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Ice and Fire Secret Domain.

Inside the grand hall of the Pure Land, many warriors still stayed. They were anxious, as if a fire was burning them. They were the people of the seven ancient factions, including the Radiant G.o.d Cult, the Martial Spirit Palace, and the Spirit Treasure Sect. They were all gloomy and distressed.

"It’s not good. The entrance has a big problem. Many warriors of the small forces have started to gather over there. I think... they want to rebel." An elder of the Pure Land slammed his brows together, as he was rubbing his hands constantly. He seemed to be very hurried.

Standing next to him were the people of the Devil Valley and the Martial Spirit Palace. They were all frightened.

Staying in the Ice and Fire Secret Domain were old people with low realms, far behind Lin Meng’s team, who had left already. Those people were a blended group of many other smaller forces from everywhere. They wouldn’t listen to the elders of the seven ancient factions.

The news of the blockade of the Ice and Fire Secret Domain had spread to the other side, which was like an ice cube melting in people’s hearts.

Everybody knew about the might of the alien tribes. Since the entrance was blocked, what should they do now? 

They had laid their hope in Lin Meng's team. They hoped that her team could find a solution. However, they'd been waiting for a long time, yet they had received no news from the world out there. They were all frightened at this moment.

Unknowingly, more and more warriors of the small forces started to gather at the entrance of the secret domain, as if they wanted to go out. They didn’t want to be like a fish in a tank, waiting for someone to kill them all.

People of seven ancient factions, who used to fight with the pagans, knew that they wouldn't take risks and fight face to face with the opponent. However, seeing the energy movement in the entrance become clearer as time pa.s.sed, and no sign of Lin Meng’s team returning, they started to feel hopeless.

What to do now?

Without their leaders, they were flurried and hesitant, not knowing what to do.

Time flew while their worries augmented. Gradually, the news sent back from the entrance became worse and worse.

Another news came to them: Traitors had started to attack the guards at the entrance.

This news was like an exploding bomb, making them dizzy. They were enraged. There were traitors in their organization who didn’t care about the future of the Human Clan!

It was unimaginable to them! They couldn’t believe that someone could be that insane!

However, this news was true. They were too furious to keep their mind sound. After a moment of silence, they woke up in a freezing atmosphere, showing their despair.

Another message came: They couldn’t keep the entrance any longer.

Everybody was flurried. It seemed like they had a bucket of cold water poured all over their body from top to toe, which extinguished their flame of hope completely.

"Miss Xia's still confined. Before master left, she advised that if something unexpected happened, we had to release her and let her chair." The Pure Land's elder had stayed quiet for a while, but he recalled something all of a sudden, and asked the guards to release Xia Xin Yan and bring her here. 

Since they had lost the ones they trusted, everybody was shaken. They were dispirited to find out that their brains seemed insufficient at this moment, and that they couldn’t make up their minds.

They quarreled with each other, mocking and scolding the traitors and rebels while sneering, but they couldn't give out an effective solution.

Shortly, Xia Xin Yan came out of her prison. She got the situation immediately from the others. Her face was as cold as water, frowning as she knew this situation was hard to resolve.

"What should we do now? Master told us that if anything happens, you should chair." The Elder of the Pure Land looked at her with an ash-gray hue covering his face.

 "We should go to the other gateway of this secret domain, and cross that chaotic abyss to seek the chance to survive," Xia Xin Yan pondered for a while and then said with a sorrowful face.

Afterward, the people became grim, looking even more hopeless than before.

"Impossible!" An elder of the Devil Valley jolted up from his seat, his face malicious. "Are you telling us to die? Our master has told us that no matter what happens, we can’t go through that entrance. He said that no one would survive there. Once we enter that door, we will have to die!"

More people of the Spirit Treasure Sect and the Martial Spirit Palace were screaming to show their objection.

Xia Xin Yan didn’t change her visage. She only had a painful struggle reflecting on her jade-like face. "I have only that solution. My teacher also said that the other entrance of the Secret Domain hides a tremendous danger. She wasn’t sure that she could cross that entrance. However, the most important thing is that she didn’t know where that entrance led to. Perhaps it’s a dead end. But, we have no other option now. Our force isn’t enough to resist the pagans. If you stay, you will die or become slaves. As far as I know, members of the seven ancient factions will be killed instantly. You won't have the chance to even become a slave to them. Is that what you want?" 

The entire hall fell into silence.

It was true. People who stayed would be killed mercilessly. They would never have a chance to survive.

However, after they had arrived in the Ice and Fire Secret Domain, leaders of the seven ancient factions had surveyed that area. They all agreed that it was a dead road. They had no means to predict what stayed in there or where it would lead.

