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Shi Yan covered Long Zhu while running as fast as if he were flying. He reached the city center shortly.

Many warriors of the Yang family, the Dark Devil Clan, the Winged Clan and Human Clan were still busy adding materials into the formations and barriers inside the city. They all looked solemn.

Long Ying, Li Feng Er, Yang Xue, Yang Meng, the four little girls were chatting boisterously, as though they didn’t know about the heated battle out there.

When Shi Yan put Long Zhu down, Long Ying glided to them while crying in fear. "Grandpa, what happened to you?"

Yang Tian Emperor, Di Shan, and Li Zheng Rong stepped over, bowing respectfully to Long Zhu to show their appreciation. Without Long Zhu, the city wall would have been broken earlier, and many people would have been killed already, leaving Shi Yan no time to prepare.

"I’m okay. After eight years or ten years, I’ll be recovered." Long Zhu said calmly, but only he knew how serious his wound was. Warriors at his level wouldn’t get hurt easily. But once they got hurt, it wasn’t easy to recover fully.

As Long Ying heard him say that he needed eight or ten years to convalesce, she immediately understood that her grandpa was hurt badly. She couldn’t control her tears, sobbing.

"What Old Long’s done for us, we will keep it in our minds forever. We will follow his words to preserve the human bloodline." Shi Yan’s face was serious, standing in front of the others as if he just needed to raise his hand and pledge.

"Who did that? Lin Meng’s team, right?" Long Ying gritted her white teeth, her cute face indignant. "Sooner or later, I’m going to ask them to pay a b.l.o.o.d.y price."

"No need for sooner or later, they will know what they have messed with shortly." Shi Yan looked at her, "Don’t worry. I won’t let Old Long get hurt for nothing. I know who did that. I will absolutely not let them live comfortably."

Long Ying nodded heavily.

"Shi Yan, are you prepared? Did we... make it?" Long Zhu said in a feeble voice, his face solemn. It was what he couldn't put aside. 

"Enough. You’ve given me enough time. If the seven ancient factions want to break the city center, I will make them lose half of their team!" Shi Yan’s voice was calm, but the corners of his mouth show his icy cold intents. 

Boom Boom!

The vast outer city walls collapsed under the bombardment from so many treasures. All of the barriers, restraints, and formations were destroyed.

Lin Meng’s group was shaken.

From their location, under the immense, hazy gray sky, the city center stood alone, as if it was within reach, and they could ruin it at any minute.

From the beginning until now, Lin Meng, Nie Ruo, and the others had consumed a lot of energy. They thought that once the city wall was down, Shi Yan’s people would be exposed. At that time, they could kill his men effortlessly.

However, seeing the power of the outer city, even if they had already broken it, no one dared to be the pioneer to attack the city center. 

Nie Ruo’s eyes were as sharp as the cold sword. Murderous aura wound around his sleeves, guiding the Ghostly Spirit Sword to sense that strange area.

Ghostly Spirit Sword intruded the place under the hazy gray sky, circling one round. Suddenly, it made a buzzing but ear-splitting sound that could irritate people on hearing it.

Nie Ruo changed his visage, shouting in fright. "That place’s perilous. It has so many invisible barriers and formations... The number of barriers is several times bigger than the outer city."

After that, Lin Meng, Qin Gu Chuan, Guan Hu, and Lu Miao grimaced.

"d.a.m.n it!" Qin Gu Chuan’s mouth distorted a little bit, talking with an enraged voice. "What kind of f*cking formation has that kid built? Why is it so hard to break? If I had known it earlier, I would have come here before they finished that d.a.m.n city. We should have killed them earlier."

Everybody stayed quiet, as resentment surged vehemently in their hearts.

Before they came here, none of them had thought that this group of traitors could be so hard to deal with. In their eyes, Yang Tian Emperor and Shi Yan were just two clowns, and it would be a piece of cake to eradicate their streaks of existence from this world.

However, after they started the operation, they found the reality was beyond their estimation. It was just the outer city wall, but it had cost them a lot.

"As it’s accelerated to this point, we must kill them. The seed of resentment is planted. If they can grow stronger in the future, we, the ones who are present here today, can’t avoid their malicious revenge," stressed Lin Meng.

Shi Yan had given her so many unwanted experiences. Originally, she didn’t care much about Shi Yan, but now, she regretted it.

Everybody knew how touchy Shi Yan was. They finally saw his potential. At this moment, no one dared to look down on him anymore. From now on, he had become their most dangerous enemy.

"We must break the city! We must clean them up!" Nie Ruo pondered for three seconds and then pointed at Feng Xiao all of a sudden. "You go and check first. If you find something, come back and report to us immediately. We need to know what is inside."

Feng Xiao, aka Madman, didn't hesitate. He laughed crazily and shot towards the city center like a rainbow.

Ten miles away from the battle site…

Yun Hao, Yu Wan Jiang, and Bei Si brothers were scared. They all looked grim.

"It’s unbelievable that Old Long stands on Shi Yan’s side. I thought he was there to only solve the dispute between the two sides."

