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Everybody misunderstood Shi Yan.

People who knew Shi Yan had also heard about the ambiguous relationship between him and the four snow flowers of the Ice Emperor city. After this event, they thought that Shi Yan was lascivious.

Shortly, the beauties got excited. There were many girls with different styles, but they were all stunning. They started to show their appealing makings.

Some started to draw their eyebrows; the others loosened the belt that tied their ample bosoms. Some showed their cutest smiles, while the others started to take off layers of garments, exposing their mesmerizing bodies...

There were several hundred gorgeous ladies with different attractive traits showing their most prominent features, throwing flirty looks towards Shi Yan, as if they hated that Shi Yan hadn’t waved at them. 

 "Pick me. Look at me. I'm the most beautiful woman in our city!"

"Me! Pick me! I’m a virgin! I’m all clean!"

"I know many techniques. I’m sure I can bring you the pleasure that will make you forget everything else!"

"Don’t pick her. She’s a d.a.m.n sl*t. She’s slept with many men. Choose me, I’m virgin!"

Many female members of the Pure Land, Heaven Temple, Martial Spirit Palace, Spirit Treasure Sect, and the Devil Valley were screaming boisterously.

Both the sides became puzzled, their faces odd.

Many young and middle-aged men became grim, as if someone had captured their wives or they were betrayed.

Their wives, their women, and their lovers were screaming in that crowd.

Many innocent, beautiful ladies in that group were the dreams of the other young men. However, they only dared to dream, and would never have the guts to show their admiration or love.

However, at this moment, their women suddenly became the cheapest sl*ts. They tried to show their beauty to earn a chance to survive.

Many people got so indignant that they wanted to vomit blood or just faint from this humiliation. n.o.body thought that Shi Yan’s small move could stir up such a reaction. He made many women crazy.

They are compelled to do so.

When they knew that the alien tribes had blocked the Ice and Fire Secret Domain, and then they saw Lin Meng’s death, despair had swollen in the bottom of their hearts, making them worried about their lives.

If it weren’t the essential time, who would mistreat themselves like that?

The charming and seducing enticement of the women had pressed down the curses of the men. But those women didn’t recognize it. Their beautiful eyes still gazed at Shi Yan, and they were trying to expose their most prominent s.e.xy features. They hated the fact that they couldn’t jump in his lap and lay him down on his back.

Those women understood that as long as they could get into the city center, they could survive.

To survive... sometimes people had to put aside their moral ethics and pride. To gain a chance to live, everything would be cheap.

"I can give you much pleasure. Please pick me, I’m begging you. I can do everything. Any position you want!"

"Pick me, please. My sister and I will serve you. We’re still virgins. You men like that, right?"

"My daughter and I will serve you. As long as you nod, we will be your female servants. I’m just forty. See, I’m not old. My skin is smooth and white. Look at my body, good enough right?"

The crowd was still screaming and yelling. Many women were showing themselves and their bodies while trying to degrade the others.

People outside the city gawked, as they were scared by the heat of those women’s enthusiasm.

Including Shi Yan.

Looking at those beauties, seeing them trying to show their bodies to gain his approval, Shi Yan had an awkward feeling.

People did hear that a king had around three thousand beauties in his palace. If Shi Yan wanted, he just needed to nod or wave his hand, and those extraordinary, s.e.xy, women would come to him with great appreciation. He would never have to worry about his s.e.x life for the rest of his life. 

Those women were all charming. They had practiced martial arts, but their bodies were great, with strong stamina and smooth, white skin. They were the best of the best.

Those people would belong to him. As long as he nodded, they all would be his a.s.sets. He could enjoy a life of luxury, having everything just like a king.

Shi Yan was stunned, his face odd.

"Cough cough!" Yang Tian Emperor tried some dry coughs to get his attention. He grinned quietly and then pretended to be calm. "Little Yan, I know you like them. You’ve done so many things for us. If you want, Great Grandpa will agree. Haha, young man, it’s alright if you have good health, you know. I understand."


Some enraged looks were thrown at him, making Yang Tian Emperor tense. The smile on his face became awkward.

They were from Bing Qing Tong, Han Cui, Cao Zhi Lan, and Li Feng Er in the city. They looked at him as if they wanted to kill him.

"You’re old, yet you don’t feel shame, right?" Han Cui cursed softly, her beautiful eyes icy cold.

"Shameless!" Bing Qing Tong shouted. She silently urged the Ice Jade Technique, as she wanted to attack Yang Tian Emperor.

Yang Tian Emperor was embarra.s.sed, trying to change the topic. "Eh. I think it’s too much. Although Shi Yan’s strong, he couldn’t call one hundred women shortly."

