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Bao Ao, Jie Ji, and the four other leaders came to the Black Pool. They frowned, looking at the murmuring black water in the pool. The thick black smoke hovering year-round above the Black Pool was drawn away.

The pool was quiet. They didn’t see any spiritual Qi moving or anything strange. However, right in the middle of the pool hovered a line: Do not damage wantonly!

Apparently, Xuan Ming wasn’t here. He just left them a thought, as if he had known beforehand these people would visit him.

Comoros’s face was as cold as water. He pointed his left index finger. A light circle rippled, entering the center of the pool and touching the line.

Shortly, a flow of soul energy twirled around his soul like a snake, trying to drag his soul into the pool. That soul energy carried an intent domain of ‘Forbidding,’ which could enter deep into people’s soul and restrain it.

Comoros was good at using soul techniques, but his soul was still restrained. He suddenly felt chilled, as if many snowflakes were covering his body. His consciousness became hazy.

Bao Ao and Jie Ji, the leaders of the two ancient families of the Demon Clan, could see the fear in the others’ eyes. 

The Monster Clan wasn’t good at using soul techniques; everybody knew it. According to common sense, even if Xuan Ming had supernatural abilities, he could never restrain Comoros.

Moreover, it wasn’t he attacking himself; it was just a soul intent domain he had left. Comoros’s soul was subdued so much that he couldn’t wiggle even a bit.

From deep inside the eyes of the Dark Spirit Clan’s leader, which reflected no emotions, a rainbow-like light sparkled, shooting towards the Black Pool.

However, when the light touched the words, it was scattered, as if a thunderbolt had smashed it down.

The eyes of Kante, the leader of the Dark Spirit Clan, were disordered. Gray fine curves appeared on his body, tangling with each other. They formed a connection with the shattered light dots, pulling them back to his soul.

Corpse Chief of the Corpse Clan was still staying in his big coffin. However, he diffused a thick corpse Qi, expanding and covering the Black Pool.

Long afterward, the big coffin suddenly shook. Cracking sounds echoed from inside, as if someone was biting the bones. It was horrifying.

His corpse Qi dispersed, and couldn’t be gathered again.

Three Yama Kings Abi, Hei Tian, and Hades stood still to protect the dim halo, inside which, an illusory image floated. It seemed to sense the movement of the Black Pool.

After a while, a trembling soul flow that only the three Yama Kings could feel was sent out from that dim halo.

Yama King Abi discolored in fright. He shouted. "Xuan Ming has taken one step into level 10. He understands how to use the Divine Domain. His intent domain can generate thought and send back to his body, even if he’s ten thousand miles away."

Hearing him, Comoros and Kante of the Dark Spirit Clan shivered. Later on, their countenance restored to the normal state. The intent domain that had affected them scattered quietly.

The Black Pool was still quiet as usual.

The leaders of the five clans weren’t so comfortable. Only Bao Ao and Jie Ji could pull themselves together shortly. Their eyes were calm and dark.

"I have never expected to see such invincible expert of the Monster Clan in this continent." Bao Ao pondered for a while and then spoke up again in a low tone. "No wonder! It’s been so many years that we’d been sealed in the s.p.a.ce cracks in the foreign land. The situations there were so harsh. Our realm and power couldn’t progress, but degraded. Besides the Human Clan, the Monster Clan is one of the races that stayed in the Divine Great Land. They’ve had the chance to take the energy of this rich land."

Everybody nodded.

"Seems like we have to pay more attention to the Monster Clan. Xuan Ming had left a thought to warn us. He didn’t want to stop our operation. This means he’s moderate." Jie Ji rubbed his chin and then smiled. "Good though. We actually don’t need the Monster Clan to join us. They’ve been with the Human Clan for so many years. As they didn’t experience the pain we had to endure, they don’t have a big resentment against Human Clan."

"Be careful. Don’t damage this forest too much. This place... is the Monster Clan’s territory anyway," said Bao Ao.

Leaders of the other four clans couldn’t help but nod. Xuan Ming’s intent domain had shown them the dangerous features of the land of the four Sage Beasts. They should be more cautious.

No matter what era it was, the Monster Clan was always one of the strongest clans.

During Antiquity Time, many races had been distinct through brutal wars. Even the most intimidating clan had to hide into the foreign land to preserve their bloodline. However, Monster Clan could stay unharmed in the Divine Great Land.

From this point, the intimidation of the Monster Clan wasn’t just vain. Xuan Ming’s mighty power had left a big impression on these people.

Inside the city...

The sky was immense and hazy. Countless barriers, formations, and restraints that naked eyes couldn’t see were set up everywhere thickly.

