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Chapter 67 - The Battle Among the Families
The next day, G.o.d Stone Square.
In the early morning while the sky was still dimly lit, a number of different warriors in Tianyun City had already gathered in the arenas of the Martial Compet.i.tion.
In the center of the G.o.d Stone Square, on one side of the arena, which was a hundred square meters across, were large blocks of Green Stone. These Green Stones were stacked higher as they moved away from the center of the arena, so it would be more convenient to watch the fighting in the arena.
Before the five families even got here, the Green Stones around that one arena especially made for the battle of the five families were already filled with crowds.
Just as the sun rose, the warriors the five families started to arrive from all around Tianyun City.
Shi Yan followed Shi Jian. Before they even got to G.o.d Stone Square he could already see the ma.s.sive crowds.
These people were nearly all warriors, mostly in the Elementary, Nascent, or Human Realms, but there were some at the Disaster or Earth Realms as well.
These Disaster and Earth Realm warriors might not have been interested in the Martial Compet.i.tion, but the head-on fighting among the five families was enough to grab their attention.
On the blocks of Green Stone around the arena, you could see many warriors whispering to each other.
A lot of these warriors carried st.u.r.dy looking heavy swords and battle axes. They could have been mercenaries who came from the Dark Forest. None of them showed up in the previous days but today, they came bright and early.
When the Shi family’s people appeared in the G.o.d Stone Square, the warriors in the Square started murmuring, and made a path for the Shi family.
The Shi family hadn’t even entered the center of the arena yet, but again those warriors turned their heads to the entrance of the G.o.d Stone Square, and gasped in low voices.
The Mo family, led by Mo Tuo, all came towards the arena with grim expressions.
Shi Jian snorted. Scowling, he silently led the Shi family towards the arena.
This time, the five families were not going to watch the fights from far away in their stone towers. Instead, they would stay at the nearest distance from the arena to be able to observe every single detail, as if visiting the frontline.
On each side of the arena, the stone balconies were already set for them.
The person waiting there saw Shi Jian, and immediately they came up smiling. “Master Shi, please take your seat here.”
Shi Jian nodded and he followed him to the side of the arena, and sat on one of the stone chairs.
Many different delicacies and fine wine were brought up on the stone table for Shi Jian and the Shi family members to enjoy.
In a short moment, Mo Tuo was also lead here, his seat was arranged right across from the Shi family.
After Mo Tuo sat down, he shot a freezing gaze towards the other side. No one knew what he was thinking about.
When the sun’s beams became a little brighter, the Zuo family and the Ling family also arrived. Right when Zuo Xu got here, his seat was arranged next to the Shi family.
Zuo Xu sat down, then lightly nodded at Shi Jian, indicating that everything’s going well with the Misty Pavilion, and they communicated in silence.
The Ling family was friendly with the Mo family, so naturally they were arranged to be sat together.
When Ling Shao Feng got here, he even smiled while walking over to the Mo family’s side, comforting the gloomy-looking Mo Chan, and found an opportunity to talk to Mo Yanyu.
Mo Chaoge, who went missing, was Mo Zhan’s father. Knowing that his father was taken, Mo Zhan had been containing his anger for a while, just waiting for his b.l.o.o.d.y revenge in the Martial Compet.i.tion.
When the sun rose high above the sky, Beiming Shang finally arrived with the masters of the Beiming family.
Beiming Shang’s expression was cold and a freezing energy swirled around his body. Wherever he went, the warriors of the Merchant Union all respectfully made the path for him.
Behind him was Beiming Ce who looked arrogant, followed by Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan.
The person arranging seats was a slave of the Beiming family, and upon seeing his master, he naturally gave him the best seat. Bowing, he invited Beiming Shang and Beiming Ce to sit, then immediately called the servants to bring up the delicacies and fine wine.
Both the quality and amount of the luxurious food was obviously better than the other four families. The superior position of the Beiming family in the Union was, as always, un.o.bstructed.
After the five families had taken their seats, Beiming Shang moaned, then said nonchalantly, “The rules are the same every year and I’m not going to say much. The Martial Compet.i.tion is only a way to communicate and learn from each other. I hope everyone can restrain themselves as much as possible. Hopefully no one gets killed.”
The heads of the other four families all lightly nodded.
Beiming Shang looked around, his eyes gazed deeply at both Mo Tuo and Shi Jian, and said, “Like always, battle invitations are allowed, and you can also add more bets if you please, now who’s going first?”
“Yu!” Mo Tuo shouted.
Mo Yanyu, who was standing in the group of Mo family members, walked down first. Her eyes cold and chilling. Looking towards the direction of the Shi family, she said, “Mo family Mo Yanyu, Nascent Realm, Second Sky. Who is willing to enlighten me?”
“Snow Fall City, a silver sand mine, here is the land t.i.tle deed.” Mo Tuo scowled, and snorted.
A dedicated warrior of the Mo family took the deed from his hand, and put it on a round table in the arena next to the Beiming family. The round table was made for placing bets.
“Sunset City, the franchise of Dong Guan Street.” Shi Jian also snorted, he took three yellow sheets from his brocade pocket, and pa.s.sed it to the director next to him.
When the three pages of yellow paper was also on the round table, Shi Jian said coldly, “Tian Luo, go.”
Shi Tian Luo shook for a moment, then he also walked to the arena, and said with distinction, “Shi family Shi Tian Luo, Nascent Realm, Second Sky, please enlighten me.”