Everybody would feel fear instinctively towards unknown dangers. It was a part of the human nature.

That was why they had never thought about leaving through the other gateway.

"The Pure Land will go to that gateway first. We’ll move now." As Xia Xin Yan saw them staying silent, she knew she couldn’t convince them all. She pondered for a while and then let out a low shout to urge her people.

Then, Xia Xin Yan took the lead and yelled. "All Xia family’s soldiers follow me. We will go to the entrance of the secret domain. We hope we will find a way to survive. If you want to stay, we don’t care. I hope the five alien tribes would be merciful enough to spare your life."

After those words, she walked away determinedly.

Members of the Xia family from the Endless Sea scattered to gather their family members and followed Xia Xin Yan.

Elders of the Pure Land discussed secretly, then ordered their disciples to prepare. Finally, they decided to go towards the other gateway and seek a chance of survival.

Elders of the Devil Valley, Martial Spirit Palace, Spirit Treasure Sect, and the Heaven Temple hadn’t decided yet. They were hesitant, considering the best solution.

Soon, they had another message from the main entrance: They had lost the entrance; the Pagans were coming!

This news had cut off the thought of survival in their hearts. Abruptly, they knew what to do now despite their hesitation.

If they stayed, they had to die. It was no doubt. But if they went to that unpredictable gateway, perhaps... they could survive.

Under this impa.s.se, they finally made up their mind. They didn’t hesitate anymore and shouted, then took their people to run towards the other gateway of the secret domain.

In the Ice and Fire Secret Domain, flows of people started to move, stomping on the ice and lava everywhere, heading to an unknown future. They all felt heavy and dispirited.

Six hours later...

Pagans started to appear in the entrance. With the support from the insiders, the guards at the entrance were all killed. After the five great alien tribes arrived, all those who resisted were cleaned up effortlessly.

To survive, they had to surrender. Pagans then planted the restrictions on them or controlled their families... Of course, some were heartless enough to want to seek riches and honor through the alien tribes.

Soon, Bao Ao, Jie Ji, Kante, Comoros, and Corpse Chief appeared in the Ice and Fire Secret Domain.

A strange light sparkled in Bao Ao’s eyes, extending ahead of them as if he wanted to survey something. After a while, he spoke up, "It’s strange. There are no living people here. Where are the rest of the members of the seven ancient factions?

A senile old man came over with a servile countenance. "Seems like they went to another secret gateway. That place is perilous. If they go there, only death awaits them."

Bao Ao nodded, then casually clapped his hands. The old man’s head exploded, blood and brain splashing everywhere. "c.r.a.p! He knew they still have another secret entrance, but he didn’t report us. d.a.m.n it!"

Members of the Human Clan shut their mouths, not daring to utter any word. They stayed silent like the dead.

"We’re here to slaughter. We also want to collect souls. Even if they die, we shouldn’t let them die in vain." Comoros said maliciously. "We will go there now to see if we can take anything."

His Yin Written Charm Scripture could absorb souls directly. His active partic.i.p.ation was to collect soul energy to revive the patriarch of their Ghost Mark Clan. Seeing the good nutrients about to perish, he felt bad and irritated.

Bao Ao nodded in agreement, "Let’s go."

After one hour, Bao Ao’s group reached a place where energy was extremely chaotic. There were caves cut through s.p.a.ce, sparkling with numerous colorful lights. Those beams of light weaved with each other like gossamer. However, they couldn’t see the inside of the caves.

No human being was there.

"d.a.m.n it!" Comoros got angry. "The Human Clan has so many trashes. They didn’t report us this situation. F*ck them! We’ve made a wrong step. We gathered here for nothing!"

Bao Ao didn’t say anything, while Jie Ji also kept silent. Kante, Corpse Chief, and the creature of the Dark Clan in the dim halo were surveying the entrance quietly. They were trying to sense the disorderly energy, as if they wanted to find something.

After a while, the creature staying inside the dim halo protected by the three Yama King Abi, Hei Tian, and Hades sent its soul fluctuation to Yama King Abi.

Yama King Abi slightly changed his visage. He shook his head and waved his hand. "We should go. Our Dark Clan won’t enter that door. If you are interested in it, you can go."

"It’s the chaotic s.p.a.ce basin. If you want to die, you can go there and play. Our Ancient Bao family won’t join you." Bao Ao spoke after a while. He waved his hand with a dark face, signaling Gu Da Si to leave.

"Haha… I'm not interested in it. I'm going to find Shi Yan and have a little chitchat with him. If you want to go there, I... I give you my blessings." Jie Ji glared at Comoros, who was still hesitant. He laughed and then took his men out of the place. 

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