Bing Qing Tong’s female group got a little bit better.

 "I think... ten is okay. It will be exhausting if having more."

At that moment, he felt the two flows of cold aura flood the area next to him. His smile froze on his face.

"Shi Yan, if you like them, just choose some you want. Look, they are crazy and excited. If you nod, they will agree to do anything. Sisters, daughters, and mothers, etc. I have no idea if you want to take them." Usually, Cao Qiu Dao didn't talk much. His eyes scanned the crowd, but he didn't spot the different state of Bing Qing Tong and Han Cui. The old man turned around and suggested seriously to Shi Yan.

"Great-grandpa, if you want to have someone to take care of you before you die, please do not talk much!" Cao Zhi Lan said through her gritted teeth. She had murderous intention on her face.

Cao Qiu Dao was scared. He suddenly got something, so he shut his mouth and didn’t dare to talk more.

Everybody was young once. Yang Tian Emperor and Cao Qiu Dao had a wild time when they were young. So, they thought Shi Yan would experience the same. Seeing many beauties offering themselves like that, they instinctively thought that he could accept them.

The city center wasn’t small. If Shi Yan wanted, he could keep some women with different styles. In the old men’s eyes, it wasn’t a big deal. As long as he had the competence, it wasn’t a problem if he were a little bit perverted.

"Cough cough!" Shi Yan was embarra.s.sed. He kept beaming forced smiles as he had some thoughts reflected in his eyes. 

Han Cui and Bing Qing Tong looked at him. Cold intention diffused from their beautiful eyes as they were eyeing him like resentful women.

Shi Yan shivered. Their looks scared him. He couldn’t help but raise his hand. "I have no different thoughts."

"Seems like you know those two little girls. We can accept them. We won’t allow you to mess around with the others though!" Han Cui whined in a low tone, her eyes gloomy. "The four of us have been with you. Aren’t we enough for you? I won’t allow you to be with the others. Otherwise, I’m sure you can’t live well."

Bing Qing Tong blushed. With her watery eyes, she stooped shyly.

She could never utter what Han Cui had said... although she had the same ideas.

"I didn’t mean it. Don’t overthink. d.a.m.n it! Those two perverted old men made you guys think too much." Shi Yan was solemn, as his face seemed to pretend to be somehow sacred. "Women aren't my purpose. Having fun for a while is okay. But I'm not going to let my heart be touched by true love."

"What did you say!" Bing Qing Tong suddenly lifted her face, her white teeth clenched, and eyes as sharp as swords. "Don’t you dare repeat it again!"

"No no no! I didn’t mean that. That does not include you guys. We’ve got through the calamity together. Of course, you guys are different." Shi Yan felt chilled as he cursed himself for not considering his words. He hastened to explain.

Bing Qing Tong and Han Cui felt satisfied. They felt sweet in their hearts, smiling tenderly at him with their deep affection.

"Let those women find their way. I don’t need them," Shi Yan imposingly swung his arm. "Everybody, focus on bringing Qin Gu Chuan’s team to heaven. Don’t be careless."

While he was talking, the crystal beast had opened its wide mouth and grabbed the Original Universe Returning Cauldron with his mouth. It then soared up to the sky and halted in front of him.

He extended his hand, and the Original Universe Returning Cauldron flew out, falling into his palm. It flashed, disappearing into his Storage Ring.

Boom Boom Boom!

The Original Universe Returning Cauldron struggled grumblingly right after it got inside the Storage Ring. It was like a wild beast that wasn’t imprisoned properly. It could escape in any minute.

A wave of shaking energy emitted from the Storage Ring. It shook Shi Yan’s soul a little bit, making his Sea of Consciousness surge.

The Original Universe Returning Cauldron was the divine weapon of the Pure Land. Although it had lost its owner, this divine weapon had already gained intellect. The Storage Ring was struggling to constrain it reluctantly.

Shi Yan’s complexion changed. He took out the Original Universe Returning Cauldron and put it into the Blood Vein Ring.

The Original Universe Returning Cauldron was a divine tool with intellect, so it knew how to struggle. After it was put into the Blood Vein Ring, it had released the resisting power.

However, the Blood Vein Ring emitted many layer-like translucent membranes of chaotic energy, covering the cauldron.

The big cauldron became still. It seemed like it couldn’t wiggle anymore.

Shi Yan was calm.

Indeed, only a mysterious and magical thing like the Blood Vein Ring could control the Pure Land’s divine weapon and subdue it.

Roar Roar Roar!

At this moment, howling and screaming of beasts echoed from everywhere.

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