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Feng Xiao’s head trembled, and a light glowed slowly. People could see it clearer now.

At this moment, not only Lin Meng and Nie Ruo could see the head, but also could the warriors at Sky Realm and Nirvana realm.

It seemed when Feng Xiao was still alive, he had borne an extreme pain. His face was still filled with a deep fear, as if he had seen the most frightening thing in the world. It was so harsh he couldn't forget even if he were dead already.

People who saw the head felt an extreme fear swell in their hearts, as shivers ran down their spines. The raging thought of launching an attack ceased, as if someone had poured a bucket of cold water on it. Their enthusiasm vanished. 

From ten miles away, True G.o.d Realm experts like Yun Hao and Yu Wan Jiang also saw the head, their faces becoming odd.

Under people’s gaze, Feng Xiao’s face suddenly twitched, cracking an eccentric smile.


His head exploded. Blood splashed as if someone was using a brush, dipping it into the blood to write two big b.l.o.o.d.y words in the air.


This was provocation!

Naked provocation!

Even if it were a stupid warrior, seeing these two b.l.o.o.d.y words, he could understand the malignant intention of the people in the city!

Yun Hao and Yu Wan Jiang couldn’t say anything, dropping their jaws in awe.

At this moment, shouldn’t the people inside that city be frightened? Shouldn’t they be anxious? Shouldn’t they be desperate?

Why? Why didn’t they seem to be afraid of anything or anyone?

Lin Meng, Nie Ruo, and Qin Gu Chuan seemed as if someone had slapped them furiously, stomping on their faces. They grimaced. This was the biggest humiliation they had ever received!

They dared to provoke them like that?

They had provoked the several-thousand-years old rulers of the Divine Great Land – the masters of the seven ancient factions!

"I can’t help it!" Nie Ruo acted as he burst out with madness. He leaped up, grabbed the Ghostly Spirit Sword, and stormed forward, disappearing into that immense, hazy gray area.

Lin Meng, Qin Gu Chuan, and the others put on a gloomy and evil visage. They were hesitant. But afterward, they screeched and thundered strangely, taking out their divine weapons and jumping into that area.

They didn’t care about being careful, making a strategy, or the whole picture. Everything was washed away from their heads.

Their blood was boiling. Their pride and reputation were stomped over, and they couldn’t bear this. They forgot they should survey more carefully, swarming over the city like the barbarians with the only thought of killing.

"Too arrogant! Too arrogant! If they don't die, we will be enraged to death!" Wen Di's face reddened, thundering. "What the heck has Old Long chosen? Haughty! I've been in the Divine Great Land for so many years, but I haven't met any arrogant kid like him. Insane! A madman!"

"No wonder why Lin Meng couldn’t stand them. They’re too arrogant!" Yan Ke gritted her teeth. Her facial wrinkled twitched in rage, as a murderous intention rose in her heart.

The five True G.o.d Realm experts were so angry, as if someone had raided their ancestors’ tombs. They weren’t afraid of anything now, just jumping into the city to extend their slaughtering.

City center...

Shi Yan beamed a faint smile, his face freezing cold. "They come indeed. Turns out the so-called leaders of the seven ancient factions can get frenzied if someone stabs their sore spots."

"Well done!" Long Ying applauded, as she felt better now. "Although you look like a beggar, once you take action, you have a different charisma! I like it! Manly enough! Arrogant enough!"

"Little Ying, ah, your grandpa isn't dead yet. The most important thing in your life should be waiting for my permission. Don't let him charm you. He... is a crazy man! I'm not going to allow you to have a relationship with him!" Long Zhu's beard convulsed as he tried to nag his granddaughter with a dry cough.

However, smiling intention was sparkling in his eyes. He felt good, apparently.

Lin Meng and Nie Ruo had joined hands to hurt him. Everybody should be enraged in these circ.u.mstances. Although Long Zhu was a n.o.ble and self-control person, he was still a human. And, a human should take his revenge at the convenient time. 

Seeing Lin Meng’s group act like a snake that got stomped on its tail, getting agitated indignantly, he felt pretty comfortable, and he could spit on them too.

Might be because of his good mood, his pale face glowed a little bit. When he looked at Shi Yan, he felt that he was started to like this young man more and more.

Not long before, Long Zhu was still a wild, enthusiastic, young warrior. He used to stand prominently on the Divine Great Land, giving a headache to so many hotshots.

He seemed to return to those years, seeing the arrogant Long Zhu of that time.

In the Divine Great Land, during his youth, Long Zhu was t.i.tled the ‘Devil Incarnate.' When he got older, he became concealed, and started to know how to consider the whole picture. He stopped messing around. 

Looking at Shi Yan today, he felt he could see himself from his youth, having a marvelous feeling.