Deep underground, tens of thousands of materials were piled up, releasing an impressive light. Streams of energy moved through the special channels to supply the barriers and formations, which made the Utmost Eight Purgatories City stand firm like a mountain. 

When the True G.o.d Realm experts Lin Meng and Nie Ruo got into this place, they were dragged into a strange world. There were no sun, moon, or stars. They saw no mountains or rivers, but a tranquil, boundless area. 

So many invisible restraints and barriers were operating silently. Lin Meng’s team felt like they were sunk into a mud puddle. Invisible tentacles stimulated their meridians and nerves, making them irritated.

They all had the cultivation base of True G.o.d Realm, with a tremendous power. The energy in their bodies was like the erupting volcano. A tremendous energy fluctuated from them from time to time. They could even resonate their energy with that of heaven and earth to trigger that kind of power and creating unimaginable supernatural abilities.

However, when they entered this area, their senses and connection with the heaven and earth were forcefully cut off.

Their recognition seemed to fall into the endless darkness. The surroundings were pitch black; they couldn't see any object or any strange phenomenon.

Their soul energy was drained, and their Essence Qi was weakened. The vitality of their flesh body was subdued by some invisible principles. Gradually, they couldn't control their blood and aura anymore.

Aging, weakening, and reducing, were the functions of the barriers and intent domain in this area. They could change the rules of Nature, making its energy turbulent.

Vaguely, the power of the barriers, restraints, and formations at eight different corners created eight doors that naked eyes couldn’t see. However, souls could touch them.

These eight doors stood at six directions, including the East, West, South, North, Up, Down, while the other two constantly changed their locations. They formed the Utmost Eight Purgatories City, which was the mysterious feature of this city.

Lin Meng’s group could feel this abnormality. They used their Soul Consciousness to survey the area, reaching the eight doors to find the way in.

They were holding sparkling divine weapons. Flows of vigorous energy surged around their bodies, creating some special shields to protect them. 

Lin Meng came to the door in the West.

She was startled, her face grim. The Original Universe Returning Cauldron in her hands buzzed, as if it had spotted something strange.

A woman who looked identical to her appeared. She wore the same clothes, and had the same appearance and bearing. She even held the same Original Universe Returning Cauldron in her hands.

Lin Meng looked at the woman, her face coldly arrogant, as if she were the master of the Divine Great Land, and everybody had to submit to her. The aura of the other Lin Meng was totally similar to the original one. Even the Original Universe Returning Cauldron was magically similar.

At this moment, she was frightened. She frowned, as she thought that she was standing in front of a mirror.

Was the West Gate the mirror that could reflect her soul and her true colors?

Lin Meng beamed a faint smile and snorted, her eyes chilly.

In front of her eyes, the other Lin Meng laughed. Her laughter was clear. She rose her hand, flinging the Original Universe Returning Cauldron towards her. 

Lin Meng discolored in fright. Her soft body shook, as an intense anxiety swelled in her heart. 

When the other Lin Meng attacked, she was scared. The energy in her body started to drain quickly. Even the Original Universe Returning Cauldron felt strange to her.

However, the power that Lin Meng was using seemed to come from her body!

How should she fight in this case?

No matter she countered or not, she was already defeated.

The other Lin Meng was using her energy. If she countered her, her energy would drain faster. This meant that her power would be consumed by double. Moreover, she was facing someone who was as strong as her. She would have no chance to win. 

Lin Meng’s heart sank.

In a dark place out of the city center…

Nie Ruo brought the Ghostly Spirit Sword, going South as his soul sensed. He was startled. At the South Gate was the entrance of the thirty-six Exterminating Caves he was familiar with. The dark caves seemed to have many dark spirits.

Nie Ruo was surprised for a while. Suddenly, he found that he had turned back to the time he was still a young man. At that time, to get the recognition, he had made up his mind and gone to the thirty-six Exterminating Caves.

In that year, he was just a kid who no one had favored in the Devil Valley. He just had the Nascent Realm cultivation base. His teacher was killed, and he had to survive alone in the Devil Valley. The girl he loved had left him, telling him he was trash. No one wanted him.

He knew he had no chance to grow. Eventually, he made up his mind. He should become outstanding or die anonymously.

Also, at that time, he had experienced many deadly situations in the thirty-six Exterminating Caves. However, he was so lucky to find the Ghostly Spirit Sword, which had been lost for so many years. It was the foundation for him to become the master of the Devil Valley and receive the others' acknowledgment.

He finally had the chance to overturn his fate. He always knew that if he couldn’t get over that challenge, he would have perished already.

And today, he stood here, when a hand seemed to stir up time again. He was about to experience the pain he had carved into his heart that year for the second time.

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