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The Exterminating caves of the thirty-six ghostly spirits all disappeared.

Shi Yan finally reconnected with the Blood Vein Ring, and found thirty-six dim gray shadows in there. He knew they were the ghostly spirits.

The Blood Vein Ring had engulfed them all!

The Blood Vein Ring floated silently in the s.p.a.ce of chaotic energy. A red light flashed, making it look like a strange eye, giving people an eccentric feeling.

Nie Ruo held the Ghostly Spirit Sword, standing there with a pale face. There was no divine light in his eyes anymore.

The Ghostly Spirit Sword had lost all the ghostly spirits. I was no longer a divine weapon anymore. Its power was reduced by 70%-80%. Now, it was just a sharp, longsword with no aura or magical effects. 

Nie Ruo wanted to vomit blood. His throat felt irritated, which was a sign of extremely exhaustion. In the next moment, he would have no power.

Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan were startled. They maintained a distance with the Blood Vein Ring; they were afraid of that ring.

It was terrible!

The Ghostly Spirit Sword was a Divine Grade weapon. However, that ring had used around ten seconds to make the Exterminating caves disappear, washing away all the fluctuations of the evil energy.

They all saw what had happened, but they weren’t so sure still. They knew it was because of the Blood Vein Ring, but they didn’t know how it did that.

Shi Yan extended his hand and waved. The Blood Vein Ring returned like a bird returning to its nest, falling in his palm. Shi Yan put it on his finger.

The Inner World Five Devils dormant in his Sea of Consciousness suddenly woke up, as if they had smelled delicious food. They followed his arm to get into the Blood Vein Ring, then started to swallow the thirty-six ghostly spirits.

Lately, the Inner World Five Devils weren’t the opponents of the thirty-six ghostly spirits. When they had just started the battle, the Five Devils had gotten hurt badly.

However, thirty-six spirits were subdued in the Blood Vein Ring. They couldn’t even move. They could only shift in fear, not letting the Inner World Five Devils engulf them.

Shi Yan could feel clearly that his Inner World Five Devils, which had been created by negative energy, were quickly swallowing all thirty-six ghostly spirits. The soul energy of the ghostly spirits was drained rapidly.

The wounded Five Devils had restored themselves, and their aura and energy surged vehemently.

Nie Ruo’s face turned ash-gray. He stood there motionlessly, as if he had lost his soul. Fear and despair swelled in his heart.

"Kill him!" Shi Yan smiled brightly, pointing at Nie Ruo.

Yang Tian Emperor’s team screamed and swarmed over, surrounding Nie Ruo. Just like they were slaughtering a domestic animal, Nie Ruo was dismembered, being smashed into meat pulp.

Without the ghostly spirit, Nie Ruo’s no longer had any bit of energy in his body, and the Ghostly Spirit Sword had become a normal sword. He couldn’t be a threat to Shi Yan anymore.

Shi Yan quietly released the Soul Gathering Pearl, and a strange suction force emitted from the bead. Nie Ruo’s soul at the Second Sky of True G.o.d Realm trembled in the air just like a tipsy man, floating towards the Soul Gathering Pearl.


After Nie Ruo’s soul got into the dark bead, it then sparkled with a black light.

It was the indication of abundant soul energy contained in the bead. 

Shi Yan was joyful. He smiled, as he knew that with Nie Ruo’s soul, he could let four or five people use the Creator’s Divine Pond break through again. Nie Ruo’s soul alone was enough to support that magical formation for quite a long time.

At the same time, an enormous flow of Essence Qi in Nie Ruo’s flesh body was gathering into streams of invisible energy, starting to roll into Shi Yan’s body.

Acupuncture points all over his body swelled, as the negative energy hovered around him and didn’t disperse. It looked like a white mist expanding for more than ten meters in just a blink. He was covered with that white mist, and the others could only saw his figure vaguely.

Lin Meng’s heart fell. Her soft body now bore many cuts, and blood splashed everywhere.

It was the work of the crystal beast. Since this beast was made of the top-grade Essence Crystals under this city, it could promote its power in the effective zone of the barriers and formations inside the city. These formations didn’t hamper, but enhanced its power.

Although a crystal beast wasn’t Lin Meng’s opponent, her wound was too severe, and she couldn’t control the Original Universe Returning Cauldron.

Lin Meng felt hurt and distressed. She could only dodge the attack, as she didn’t even have any extra energy to counterattack.

At that point, she saw Nie Ruo falling!

She wanted to help him, but she had no means. At the moment when Nie Ruo’s body exploded, Lin Meng felt a deep resentment rising in her heart.

Why did they have to mess with this brat?

This was the first time she felt regret.

"Let’s welcome the master of the Pure Land, who never ages. Let her see our warm hospitality!" Shi Yan said calmly, but his eyes were cold.

However, Lin Meng seemed to have her heart hit, her face ashen.

It was just a crystal beast, but it was enough to make her struggle so much. How long could she endure when Yang Tian Emperor and Di Shan joined it?