"I like him that way!" Long Ying chinned up, smiling until her eyes narrowed. She threw a punch into the air, talking cheerily. "Compared to him, Luo Yue and Yu Le are too weak!" 

Stars twinkled in her beautiful eyes as she looked at Shi Yan. "Yan gege, you aren’t married, are you? What do you think about me?"

Hearing her, Bing Qing Tong, Han Cui, and Li Feng Er became quite uncomfortable.

Shi Yan slightly shivered, but it wasn’t because Long Ying had startled him. Shi Yan suddenly felt the mysterious energy rolling into his body. This was the second wave of power filtered by the mysterious martial spirit.

He had guided the first wave of mysterious energy to the Essence Qi halo to supplement it. The second wave was stronger. But at this moment, his Essence Qi was abundant; he didn’t need to absorb more.

The silver city had attacked and killed many warriors of the seven ancient factions. The Essence Qi released from their dead bodies was ma.s.sive, much more than his expectation. However, at this moment, he didn’t want to use the strange energy to refine his body – he didn’t have much time.

Thus, he considered, and then his eyes brightened. He extended both arms, holding Long Zhu in his embrace.

Long Zhu’s senile body shivered, as a strange light shot out from his eyes.

"Ah!" Long Ying covered her mouth, let out a low scream. "Yan gege, you... What are you doing? Even if my grandpa doesn't approve of the marriage between you and me, you don't need to do that!"

Yang Tian Emperor's group was also surprised. They didn't know why he acted like that. However, they didn't react.

Only Long Ying was shouting, as she didn’t understand anything. She thought that Shi Yan wanted to make Long Zhu agree with him or something. A strange feeling filled her maiden’s heart and slowly enlarged.

"Phew phew!"

Long Zhu panted. His pale face started to glow, as a strange vitality was surging in his shriveled body.

Everybody was struck.

Bing Qing Tong and Han Cui reddened. They seemed to recall some romantic memories. They blushed, their eyes watery.

"This... This is the vigorous vitality!"

Li Zheng Rong was astounded on looking at Long Zhu. He suddenly shouted in a hoa.r.s.e voice. "Old Long has recovered!"

Long Ying’s soft body shivered. She couldn’t hide her happiness. "How come? How could it be?"

Shi Yan put the old man down, while his eyes still sparkled smilingly. "Old Long has given us a lot. I just offered him a little as a small compensation." 

Long Zhu was glowing healthily. He turned his head, looking at Shi Yan disbelievingly. He didn't say anything, but he understood. 

Long Zhu knew Shi Yan had a big secret! The mysterious energy from Shi Yan had healed one-fifth of his damaged areas. His tendons and vessels had received a new vitality.

"Old Long, if we can continue... if we have enough time, I can help you recover as before," Shi Yan cracked a smile.

Long Zhu was struck. His senile face was filled with joy and astonishment as he gazed at Shi Yan. "I was not wrong! Haha, I chose the correct path. I suddenly could confirm resolutely that we will be alright this time! We all will be safe and sound!"

Shi Yan just smiled, and didn’t say anything.

Rumble Rumble!

However, explosions reverberated from outside the city center. Lin Meng and Nie Ruo gradually appeared. They were furiously attacking the city with the divine treasures.

Everybody still sank in the big fear. They discolored, but the fighting will arose in their eyes. 

"Never underestimate them. Shi Yan, you must be careful. Yan Ke and Wen Di aren’t easy to deal with. Be careful," Long Zhu advised.

"Okay, I know how mighty they are. I’m not too stupid to fight face to face with them. I will wear out their power. Wait until they are weakened and tired out, then I will give them a big surprise!"

The edge of the Perpetual Night Forest…

Bao Ao looked at the magic mirror floating in the sky, beaming a faint smile. "They've started. They do want to kill each other." 


Leaders of other alien tribes grinned fiendishly.

"We can start now. Wait until we arrive, it’s time to clean up everything." Bao Ao nodded, then signaled the Demon Clan’s hotshots. "Move!"

"Wait a second!" At this moment, Comoros suddenly shouted. "Should we greet the owner of the Perpetual Night Forest first?"

Bao Ao and Jie Jie halted.

"Xuan Ming's the owner of this forest, the sage of the Monster Clan. If we trespa.s.s this place without telling him, the others won't notice, but it's Xuan Ming... I suppose we should pay him a visit." Comoros explained, his face grim. "Monster Clan's one of us. Although Xuan Ming rarely shows himself, I think he still pays attention. At least, we need to know his att.i.tude... That old man isn't easy to talk with."

"Alright," Bao Ao nodded. "Xuan Ming’s reputation has spread far enough. I also admire him. We should visit him then."

Leaders of the other four clans also agreed. They discussed a little bit and then changed the direction, heading towards Xuan Ming’s Black Pool.

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