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Beasts followed each other, heading towards the city center from everywhere. Each of them was more than one hundred meters long, and had a tremendous aura. They were like moving cl.u.s.ters of dense energy, giving people a deep impression.

Many warriors of the seven ancient factions had a streak of deep fear in their eyes; they were petrified. They didn’t dare to move, as they were afraid that the beasts would notice their movement and swallow them instantly.

The Perpetual Night Forest was the Monster Clan’s territory. When Lin Meng and Nie Ruo had first entered this area, they had advised their men not to provoke the beasts. When the beasts burst out crazily, they would be more dangerous than the other races.

When these herds of beasts appeared one after another, warriors of the seven ancient factions were frightened. As they didn’t know the purpose of those beasts, they a.s.sumed that this wave belonged to the alien tribes’ official invasion.

Yun Hao, Yu Wan Jiang, and the others temporarily stopped attacked Qin Gu Chuan’s team. They all frowned, looking at the movement above their heads.

Qin Gu Chuan, Guan Hu, Lu Miao, and the others were distressed. They had many wounds on their bodies, some reaching deep to their bones.

Their overall strength was stronger than Yun Hao’s group of six. However, they got hurt getting through the mental challenge of the Utmost Eight Purgatories City. In this area, they were suppressed by the formations and barriers, and they couldn’t bring out their maximum power. Fighting with Yun Hao’s team, who weren’t affected by the magical city, they had fallen into the disadvantaged situation.

When the beasts appeared, they seized the chance and took a break. They adjusted their breathing and used the medicines to restore. 

"Shi Yan, Shi Yan! Where are you?"

"We’re here to help you."

"Don’t say we’re not loyal. It’s Xuan Ming Boss. He didn’t allow us to come. Blame him. It isn’t related to us!"

"Tell us who to kill. Just point at them. We will kill them for you without any hesitation."

Yan Long, Xue Lie, Glacial Armor Giant Alligator, and the Nine-headed Bird were screaming and yelling boisterously. Their voices shook the sky. Their level eight subordinates roared and howled to increase their imposing aura.

Suddenly, the beasts’ roars flooded the entire city, shaking many people. Some warriors even had their souls affected. The part of warriors who had already entered the city felt scared, and then happy when they heard the beasts roaring.

The Monster Clan had come to help Shi Yan!

This finding had them shaken. They suddenly felt that this city was the safest place in this world. As long as they could stay in here, no pagans could harm them.

The others who were left outside the city collapsed mentally, as despair rose higher in their hearts. They regretted that Shi Yan didn't favor them and invited them into his city.

Even the Monster Clan had a good relationship with him, so what else should he be afraid of?

They were the Monster Clan, the overlord of the Perpetual Night Forest. This force was always underestimated in the Divine Great Land. Why did they trust Shi Yan and come to help him?

Everybody was scared and indignant. They scolded Shi Yan for being shameless, joining the alien tribes. However, they were jealous of him that he could establish the relationship with the Monster Clan, and have a strong support in critical moments. 

At this moment, everybody recognized that Lin Meng and Nie Ruo’s team, the leaders of the seven ancient factions, didn't have a functional competence. They didn't know that they should cooperate with the Monster Clan in the Perpetual Night Forest. Quite the contrary, they carried out the secret operation to hunt the beasts. They had created a grudge against the Monster Clan. Wasn’t it finding a way to death? 

"Ah, what are you here for?" Shi Yan faced up to look at them, his face bewildered. "The fight is going to end. You guys came here to watch the fun play?"

Yan Long, Xue Lie, and the other three were the five rulers of the Monster Clan. Hearing him, they started to observe the situation. The five leaders of the Monster Clan felt embarra.s.sed immediately.

Apparently, Shi Yan wasn’t the weak side today. He seemed to have gained the upper hand. The city center stood unharmed, and was a great support to Shi Yan’s side.

All of them had joined the construction of the Utmost Eight Purgatories City. They knew that this city, which was built in an empty s.p.a.ce, was divided into two parts, the outer city and the city center. The defense of the outer city was much weaker than the city center.

In other words, Shi Yan hadn’t used all of his tricks. He had some other forces he hadn’t used yet.

The ones who came to trespa.s.s this city had divided into two sides, and they were struggling with each other. Apparently, they couldn’t threaten the city center. Those signs indicated that Shi Yan’s side had gained the upper hand.

"It..." Silver-winged Sky Wolf scratched his gray fur clumsily. He was so embarra.s.sed that he burst out indignantly, rolling his eyes at Yan Long while thundering. "I told you. Shi Yan has a tummy full of wicked intentions. How could he not be able to resist? Didn’t I tell you not to be worried about him that much? You hurry my a*s! We couldn’t help with anything. If you had listened to me and waited for a while, until the other races came here, he would have known our best competence. You fools, we came here at the wrong moment. He doesn’t appreciate us."