“Mo family’s Mo Yanyu! Shi family’s Shi Tian Luo! Both are at the Second Sky of the Nascent Realm. The two masters, have you made the decision to fight?” The skinny director stood next to the round table and shouted out.
When he saw both Shi Yan and Mo Tuo nodding, he then said, “Alright, then the match starts!”
“Bzz bzz bzz!”
Streaks of green lightning suddenly flowed out of Mo Yanyu’s ten fingers. Those lightning beams were like slithering snakes, slowing growing thicker in front of her.
At this moment, Mo Yanyu seemed to be surrounded by lightning.
Strands of green lightning that were as thin as a finger grew thicker and thicker, slowly becoming a five meter long whip.
After the lightning whips were condensed into shape, they were as thick as arms. The electric glow was blinding people’s eyes, and strong electrical currents shot laser beams off everywhere.
“Snap snap!”
Mo Yanyu cracked her whip, and the lightning whip was like a dragon made of electricity. Under the deafening sounds of thunder, she fiercely whipped towards Shi Tian Luo.
“Bzz bzz bzz!”
The lightning lasered off into the air, making strange sounds, and streams of electricity flowed out. Many warriors’ expressions froze, and instinctively they condensed their Profound Qi to defend themselves.
Shi Tian Luo’s skin was already in an ash grey color; the Shi family’s Petrification Martial Spirit was ready for battle.
Seeing the oncoming lightning whip, Shi Tian Luo face looked serious. All of a sudden he shouted loudly, and a fierce force as strong as a mountain suddenly burst out from his body.
“[Solid Rock Rune]!”
Shi Tian Luo was as still as a mountain, his legs looked as if they were pitched deep within the earth. After petrification, his physical defense was extraordinary, such that he fearlessly reached his hand out to grab the lightning whip that came at him.
“Bzz bzz!”
Just when Shi Tian Luo reached out his hand, the lightning whip wrapped around his left arm, and a shocking amount of electricity pa.s.sed from the lightning whip and into Shi Tian Luo’s body.
Shi Tian Luo roared, the Profound Qi in his petrified body scoured around inside his body, and quickly flowed into his left arm to restrain the electricity that was intruding into his body.
Using the advantage of the Petrification Martial Spirit, although Shi Tian Luo’s left hand was tingling and sore, he wasn’t in that much of an unfavorable situation. After grabbing at the lightning whip, he ran towards Mo Yanyu, with great speed, and like a falling stone from the sky, he was filled with rapid momentum.
The Petrification Martial Spirit of the Shi family was best used for close combat. Once a Shi family member came to a close distance, that was when the opponent’s nightmare starts.
Unexpectedly, seeing that Shi Tian Luo was fiercely approaching her, Mo Yanyu, who held the lightning whip in one hand did not dodge. Instead, she revealed a strange expression on her pretty little face.
In a mere second Mo Yanyu’s blushed face turned as pale as a sheet, like she was desperately sick, and all the blood rushed away from her face.
And at this moment, the speed of her flowing Profound Qi within her body accelerated more than three times!
It was as if all the potential in her body was suddenly released.
“This is bad!” Shi Yan thought silently, his heart dropped. He knew that Shi Tian Luo was most likely going to suffer this time.
Mo Yanyu obviously only had a capability of a Nascent Realm, Second Sky warrior, but then her Profound Qi drastically changed inside her body, and now it was like she obtained some sort of power out of thin air that didn’t belong to her!
The Profound Qi in her body was much more vigorous than even that of a Nascent Realm, Third Sky warrior
This advantage meant she had no fear against Shi Tian Luo’s Petrification Martial Spirit.
Sure enough!
Just when Shi Tian Luo stormed to Mo Yanyu’s side, before he could strike any vigorous attacks, Mo Yan Yun unleashed waves of [Verdant Crescent Slash].
Each [Verdant Crescent Slash] was as big as a full circle. It was over three times stronger than back when she shot it towards Shi Yan!
Together seven waves of [Verdant Crescent Slash] burst from her other hand, so fast that Shi Tian Luo had no time to dodge at all.
“Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom!”
Seven waves of [Verdant Crescent Slash], all directly hit straight onto Shi Tian Luo’s chest, and blasted Shi Tian Luo off into the air!
The undeniable power of these seven waves of [Verdant Crescent Slash] was not something that the first stage of the Petrification Martial Spirit could handle.
When Shi Tian Luo was still in mid-air, he was already b.l.o.o.d.y from head to toe.
“Thump!” Shi Tian Luo’s body landed three meters in front of where Shi Jian was. Blood was gushing out his chest and his eyes were dilated, clearly he was badly hurt.
“Go help him!”
Shi Jian’s eyes looked like they were going to burst into flames, after he thundered in rage, his strong figure shook lightly.
A few dedicated warriors from the Shi family who were preparing on the side rushed up and carried Shi Tian Luo away. They quickly gave him medicines, hastily trying to heal him.
Shi Tie dug his fingers into the stone chair. He sat there still, not moving an inch, but his eyes were full of immense hatred, staring at the faraway Mo Tuo.
Mo Tuo was also furious-looking, he exchanged stares with Shi Tie.
“Mo Yanyu wins! The Mo family wins the bet, we may continue to the next match.”
At this moment, the director’s emotionless voice rang from the other side of the round table.

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