul fragments were. Soul fragments in this entrance belonged to warriors with strong soul energy and profound realm.

That area was bizarre, as if it could change the principles of heaven and earth. It could preserve the soul fragments, making them wander around the place eternally. They roamed around and never vanished.

Magical symbols of the Yin Written Charm Scripture sparkled one after another, indicating that they had gained the energy from the soul fragments.

The Yin Written Charm Scripture gathered more and more soul energy, while Comoros felt joyful receiving the response from the scripture.

He was surprised on finding some mighty soul fragments deep in the entrance. The energy inside wasn’t less than the soul of a True G.o.d Realm warrior.

Comoros was struck. He got it immediately, shivering while sitting on the ground.

Those were just the soul fragments, but they weren’t weaker than the True G.o.d Realm warriors. How strong that soul was when the warrior was alive?

King G.o.d Realm!

As this thought flashed through his head, Comoros wanted to swing his arms and shout. When the time came, nothing could stop it.

He suddenly got to know that people who had gone through this secret entrance weren’t only the low-realm human warriors hiding in the Ice and Fire Secret Domain.

At some point far in the past, some imposing existences had entered this place and buried their bodies there as well.

Due to the existence of the strange field that went against Nature’s orders, the fragments of their powerful souls hadn’t vanished yet, staying deep inside the entrance.

Only a special divine weapon like the Yin Written Charm Scripture could enter that chaotic s.p.a.ce basin to collect the soul fragments, which could help repair the damage to the Yin Written Charm Scripture and revive their patriarch from the center of the ancient sacrificial altar.

Comoros felt like he had drunk ice-cold water on a burning hot day. He felt refreshed, as if his pores were filled with joy. He was shaking in thrill.

He had a premonition that not long afterward, he would be able to rebuild the soul of the Ghost Mark Clan’s patriarch and revive him from the Yin Written Charm Scripture.

How long had it been?

It had been so long that he had almost forgotten the figure and the imposing power of his patriarch. If he hadn’t used all of his energy to save the tribe, the Ghost Mark Clan would have soon vanished into the Yin Written Charm Scripture.

His patriarch had used his power, and he didn't even regret that he would have to scatter his G.o.d Soul to preserve the bloodline of the Ghost Mark Clan.

The great, mighty patriarch of the Ghost Mark Clan had always been in the hearts of the Ghost Mark Clan’s clansmen. They would never forget him. As soon as they had left the Yin Written Charm Scripture, they had pledged to resurrect their patriarch at any cost.

As long as he could be revived...

Comoros’s face was cold. Malicious light sparkled from his eyes, as he was calculating something.

Among the five tribes, the Ghost Mark Clan was the weakest. Being the sage of the Ghost Mark Clan, he was mocked and disdained very often. Bao Ao and the other leaders wouldn’t give him any face at all.

It was all because the Ghost Mark Clan’s force was weak. After so many years of being consumed continually, they had a significant loss that couldn’t be recovered shortly.

And that brat Shi Yan...

Comoros smiled fiendishly.

So many resentments and sorrows vanished when he knew his patriarch would return soon. They had been waiting in sorrow for so long. Now, it was the time to receive what they deserved. He almost shouted so that everyone could know that the Ghost Mark Clan, the strong force that had its name known everywhere, was about to rise again.

Crack Crack Crack!

Suddenly, sounds of impact echoed from the Yin Written Charm Scripture. Comoros seemed to have been hit, spitting a mouthful blood. He became distressed.

The Yin Written Charm Scripture had entered too deep, and he couldn’t see it for a long time. At this moment, he could only use the soul connection to feel its location.

Comoros recognized that the Yin Written Charm Scripture seemed to have encountered something formidable in that chaotic s.p.a.ce basin. It could be a formation created naturally, or something strange that could make the Yin Written Charm Scripture shiver in fear.

Comoros hesitated for only one second. He decided quickly and retrieved the Yin Written Charm Scripture using his feeble soul connection with it.

As soon as the Yin Written Charm Scripture got his thought, it returned to him, following the old track.

After one hour, the Yin Written Charm Scripture fell into his palm from the entrance of the secret domain. All the ghostly symbols and words of the Ghost Mark Clan became lively like snakes crawling. Waves of strong Mysterious Yin energy rippled from the scripture, hitting his soul.