Yu Wan Jiang’s face was odd. He shook his head as he thought that he had misunderstood Shi Yan. "That kid, is he worth Old Long’s protection? I can’t see what good sides he has to receive Old Long’s favor. In fact, I didn’t agree to clean them up, but I don’t want to see Lin Meng’s team bearing losses. They will be the main force to counter the alien tribes soon indeed."

Yun Hao arched his brows. "I think Old Long has bet on Shi Yan. Although I don’t know why, I... I believe in Old Long’s wise vision."

Pausing for a while, Yun Hao gave Yu Wan Jiang a deep look and muttered. "It’s been so many years. Have you ever seen Old Long make mistakes? Especially when it’s time to consider the... future of Human Clan?"

Yu Wan Jiang was struck. Divine light shot out from his eyes as he pondered.

He was the Hegemon of the Fighting Union, and he had experienced many things over the years. Every time Long Zhu appeared, he would lead people to get over the calamity. Sometimes, they couldn’t explain his operation. However, eventually, the reality proved that he was correct.

This time... would it be the same?

Yu Wan Jiang’s mind was as tangled as a messy bundle of cotton threads. He didn’t dare to dig further.

"It’s unbelievable that Shi Yan boss is so cool! Haha... I know that whoever dares to underestimate him will bear big losses eventually." Lao Li laughed contentedly. "When we were in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, Shi Yan boss' realm wasn't high. But, he had surprised the ones who were much stronger than him. And, in the end, all of them had to face a miserable ending."

"Anyhow... they are the leaders of the seven ancient factions in the Divine Great Land this time, kid." Bei Si glared at him, scratching his head as he wasn’t so sure about anything.

"So what?" Lao Lun pitched his voice, shouting, "Shi Yan boss is stronger! He was at the early stage of the Sky Realm that year, and today, he has reached the Peak of Spirit Realm. I long to see the day he enters the True G.o.d Realm. I always have a feeling that when he reaches the True G.o.d Realm, he will change the structure of the Divine Great Land!" 

"Change the structure?" Bei Di seemed like he was. .h.i.t by a big rock. He shuddered, asking instinctively. "What structure?"

"Perhaps... the seven ancient factions won’t rule anymore. In the future, Shi Yan’s force will be the strongest force of the Divine Great Land. I know my a.s.sumption has no proof. However, Shi Yan’s operations always fill with unimaginable things. I believe in him!"

Bei Si and Bei Di changed their countenance. Zhu Yi and Tang Yuan Nan didn't say anything; they were all frightened. Lao Lun had wiped away the thick mist in their minds, as they seemed to see future at that moment.

"Tang-ge, what do you think?" Ji Mu of the Radiant G.o.d Cult looked at Tang Yuan Nan. "You are more familiar with Shi Yan. Do you think he... has that ability?"

Tang Yuan Nan contemplated for a while, as if he were considering his words. "I don't dare to make any guesses. However, that year when he was in the Endless Sea, at the Sky Realm, he had troubled many Spirit Realm experts. Eventually, he had depended only on himself to make the Yang family the overlord of the entire sea. The history will repeat, perhaps. Haha, who knows?"

Ji Mu, Yue Ying, Bei Si, and Bei Di changed their visage on hearing him.

"Haha, I think we should consider our future seriously," Bei Si said with a concealed meaning in his words.

Bei Di nodded in agreement.

 "We need to wait for the result. As long as they can overcome the challenge of the seven ancient factions, they will have a future to talk about. At this moment, it’s a little bit early, I suppose," smiled Zhu Yi.

Although they said positive things, in their minds, they only had a vague hope for Shi Yan to win this battle.

They were waiting for a miracle.

Lin Meng, Nie Ruo, Qin Gu Chuan, Guan Hu, Yan Ke, and Wen Di were watching the immense gray sky ahead of them carefully, waiting for Feng Xiao to come back with his report.

It had been fifteen minutes since Feng Xiao had broken in the city. They had no information sent from him. Right when he entered the city, he seemed to vanish into thin air. Even Lin Meng and Guan Hu, the ones with powerful souls, couldn’t feel his soul aura.

Gradually, they couldn’t help but feel their hearts sinking. They could see the city within their reach, but it was like a viper waiting in the dark to attack anyone who dared to trespa.s.s its territory.

"We can’t wait for too long!" Lin Meng suddenly shouted.

The others nodded. They understood that the alien tribes were watching them. They didn’t have much time to waste like this.

"We should attack now!" suggested Qin Gu Chuan.

"I agree!" Nie Ruo answered.

They rubbed their fists, taking out the divine treasures again. They started to acc.u.mulate energy, preparing for the most furious attack wave.

But suddenly, a light dot appeared in that hazy sky. That light dot wasn't dazzling, but everybody could see it clear enough.

The object projecting that halo was Feng Xiao’s head without the body.

His ashen face still wore the most frustrated despair and fear, as if someone had skinned him alive, and he had experienced extreme tortures when he was alive.

Everybody felt their hair raising.

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