Yang Tian Emperor's group, of course, wouldn't regard Lin Meng. Hearing Shi Yan, they immediately attacked her. Energies and secret treasures shot towards Lin Meng like a shower.

Lin Meng was trembling like a willow catkin. Her wounded body was like a flickering candle in the strong wind, that could get extinguished at any moment.

"Meteors chasing the Moon!"

Shi Yan gathered the power of the stars. Countless beams of starlight gathered in the void, creating a gorgeous flaming star tail. It made a beautiful curve in the air, carrying the intent domain of the eternal star, moving in the trajectory of the stars in the sky as it shot towards Lin Meng.

At the same moment, he squinted, acc.u.mulating three flows of pure thoughts.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

Sounds of weapons tearing the air echoed, but they couldn’t see the weapons. Three flows of cold and gloomy auras appeared. However, they weren’t idle, and they could avoid the sensing of Soul Consciousness.

Extreme anxiety arose in Lin Meng. She spat out a mouthful of blood, then started to urge her remaining power of the Third Sky of True G.o.d Realm one more time.

A cold, jade-like sparkling stone chamber appeared next to her. It was made of her energy with pure aura, a little bit humid air, and refreshing atmosphere. It gave people an intent domain of a beautiful and quiet place.

The attacks of Yang Tian Emperor’s team were scattered when they touched the small jade chamber.

The roof of that chamber was decorated with many strange and exquisite crystals, as light rings rippled from it.


The Meteor hit the chamber shortly, making it tremble. This tremor made many crystals fall off the roof.

Right after that, the three Bone Thorns which were as sharp as the fang of a Demogorgon furiously thrust at the small chamber.


Three small holes appeared on the room. Lin Meng shivered inside the room, as blood trickled from the corners of her mouth, rolling on her chest.

After this strike, Lin Meng had used up her remaining energy. The energy of the three Bone Thorns had attacked her soul just like maggots entering her bones. She shivered in the chill. The pure thought she had struggled to condense vanished.

She failed to connect with the Original Universe Returning Cauldron again. She could see the cauldron not far from her, but she couldn’t summon it.

Shi Yan’s attack happened precisely. Whenever she wanted to connect with the Original Universe Returning Cauldron, the most furious energy would forcefully tear her effort apart.

Lin Meng’s tough will was on the edge of getting shattered after several strikes. She couldn’t even gather the hope to live. Eventually, she had a desperate thought of failure.

When the warriors engaged in a battle, aura and will were the most important matters, much more than realms and powers. What Shi Yan had aimed at were these two features. He had pushed the master of the Pure Land to the edge, giving her a feeling of defeat.

When this feeling arose in her heart, Lin Meng’s realm was affected. After several failed attempts, she seemed to be defeated.

"Lin Meng’s over."

After Qi Tian Oldie Long Zhu had eaten more than ten pellets, his face glowed gradually. He sat upright in the city center, facing up to watch the battle over there. "Her realm's started to get disordered. The realm of a warrior is his root. It's connected to the host soul, and it shouldn't be shaken easily. Her aura, Qi, and soul energy are all exhausted. The formation has affected her. Her soul got damaged in that mental challenge. And now, as Shi Yan’s bombarding her, her conscience is torn."

Yang Xue, Cao Zhi Lan, and Long Ying didn’t understand it at all, but they were surprised.

Long Zhu beamed a smile and then explained. "Simply put, what Shi Yan has destroyed are her innermost feelings. A warrior with a strong inner world won’t be affected by pressure during fighting. Once her inner world is broken, the others can subdue her. At that time, she can’t perform her best magical attacks."

"Oh wow, that guy is so cruel!" Long Yin was happy.

Long Zhu glared at her and harrumphed, then said, "It’s smart, girl. Only the smart ones can recreate a mental challenge from the opponent’s inner world. Especially when he fights with someone whose realm’s higher than his, he has to defeat his opponent’s mentality first in order to win." 

Yun Hao, Yu Wan Jiang, Bei Si, Bei Di, and Zhu Yi had crossed the crowd of the seven ancient factions, who were still sinking in the fighting mood, to reach the outer area of the city center.

Yun Hao and Yu Wan Jiang exchanged looks. They leaped up, heading to the city center and raising their voices.

Xia Qing Hou, Bai Gen Seng, and the others were outside the Utmost Eight Purgatories City. Their powers had been drained in the purgatories.

They couldn’t get through the eight doors, but it didn’t affect their vision.

They could see Shi Yan and Yang Tian Emperor’s team were attacking Lin Meng furiously.

Lin Meng would be killed at any minute.

Yun Hao and Yu Wan Jiang threw each other a glance and shouted. "Please show mercy!"

Shi Yan frowned from behind the gates of the Utmost Eight Purgatories City, then shook his head indifferently. "Cut."

A blood thread flashed on Yang Tian Emperor’s left hand. It coiled Lin Meng’s neck then tied it tightly


Lin Meng’s head fell off her white neck. From the flat cut, blood gushed out, shooting aloft.

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