His body and soul got minor damage, but Comoros didn’t care about his body, releasing the soul to sense for a while. He couldn’t press his joy, facing the sky and laughing contentedly.

Hot tears rolled down his face, without him knowing it. "Patriarch, you’re about to come back to life. Little Comoros had to wait for you for too long."

Comoros cried and laughed at the same time, as if he were mentally ill.

Next to the ancient tree...

Bao Ao looked at the magic mirror floating above his head. A smile filled his face. The magic mirror was showing the city center where Shi Yan was staying. Bao Ao could see every face of the Human Clan’s hotshots.

"That kid’s good. I didn’t think that he could kill Lin Meng’s team. Haha... It’s beyond our estimation. Interesting, really interesting."

Jie Ji glared at the mirror and then laughed. "Seems like we don’t need to hurry. Yeah, first, we should send some men to kill the Human Clan members that escaped that area. After we clean them up, we will continue. We aren’t in a rush."

Bao Ao smiled warmly, turning around to order his people. "Bo Ruo, Gu Da Si, you two take our men and check the entire Perpetual Night Forest. When you meet human beings, kill them all."

Bo Ruo smiled deliberately. She was riding a level 8 beast, holding a little girl in her lap. She smacked the girl and then chuckled. "Yes, sir."

Gu Da Si and Bo Rou didn't talk much, riding their giant beasts and flying away like ma.s.ses of black clouds.

Jie Ji was surprised for a while, then hastened to a.s.sign his soldiers. "Ke Mu! You fool, why don't you move you’re a*s now! If you're late, we will have nothing to harvest!"

A group of Demon Clan’s clansmen standing behind Jie Ji in black armor immediately rode their beasts, flying away.

Kante of the Dark Spirit Clan didn’t say anything, sending a thought to his people.

Shortly, the dead souls’ evil lair appeared above an area where many human beings were running for their lives. Dark green tentacles extended from the evil lair, dragging those people.

They were the members of the Aoke family. Bai Gen Seng could only watch the tentacles of the dead souls’ evil lair. He had no choice but to try dodging them all, trying to make a way to the edge of the Perpetual Night Forest.

Corpse Chief of the Corpse Clan also ordered his members. "Get underground and collect the corpses."

Members of the Corpse Clan, except for Corpse Mount and Corpse Sea, started to get into the ground, disappearing shortly.

"Comoros hasn't come out yet. I think he does want something." Jie Ji laughed evilly. "He doesn't want to live anymore, I guess. No need to mention him, even King G.o.d Realm experts have to die on entering that place!"

"Never mind him. We should visit Shi Yan. When he gets out, he will find us." Bao Ao frowned, as he disdained the Ghost Mark Clan. In his eyes, this tribe was so weak that it wasn’t worth his attention.

"How about you?" Jie Ji looked at the Dark Clan and the dim halo.

Apparently, a creature was staying inside that dim halo protected by Yama Kings Abi, Hei Tian, and Hades. It seemed that creature didn’t have a body; it existed in a mysterious soul form.

Even he and Bao Ao couldn’t see how strong that one was. They could only know that it had a strange living aura and the Dark Clan’s aura. However, its energy fluctuation was something really special they had never seen before. Jie Ji and Bao Ao were a little bit afraid of that creature.

"We’ll go to the city where the Human Clan gathers," said Yama King Abi faintly.

Jie Ji nodded. He and Bao Ao exchanged looks, then slowly soared up into the sky. They drifted like two cl.u.s.ters of cotton clouds, moving towards Shi Yan's city.

Corpse Chief and Kante followed them closely, not waiting for Comoros. In their hearts, they didn’t really appreciate the Ghost Mark Clan, and didn’t treat Comoros like someone at their level.

Not long after they had left, the ancient tree emitted energy waves, and Comoros stepped out with a bright face.

Strange gray clouds floated in his eyes. They were made of the extremely thick Mysterious Yin Qi, which carried a peculiar power.

Comoros’s aura had a total change. Although he stood still on the spot, the heaven and earth energy rolled towards him as if it were attracted by something.

He was in the True G.o.d Realm, but he only had one-third of his energy remaining when he got out of the confinement. Finally, he had restored it fully.

Confidence came back to him, changing his bearing with it.

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