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Qin Gu Chuan walked to the South Gate.

In his eyes, the South Gate was a small city. Silver Firmament City, the city he would never forget.

His wife and son stayed in this city. His son was just an innocent infant, and he loved him much more than his life.

However, at this moment, he came here to slaughter the civilians in this city

His superiority had a.s.signed him to not let anyone in this city stay alive, including animals! Besides his wife and son, in this city, his wife's father was the traitor of the Heaven Temple.

His purpose was to kill all the living things in this city, including his wife, his son, and his wife’s father!

It was a nightmare that never ended in his life!

It had been so many years, but he couldn't forget the vision of that year. He had a never-ending regret. He had dreamed about his wife and son getting killed countless of times.

It was his Mara, which had tortured him for the rest of his life. He had asked himself so many times whether or not he would kill them if he had another chance?

Today, his nightmare came true. He came to that city again.

Qin Gu Chuan stood in front of the city, blood trickling from his eyes in place of his tears. He was crying in silence. Looking at the city, his heart convulsed painfully. Mara was like a sharp saber cutting his body, giving him so many wounds.

The fight hadn't begun, but he got hurt severely.

Guan Hu came to the North Gate.

There was only one old man in a blood puddle. He had white hair outlining the face covered in blood. Deep sadness flashed in his eyes.

He would never forget this old man!

He was an orphan. Before he met this old man, he was just a little beggar. Every day, he had to struggle for food. He used to fight with dogs to save his steamed bun.

That old man had changed his life!

He taught him, and brought him to the Martial Spirit Palace so he could explore his potential. His teacher had decided to teach him, making him a successful warrior.

"Teacher!" Tears lingered in Guan Hu’s eyes. He pulled his hair sorrowfully.

The old man looked at him. On the senile face, which had been worn out by the wind and fog of life, laid the deep despair. "Little Hu, do it. You come here to kill me, right? The poison you gave me still nibbles me from the inside. For the master position of the Martial Spirit Palace, you really want to do that? All because I didn’t choose you?"

Tears rolled down on Guan Hu’s face as he bit his lip until blood dripped. Looking at the old man, he clenched his fists. His fingernails dug deep into his palms, but he didn’t notice it.

"Kill me. If you have the Martial Spirit Fruit Tree, the elders will recognize you. Isn’t it what you want? Kill me. You will be the master of the Martial Spirit Palace."

The old man shivered continually like a flickering oil lamp that almost ran out of oil. "But, do you remember how pathetic you were that year? Do you remember who gave you all of this? The pledge you made when you bowed to me as your teacher... is it still in your head or you forgot it long time ago? Do you remember the joy when you followed me? You... are you sure you want to do that?"

Guan Hu cried silently. Looking at that old man, he couldn’t lift his hands.

Shi Yan, Yang Tian Emperor, and Li Zheng Rong stood in the city center, frowning, looking at the situation outside the city center. They saw the seven True G.o.d Realm experts Lin Meng, Qin Gu Chuan, Guan Hu, Nie Ruo, Lu Miao, Yan Ke, and Wen Di standing with bewildered countenances.

"This formation... is so evil," Yang Tian Emperor took a deep breath. He was frightened.

"The Utmost Eight Purgatories are the purgatories of the heart. Each of them will have to face the most painful choice of their life. Whether or not they can get over it, the result will still be sorrowful." Shi Yan said coldly. "To some persons, although they made a decision that year, they will still regret it for the rest of their life. If they can choose the second time, it’s hard to say if they can get over that challenge. Sometimes, one could make up his mind for a painful choice in the past, but if he were given another chance to choose again, it isn’t sure he could do that."

"... Purgatories are always purgatories," Li Zheng Rong exclaimed and then shook his head. "If it were me, I could never get over it."

Everybody would have times to make such painful choices in life. n.o.body could avoid this. Some choices resulted in nothing. There was no ‘correct' or ‘wrong' there. No matter what they chose, they still had to bear the pain for the rest of their life.

But, they had to choose. Right or wrong, they had to decide anyway. No matter what the reason was, or whether one knew it was right or wrong, one had to opt something.

In the Utmost Eight Purgatories, what Lin Meng’s team was encountering was the most painful option they had made in their life.

Either destroying themselves or the true love they had, they were the choices that had given them a deep pain for the rest of their lives. They always wanted the time to return so they could have another chance to make it up. Lin Meng’s team was struggling sorrowfully, doubting the choice they had made that year. 

What they were facing was their own heart.

Yun Hao, Yu Wan Jiang, and the others stood ten miles away from them, their visages complicated.

Among this group, Leng Dan Qing and Shuang Yu Zhu felt uneasy the most. Seeing Lin Meng’s group, the group of True G.o.d Realm experts, entering the city, they worried about how long Shi Yan could resist.

When Shi Yan determinedly left the Ice Emperor City, Leng Dan Qing and Shuang Yu Zhu always saw a figure occupying their hearts in their dreams, that they could never wash away.

Shi Yan was in the city. He was just ten miles far from them, but they felt he was somewhere on the horizon where they could never touch him. 

They wanted to enter the city. However, they understood that once they went there, the seven ancient factions’ warriors would gather to kill them all. They would never show them any mercy.