Yan Long and Xue Lie got scolded. They were embarra.s.sed and timid. They didn’t dare to snap back, as they secretly regretted their actions, and pondered whether they had come too early or not.

The bystanders couldn’t help but gawk. 

Especially people of the seven ancient factions, they thought that they might get problems with their hearing ability.

Since when did the Monster Clan become such an easy partner?

Shouldn’t those four-legged morons ignite the fight right when they arrived? Shouldn’t they get enraged and roar furiously when someone provoked them?

Did they know how to joke or be embarra.s.sed?

Could the Human Clan and Monster Clan live in harmony like that?

Even if they were stupid, from the conversation between Shi Yan and the rulers of the Monster Clan, they could see they had a really good friendship, so much so that they could even mock and tease each other.

Although the Monster Clan and Human Clan weren’t like fire and water in the Divine Great Land, they still had a discrete and continual fight. Humans would take risks and trespa.s.s the Monster Clan’s territory. They would gain a benefit from the beasts, or the latter would swallow them.

The two clans had never sat down together and talked in harmony. They wouldn’t treat the other equally.

But Shi Yan had accomplished this hard task. He had established a friendship with the Monster Clan, becoming their partner in a real sense. They didn’t have any resentment, and they could even tease each other, which overturned many people’s thoughts.

"He isn’t an ordinary person indeed. Haha... He can mingle with the Monster Clan pretty well. I don’t know how he could do that." Lie Feng of the Devil Valley grinned strangely, shaking his head. "He’s really dangerous. No wonder why he could stay calm while the five forces were attacking him. He does have cunning tricks." 

"Perhaps, his decision is correct. Old Long is right. The wind has changed. It’s the trend of the development in the future. Other clans can live in harmony and survive in this land. It’s the future."

"Old Long is the sage of our Human Clan indeed. We should have listened to him. Sigh, we were wrong."

"Yeah, Lin Meng’s team was wrong. Times have changed greatly, but they were too conservative. As they don’t want to change, they will be discarded soon."

Different voices arose in the group of the seven ancient factions. Seeing Shi Yan and the Monster Clan join hands without any obstacles, they all realized the changes in the whole situation. They were finally awakened.

In the city center, Cao Zhi Lan, Long Ying, He Qing Man, Tang Yuan Nan and the others faced the sky with astonishment. They admired and respected Shi Yan. Moreover, they felt proud of him.

Such an extraordinary genius!

It was almost himself alone dealing with the seven ancient factions in their civil war. He could even ask the Monster Clan to help him proactively. And, they even had time to tease each other. All of this showed that he had controlled the entire situation. Nothing had escaped his plan.

Following a talented leader with a wide vision like that in the current chaotic situation was the biggest happiness they could gain.

"I told you. When he was in the Endless Sea, he could tease the stronger warriors like a toy in his hand. It was the same when he came to the Divine Great Land. This man always creates miracles. People can only act as he has planned. The others will play the minor roles in his script, or even be mere sacrifices."

Tang Yuan Nan smiled strangely, shaking his head while talking to Zhu Yi, Ji Mu, and Yue Ying.

Everybody nodded in agreement on hearing that. When miracles happened constantly, they weren’t miracles anymore, as they just became the fact. Shi Yan seemed to prove that all this was no miracle. It could just be considered a thing related to the distinct aura of his.

"Alright, don’t make noise. I’m just kidding. I’m glad that you guys came here, be it sooner or later." Seeing the five fools of the Monster Clan still quarreling with each other, Shi Yan shouted impatiently. "The fight hasn’t ended yet. You came right on time. We can accelerate a little bit."

Yan Long and Xue Lie had their eyes brightened. They opened their red mouth and asked excitedly. "Fight whom?"

Shi Yan rose his arm, pointing at Qin Gu Chuan’s group. "Them... Kill them. We need to prepare sooner. Thinking about the five alien tribes gives me a bigger headache."

"No problem. We’re here. Haha... I was worried we won’t have meat to eat. These five look delicious. I like them... Haha." Xue Lie faced up the sky and roared. A thick, brutal, murderous aura shot straight into the sky. 

His flaming fur fluttered as he descended from the sky like a gold mountain, and attacked the five people of Qin Gu Chuan’s group harshly.

Yan Long, Glacial Armor Giant Alligator, Silver-winged Sky Wolf, and Nine-headed Bird also swarmed over. They weren’t affected by the formations and barriers in the city, using their real beast forms like a bulldozer to knock everything down. They were showing the savage face of the Monster Clan.

Yun Hao and Yu Wan Jiang exchanged looks, then dodged instinctively, not daring to stay.


The sad look on Yan Ke's wrinkled face disappeared. She shouted hoa.r.s.ely, turning into a gray light and trying to escape.

Wen Di paled on seeing her running away. He immediately used the Escape Technique to escape like a fish plunging into the pond. He disappeared shortly.

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