The reality was always cruel. They could see, but they couldn’t touch what they wanted. This would leave people an ache in their hearts.

"Perhaps, we should have left with him that year. We’ve wasted so much time for nothing. The glorious time of a woman does not last long. We should have given up everything earlier." Leng Dan Qing pondered for a long time and then muttered.

Shuang Yu Zhu nodded. "If we can meet him again, I will never let him go. Even if he has to die, I want to be with him, whether he wants to take me with him or not."

Leng Dan Qing nodded heavily.

The group of seven ancient factions.

He Qing Man and Qu Yan Qing had their minds as tangles as a bundle of threads. After Yan Ke had left, they always tried to press down their surging thoughts.

Their fortune wasn't bad. When the Endless Sea fell into chaos, these two had jumped into the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. After so many perilous events, they met Yan Ke and became her disciples. At this moment, their realms were all increased.

They were grateful to Yan Ke.

However, after Yan Ke and Shi Yan stood on the two opposite sides, they suddenly hated Yan Ke. Thinking about the other tedious events they had experienced, they felt more resentful.

However, they didn’t dare to mention the friendship with Shi Yan. They didn’t dare to expose their thoughts in front of Yan Ke.

They understood their teachers. They knew what she hated, what she liked. They didn’t have any hope in her.

That year, when they decided to come to the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, they knew someone had been famous in this land already. That man used to throw a big stone into the lake of their hearts, which they couldn’t move no matter how hard they tried.

That was why they came here.

"Little Yan, are you sure?" Yang Tian Emperor frowned, his voice uncertain.

"Those people are all brutal and heartless. They could even kill their wives and children! I think the Utmost Eight Purgatories can’t kill them. At most, it could hurt them." Shi Yan was calm. "But it’s enough. Inside the Utmost Eight Purgatories, we won’t be weakened. However, their realms will be oppressed. If they get hurt, they would be weaker." 

Yang Tian Emperor nodded and smiled. "Seems like we need to battle at least once."

"Don’t worry. After they break the Mara in their hearts, they will be weakened. Their realms could even reduce by two realms. The gap between our realms would be erased." Shi Yan beamed a faint smile.

Yang Tian Emperor nodded.


A red light overflowed from the Original Universe Returning Cauldron. Lin Meng paled. She was weak, but she looked like a banshee killing herself, forcefully making a way.

Apparently, she was hurt severely. Her hair were disheveled, making her elegant figure of the past disappear. At this moment, she was more of a vixen than the rudest and unreasonable vixen. A divine light disordered in her eyes, and it seemed that her G.o.d Soul had also gotten hurt.

Killing oneself would be the most horrible experience to anybody. Even the owner of the Pure Land couldn’t avoid this challenge.

Lin Meng had used her energy. Although she won, it wasn’t an easy battle. She had consumed at least 70% of her power. Finally, she had to hurt her host soul to get rid of the purgatory.

At this moment, Lin Meng had only the power of a First Sky of True G.o.d Realm warrior.

However, Shi Yan’s group didn’t dare to underestimate her, because she still had a divine weapon. Lin Meng’s realm wouldn’t be degraded. Her understanding of heaven and earth had been quenched through many brutal battles. So, this purgatory couldn’t weaken her real realm.

That was the advantage of hers Shi Yan’s group was afraid of the most. 

"Move!" Shi Yan observed for a while and then suddenly urged. Negative energy swelled in his acupuncture points. He took the lead, dashing towards Lin Meng. "Follow me. Don't leave the trail. Only staying on the trail saves you from the effects of the barriers and formations."

Yang Tian Emperor’s group flew out immediately. They didn’t dare to linger.

In a corner of the Perpetual Night Forest…

Yan Long, Xue Lie, Glacial Armor Giant Alligator, Silver-winged Sky Wolf, and Nine-headed Bird were walking back and forth worriedly. Many other beasts stayed near them. They all had a ma.s.sive aura. Many of them had been refined by Shi Yan. Visible energy moved on their armors like small streams.

The five great experts of the Monster Clan were watching a small Black-ink Jade, waiting for the order which the jade would transmit.

"I’m sure Shi Yan is scolding us for not being brave and grateful. This is his most struggling time, and we are hiding here without giving him a.s.sistance. No! It’s not acceptable! We are the Monster Clan, and we aren’t the cunning humans. Repaying favors is the rule we always keep. He helped us, so we have to help him!" Yan Long shouted. Flame shot out from his body, making Xue Lie and Glacial Armor Giant Alligator stay away from him. 

"Xuan Ming Big Boss doesn’t say anything. So, I don’t dare to mess... But, I want to go there and help him too," The Nine-headed Bird said with a begrudging complexion.

"Wait for him. Xuan Ming Big Boss asked us to wait for him. If he doesn't say anything, we can't act rashly." The Silver-winged Sky Wolf was calm. "Don’t worry. I think Shi Yan won’t die that easily. That brat is cleverer than anybody else. He has many tricks. I can feel it." 

As the five leaders of the Monster Clan were discussing boisterously, the Black-ink Jade glowed. 

The five people stepped forward. Just with a glance, they started to shout and yell at their soldiers. They were about to take action.

The Black-in Jade showed two words written in the Monster Clan’s old language. "Get lost!"

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